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POLICE WORK - Important Arrests of the Past Eleven Months.

1882 An unusually large number of cases of fatal assault - Many expert criminals and youthful burglars captured - The sentences imposed. The record of important arrests made by the police from the 1st of January up to the 1st of December of this year has just bee completed by Mr. Frederick L. JENKINS, the clerk to Superintendent CAMPBELL, and is to be forwarded to Mayor LOW. Before it is sent to the Mayor, however, several cases which have been overlooked by the Captains in sending in their reports will be added. Among them is the shooting of Dr. SCHENCK, formerly of the County Hospital, by a 'crank" named THOMAS. Among those mentioned in the report as now made up are the following: January 11 - FRANCISCO MASSA, for fatally stabbing FERDINAND PERFETTI with a (?)knife. Sentenced for four years. January 16 - ANA WILKINS for shooting her sister, MRS. CATHARINE CARBERRY. Sent to an insane asylum. January 21 - CHARLES R. DOPP for embezzling $2,800 from JOSEPH SHEINER. Delivered to the New York authorities. January 21 - JAMES BOYLE AND FELIX NASH, young burglars. One year in the Penitentiary each. January 26 - PETER DALTON, aged 18, burglary. House of Refuge. January 23 - JAMES B. MURPHY, a successful note(?) dodge thief. Sentenced for six months. February 6 - HENRY PURDY, mate of the brig Harriet G., for fatally shooting his father-in-law, CHARLES SMITH. Acquitted on the ground of self-defense. February 6 - JAMES WALLACE assaulted and fatally injured his brother, DANIEL. Not disposed of. February 14 - JULIUS AND MINNIE CARL, husband and wife, furbished room thieves. CARL sentenced to three and a half years' imprisonment and the wife discharged. February 20 - Dr. R.. J. TACHMYNTIS for attempt to blackmail Dr. W. H. DUDLEY, President of the Long Island College Hospital, by sending threatening letters. Allowed to go upon promises to leave the country. March 4 - WM. ROBERTS, alias GEORGE LAMONT, and JAMES MURRAY, alias Muggy, burglars. Not disposed of. March 17 - THOMAS KIRWAN, highway robbery. Sentenced for six and a half years. March 21 - WALTER J. KING, notorious burglar, arrested by Detectives SHORT and HOLLAND. Sentenced for ten years. March 29 - ALEXANDER K. FALCONER for malicious annoyance in writing love epistles to KATE HALE. Not disposed of. March 28 - WILLIAM WILSON and THOMAS JACKSON, colored burglars, arrested by Officer McCLOSKEY and others. JACKSON sentenced for ten years and WILSON for five years. March 31 - JAMES HOEY, carpenter shop burglar. Sentenced for five years. April 4 - CHARLES DOYLE and FRANCIS MALONE, young express wagon thieves, who were found sleeping beside their booty. Sentenced for six years each. April 5 - JAMES BREEN, alias JAMES DUGAN, and his wife, SARAH, arrested while picking pockets at a funeral inside L.D. Church by Officer WEISER. Six month each. April 5 - JOHN SHERIDAN, aged 22, burglar. Sentenced for five years. April 6 - HENRY FERGUSON, alias GEORGE WILLIAMS, burglar. Sentenced for two and a half years. April 6 - JOHN SALSER, a German burglar who robbed his fellow countrymen. Sentenced for one year. April 7 - CHARLES J. FRICK, burglar. Sentenced for five years. April 20 - DAVID LEVY, receiver of stolen goods. Escaped through technicality. April 28 - ROBERT A. DONALD for killing his father with a china bowl. Sentenced for seven years. April 27 - FREDERICK PETERSON, an old operator, for horse stealing. Sentenced to two years. April 29 - WILLIAM TAFT, aged 21 years, outrageous assault upon his six year old cousin. Sentenced for twenty years. May 10 - BERNARD DUFFY, alias CAL(?) DUFFY, highway robbery. Complainant did not appear. May 18 - HENRY WESTON, burglar. Sentenced for three and a half years. May 19 - MARIA PUIFFER, sneak thief. Escaped prosecution through serious illness. May 19 - THEODORE HOFFMAN, robbed a house he was employed to watch. Not disposed of. May 20 - ETHAN B. CURRY for fatally stabbing JOSEPH FREEMAN in Greenpoint. Acquitted. June 10 - ALEXANDER BROWN and LEONARD TRACY, for training for a prize fight. Turned over to the Gravesend authorities and never brought for trial. June 11 - JAMES WARREN, for fatally beating his wife. Not disposed of. June 15 - ERLA(?) LARABIE, aged 17 years, for a series of burglaries. Sentenced for fifteen months. June 16 - JOSEPH A. JOEL(?), charged with (?) Postmaster McLEOD. Venue changed to New York. June 26 - RICHARD McCULLOUGH of Montreal, Canada, for shooting policeman THOMAS EARLY. Sentenced eight years. June 26 - GEORGE BROWN and THOMAS CONWAY for burglarizing the Home of the Sisters of Charity in Warren street. Sentenced for two and a half years. July 15 - FRANK CHRISTIAN, alias FRENCH LOUTS(?) "hooking" jewelry from a store. Sentenced for five years. August 5 - EDWARD H. C. BROWN, while drunk, cut his child's throat and attempted to kill himself by jumping from a window. Not dispose of. August 7 - JOHN FALBY and GEORGE DOICH(?ATY, burglars. Sentenced for five years. August 11 - JOHN S. ARGITIE(?), forgery. Sentenced for five years. August 12 - ROBERT HUHN, ALBERT JOHNSON and WM NICHOLS, youthful burglars. Not disposed of. August 16 - CHARLES CANWELL, a young burglar, House of Refuge. August 17 - PETER MORRIS, aged 18 years, burglary. Sentenced for six months. August 20 - JAMES LECKITT, 15 years, and MICHAEL COYLE, 18 years, burglary. Sentenced to three and a half years each. August 21 - MAGGIE KEPPEL, kidnapping LIZZIE SELDAN. Not disposed of. September 8 - FRANCIS G. SALMON, arrested in Florida by Detective ZINDT(?), for forgery and defrauding his clients of $20,000. Sentenced for five years. September 10 - JOSEPH PEMBROKE, aged 13 years, JEREMIAH SMITH, aged 17 years, JOSEPH KENNEDY, 11, and DANIEL JENOE(?), burglars. Sent to the House of Refuge. September 15 - GEORGE McKIE and WILLIAM HUNTINGTON, for robbing physicians. Sentenced for three and a half years. September 17 - JAMES FLAHERTY for killing his wife with a (?). Sentenced to Sing Sing Prison for life. September 19 - MARY ROWE, alias MARY JANE McGUIRE, dishonest servant, who subsequently escaped from jail and was recaptured. Sentenced for two and a half years. September 25 - GEORGE THOMPSON, murdering MICHAEL CONNORS.Not disposed of. October 8 - BERNARD, alias "CHICKEN", DUFFY, burglary. He escaped from the officer and was recaptured. Sentenced for ten years. October 18 - HENRY KEIFER, shooting FREDERICK STOCKMEIER.Exonerated. October 20 - JOHN F. BAILEY, EDWARD VAN SANT and CHARLES B. CURRY, burglary. Not disposed of. October 24 - 21 - JOHN KENNY, the billposter murdering JOHN LEONARD, a car driver. No tried. November 2 - WM. MESSEROLE, a cripple, assault on a three-year-old girl. Sentenced for ten years. November 12 - JOSEPH TUERZO was shot and fatally wounded by either Officer PATRICK CROWE or FRANK FARRO. A coroner's jury found that CROWE did the shooting. November 14 - GEORGE GRAINEY for causing FREDERICK HUGHN's death by knocking the latter down during a quarrel over 60 cents. No disposed of. November 14 - JAMES RILEY for fracturing ex-Policeman JEREMIAH CAVANAGH's skull with a brick. Not disposed of. November 17 - JOHN WARREN, "the pickpocket with friends" whole stole Doorman JEREMIAH JENKINS' watch on a crosstown car. Not disposed of. November 24 - FREDERICK GALENA(?), a colored burglar, arrested by Officer MARTIN CASEY in the cellar of the latter's residence. Not disposed of. Return to COURT MAIN Return to CIVIL MAIN Return to BROOKLYN MAIN