Criminal Justice Process in New YorkArrest to Sentence
Famous Trials of People from New York1665 - 1951
New York WillsNew York Co. Vol 26 (1767-1769
1849 Richmond Co.(Staten Island)List of Jurors
Building PermitsIssued in 1888
Governor's of New YorkPre 1900
Commission of Deeds 1870From the Brooklyn Compendium
Judges List1889 Bklyn Directory..Courts
Richmond County (Staten Island) Jurors1825
1919 Civil Service Job AppointmentsAs written in the Brooklyn Eagle
LawyersVarious Years

Famous Trials
1849 Court News
1849 Staten Island Jurors
1870 Court News
1871 Court News
1876 Court News
1877 Court News
1878 Court News
1878 Ferry Tickets..Suits Against Employees of the Union Ferry Company
1879 Court News
1882 Court News
1882 Police Work-Important Arrests of the Past Eleven Months.
1885 Court News
1885 George H. MILLS to go to the Gallows
1887 Court News
1888 Court News
1889 Court News
1892 Bklyn Daily Eagle Wills
1893 Court News
1894 Court News
1902 Court News
1904 Court News
1905 Wills
1906 Court News
1907 Court News
1909 Court News
1910 Court News
1912 Court News
1913 Court News
1916 Court News
1917 Court News
1918 Police Court News
1918 Wills
1919 Court News
1922 Court News
1928 Court News
1929 Court News
1931 Court News..January thru March
1931 Court News..April thru June
1931 Court News..July thru September
1931 Court News..October thru December
1934 Court News
1935 Court News
1938 Court News

New York County Surrogates Court
New York City Wills, 1665-1707..Transcribed
New York City Wills, 1766-71..Transcribed
Abstract of wills on file in the Surrogate's Office,
City of New York (Volume I. 1665-1707 thru (Volume XV. Feb 15,1796 -Jan 14, 1801)
Early Long Island Wills of Suffolk County, 1691-1703-wills

NY Pardons, Commutations, & Reprieves 1877 Index
Convicts Records Registers of discharges of convicts by commutation of sentences 1883-1916
Guide to Records of the Department of Correctional Services
District Attorney Research..Weblinks for each Borough
Finding Records..Court of General Sessions..NYC
Surrogate Court..What you will find

New York State Agricultural and Industrial School Male Inmate Case History Books
Dates: 1849-1939   
Rochester, Monroe County NY area.
AKA  New York State Industrial School
Western House of Refuge
Juvenile corrections

"Castle William.. Everyday life of the military prisoners confined there" June 1907

History of SING SING Prison

Municipal Archives Criminal court indictment records for Kings County, 1894-1965
The Courts of New York A guide to court procedures & glossary of legal terms
Kings County Court System
New York County (Manhattan) Court System
Bronx County Court System
Queens County Court System
Richmond (Staten Island) County Court System
Nassau County Court System
Suffolk County Court System
Where to obtain a will in Nassau County
Court Guide New York area..Divorce, Immigration, Crimminal etc
Divorce Records Where to obtain them
New York State City Clerks Offices
To research Old Crimminal Records
"Miscellaneous Files" Division of Old Records..Chambers St.
Old Business Records/Corporations..How to/Where
Register's Office
Where to write.Guardianship Records
Convicts Records-Registers of discharges by commutation of sentences 1883-1916
Prison, Jail and Court Records - Circa 1930-1945
Federal Prison Records.. We are able to obtain State and County Prison Records or Incarceration Records for most states in the US, and Federal Records nationwide. Three types of records can be obtained: County Prison Records, County Jail Records State Prison Records, Department of Corrections Federal Prison Records, Federal Bureau of Prisons
New York State Department of Correctional Services Inmate Population Information Search

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