Enumeration District Orphanages and Institutions in Manhattan
New York County, New York 

1930 Federal Census - New York

New York County - Manhattan

ED              Institution

34               Ellis Island Marine Hospital No. 43
35               Bedloe's Island; Fort Wood and Army Post Hospital
36               Governor's Island; Fort Jay & Army Post Hospital
40               Marine Hospital No. 70
42               Toombs Prison
71               Monastery Of St. Francis
105             Libby's Hotel
171             Israel Orphan Asylum
179             St. Francis Home for Chronic Incurables
197             Willard Parker Hospital
220             Holy Rosary Convent of Dominican Sisters
291             St. Joseph's Home for the Aged
307             Jeanne D'Arc Home
315             Sisters of the Presentation
333             Academy of the Holy Cross
356             Polyclinic Hospital
371             Roosevelt Hospital
373             Dominican Sisters Convent (Convent of the Immaculate Conception)
479             Half Orphan Asylum
481             Association for the Relief of Aged Indigent Females
483             Home for Aged & Infirm Hebrews of New York
496             Home for Aged (Little Sisters of the Poor)
500             Woman's Hospital
502             St. Luke's Hospital
530             Mt. Sinai Hospital
549on of Mercy
555             Lenox Hill Hospital & Training School 
579             Dominican Sisters Convent (17th St. & Avenue A&B)
582             Lying-In Hospital
585             NY Post Graduate Medical School & Hospital
601             Bellevue Hospital
602             Municipal Lodging Ho630             Home for Nurses
655             Dominican Convent of Our Lady of the Rosary
669             Home For Aged (Little Sisters of the Poor)
726             Misericordia Hospital & Training School For Nurses
842             Manhattan Borough, Ward's Island
861             Union Theological Seminary
872             The Sheltering Arms
883             Convent & College of the Sacred Heart
                  & Community of Christian Bros.
954             Sunken Meadow Island
960             New York Sse of Refuge
961             New York City Children's Hospital and School
1008           Hebrew Orphan Asylum of the City of New York
1010           Convent & Academy of the Holy Child
1011           St. Regis House & Convent
1022           Convent of the Sisters of St. Ursula of the Blessed Virgin
                  & Academy of Our Lady of Lourdes
1079           Medical Center (Part 1)
1082           Medical Center (Part 2)
1111           Monastery of St. Clare
1130           Isabella Home (Aged)
1172         Isabella Home (Aged)
1172           Oyster Island (and other streets)
1223           Randall's Island (no population)
1235           Welfare Island (Part) & NY City Home for Aged & Infirm
1236           Welfare Island (Part) & NY County Work House
1237           Welfare Island (Part) & Reception Hospital

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