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Enumeration District Orphanages and Institutions in Brooklyn
Brooklyn, Kings County, New York 
1930 Federal Census

Enumeration Dist#     	Institution
5        Cumberland Street Hospital

7        Brooklyn City Prison and Kings County Jail

8        Brooklyn Hospital & Brooklyn Hospital Nurses Home

39       Navy Hospital

100      Convent of the Sisters of Mercy in Brooklyn

115      Jewish Hospital and Nursing Home

120      Brooklyn Home for Aged Men

131      Monastery of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

146      Convent of Sisters of St. Dominic

154      St. Catherine's Hospital

216      Industrial School Assoc. of Brooklyn (Eastern Dist)

335      St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum (female)

385      Nuns of the Order of St. Dominic & Home of the Sorrowful Mothers  

408      German Evangelical Home

410      Trinity Cemetery & Cemetery of the Evergreens

421      Convent of Sisters of Mercy

593      Home of the Good Shepherd

609      Methodist Episcopal Hospital

632      Home for the Aged at 8th Avenue and 16th Street

672      St. Joseph's Institute for Deaf

680      St. John's Home for Boys

684      Church Charity Foundation; Sisters Home, Home for Aged & Blind; &
            St. John's Hospital & Nurses Home

686      Orphan Asylum Society of Brooklyn

710      Brooklyn Home for Consumptives

718      St. Mary's Hospital

758      Kingston Avenue Hospital for Contagious Diseases

759      Kings County Hospital & Dormitories for Employees

762      Brooklyn State Hospital & Nurses Home (L.I. State Hospital)

917      St. Vincent's Home for Boys

920      Long Island College Hospital

922      St. Peter's Hospital

924      Long Island College Hospital Nurses Home

945      US Navy Yard & US Coast Guard Units

961      St. Paul's Convent

963      Convent of Infant Jesus

1039     Sunset Park (no population)

1063     St. Francis Monastery & College

1120     Female Institution of the Visitation

1126     Fort Hamilton

1160     Angel Guardian Home for Little Children

1176     Convent of Adorers of Precious Blood

1738     Greenwood Cemetery

1953     Columbus Club                                    

Thanks to: Marge Duffy Virgulak
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