Enumeration District Orphanages and Institutions in Queens
Queens County, New York 
1930 Federal Census

Queens County, New York

ED        Institution

6           St. John's Long Island City Hospital
7           Queens County Jail
52         River Crest Sanitarium
117       Mt. Olivet Cemetery (part) (No population!!)
118       Mt. Olivet Cemetery (part)

248       Convent of Sisters of St. Dominic's 
             & St. Agnes Academy

305       St. Joseph's Home for Girls
311       Parental Home
315       Chapin Home for the Aged & Infirm
344       Mary Immaculate Hospital
346       Otillie Orphan Asylum
408       Brooklyn State Hospital (Farm Branch)
423       Little Sisters of the Poor
459       St. Malachai's Ocean Home
466       Islands In Jamaica Bay
514       Convent of Our Lady of Wisdom
587       Truant School
676       New Calvary Cemetery (No Population)
701       Lutheran Cemetery (Part) & Mt. Olivet Cemetery (Part) (No Population)
727       St. John's Cemetery
780       St. Michael's Cemetery
1074     Flushing Cemetery
1316     Montefiore Cemetery & Old Springfield Cemetery

1568     Hungarian Cemetery; Machpalah Cemetery
            & Union Field Cemetery

1570     Mt. Carmel Cemetery & Mt. Neboh Cemetery

Thanks to: Marge Duffy Virgulak
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