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Menorah Home for the Aged & Infirm
1925 Federal Census
Brooklyn, NY, Kings Co
Assembly District 20
Bushwick Ave (871)

of Yrs in US/Status/When Naturalized
? denotes unknown/indecipherable

SCOLNIK, 	Sarah--		  mother..w..f..60 Russia 	35 cit		..matron
VAN DYKE,	Joseph J.-- 		..w..m..35 			?  cit 		..caretaker
?ECHSLER, 	Esther --			..w..f..48 Austria 	25 alien	..cook
TRETIKOFF, 	Michael --			..w..m..35 unknown	?..alien	..porter

ABRAMOWITZ, Esther		..inmate..w..f..65 Romania..?	alien	..no occupation
ADLER, 		Chaim Leib	..inmate..w..m..78 Russia	24 	alien	..none
ALTMAN, 	Israel		..inmate..w..m..70 Poland 	26	alien	..none
BEZNER, 	Rose		..inmate..w..f..72 Romania	27	cit-Kings Co 1888..none
BUCH. 		William		..inmate..w..m..84 Galicia 	43	?		..none
BRILL, 		Meyer		..inmate..w..m..72 Romania	?	alien	..none
BIRENBERG, 	Pauline		..inmate..w..f..74 Romania 	18	alien	..none
BROWN, 		Rose		..inmate..w..f..73 Poland	?	alien	..none
BENJAMIN, 	Alexander	..inmate..w..m..80 Poland 	?	cit Aug 18?5 NY City..none
BLOCK, 		Sophie		..inmate..w..f..70 France 	40	alien	..none
BOBIER, 	Ethel  		..inmate..w..f..80 Poland 	12 	alien	..none
BENDER, 	Isaac		..inmate..w..m..66 Russia 	38 	cit Prov R.I. 12/29/94..none
COHEN, 		?			..inmate..w..f..65 US 		65 	cit		..none
DUSKIE, 	Anna		..inmate..w..f..70 Russia 	44	alien	..none
EDELSTEIN, 	?anes		..inmate..w..m..69 Romania 	32 	cit 1903..none
EDELSTEIN, 	Rachael		..inmate..w..f..75 Romania	?	alien	..none
EDELSTEIN, 	David		..inmate..w..m..82 Romania 	26	alien	..none
EDELSTEIN, 	Inda		..inmate..w..f..87 Romania 	25	alien	..none
FREUND, 	Esther		..inmate..w..f..74 Romania 	38	?		..none
FELLER, 	Clara		..inmate..w..f..66 Romania 	32	alien	..none
FLEISSLER, 	Fannie		..inmate..w..f..78 Austria 	10	alien	..none
GILTMAN,	Clara		..inmate..w..f..66 Austria 	32	cit ?Hus. Papers ???
GOLDENBERG, Scheindel	..inmate..w..f..76 Romania 	13	alien	..none
GREENBERG, 	Kate		..inmate..w..f..73 Romania 	27	?		..none
HUBERMAN, 	Racheal		..inmate..w..f..83 Romania 	40	alien	..none
HAHN, 		Nancy		..inmate..w..f..72 USs 		72 	cit		..none
HENDIN, 	Nuchia(?)	..inmate..w..f..75 Russia	?	alien	..none
KRAUTZ, 	Sarah		..inmate..w..f..73 Russia 	30	alien	..none
KODZIESEN, 	Liebschen	..inmate..w..f..?  Germany 	63	?		..none
KEISERMAN, 	Mordecai	..inmate..w..m..75 Russia 	16	?		..none
LOWENSTEIN, Pauline		..inmate..w..f..95 Germany	?	?		..none
LEVI, 		?ippman		..inmate..w..m..87 Germany 	55 	cit supreme ct 1893..none
LEIBOWITZ, 	Chaya		..inmate..w..f..70 Romania 	40	?		..none
LUPESCU, 	Zlota		..inmate..w..f..70 Romania 	25	alien	..none
MENDELOVITZ, Matilda	..inmate..w..f..80 Romania	?	?		..none
STEIN,  	Elka		..inmate..w..f..80 Romania	?	?		..none
SHARNAKOFF, Ninna		..inmate..w..f..72 Germany 	40	?		..none
TIETELBAUM, Sadie		..inmate..w..f..70 Russia 	25	cit hus paper..none
URNTERHALTER, Zarval?	..inmate..w..m..90 Russia	?	?		..none
VIMINITZ, 	Esther		..inmate..w..f..75 Russia 	18	alien	..none
WASSERMAN, Bertha		..inmate..w..f..80 Russia 	30	alien	..none
YANKOWITZ, Eva			..inmate..w..f..73 Romania 	3	alien	..none
SCHRIEBER, Zola			..inmate..w..f..80 Russia 	4	alien	..none

This ends the enumeration of this institution.

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