Enumeration District Orphanages and Institutions in Richmond
1930 Richmond County (Staten Island)

ED        Institution

6           US Marine Hospital
19         Academy of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament
21         Convent of the Immaculate Conception
28         Sailors Smug Harbor
40         Armories: 1st Calvary, Troop F 
44         Moravian Cemetery
45         Sea View Hospital
52         NY State Quarantine Station
53         Ft. Wadsworth, including Hoffman & Swinburne Island
55         Daughters of Divine Charity

56         Convent of Sisters of St. John the Baptist
             Novitiate & Boarding School

57         St. Manresa House of Retreat
58         Bethlehem Orphan & Half Orphan Asylum
62         US Quarantine Station (Swinburne Island)
63         US Quarantine Station (Hoffman Island)
66         Miller Field (Military Airport)
72         St. Joseph's By the Sea

74         St. Michael's Home for Destitute Children
             & Sisters of the Presentation

77         Novitiate of the Fathers of the Society of Mary, Our Lady of the Elms

78         Mission of the Immaculate Virgin (Mt. Loretto Institution)
             Home for the Blind; Home for Boys; St. Elizabeth's Home for Girls

83         Novitiate of the Marianite Sisters of the Holy Cross
87         New York City Poor Farm
111       Silver Mt. Cemetery; Silver Lake Cemetery & Woodland Cemtery
324       Baron Hirsch Cemetery (Part)

Thanks to: Marge Duffy Virgulak
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