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Brooklyn Daily Standard Union

10 January
By T.A. KERRIGAN:  Bartlett st, No. 41, n w s, 225 n e Harrison ave, 25x100, 
one-story frame dwelling, assessed value $900, partition, sold to Henry 
STUBING for $1, 935

By William COLE:  Decatur st, Nos. 391A and 393, n s, 450 w Patchen ave, 
33.4x100, two two-story and basement brick dwellings, assessed value $3,300 
each, 391A sold to John H. SPENCER for $4,200, 393 to James B. COCHRAN for 
$4, 250; Herkimer st, Nos. 785 and 787, n e cor Rochester ave, 39x78, one 
three-story brick flat with store, assessed value $5,600, and one two-story 
brick dwelling assessed value $3,200, partition, 787 sold to Jose ALVAREZ for 
$6,500, 789 to James R. ROSS for $4,110. 
NOTE:  Addresses differ in  newspaper = 785 & 787 listed sold as 787 & 789.

By Edward R. VOLLMER, referee, William R. RAE, auctioneer:  Franklin ave, 
Nos. 102-103, w s, 182.3 s Park ave, 100x108.4, four three-story frame 
tenements, assessed value $12,000, and one two-story frame dwelling, assessed 
value $2,000, sold to George HELBERGER for $17,500.

11 January
The divorce suit brought by Marie Bell LANGLEY against her husband, William 
H. LANGLEY, was called in the Supreme Court, this morning, before Judge 
BARTLETT, but the counsel for the defense was not ready, and at his request 
it was adjourned over until Jan. 23.  Ex-Judge REYNOLDS, counsel for the 
plaintiff, opposed the adjournment, and said that if the case was delayed 
much longer, it would probably never be tried, as he had understood an effort 
had been made to tamper with his witnesses.  The case was adjourned.

Alfred WRENCH, a musician at the Thalia Theatre, New York, is made 
co-respondent in a suit brought before Justice BARTLETT this morning by 
Charles WANEKE, a wealthy clothier of Nineteenth st., New York against his 
wife.  Mrs. denies the allegations.

In the suit of John MAYCOCK, to recover $5,000. damages from the Bridge 
Trustees, for injuries sustained by falling between a car and platform, the 
jury returned a verdict this morning, giving the plaintiff six cents damages. 
 The case was tried before Judge BROWN. In the Supreme Court.

William HATTERSLEY, steward of the steamer Egyptian Monarch, who was 
convicted of smuggling London made clothes into this port, was to-day 
sentenced by Judge BENEDICT in the United States Court to one year in the 
Erie County Penitentiary.

Mme. Adeline  Murio CELL'D' ELPEUX has begun suit in the Superme Court 
against Col. James H. MAPLESON, the impresario.  The suit is to recover the 
sum of $1,500.  According to the allegations, the plaintiff declares that in 
the month of December 1855, she lent Col. MAPLESON the sum above named.

11 January 1893
Frederick W. RENWICK was charged before Justice TAINTOR, in the Yorkville 
police court yesterday, with being an habitual drunkard by his brother, 
Stanhope C. RENWICK, a real estate broker of 202 Montague st.  The mother of 
the two brothers was a member of the well-known RHINELANDER family.  Their 
father, who died six months ago, was an extensive land owner in this city, 
and Frederick RENWICK has been drinking up an income of $500 a month.  It is 
understood that in a  short time he will come into another fortune of 
$100,000.  Justice TAINTOR committed the prisoner to the Christian Home for 
Intemperate Men for sixty days.

A sealskin sacque valued at $125, and a gold bracelet, worth $75, which had 
been stolen from Miss J. TUMMEY, of 175 Washington Park, were recovered from 
a pawn-shop on Bridge st. yesterday.

Julia GROVEMANN, of 978 Myrtle ave., procured a warrant from Police Justice 
CONNELLY, this morning for the arrest of Charles LEVY, of New York, whom she 
claims has threatened her life, and annoyed her for some time past with 
offers of marriage.

12 January 1893
John GATELY was convicted of attempted arson in the third degree in the 
Court of Sessions.

William HOGAN
John GREGORY were found guilty of grand larceny.

Edward S. HOLMS, of 101 Milton st., a stenographer, was fined $50 this 
morning by Justice GOETTING, for assaulting Willie WILSON, of 588 Humboldt st.,, 
and Harry KENWORTHY, of 640 Humboldt st.

Frederick FLEMMING, son of the late May Agnes FLEMMING, the novel writer, 
was found guilty of manslaughter in the second degree in killing 
Michael TAYLOR, a well-known builder.

Before Judge LANDON and a jury, in the Supreme Court, this morning, 
John H. FARRADAY sued Patrick MONAHAN for damages for assault and battery.  
The assault took place in Sept., 1891, when FARRADAY called on MONAHAN to collect 
a bill for gas fixtures sold by the Central Gas and Electric Fixture Co.,  
some dispute arose about the bill, and MONAHAN struck FARRADAY, a violent 
blow on the left side of the face knocking him down and then, the plaintiff 
alleged, kicked him on the leg.  The company could not allow such an assault 
to pass unpunished, and hence the suit.  Dr. Lester  S. BALDWIN testified as 
to the plaintiff's injuries, which were serious at the time.  The jury, after 
a brief consultation, rendered a verdict for plaintiff in $400.  

For the plaintiff, Benjamin H. BAYLISS, of Birdseye, C_OZD and BAYLISS.  
For defendant, John U. SHORTER, with Charles J. KURTH, for counsel. 

Joseph RYAN, wall paper dealer, of this city, to-day allowed judgment to be 
entered against him for $12,162.28 in favor of the National Wall Paper Co., 
on an assigned claim in favor of Creswell & Washburne.

Samo KRUG, bookkeeper and cashier for the firm of Mummer & Co., 137 Greene st., 
New York, was pursued hatless and coatless through neighboring streets yesterday 
afternoon by two Deputy United States Marshals, and several creditors, who tried 
to serve a judgment upon him for debt.  They caught him, but he was discharged 
in the Tombs court to-day.

Application was made this morning in the Supreme Court, before Judge OSBORNE, 
for alimony and counsel fees in the suit of Elizabeth A. CLEARY, against her husband, 
William P. CLEARY, for divorce, on the ground of cruel and inhuman treatment.  
The couple have been married twelve years.  Judge OSBORNE granted the application.

Madeline RICCIO has begun an action to annul her marriage to Pietro RICCIO in 
the Superior Court, NY.  She says she is just under 16 years, and could not 
give assent at her age. 

Judge OSBORNE, of the Brooklyn City Court, rendered a decision this morning 
on a motion made several days ago, to punish John G. WANZER, the wealthy 
sugar broker, for contempt of court, in failing to pay his wife, Mrs. Sarah 
A. WANZER, her alimony.  The Judge decided that unless Mr. WANZER paid this 
alimony, he would be punished for contempt.  The alimony is fixed at $1,200 
per year. 

Dr. John C. LESTER has returned from South Dakota, where, it is said, he 
obtained a divorce from his wife.  He had a large practice here as 
surgeon-general of the National Provident Union, in addition to his work as 
editor of the "American Medical Digest."  He has established a practice in 
Sioux Falls, and returns here to settle up some business affairs.

William GARRY, a farmer, of Smithville South, L.I., has sued Thomas BUCK for 
$5,000 damages for alienating his wife's affections.  GARRY says his wife 
eloped last Monday with BUCK and refused to return to his home.  He has sued 
also for a divorce. 

13 January 1893
J.B. STETSON, a resident of this city, and a member of the firm of Stetson & 
Co., of 40 Broadway, New York, has caused his brother, T.B. STETSON, to be 
arrested in Chicago on a charge of forging his name to a check for $300 last month.

Sven SWANSON, who has been wanted by the police for some time past, 
was arrested last night in New York City.  This morning Justice CONNELLY held 
the prisoner for examination.

Resmus REESMUSSEN was held for examination to-day by Justice TIGHE.  He is charged 
with assaulting an officer.  Last night, REESMUSSEN while intoxicated, began to 
abuse his wife and child.  He resisted the officer who attempted to arrest him, 
and was clubbed into submission.  The prisoner lives at 207 Van Brunt st.

Henry J. SMITH, steward of the Columbia Club, was held for the Grand Jury this morning 
by Justice CONNELLY.  The charge was of collecting money from members of the club 
for drinks and not turning it over.  It was preferred by the secretary, Henry C. ALT, Jr.

Harry HIGGINS, of 145 Hull st., charged with malicious mischief was held by 
Justice CONNELLY this morning.

The trouble in the Temple Beth Jacob Congregation has taken another turn.  
This morning Louis  SCHWARTZ, president of the Beth Jacob Society, swore out 
a warrant for the arrest of Vice-President JACKSON.  SCHWARTZ charges JACKSON 
with being responsible for an item that appeared in some of the Brooklyn papers 
yesterday to the effect that SCHWARTZ had broken open the poor-boxes connected 
with the Beth Jacob Temple and appropriated the money.   SCHWARTZ denies the charges, 
and says he  has a key to the boxes.  The case will come up tomorrow.

The case of Earnest MANVEIL, of 61 North Tenth st., who was charged by his 
wife with abandonment and with abducting his own daughter, came up in the Lee ave., 
police court this morning.  Justice GOETTING discovered that the cause of the 
trouble was a boarder, names Herman BARLETT, and the magistrate told Mrs. and 
Mrs. MANVEIL to make the boarder mover and then live together.

The trial of Dennis MC CARTHY for man-slaughter in the second degree in 
causing the death of Peter CASEY, a lamp-lighter, on the night of Oct. 12, 
1892, was begun in the Court  Sessions, before Judge MOORE, this morning, and 
resulted in the prompt acquittal of the accused.  Several witnesses were 
examined, and the testimony of each tended to show that CASEY and MC CARTHY 
met by accident at the corner of DeKalb and Franklin aves.; that CASEY was 
under the influence of liquor, and tried to pick a quarrel with MC CARTHY, 
who, in the endeavor to avoid any disturbance, pushed CASEY away.  The latter 
fell on the sidewalk, striking on his head, causing cerebral hemorrhage, from 
the effects of which he died.
Judge MOORE said that upon the evidence given the prisoner could not be 
convicted, and if convicted the conviction would not stand.  He therefore 
directed the jury to render a verdict of acquittal, which they did without 
leaving their seats.  MC CARTHY was thereupon discharged.

Matthew LAWLER, a young man, employed as a salesman by Schaeffer and 
Buddenberg, manufacturers of steam-fitting supplies, was brutally assaulted 
by a Prospect Park policeman on last Tues. night, at the lake house in the 
Park.  The assault was witnessed by a large number of persons, many of whom 
expressed their indignation at the unwarranted attack.  LAWLER is well-known 
in South Brooklyn, where he has the reputation of being a quiet, temperate, 
and inoffensive young man.  He is a member of St. Peter's Catholic Library 
Assoc. and the Fransiol_ Reading Circle.
The officer who assaulted him is Sergt. FOSTER, of the Park police, and the 
occasion, as described by Mr. LAWLER, and substantiated by James MELNERNEY 
and Joseph LAUGHLIN is as follows:  LAWLER and his friends had been skating, 
and when through, LAWLER went to the lake house and sat upon the rail to 
loosen his skates.  At the same time Sergeant FOSTER came along, and ordered 
him off the rail, and before he could comply with the request the sergeant 
struck him on the head with a cane.  LAWLER was indignant, and spoke to the 
sergeant about the injustice of it, and for a reply was again hit with the 
cane.  He then took the cane from the officer's hand and threw it away, and 
the sergeant then used his fists on him, and struck him brutally in the face 
discoloring and bruising the flesh about the eyes, and continued to beat him 
and accuse him of being drunk.  At this time the captain of police came up 
and saved LAWLER from further punishment.  LAWLER has filed a complaint with 
Commissioner BROWER, and intends to push the case. 

Nineteen judgments, aggregating about $40,000, were filed yesterday in New 
York against Joseph RYAN, whose furniture, carpet, wall paper and paint 
establishment, on Broadway between Lawton and Hart sts., was last week 
destroyed by fire, involving a loss of $150,000.  Nearly one-half of this 
amount was in favor of the Wall Paper Trust for paper sold by firms which 
have since joined the incorporation.  Mr. RYAN has since the fire made an 
assignment to Charles H. RYAN, naming the following preferred creditors:
Mary J. KELLY, of NY, $1,900
Hiram WILLIAM, $5,000
John S. PRICE, $800
Thomas W. HYNES, $1,500
Charles H. REYNOLDS, $1,500
Dr. John D. SULLIVAN, $400
James CASCOIGNE, $4,500
Charles H. RYAN, $20,000

Mrs. Mary A WALSH, on the of the property owners on Myrtle ave., succeeded in 
recovering a verdict in the Superior Court before Judge BARTLETT for damages 
to her property by the Brooklyn Elevated Railroad.  The case was tried 
yesterday afternoon, and is one of a large number of suits brought against 
the company by Counsellor S.M. HAYES.  The counsel says there is about 
$1,000,000 worth of property which has been damaged by the running of the 
trains through Myrtle avenue.  Mrs. WALSH owned the house, 320 Myrtle avenue, 
and testified that the jarring, the smoke, and cinders, and noise, had 
depreciated it in value, and it was hard to get tenants to remain.
She got a verdict of $500.

A JUDGMENT FOR $147, 640.60
Clement M. CUMMING, banker and broker at 74 Broadway, who failed a few months 
ago, to-day allowed judgment to be taken against him for $147,640.60 in favor 
of Francis A. WATSON for money loaned and deposited.

Dr. John CALLAHAN and his wife Margarett CALLAHAN, of 94 Clymer st., were 
fined $25 each, in the Lee ave. court this morning.  On a stormy night in 
December, it was alleged, the CALLAHANS knocked out all the windows of the 
apartments of Mrs. Elizabeth COSTIGAN, a neighbor, and then turned her and 
her four children out in the storm.  She brought a charge of malicious 
mischief in the Lee ave. police court which resulted as stated above.

William O'CONNELL, an infant, began suit through his guardian, Patrick O'CONNELL, 
in the City Court before Judge CLEMENT this morning against Mrs. Sarah A. WHITE, 
of 124 Amity st., for $5.000 damages for personal injuries received in falling 
into a cellar excavation for a building owned by the defendant at 102 Baltic St.

There were trials of sixteen or eighteen firemen to-day at Dept. Headquarters. 
Nearly all were for intoxication, and most of the fines were from one to three days.  
Joseph BRISCAL, of Engine 21, had a compound fracture of his salary, so to speak, 
being fined five days' pay for fifty-seven hours' absence without leave, and three 
days' pay for going to sleep while on house patrol; William MC CORD, of the same company, 
who was accused of being intoxicated at a fire, was fined ten days' pay; 
Joseph C. RUSSELL, of Engine 3, got eight days' fine on four charges of intoxication.

The action of Edward M. BROWN, of the firm of Brown & Seccomb, and lessee of a 
portion of the land at Bowling Green, NY, condemned by the Board of Appraisers 
as a site for the new Custom House, came up for a hearing in the United States 
Circuit Court, before Judge WALLACE, this morning.  By a mutual agreement 
between the lawyers for the Government, the lessees and the property holders, 
Judge WALLACE fixed March 10 as the date for further argument.

14 January 1893
George FISHER was held for examination by Justice TIGHE this morning for 
having kept a policy shop at 519 Court st.

Mrs. Anna BEKENBUSH, an immigrant who arrived from Germany last month, with 
her eight-year-old daughter, tells a pitiful tale of desertion and cruelty.  
Her husband became infatuated with Jessie BECHTEL, a girl of 18, and came 
with her to the United States over a year ago.  The couple took up their 
residence together first in Brooklyn, and afterwards on East Seventy-eighth 
st., in New York City.  As soon as Mrs. BEKENBUSH could accumulate sufficient 
money, she followed them to America.  She has been employed as a nurse at 
Ellis Island since Christmas.  She will make an effort to compel her husband 
to support her.

Frank W. BAKER has begun a suit in the Supreme Court against Martha Jane 
BAKER, for absolute divorce, and Judge BARTLETT has granted an order for the 
service of the papers in the case by mail.  It is alleged that on Oct. 20, 
John A. BROWN, the floor walker in a big dry goods store in this city, eloped 
with Mrs. BAKER, and that the couple are now living at 539 Geary st., San 
Francisco, as husband and wife.  Sophie BROWN, the wife of the eloping floor 
walker, has also brought suit for absolute divorce.

President Henry HUTCHINSON, of the Brooklyn Bank, has nipped in the bud what 
he firmly believes to have been the beginning of extensive operations to 
swindle banking institutions of this city.  On Jan. 10, two men calling 
themselves SCHWERIN and SWEENEY, respectively, called at the Brooklyn Bank 
with a written introduction from Grocer P. BLANK, of lower Fulton st., who is 
a depositor, and opened an account, depositing $80 in cash, and a check on 
the Hanover  National Bank, of New York, for $12.75.  Mr. HUTCHINSON says 
that Mr. BLANK admits hardly knowing the men.  The callers purported to be 
prospective purchasers of Mr. BLANK'S business, and spoke of a larger 
deposit, which they would make later.
Mr. HUTCHINSON sent one of his clerks to Mr. BLANK, who gained information 
that led him to order the transaction on business with the suspects, 
suspended.  On Jan 11, Mr. HUTCHINSON entered the bank just in time to 
prevent one of the men from depositing $9,000 or $10,000 in drafts, drawn on 
different banks, and drawing out $500.  The drafts were all payable to the 
order of James CUMMINGS.  Mr. HUTCHINSON refused to permit the transaction.  
The visitor drew a check for $90, but, as he had in but $80 in cash, he was 
asked to make out the check for that amount, as he had not been identified in 
connection with the Hanover check, which was signed by a regular depositor.  
The $12.75, the bank now has in its possession.  This game was carried out 
with success in another local bank, the name of which Mr. HUTCHINSON would 
not divulge, whose loss is understood to have been about $150.
The way in which Mr. HUTCHINSON connects the same men with both operations 
is, that the drafts presented to the alleged swindled bank were also endorsed 
by "James CUMMINGS."  The men gave as addresses, 315 Fulton street and 2 
Tillary street, but no one of either name mentioned could be found there.

16 January 1893
Inspector WILLIAMS' and Captain DOHERTY'S Cases Called
They are charged with neglect of duty by Superintendent BYRNES-The 
Commissioners are now at work hearing witnesses.
At 11:15 this morning the trial of Inspector WILLIAMS was commenced before 
the Commissioners, in New York, all of whom were present excepting Mr. MC 
LEAN.  Capt. DOHERTY'S trial was included with Inspector WILLIAMS'.  The 
charges against them were made by Superintendent BYRNES, because the accused 
failed to enforce the laws against the disorderly houses raided by 
Superintendent BYRNES last week.  The same charges were also made against 
Inspectors MC AVOY, and Capts. WESTERVELT and DOUGHERTY.
At the proceedings called this morning, WILLIAMS stated that he had not 
employed counsel, as he would depend on the fairness of the Commissioners.  
The two accused pleaded not guilty.  Mr. BYRNES told briefly the story of the 
Bowery raid in their district, also stating that his understanding was that 
it was his business to enforce Rule 414, under which the charges were made.
Commissioner SHEEHAN asked Superintendent BYRNES if he had given any special 
instructions in regard to the gambling houses raided.  The Superintendent 
said, no, he  had given plenty of general instructions in regard to gambling 
houses.  Inspector WILLIAMS cross-examined Superintendent BYRNES: 
    "Do you know that I was cognizant of these gambling houses?"
    "Did you ever call my attention to either of them?"
    "No.  I think not.  In fact, I am sure I did not."

In the Surrogate's Court, the wills of the following named persons, deceased, 
have been proved:

Michael BOO
Caroline M. COOPER
Bridget HAMILL
Harriet D. DE NYSE
Hannah LLOYD
Harriet A. HOWMAN (or BOWMAN)
Catharine RODGERS
Hattie Tawawa BELLOWS, all of the county of Kings.

Letters  of administration have been granted in the estates of the following 
deceased persons, viz:

Friedericke KESPER
Katherine MC CAFFREY
Hannah ALLEN
Katharina BURGE
Richard REMSEN
John B. MOTT
Mathias J. FARRELLY, all of the county of Kings.

Letters of guardianship of the property: 

of Mary and Herbert CARROLL have been granted to Mary GRAHAM
of James MONAGHAN to Maggie MONTAGUE
of Gustave E.C. WILLMAN to Louise B.C. WILLLMAN
of Mary FUREY to Norah M. MILDE
of George and Cecilia GILLOON to John S. SCULLY
of John A. LYNCH to Ellen MURRAY, all of the county of Kings.

John MC CANN was sent to the penitentiary for 200 days by Justice WALSH 
to-day for stealing a coat from a fellow-boarder, Alexander MARR, at 103 (or 
108) Pineapple st.

Louis NICKEL, who was formerly the secretary of the Fred. HOWER Brewing Co. 
of this city, is in jail at New Brunswick, NJ on a charge of obtaining 
$10,000 by false pretenses, from his aunt, Mrs. R.H. BECKER, the wife of a 
New Brunswick wholesale liquor dealer.

17 January 1893
In the suit of John DRISCOLL to recover $10000 from the Twenty-third Street 
Railroad Company, New York, for personal injuries and which was tried before 
Judge Landon, the verdict was for the defendant.

Edward ARTH was today held to await the action of the Grand Jury by Judge WALSH 
on a charge of burglary.  

Justice TIGHE held James RALIGAN of 1185 Degraw Street for the Grand Jury this 
morning for biting the nose of Thomas GILROY.

Emil DRAEGER, of 181 Maujer Street, 31, was married to weeks ago to Carrie DRAEGER.  
Yesterday DRAEGER bought a revolver and tried to blow his wife's brains out.  
He was arrested and this morning Justice WATSON sentenced DRAEGER to jail for 
twenty-nine days

George FULLER, 47 years old, colored, living at 243 West Sixty-first Street, 
New York, was held in $300 bond in the Tombs police court this morning, for 
sending threatening letters to Robert SCHELL, president of the Bank of the Metropolis.

Mrs. Carrie AMPHIRE, of 93 Harrison Avenue came to the Lee Avenue court this 
morning and said she wanted a warrant for the arrest of her husband, she said  
had abandoned her.  Mrs. AMPHIRE runs a baby farm, and she said all her 
husband had ever done since they were married was to go out and find babies 
for her to take care of.  As Justice  GOETTING was not in court Mrs. AMPHIRE 
promised to return tomorrow.

Thomas HEALY and Dan CALLAHAN were arrested last night.  On their persons 
were pawn tickets for clothing pawned in New York shops.  The clothing is 
believed to be the proceeds of two robberies that were committed recently in 
KETCHUM'S clothing store, and Abraham KRONE'S store.
Justice WALSH held both prisoners until next week, in order to have the case investigated.

O.J. TEMPLE, of 13 Lafayette Avenue, who was formerly a sergeant on the police 
force and others, have made complaints at the Mayor's office against an 
employment agency on Fulton Street, charging that it has received their 
money under false pretenses.  The Mayor will investigate.

18 January 1893
Henry O'NEIL, a carpenter and builder, living at 130 Barbey Street, attempted 
to take his life this morning. �O'NEIL lived with his two daughters. �Shortly 
before 5 o'clock one of the girls heard a nose coming from their father's 
room as if he was in pain. �She entered and found him lying on the bed, with 
a handkerchief saturated with chloroform over his mouth and nostrils. �In his 
right hand he clutched a revolver. �The bed clothing was saturated with 
blood. �
A physician was summoned and found O'NEIL to be in critical condition. �The 
police were notified. �O'NEIL was removed to St. Mary's Hospital.
O'NEIL's wife died three months ago and it preyed heavily on his mind. �Soon 
after he suffered business reverses and he started acting strangely. �He has 
frequently remarked to friend that some morning he would be found dead in 
bed. �He was to have met several notes this noon, but did not have the money 
to do so. �The would be suicide had selected a guardian for his children a 
few days ago, but police could not learn the name of the man.

George BORINGTON, of 120 Eckford Street was fined $10 this morning for 
assaulting his wife.

Mrs. Mary HOFESKER, of 1051 Third Avenue was swindled yesterday out of $18.

Fifteen year old Edward LITTLE, left his home at 536 Clinton Street last 
Saturday and has not been seen since.

Mother and child freezing
Mrs. Kate HINES of 183 Gates Avenue was found intoxicated at the corner of 
North Fist and Berry Streets this morning. �The woman was discovered freezing 
in the gutter, while by her side sat a pretty little seven year old girl. 
�The woman and child were take to the Fifth precinct station, where they were 
cared for. �This morning, Mrs. HINES was sent to jail for five days, and the 
child was placed in the care of the Children's Society.

19 January 1893
Mrs. Augustus KERNOCHAN of 423 Hicks Street sued her husband, 
Frank S. KERNOCHAN, in the City Court, before Judge OSBORNE, this morning, 
for a divorce on the ground of infidelity.  Decision was reserved.

Michael SLINEY, Thomas PALLISTER, John OSBORNE, and Frank W. ROHLE, 
all under sentence of death for murder were taken from Murderer's Row 
in the Tombs today to Sing Sing.

John STEVENS  of 2282 Fulton Street was held by Justice CONNELLY 
today for having stolen a bottle of wine from Reid's saloon at 
Vesta and Atlantic Avenues.

20 January 1893
In a police raid on one of the flats at 220 Fifth Street, New York, yesterday, 
George SMITH, a well-known crook, was arrested; and several "thousand dollars" 
worth of valuable goods, believed to have been taken from uptown residences, 
was secured.  SMITH was formerly a pal of James WALLACE, who is known as the 
"prince of flat-house thieves," and who is serving a sentence of fourteen years.

Olaw STICKLES, a bartender of 535 Flushing Ave. was before Unites States 
Commissioner ALLEN, this morning on a charge of "aiding and advising" 
John GASKINS of 72 Fulton Street, to register illegally, in the Nineteenth ward.  
He was placed on $500 bail, to await the action of the Grand Jury.

During a fight last night in Thomas TAGGART'S saloon, at 20 Flushing Avenue, 
someone stole a pocketbook containing $200 that was lying on a table.

The case of Frank STRUMPLER and Lizzie KLEBER of 176 Throop Ave. who 
were accused yesterday afternoon by Mrs. STRUMPLER of killing their 
three month old baby, came up in the Lee Ave. Police court this morning 
for examination.  There were no new facts developed and Mrs. STRUMPLER 
told substantially the same story as related in the Standard Union yesterday.  
The case was adjourned.

Robert and Ellen EDWARDS, who were arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of 
being accomplices in the robbery of Mrs. Ida MC CARTS' house, were 
discharges by Justice WALSH today.

Carlyle W. HARRIS will be resentenced for the killing of Helen POTTS, 
during the coming week, probably on Friday.  Meanwhile, HARRIS will 
remain in the Tombs.

Judge MOORE, in the Court of Sessions his morning imposed the following sentences:  
John GATELY, arson, five year's in the Penitentiary; 
Richard DAVIS (colored), grand larceny, first degree, five years in Sing Sing; 
John SHEPARD, grand larceny, second degree, 
John KOCHAUSKY, grand larceny, second degree, and 
Frank IRVING, grand larceny, first degree, 
were all sent to the Elmira Reformatory; 
Michael MC NAMARA, a small boy of 12 years who had been convicted of grand 
larceny in the second degree, Judge MOORE said he would reluctantly send to 
the House of Refuge, as there seemed to be do other dispositon to make of him.

George W. MERZIL, OF 43 Aberdeen Street, was held today by Justice WALSH on a 
charge of passing a worthless check.

The case of Frank STRUMPLER and Lizzie KLEBER of 176 Throop Ave. who 
were accused yesterday afternoon by Mrs. STRUMPLER of killing their 
three month old baby, came up in the Lee Ave. Police court this morning 
for examination.  There were no new facts developed and Mrs. STRUMPLER 
told substantially the same story as related in the Standard Union yesterday.  
The case was adjourned.

21 January 1893
Samuel GREEN, a glazier of 156 Fulton Street was held by the United States Commissioner 
BELLOWS this morning, charged with passing a counterfeit dollar on John WORTHINGTON, a 
druggist of 162 Fulton Street.

23 January 1893
Pauline GARDNER, of 384 Bedford Avenue, was this morning struck on the head 
with an ice pitcher by James FOGARTY, in a Washington Street restaurant.  
The pair were partaking of breakfast together at the time.  The woman was 
slightly injured, and removed to her home in an ambulance.  FOGARTY escaped.

Justice KOCH, of New York, is severe with snow ball throwers.  
Two of them were sentenced to the Island for six months in the Essex Market 
police court this morning.

Michael GARVEY, of 27 Washington Street, New York was held without bail at the 
Tombs police court, in that city, this morning, to await the result of the 
injuries inflicted upon John ST. GEORGE, of 26 Washington Street.

Daniel DUNBAR, of 75 Sackett Street was held for examination by Justice TIGHE 
today on a charge of having stabbed John GILHOOLEY, of 125 Sackett Street.

Dr. J. L. METZGER, aged 33 years of 132 East Sixty-sixth street, 
New York, became suddenly insane this morning, and is now a raving 
maniac in the insane pavilion at Bellevue Hospital.

24 January 1893
Bridge Policeman John BURNS was a prisoner in the Oak St. Station, New York, 
last night.  Policeman HEFFERNAN, of the Fourth Precinct, arrested him at the 
Catherine St. ferry last evening, upon the complaint of Lizzie MC CROVY, of 
133 Madison St.  She charged him with having insulted her while in a state of 
intoxication and went to the station house to make her charge before the sergeant 
at the desk.
Burns was relieved from his post at 8 o'clock and going to the headquarters of 
the Bridge police, reported, and took the Catherine St. for home.  He lives 
at 136 West Twenty-eighth St. New York.  The MCCROVY woman was on the ferryboat, 
and all the way across he is accused of using insulting language to her.  
Several of the passengers noticed that the man was under the influence of liquor.
Burns was taken to the Tombs police court this morning and arraigned before 
Judge White but the plaintiff did not appear to press charges.  

Mr. James JOHNSON, of 136 Calyer Street, went to the Ewen St. police court this 
morning and swore out a warrant for the arrest of her brother, John CLARK, who, 
she claimed, tried to kill her Saturday night.
Mrs. JOHNSON, told Chief Clerk EARLE, that her brother was a much-married man.  
She alleged that Clark was married in London about ten years ago, but only 
lived with his wife two weeks.  Mr. JOHNSON said CLARK was subsequently 
married in Scotland, and divorced from his second wife a year later.  
The Mrs. JOHNS claims CLARK came to New York and went to line in a Harlem 
boarding house.  There he met a policeman's daughter to whom he was subsequently 
married.  They lived happily for a while but he left after a year.  
Mrs. JOHNSON says further that he went to Chicago.  When he returned to 
east he married a woman in Greenpoint who had him arrested for abandonment 
last week.

Yesterday a trunk in the bedroom of Edgar M. FORD, at 273 Ninth Ave. was 
broken open and $52 stolen.

Last evening, $20 worth of silverware was stolen from the basement of 
Mrs. Francis DUMONT's house, 142 Lincoln Place.

Charles STANLY, colored, of 437 Hudson Ave. in a quarrel last night, inflicted 
a slight stab wound, upon Andrew Lawrence of 459 Baltic Street.

David SILVERMAN, of 74 Mott Street, New York, was held for trial in the 
Ewen Street police court yesterday, charged with obtaining money under false pretenses.

Robert MARENI, of Flatbush, was held for examination in the Lee Avenue court 
yesterday charged with threatening to kill Victor DOMENICA, of 24 Walton Place.

25 January 1893
Benedict BRENNEN, a saloon keeper at 186 Eckford Street, reported to the police today 
that he was robbed of his watch, valued at $75.

Greenpoint, all boys, were in the Ewen Street police court this morning, 
charged by Henry HAGEN, who has no home, with knocking him down and stealing $30.  
The boys were held for trial.

The suit of Mrs. Josephine WHITLACH against the Fidelity and Casualty Company, 
to recover on a $10000 policy which her husband, James W. WHITLACH, held in 
that concern, was concluded in the Supreme Court, before Judge CULLEN yesterday, 
when a verdict in favor of the plaintiff for $113 was rendered.

William KESTNER, residing at 50 Central Avenue, was held for trial in the 
Ewen Street police court yesterday on the charge of bigamy.

Justice CONNELLY in the Lee Avenue Police court this morning, granted a 
warrant for the arrest of Robert LEE, of 308 South Second Street, on a 
charge of threatening to kill his mother and sisters.

26 January 1893
James DEWITT, of 76 Washington Street, was picking into ash barrels on Ryerson 
Street, yesterday and strewing the contents on the street, when Office 
GALLAGHER attempted to arrest him.  DEWITT shoved a dollar bill into the 
policeman's hand, remarking that that should be enough to secure his release.  
Judge HAGGERTY sent him to jail for two days.

Patrick RUSSELL, a wholesale dealer in junk, doing business at 249 North Second 
Street, complained in the Lee Avenue police court this morning to Justice GOETTING 
that Joseph LEHNER, of 136 Meserole Street, a sub-contractor, had torn off the 
side of his house without permission.  A summons for LEHNER's appearance in court 
was issued.

Robert WALBERT had his mother, Mrs. Lizzie WALBERT, of 154 Throop Avenue, 
committed by Justice CONNELLY of the Gates Avenue police court, to the 
Inebriates Home as an habitual drunkard.  As she was being led away by an 
officer she turned and said:  "You'll see the day you'll be sorry for this.  
Now, mark my word."

Andrew HARRIET, a 12 year old orphan boy, told a peculiar story to the police 
of the Greenpoint station this morning.  His adopted mother brought him to 
the station house, where she accused the boy of stealing $1.  Harriet said 
his stepmother hadn't given him anything to eat for thirty hours, because he 
refused to admit that he stole the $1.  Harriet was found on the street early 
this morning by Baker MARTIN of Greenpoint Avenue, who took card of the lad and 
fed him.  The case will be investigated.

Samuel BLUMENBERT of 69 Moore St. yesterday had Simon DANTO, Aaron SCHOENBERG, 
Joseph ROSENBERG and Jacob FREIBERGE arrested, charging them with assault. 
In the Ewen St. police court this morning, when the case was called, all 
the complainants and defendants appeared with the exception of Simon DANTO. 
of 1716 Fulton S.  He is in a critical condition and is liable to die.  
The case was adjourned until next Monday.

Mrs. Mabel A. TOOKER of 336 Gates Avenue, sued her husband, Arthur M. TOOKER, 
said to be a land speculator, for divorce on the ground of infidelity, naming 
as the corespondent Miss Cherry ARNOLD, an actress.  The parties were married 
about twelve years ago.  This morning the case came up in the Supreme Court, 
before Judge BARTLETT, when Counselor David HUMPHREY questioned the complainant 
as to her having condoned the offense.  She admitted that she did at first, 
but her husband did not improve--in fact, he got worse--and she was obliged 
to leave him, and had not condoned the offense since she made her last complaint.  
The divorce was granted.

The Wallabout Land Commission met this morning in the United States District 
Attorney's office.  No business of importance was transacted.
The county Treasurer has received word from Albany that there is $2,039.62 placed 
to the credit of Kings County for the care of State paupers.

Samuel BLUMENBERT of 69 Moore St. yesterday had Simon DANTO, Aaron SCHOENBERG, 
Joseph ROSENBERG and Jacob FREIBERGE arrested, charging them with assault. 
In the Ewen St. police court this morning, when the case was called, all the 
complainants and defendants appeared with the exception of Simon DANTO. 
of 1716 Fulton S.  He is in a critical condition and is liable to die.  
The case was adjourned until next Monday.

The work of selecting jurors for the trial of Rosannah LECK, charged with 
the abduction of Ivy ROCHE, was begun in Part 2 of General Sessions, New York, 
before Judge MARTINE, this morning.

CARLYLE W. HARRIS, the wife murderer, was before Recorder SMYTH, in the 
Court of General Sessions, New York for resentence this morning.  
Lawyer  HOWE wanted time to prepare a motion for a new trial and he was 
granted till Monday next.

The Grand Jury in New York City today found an indictment for murder in 
the first degree against William PURCELL of 375 First Avenue.

28 January 1893
Robert DOYLE, of 185 Norman Avenue, was held for trial in the Ewen St. 
police court this morning, charged with burglary.

A sneak thief entered the boarding house of Mrs. Annie E. RUBERT, at 
154 Putnam Avenue, yesterday, and sole $40 worth of clothing belonging to a boarder.

Arthur D. LAPIERRE, of 31 St. John's Place reports that, while he was standing, 
waiting for a car, at the corner of Sands St. last night, he was robbed of a 
diamond pin valued at $125.

Sigret OLSEN, a Swedish girl of 57 Oliver St. New York, had her husband, 
Barney St.  Clair, held for assault, in the Tombs police court this morning.

30 January 1893
Mr. Maggie ALLEN was before Justice HAGGERTY this morning, and charged her husband, 
Thomas, with threatening to kill her.  She also claims that he has been insane 
since last July.  The justice sent him to jail until the physicians of the 
Board of Charities and Corrections could examine his sanity.

In the suit of Frank B. DENTON for a divorce from his wife, Sarah, 
Judge OSBORNE, of the Brooklyn, City Court, reserved his decision.

The insane man who made such a sensation in New Brighton has been identified as 
David M. DOODY whose home is at Eighth Ave. and Ninth St., in this city.  
It is said that he has been demented for a long time.

Frederick COOK and Joel GREEN, saloonkeepers, were before Justice MURPHY in 
the Gates Ave. police court this morning on the charge of violating the 
Excise law by keeping open yesterday (Sunday).  Both pleaded not guilty and 
furnished bail pending trial.

Mr. Maggie ALLEN was before Justice HAGGERTY this morning, and charged her husband, 
Thomas, with threatening to kill her.  She also claims that he has been insane 
since last July.  The justice sent him to jail until the physicians of the 
Board of Charities and Corrections could examine his sanity.

Simon STERN has instituted a suit in the Supreme Court, New York, against the city, 
for $14000 for professional services rendered on a retainer of the Corporation 
Counsel in actions brought by the city.

George BAKER, connected with "A Dark Secret," which was played in the Lee Avenue 
Academy last week, was fined $20 in the Lee Ave. court this morning for taking 
liberties with Jessie TURNER, a 13 year old girl, employed in that theatre.

Charles RIEHL, of 195 Irving Ave. was held for trial in the Ewen St. police court 
this morning charged with assault.

The work of securing a jury for the trial of Charles W. GARDNER, the Parkhurst 
society agent, charged with blackmail was begun today in Part I, of the 
General Session, New York.

Frank LARKIN, the well know ex-ball player, was this morning taken with 
delirium tremens, and is now confined in the Raymond St. jail.

2 February 1893
Jos. BAUER, aged 12, of 29 Graham avenue, was sent to the Truant Home 
this morning. Young BAUER robbed the till in MAY'S  saloon, 
805 Flushing avenue yesterday of $20.

Interrupted A Wedding
And Now Miss GOLDZUNG Wants The Bridegroom Arrested
Miss Eliza GOLDZUNG, of 263 Ellery Street,a pretty brunette, went to 
the Lee avenue police court this morning and secured a warrant for the
arrest of  Theobold SCHMICT a journeyman brewer, employed in ULMER'S 
big brewery,whom she charged with assault. SCHMICT was to have been 
married last night to Miss Eliza KRANTZ, of 202 Floyd street.
The wedding was arranged to take place at 8o'clock and at that hour
nearly two hundred guests had assembled at the KRANTZ home.SCHMICT 
was receiving the congratulations of his friends, when Miss GOLDZUNG
rushed in and in a dramatic manner shouted:" This marriage can never 
take place.'
The guests were thunderstruck, the bride went into hysterics, and 
SCHMICT became enraged.Then Miss GOLDZUNG mounted a chair, and, in a 
loud voice she told this story to the dazed and bewildered guests:
This man has already promised to marry me. Nearly ten years ago I met him, 
and we agreed to live together, although we were never married. For 
five years we lived happily, during which time three children were born 
to us, all of whom are now living.Finally SCHMICT deserted me, and I 
never heard a word from him, nor do I know where he was until tonight.
Now here I am, and I demand that the marriage be declared off !"
SCHMICT picked up a chair, Miss GOLDZUNG alleges,and struck her a blow 
on the head. Then the guests and the minister rushed out of the house and 
the wedding was postponed.

NOTE: From Feb. 3 the follow-up:
SCHMIDT Is Married
The marriage of Theobold SCHMIDT to Miss Liza KRANZ, of 262 Floyd street,
which was interrupted Wednesday evening by Miss Eliza GOLDZUNG, of 
263 Ellery street, as was stated in the Standard Union yesterday, 
finally took place last night at Miss KRANTZ's home.SCHMIDT who is
charged with assault by Miss GOLDZUNG will be arraigned in the Lee avenue 
police court to-morrow.

Sued For $1,000
A Case of Alleged Assault in the Supreme Court
Charles A. DECKER, employed as an engineer on the Manhatten 
Elevated Railroad in New York, sued Anton and Willaim FAUST, 
butchers, at 405 Myrtle avenue,in the Supreme Court, before 
Judge LANDON, for $1,000 for an assault.
The plaintiff in his complaint says he went into the store to purchase 
some meat. He had some beef cut off, and then wanted the butcher 
Anton, to cut him some chops from the leg of mutton.The butcher 
said he could not cut any chops from the leg,and then DECKER told 
him he could keep his meat, and that he would not leave any more 
money in his place.Witness testified that Anton said that he did not care, but
he wanted him to pay for the meat he had cut off. DECKER swore at the 
butcher, and the butcher stepped to the door and prevented him from leaving, 
and threatened him with arrest. DECKER said he would call in a policeman and 
have him arrested, and that was all the assault there was.
A verdict was given for the defense.

Is He Guilty?
Patrick DUFFY Arrested On A Terrible Charge
Patrick DUFFY was arrested at his home, 671 Hicks street,
last night, on a warrant issued by District Attorney Ridgeway.
Last Thursday morining, Nellie DUFFY, a handsome and 
well-developed girl of 14 years, died under pecuilar circumstances.
Dr. T.L. FOGARTY, who had been called in to attend the girl, 
previously notified the Coroner, and an ante-mortem statement was
taken. The girl's story was so improbable however, that the Coroner
didn't believe it, and instructed Superintendent WILKINS of the 
Children's Society to make an investigation.The result was that 
yesterday afternoon Katie, Nellie's 12 year old sister was taken to
the office of the District Attorney, and made an affidavit, in which she
alleged that her father was responsible for her sister's trouble.A warrant
was issued and DUFFY arrested. When shown the affidavit in the 
District Attorney's office this morning, he said:
Did that girl swear to that? If she did, she committed perjury, for it is
a wicked lie. The prisoner then made applicatioin for the acceptance of bail, 
but it was refused, and the accused man was sent to the Raymond street jail, 
to await examination next Monday.

Fined $25
Philip J.REILLY, a well known awning maker, of Fulton street and Lafayette
avenue, was fined $25 by Justice WALSH to-day, on conviction of having
assaulted George W. LYONS, of 3 Lafayette avenue.

Mr NAU Is Responsible
The examination of August NAU, who was charged by his wife, Isabella, with
abandonment, took place to-day in the Adams street court.Justice WALSH
said that the defendent was responsible for his wife's support. He adjourned
the case for one week, to consider the question of amount.

John GASSON was sent to jail for ten days this morning by Justice WATSON, 
for stealing two apples from Mrs.Annie OTTERSTADT, who keeps a grocery 
at 291 Evergreen avenue

Kicked His Wife Insensible.
Thomas F. ANDREWS, 29 years, of 721 Douglass street, quarreled with his
wife, Minnie, this morning and during the altercation knocked her down and
kicked her until she became unconscious.  She was attended by Ambulance
Surgeon SPENCE and removed to the Seney Hospital.

TOMPKINS Arrested For Bigamy.
Justice GOETTING, in the Lee avenue police court this afternoon granted a
warrant for the arrest of D. Clarence TOMPKINS on a charge of bigamy
preferred by his wife Mrs. Elizabeth TOMPKINS of 278 Pulaski st.  The story
of TOMPKINS' matrimonial experience have already been published in the
Standard Union.  TOMPKINS when brought into court pleaded not guilty and was
remanded to jail.

"Pony" MOORE father-in-law of Charlie MITCHELL the pugilist was charged in
the Tombs Police Court, New York, this morning with assault upon the
conductor of a Broadway cable car.  He was held for examination under $300 bail.

Justice WALSH has honorably discharged Frank HOUSTON who was arrested on
complaint of Ida ALDRICH who claimed to be his wife, and accusing him of
having abandoned her.

The THOMAS Divorce Suit.
William D. THOMAS, of 303 Decatur street was allowed by Judge GAYNOR, of the
Supreme Court this morning to oppose the application of his wife, Mrs. May
Elizabeth THOMAS for alimony and counsel fee pending the trial of her suit
against him for absolute divorce.  He is the manager for the Archer
Manufacturing Company, at 160 Canal street, New York, and got a divorce in
South Dakota against her two years ago without her knowledge.  She has three
children to support, and had received $20 a month from her husband.  Judge
GAYNOR allowed her $100 counsel fee and $10 a week alimony.

Minnie SELIGMAN Sued for $10,000
Wood D. LOUDON, a theatrical manager has begun suit against Minnie
SELIGMAN-CUTTING the well known actress.  In the sum of $10,000 for breach
of contract.  LOUDON says that Miss SELIGMAN entered into an agreement with
him last August to star in plays of his own composition at a salary of $ 100
a week.

BOSSERT Held for the Grand Jury.
Alvis BOSSERT, the son of Jacob BOSSERT, the wealthy molding mill man, at
Syossett, L.I. was arraigned in the Lee avenue police court again to-day on
the charge of forgery, and held for the Grand Jury.

Annie PIXLEY's Estate.
There is talk that the family of Annie PIXLEY, the actress, who is said to
have died worth $200,000 will make a fight for a share of her estate in the
courts.  All the property is said to be in her husband's name.

Case Closed.
For the Contestant in the Seventh Assembly District.
The hearing in the contested case of KNEELAND v. HUGHES in the Seventh
Assembly District was resumed in the Common Council chamber at the City Hall
before Assemblyman KECK this morning.
The first witness called was Andrew LEWIS, 29 years old, colored, of 194
Myrtle avenue in the Eleventh ward.  He said he could not read and write
that he was assisted and that he put two ballots in the box.
Isaac C. CARR, colored of 609 Dean street, was the next witness.
There was objection made to CARR answering the question if he did not give a
man named Joshua P. LEE a slip of paper, on which was written by Daniel O
CONNELL, as alleged "584 Bergen street, Fred F. SMITH, age 42, Fifth
district."  The objection was overruled, and the witness denied giving LEE
any paper.  He testified that Mr. LEE met him repeatedly and asked him to
meet him and come down town and answer questions that would be asked him,
saying it would be worth money to him, and finally LEE said it would be
worth a hundred dollars to him.  Joshua P. LEE was called, and said that the
witness's statement in regards to offering him money was wholly false.  His
evidence closed the case for the contestant.
The defense then opened their case.

3 February 1893
Henry BAKER of 11 Bogart street was tried and convicted before 
Justice CONNELLY this morning, on a charge of beating Mrs.
Louise Barbarino, who lives next door.He was fined $100.

Mrs. Emma GOTHER, who lives at the corner of Linwood street and 
New Lots Road, was arrested yesterday on a charge of grand larceny.
This morning she was held in $500 bail for examination, before Justice CONNELLY.

Detectives last night found a negro ball in progress in a large stable 
at 508 Waverly avenue. William H. HALL of 461 Adelphi street was serving 
the drinks without a license. This morning he was before Justice
HAGGERTY, pleaded guilty and was held.

Kissed Her Three Times A Day
Miss Agnes KLINGMAN, a boarding-house keeper at 63 Ralph avenue, 
sued Frank COX in Justice MURPHY's court this morning for a
board bill of $5.50. It came out in the evidence that Miss KLINGMAN 
and COX were very affectionate toward each other at one time.
COX said he always kissed her three times a day , and Miss KLINGMAN 
swore that when she objected to COX kissing her he left and 
forgot to pay his board bill. Miss KLINGMAN was given a judgement 
for the amount asked.

Anderson's Pitible Condition
The lot of Charles ANDERSON, who is an inmate of the Naval Hospital, 
has been a rather hard one since he enlisted in Uncle Sam's navy, at
Baltimore, on June 7, 1892, as an able seaman.ANDERSON is 29 years old, 
and a native of Sweden. He has been reported by the hospital
authorities as "unfit for duty," and will probably 
be transferred to the Naval Home in Philadelphia to spend the balance of 
his days, if relatives or friends do not come to his aid.His case is a sad 
one, the man having been maimed for life by a premature explosion on board 
the coast survey vessel Blake, Oct. 11, last, while he was firing
a salute. The accident deprived him of his entire right hand, and all 
the fingers of the left limb.

Justice CONNELLY this morning held Alvin CHRISTIE of 39 1/2 Jamaica 
avenue for the Grand Jury for stealing the tools of a number
of carpenters.

What A Big Ransom
Ever since the strange disappearance of Sallie MOORE, the young Kentucky 
school teacher,in New York, her relatives and friends have 
been in receipt of letters from cranks.One letter states that on the 
payment of $5,000 ransom, she will be returned.Otherwise, she will be 
murdered. The police take no stock in the letter.

Their Marriage Annulled
In the suit of Catherine SCHAAF against her husband, Robert SCHAAF, 
for an annullment of the marriage contract, Judge OSBORNE,
this morning, rendered a decision in favor of the plaintiff.

4 February 1893
Miss WORRELL's Insanity
No further witnesses appeared this morning in the Supreme Court to testify 
to the insanity of the young lady Miss Victoria WORREL, 
and Judge BARTLETT therefore has not 
approved of the certificate of the physician
declaring her insane.   

Held In $10,000 Bail
Louis P. LEVY former president of the Life Union,Home Benefit Association 
and another assessment insurance company, has been arrested on an order
of Justice PATTERSON, of the Supreme Court,New York, and held in 
dafault of $10,000 bail,on a charge of misappropriating $10,141.06 of 
the funds of the Life Union.       
Stabbed A Dog-Catcher
John HANRAHAN was held for trial in the Ewen street police court this 
morning on the charge of stabbing Joseph HIRSCH, of 11 Meeker avenue. 
HIRSCH is a dog-catcher,and he and HANRAHAN got into a dispute
over the best way to catch dogs.Words were followed by blows, and, 
before the men realized what they were doing, HIRSCH was badly cut. 
The case was adjourned, and HANRAHAN gave bail in the sum of $1,000.

Six Cents For Each Man And Horse
James O'NEILL, the owner of the trotting horse To?n, sued the 
Brooklyn Heights Cable Road Company for $600 damages for injuries to his
horse.His brother Edward was riding the horse on Montague street when 
a car struck the horse,knocking him down and dislocating his hip.
Edward O'NEILL was thrown to the pavement and also injured and he sued 
the company for $6,000 damages for his injuries.The jury brought
in a sealed verdict this morning and they found for the plaintiffs in 
the sum of six cents for the horse and six cents for the man.

WILLIAMS Gets Six Months
Frank WILLIAMS, OF 120 Spring street,New York, was sent to the Penitentiary
for six months this morning by Justice GOETTING. WILLIAMS is the man who
has been frightening little girls in the Eastern District for some time.

A Policeman Under Charges
Two charges were made against Policeman LANGAN to-day. Commissioner HAYDEN
will examine into the case next Tuesday.

His Mother Said To Be In A Dying State
The police at the First precinct station are trying to solve the mystery 
surrounding the pecuilar actions of Officer MAXWELL this morning. He 
came to the station house this morning, accosted the different officers 
present with a cheery" Good morning,"changed his clothes in the dormitory, and
reported for duty. He is stationed at the telegraph desk.About 8:40 o'clock he
jumped up suddenly and announced to Sergeant DODGE that he wanted to go 
out doors for a while.The sergeant responded that such a thing was impossible. 
" But I must." said MAXWELL. His superior officer remonstrated with him, 
but MAXWELL said that he would go anyway, with or without premission. 
The sergeant laid his hand in a kindly manner on MAXWELL's shoulder and
asked him to remain.The man now was in a highly excited state, and with the words,
" Oh I must go," rushed past the officer, and since leaving the station has not 
been seen or heard from since.The occurence was related to Capt. CAMPBELL,
who has preferred charges against MAXWELL to the Commissioner for leaving his 
post and disobedience to orders.The accused officer resides at 47 Little street,
and lives with his mother, as he is unmarried.At the station is was said that 
MAXWELL has not been at his home for nearly two weeks, and that his mother 
was in a dying condition.The supposition is that he has been on a spree,
and it is known that when in such a condition he acts like an insane person.

6 February 1893
Will Not Press The Complaint
Yesterday morning, William BRANDER,of 406 1/2 Thirteenth street, and Peter
BOYLE, who keeps a saloon at 360 Eighth avenue, became engaged in a row
in BOYLE's saloon. BRANDER claims that BOYLE shot him in the forearm.
BOYLE  was arrested. This morning BRANDER told Justice TIGHE that he
would not press the charge.

Stabbed By His Brother
Thomas MEANY, of 22 North Elliott place,was before Justice HAGGERTY this morning,
charged with stabbing his brother Edward yesterday. He was held on $2,000 bail 
to await the result of his brother's injuries.Edward is in a
precarious condition in the Homeopathic Hospital.

Used His Club Too Freely
While arresting Edward MONROE for fighting on Irving place, last night, 
Officer Robert BLOOMFIELD had occasion to use his club,and when MONROE 
appeared before Justice HAGGERTY this morning, his head was severely cut. 
The Justice gave BLOOMFIELD a severe lecture, and told him that in future he 
should use his locust less freely. He fined MOORE $1.

HOERNER A Prisoner
Charles A. HOERNER, of 326 Floyd street,was a prisoner in the Lee avenue 
police court this morning.He was charged with defrauding
Peter BACHENBERG, of 384 Hart street,out of $375. HOERNER was held for trial,
and went to jail in default of bail.

HAMILTON Resentenced To Die
James L.HAMILTON, the ex-colored preacher who killed his wife at Winfield 
on May 1st last,by cutting her throat with a razor, was to-day
resentenced. He will be killed in the electric chair at Sing-Sing during 
the week beginning March 13.

John LOGAN,  a laborer, of 330 East Fifty-fourth street, New York, this 
morning put a pistol to his head and sent a bullet through his brain. He 
had acted queerly for a long time.

The City Court Of Brooklyn--
Gertrude R.SACKETT, plaintiff against Edward HAAS and other
defendants. SACKETT &; LANG,
plaintiffs attorneys, 21 Park Row
New York, 25 January 1893

Supreme Court, Kings County--
Edward BARBIG and Fernando BARBIG, plaintiffs, against
Frederick C. URBAN and other defendants, GUGGENHEIMER  & UNTERMEYER, 
plaintiffs attorneys.
46 Wall street, New York City.

7 February 1893
Stella's Father Threatens To Shoot Her Indian Lover
Stella BRIGHTMAN, who ran away yesterday to meet her Indian lover DEERFOOT, 
who deserted her shortly after their meeting in Long Island City, has 
returned to her home at her parents. Her father says he will shoot the 
Indian on sight if he interferes with his daughter again.

Ferdinand WARD Cleared
Judge COWING in New York this morning dismissed the several indictments 
against Ferdinand WARD, the financier, which have been on file in the 
District Attorney's office since 1885.

Nesbitt Pleads Not Guilty
George M. NESBITT who made several confessions that he forged the $80,000 
check on the Merchant's National Bank which young James STURGIS attempted
to negotiate in Albany, pleaded not guilty before Judge COWING in the 
General Sessions to-day. His counsel asked for the privelege of demurring 
to the plea by Thursday. It is believed that NESBITT will then plead
guilty to the crime.

The suit of Jacob ANHALT against the Iron Steamboat Company
for $20,000 damages, for the loss of $1,400 worth of diamonds
and $500 in cash, was decided against him by a jury this morning.

Justice CONNOLLY decided the case of Henry PHILLIPS against E. W. COZZENS 
in favor of the complainant this morning. PHILLIPS claimed he was incorrectly 
reported in the Dun Mercantile Agency reports.The case will be tried soon.

Police Commissioner HAYDEN today dismissed Policeman
Thomas L. MAXWELL from the force. The charge against him was disobedience 
of orders, in insisting on leaving his post at the telegraph desk in the 
First precinct, when Sargeant DODGE tried to persuade him to remain.

Samuel J. COHN, of 1092 Third avenue, New York, is locked up at Headquarters, 
that city, as a suspicioius person, but the real charge against him is 
for obtaining money as an alleged representative of the United Hebrew
Charities. He is said to have victimized many persons.

Frederick MATTHEWS, of 97 Palmetto street, was sent to the Penitentiary 
for six months by Justice CONNELLY to-day on a charge of threatening 
to kill his wife and children.

Thomas REED and Thomas BRANDIS were before Justice TAINTOR, of the 
Essex Market police court,New York, this morning, and charged with being the 
assailants of " Count William Von Putt KRAMER.

Adam SCHMIDT, of 255 Mererole street, pleaded guilty to the charge of 
burglary in the Ewen street police court this morning and was held for 
the Grand Jury.

Charles WAYNES, of 567 Wythe avenue, was charged with stealing a $150 
bulldog in the Lee avenue police court this morning from Nicholas RILEY, 
of 56 Taylor street.

The synagogue case in which Simon ROSENBERG, 
Simon BLUMENBERG, Simon DANTO and others charged each other with assault, 
was dismissed by Justice WATSON this morning.

8 February 1893
Edward and Eliza COOPER, of 109 Hall street, charged
with starving their little boy, Edward, by locking him up in 
a room without furnishing him any food, were discharged
to-day by Judge CONNELLY, in the Gates avenue court.
The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children were
unable to furnish sufficient evidence to convince the magistrate
of the truth of the charge.

A Verdict for the B.C.R.R Co.
On the second trial in the City Court, by Henry HAUBERT,
to recover $25,000 from the Brooklyn City Railroad Company
for the loss of his leg by being run over by a car at the corner
of Kent avenue and Taylor street, the jury returned a verdict
for the defendant..

By Order Of County Court
Thomas A. KERRIGAN performed the closing ceremony in the
closing up of J.M. BACON & Co's affairs yesterday at his auction
rooms on Willoughby street.The sale included sundry book accounts
judgements, etc,a promissory note and a life insurance policy held by
Welcome F.JARVIS, assignee of the above firm.The note was for 
$219.25, given by M.E. MOLD; sold to F.BISKIT for $500.The 
life insurance policy on the life of Joseph M. BACON for $50,000,
in the Mutual Life, sold for $330 to WILLIAMS & PETERS & PERCY
HELLNER & son. The sundry book accounts, etc. sold for $50 to the assignee.

Snatched Her Satchel
Mrs. Sadie HENEDAL, of 85 Tompkins avenue, had a startling adventure
on Sixth avenue, New York, yesterday.A burly negro snatched a satchel
from her containing a pocketbook and a pair of opera glasses.He was 
captured and locked up. She claims he threatened her with a razor.

Edward GEOGHAN, a truck driver, 28 years of age, was 
placed on trial this morning in the Kings County Court of
OYER & TERMINER, at which Judge CULLEN is 
presiding, for murder in the first degree, in having shot
and killed his wife, Ellen GEOGHAN, at the residence
of her sister, Mrs. Catherine BRENNAN, 103 Wyckoff 
street, on the 8th day of September last.
The case is being prosecuted by  District Attorney
RIDGEWAY, while Counselor MCMAHON appears for the accused.
On the day in question, GEOGHAN went to the residence
of his sister-in-law, where his wife was stopping, and 
emptied the five chambers of a 32 calibre revolver at her,
two of the bullets took effect, one lodging in the woman's 
head and the other in her stomach.One of the bullets, in
glancing off after striking a piece of furniture, slightly 
wounded the six-months old child of the couple in the right
thigh, the burning powder from the weapon setting fire to 
the child's stocking.Another bullet shattered the index
trigger finger of the murderer.GEOGHAN, after the shooting
threw the revolver into a pail of water in the kitchen and fled
from the house.Patrolman STEABOLD, who lives in the 
neighborhood, heard the shots, and on going into the street,
and seeing GEOGHAN in the act of running away, started
in pursuit, and captured him after a short chase.
GEOGHAN on being taken back and being identified by his
wife as her assailant cooly denied that he had done the shooting
or had ever had a revolver; but a carving knife as sharp as a 
razor, with which it is supposed he intended to finish the job
if the pistol failed, was found in his breast pocket.The couple
had been married but eighteen months, but quarrels growing
out of the husbands jealousy became so frequent that Mrs.
GEOGHAN resolved to leave her husband.The latter, she said,
had also threatened to kill her and conceived a violent hatred of 
her mother.Mrs. GEOGHAN was removed to the hospital, where she died
soon after.

Suing For $350,000
The trial of the suit for the recovery of property valued to about 
$300,000, with $50,000 interest brought by William S. HURLEY, a flour merchant
of this city, was continued before Judge BARRETT in the Supreme Court, 
in New York, this morning.HURLEY brings a suit for the recovery of the money
claiming it as part of the estate of his father,Samuel HURLEY, who died in 1863

Shot Twice
M. RAFFAELO keeps a little Italian grocery at 497 President street.
Last night a number of his fellow countrymen became boisterous and 
RAFFAELO ordered them to go out.The men began to crowd and push one another
and soon were fighting.Pietro CAMPELLO was shot in the left side and left 
thigh by Giovanna CASSIO.The wounded man was taken to his home, 496
President street. He was afterward removed to the Seney Hospital. 
The doctors say that he is in a critical condition. The police are looking
for his assailant.

Patrick NENNER, of 290 Delancey street,New York is dying in the Eastern District
Hospital from injuries received in a fight with James COX just before 
10 o'clock this morning. Both men were employed in HOE & Co's printing 
press establishment,at the foot of South Ninth street.The men got into an 
argument, when it is claimed, COX struck NENNER over the head with a big bar 
of iron.NENNER's skull was fractured, and he was removed to the Eastern 
District Hospital. COX has been arrested.

August C. NAU Sent To Jail
August C. NAU was placed under $500 bonds to-day by Justice WALSH, to pay 
his wife Isabella $8 a week for her support.He claimed that he was totally 
unable to do so, and could not furnish a bondsman. He was therefore
committed to jail.

David MULLEN was to-day held by Justice CONNELLY on the charge of grand 
larceny.He tried to get away with a horse and sleigh.

Yesterday afternoon Detective RORKE recovered a horse and sleigh, valued 
at $500, which had been stolen from Elbert KIPP, of Peekskill, last month,
in a stable on North Third street.

Augustus JOST, the German painter, who has been on trial in Queens County 
court in this city the past two days for the murder of his wife at Glen Cove,
on Oct 14 last,was found guilty of murder in the 2d degree late yesterday afternoon.

Gleason Men Indicted
L. I. C. Feb 8- The Queens County Grand Jury has completed its business and 
was discharged last night.Indistments were presented against City Clerk
Thomas P. BURKE and Philip J. COFFEY, who was clerk to Mayor GLEASON.They are 
charged with conspiracy

An Alleged Female Bigamist
A pecuilar case of abandonment, in which an alleged female bigamist secures 
the arrest of her second husband, came up in the Harlem Police Court, 
this morning.The complaintant was Mrs. Minnie ADAMS, nee HARTUNG, 22 years old, 
of 2224 Fifth avenue, and the prisoner was George ADAMS,an ironworker, 
35 years old, of 323 West Sixty-seventh street, whom, she said, abandoned 
her twenty-four hours after marriage, and went to live with another woman named
Emma ELDINGER at the above address.ADAMS said that his reason for abandoning 
her so suddenly was that she told him she had another husband living.
The case was adjourned for examination.

Another Bogus Collector
Lawrence MCCORMICK was swindled out of $7 last night
by a bogus plumber's collector, who called with a bill from
F.J. HUTCHINSON, of 234 Myrtle avenue, whom Mr.
MCCORMICK was owing for work that had been done.

The SINN Case
A Petition of an Annullment of the Marriage The mysterious suit of 
SINN vs. SINN, which is on the calendar of the Brooklyn City Court, before
Judge CLEMENT, was called this morning.It is a well known fact that 
Col. William E. SINN,of the Park Theatre, was the manager of Cora B.
TANNER, and that he finally married her. It is also well-known that they 
did not get along amicably and that they separated.When the case was put on 
the calendar, efforts were made to learn the cause of the action, but the counsel,
the plaintiff and the defendant, all refused to state the cause.Some surprise 
was therefore caused when Robert S. GRIFFIN, who appeared for Mrs. SINN, said
this was an action brought by Col. SINN for the annulment of his marriage with 
Miss Cora TANNER,on the ground that she had another husband at the 
time she was married to him, and from whom she had not been divorced.
Counselor GRIFFIN said he was not ready to proceed with the action for the 
reason that the issues had not been framed, and he not had time
to prepare the case.Counselor HILL, who appeared for Col. SINN, did
not want an adjournment, as he was very busy, and had to go to the Court of 
Appeals.Judge CLEMENT said he would hold the case over until tomorrow.
Counselor HILL said he was anxious to have the evidence of a witness taken, 
who had come from the upper part of the State, and who could not remain
in the city After some further discussion, the case was adjourned
until 2'oclock this afternoon.Neither Col. SINN nor Cora TANNER SINN was in
court, and the counsel refused to give any further information in regard to the 
case, but the important witness referred to, it is said, is the first husband of 
Cora TANNER, and that he is C. Fred FARLAND of Rochester, N.Y.
At 2'oclock Col.Robert INGERSOLL,who appears for Mrs.TANNER,and Counselor HILL, 
who appears for Mr. SINN, came into court, and Mr. HILL stated
the nature of the case in which it appears Cora TANNER was married in Michigan 
in February, 1878, to DR. C.Fred FARLAND; that she was divorced in Illinois, 
and that she married Col. SINN in a hotel in Ohio in the presence
of a part of the company. Dr. FARLAND was called to the stand, and testified 
that he had married Cora TANNER,but he had never received any summons or complaint 
in a suit for divorce.

An Alleged Female Bigamist
A pecuilar case of abandonment, in which an alleged female bigamist secures 
the arrest of her second husband, came up in the Harlem Police Court, 
this morning.The complaintant was Mrs. Minnie ADAMS, nee HARTUNG, 22 years old, 
of 2224 Fifth avenue, and the prisoner was George ADAMS,an ironworker, 
35 years old, of 323 West Sixty-seventh street, whom, she said, abandoned 
her twenty-four hours after marriage, and went to live with another woman named
Emma ELDINGER at the above address.ADAMS said that his reason for abandoning 
her so suddenly was that she told him she had another husband living.
The case was adjourned for examination.

Sane or Insane ?
The examination in the case of Allan CUNNINGHAM, 
the young Columbia College student, who was brought
from the Insane Asylum at Amityville, L.I., on a writ of 
habeas corpus, was continued in the Supreme Court 
before Judge DYKEMAN this morning.
Lawyer H.S. OGDEN was called as a witness, and 
testified that he had examined CUNNINGHAM this
morning in the works of Thakeray, Dickens and works of
poetry, and had also had him repeat the Greek alphabet.
He was surprised at his intellligence, and did not believe
him insane.Dr. Douglas took the stand and testified to 
havng examined CUNNINGHAM at Bellevue Hospital
and believed him insane.He was very abusive, and left
for the hospital under protest.On cross-examination, he said
that CUNNINGHAM had told him that his mother and 
step-brother had entered into a conspiracy to deprive him
or a legacy of $10,000 left him by his grandmother.
Dr. Osweld WILTSE, of Amityville, also testified to his 
belief that Cunningham is insane.

Mrs. WILLIAMS May Be Insane
Mrs. Maria WILLIAMS, 34 years old, mother of
four young children and wife of Henry WILLIAMS,
captain of a lightor boat on the North River, who was
missing from her home,Temple Court, Windsor Terrace,
Flatbush, since last Saturday, returned late last evening
and was sent in charge of a local constable to the asylum,
where her sanity will be inquired into.

9 February 1893
The Trial of Brazil MORRIS
The trial of the negro, Brazil MORRIS, for the murder of 
Patrick KELLY, the gardener, at Parkville, L.I., in 
December, 1888, was continued this morning in the 
Kings County Court of Oyer and Terminer, before
Judge CULLEN. As this is the third trial of the case,
the evidence is, of course, the same as that presented
by the District Attorney in the two former trials, when 
the jury disagreed.

Placed In Jeopardy By An Insane Policeman
Capt. FRENCH, of the Sixteenth precinct, while sitting
in his private room at the station house yesterday afternoon
heard the sound of a succession of pistol shots coming
from the dormitory upstairs. He rushed upstairs, and 
found Patrolman John J. MURPHY pacing the room
alone and excitedly muttering to himself.
" Capt. FRENCH wants to kill me," exclaimed MURPHY
just as the Captain came within hearing distance; " and I must
kill him," as he tragically strutted across the room, flourishing
his revolver.
By this time all the chambers of the weapon were empty and
Capt. FRENCH with the assitance of the Sergeant, soon
overpowered the policeman, who was clearly insane.
The walls of the dormitory were broken in several places 
where the bullets of the five chambered revolver had penetrated.
After being overpowered, MURPHY, quieted down, but his very
action showed that is mind was affected.Police Surgeon MORRISEY
was summoned and the unfortunate man was taken home in a coach.
MURPHY has been acting strangely for several weeks past, and has
frequently expressed the opinion that Capt. FRENCH was his enemy,
and would do him some harm, but no especial notice was taken of him.
He has been on the force nearly four years, and has a good record.
Capt. FRENCH made a report of the case to Commissioner HAYDEN to-day.

Sarah B.CHASE and Frederique DIMIER, the women doctors who were
arrested Tuesday night for performing an abortion on Margaret MONZANI,
were taken from their cells in the Jefferson Market Prison and were arraigned
before Justice KOCH in the police court.Miss MANZONI is a prisoner in 
the house of  Dr. CHASE, 251 West Thirty-ninth street. The girl is seriously
ill and not yet out of danger.A certificate to that effect from Coroner 
SCHULTZ was handed to Justice KOCH this morning.
The certificate was attached to the papers charging Drs. CHASE & DIMIER,
with abortion, and the motion of Lawyer GOLDEN to fix bail for the women 
was denied.The prisoners were taken back to their cells.
Florence F.DONOVAN, ex-Commissioner of Arbitration and Mediation, who
is accused by the girl of being responsible for her condition, has fled.
Detective HAY, of the Twentieth precinct, reported to Justice KOCH that he had
been unable to find DONOVAN.
The case will come up for another hearing to-morrow morning.

Were Unjustly Accused
Ex-Assemblyman William WAINWRIGHT, the proprietor of the Seaside Hotel
at Rockaway; James CAMPBELL, the proprietor of a saloon at Bedford avenue
and South First street; Jimmy NELSON, the lightweight pugilist; and William
COFFEY,who has a saloon at March avenue and South second street, were
among those who went to the MURPHY-GRIFFIN fight at Coney Island 
Monday night.They went down in a coach, and when the Island was reached
WAINWRIGHT had the other three men arrested on a charge of stealing a
large sum of money.All were searched at Police Headquarters, and the money 
was found in WAINWRIGHT's pockets, where he had placed it. He apologized
to his companions, but they refused to accept the apology and threatened to 
sue the ex-assemblyman.

Charges Against Policemen
Policemen RHATIGAN and MCGOWEN, of the Central
Office Squad, had charges preferred against them to-day
for neglect of duty, in allowing a woman to leave a house
that had been quarantined by the Health Dept. at 127
Twenty-first street.
Capt. FRENCH, to-day, preferred charges against
Patrolman John J. MURPHY, for having placed himself
 in a condition, making him unfit for duty from excessive 
drinking.The policeman's act yesterday in firing pistol
shots in the dormitory was the result of a spree, it is now

Dying From An Illegal Operation
Dolores GOLDBECK, a young French woman, who was
taken to Bellevue Hospital this morning from 237 East 
Twenty-sixth street, New York, suffering from peritonitis,
told the police that about a year ago, while living on Twenty-
fifth street, South Broolyn, she had been chloroformed and
assaulted by a young man named Deck.Her condition is 
critical, and there are several persons under suspicion of
havng performed an illegal operation.

They Are Good Fighters
James BOYLE and his wife Bridget, of 594 Flushing avenue,
were sentenced by Justice GOETTING, this morning, to 
thirty days in jail. James and Bridget got intoxicated yesterday,
and when the officer tried to arrest the pair last night, a lively fight
ensued. They struck each other, and occasionally got in a good
blow on the policeman.

Did Downes Steal The Horse?
John DOWNES, a liveryman, of 753 Grand street, was taken 
to New York this morning for trial on a charge of alleged grand
larceny. Jan. 14, Charles LEWIS, of 621 Second avenue, missed
his horse, valued at $500, which he afterward learned was stolen.
Yesterday LEWIS found the horse in the possession of Morris
FREEMAN, of Graham and Park avenues.FREEMAN says he
bought the horse from DOWNES, and on information and belief
the latter was arrested.DOWNES has a good reputatin in the 
Eastern District.

Alleged That They Were Kidnapped
John MANTON, who lives on North Ninth street, and John BERGENSON,
of Ewen street, have begun suits for $10,000 damages in the Supreme Court
against Johannes HANSTEDT, William P. and Benjamin F.CLYDE and 
John DOE and Richard ROE.They allege that they were kidnapped by the
defendants, transported to Hayti under false representations and forced to serve
in the navy maintained by President HIPPOYLTE during his struggle with his

Did Not Live At 100 Hall Street
Edward and Eliza COOPER, who were charged in the Gates avenue police
court on Wednesday, with starving their little boy, did not live at 100 Hall
street, as was published in the Standard Union of that date.No parties of that
name are known at that address.

Sister Anastasia's Husband In Trouble
August SIMON, who recently married Sister ANASTASIA, of the French
Hospital, New York, appeared in the Jefferson Market police court this
morning, charging an attendant namedAdolph,with having assaulted him
while on a visit to his wife, at the instance of Sister LOUISE, also of the 
hospital. SIMON also alleged that the hospital authorities conspired
to separate him from his wife. Justice KOCH will investigate the charges.

Charged With Grand Larceny
Jacob BACHER, of 644 Humboldt street, was arrested last night, charged
with stealing tools valued at $75 from a house in Long Island City.
BACHER was brought before Justice WATSON this morning.
As the crime was committed in Queens County, BACHER was taken
to Long Island City.

No Trace of F.F. DONOVAN
The New York police have as yet heard nothing on the whereabouts of 
Florence DONOVAN, of this city, who is wanted for his connection
with the case of Margaret MANZONI, who is dying in Bellevue Hospital
from a criminal operation.The two female physicians are still in jail.Justice
KOCH this morning refused to admit them to bail.The girl's condition
remains unchanged.

Louis LENZE, of 124 Delancey street, New York,
was this morning held in $ 1,000 bail in the Essex
Market court on a charge of having in his possession
two barrels of fish belonging to Nathan WITTENSTEN,
of 37 Moore street, this city.

A Brooklyn Girl His Accuser
Henry SCOTT, of 16 Bleecker street, New York, who
was arrested Tuesday afternoon for cutting a bag
containing a pair of opera glasses and some money from
the arm of Miss Sadie HENKLE of 85 Tompkins avenue,
this city, while she was walking through West Twenty-third
street, was held in Jefferson Market court to-day for trial.

KREASLER Took The Watch
Morris KREASLER, of 56 Graham avenue, was held for trial
in the Ewen street police court yesterday on the charge of 
stealing a $65 gold watch from Philip FEASON, OF 78
Varet street. KREASLER says that he is to be married to 
FEASON's daughter, Mary, in July. Four weeks ago he
bought a gold watch for $65 and gave it to her. A week 
later he learned that the watch was only worth $50. He told
Mary of this fact, and tried to persuade her to allow him to
exchange the watch, Finally, KREASLER, took the watch.
The next day his prospective father- in -law had him 
arrested on a charge of grand-larceny. KREASLER gave 
bail in the sum of $2,000.

For Throwing Acid In His Face
Charles WEBER, 25 years old, living at 869 Columbus avenue, New York,
with his face red and blistered, was complaintant at the Harlem police court
yesterday against his young wife, Fredericka, whom he caused to be 
arrested late Tuesday night for acid throwing. His entire face was horribly
burned. Mrs WEBER fainted on seeing her husband's condition and the 
case was adjourned.

Charged With A $1,000 Forgery
John K. VAN NESS, a lawyer living in Plainfield, N.J. with an office at 
196 Broadway, was brought to the Tombs police court yesterday by
Detectives TITUS and CROUCH of the Central office and arraigned
upon a charge of forging a check for $1,000 drawn upon the Union
Trust Company, of 80 Broadway, New York.

Wants $5,000 For His Life
Suit was begun in the City Court, before Judge OSBORN, this morning, 
by Anna R.Reeves,as the administratrix for her husband, George
W.REEVES, deceased, against Louis HOPKINS,Nathan LANE, and Clarence 
E. HUBBARD to recover, $5,000 for the loss of her husband's life.

Two Divorces Granted
In the suit of Rost De Bevoise PAYNE against her husband, John R.PAYNE,
for absolute divorce, Judge BARTLETT, in the Supreme Court this morning
granted the decree.

A decree of absolute divorce was also granted by Judge BARTLETT in the case
of Mary Ann KNAPP, who sued her husband, Jacob KNAPP, charging him
with infidelity.
In the Kings County Surrogate's Court during the past week the wills 
of the following names persons, deceased were proved:

Benjamin F. COOKE, of Stamford, Conn.
Rosannah  CONWAY
John C. MOSS
Henry F. ATEN
Elizabeth GARNIN
Hannah ROST
Frances PAGE
John D. W. GRADY
Joseph R. BLOSSOM,
All of the county of Kings.

Letters of administration were granted on the estates of the 
following deceased persons, viz.:
Mary A. GRAY
Christian H. F. GOTTORX
Margaret HUNTER
Charles H. BELLOWS
Henry F. TOBIN
Patrick WILEY
Charles J. I--ATTY
Benjamin JOHNSON
Rose L. MARA
Robert RAY
Elizabeth ROGERS
Charles R. THOMA
all of the county of Kings.

Letters of guardianship of the property of:
Hannah and Bernard SHEUFIELD were granted to Gussie SHEUFIELD;
of Louis H. SCHNEIDER to John H. FERTIG;
of Hettie and William L. CASSTE to Henry CASSTE;
of Annie S. and Emma S. DIX to Annie G. DIX;
of Harry and Ida WOODCOCK to James A. BROWN;
of Albert N. KNEE to Ann E. KNEE;
of Andrew, Joseph F. and Edward REUSTENMULLER to George C. DIEKMAN;
of Maggie HECKER to Henry KRAUSS;
of William, Gottlied, Christian, Charles and Louisa FORSTHMER to 
John BURKHARDT, all of the county of Kings.

Hayes Trial
The defense of William B. HAYES, who os being tried for the 
second time in the Court of Sessions, New York, for alleged
perjury, was begun to-day. It is said the two trials will cost 
the city $7,500.

Plead Guilty
George M. NESBITT and James STURGIS, the young men
who forged a check for $80,000, withdrew their plea of not 
guilty, and,through their counsel, entered a plea of guilty to
forgery in the second degree, before Judge COWING, in 
the General Sessions, New York, today and were remanded.

The Court of Appeals has confirmed the sentence of Michael T.SLINEY
for the murder of " Bob " LYONS. SLINEY will now have to die in the 
electric chair at Sing Sing.
He is in the penitentiary there now, whither he was taken several weeks 
ago to await the decision that was handed down to-day. SLINEY was 
sentenced on June 28 last, and the week fixed for his execution was the 
one beginning Aug.15 last. The appeal taken by his lawyers acted as a stay.

Did Not Live At 100 Hall Street
Edward and Eliza COOPER, who were charged in the Gates avenue police
court on Wednesday, with starving their little boy, did not live at 100 Hall
street, as was published in the Standard Union of that date.No parties of that
name are known at that address.

GARDNER Moves For A New Trial
Charles W. GARDNER, of the Parkhurst Society,who was convicted of 
blackmail and extortion yesterday in New York, is hopeful of getting a 
new trial. His counsel will move for a reopening of the case, and if that 
is denied, an appeal will be taken. The jury was out five and three-quarter 
hours.Seven ballots were taken.

13 February 1893
A Referee Appointed
Judge PATTERSON, in the Supreme Court, New York, this morning
appointed Thomas F. DONNELLY, of 99 Nassau Street as referee in the
suit of Mrs. PEARCE, of this city against Alderman Arthur J. HENNEY.
Mrs. PEARCE, who is the widow of a prominent iron merchant of this
city, alleges that in 1886 she pawned family jewelry at Mr. HEANEY'S
(not a typo - name spelled both ways) pawnshop, 214 Atlantic avenue,
and that he agreed to preserve them for her.  She paid the interest
regularly.  When she went to redeem the goods she found that they had
been sold.  She had received $325 on the jewelry, which she claims
was worth $1,450.  She sues for the balance.

An Escaped Convict Caught
Patrick MCGUIRE, a burglar and escaped convict, is locked up at
Police Headquarters,  New York.  He was arrested late Saturday night
by Detectives REAP and HOLLAND.  Four years ago he had been arrested
for burglary by REAP, who was then ward detective in the Eldridge
station.   Was convicted and sentenced to ten years imprisonment.

18 February 1893
Did Laura Steal the Trousers?
Laura GREEN, 43 years old, who boarded at 56 Garnett street, was 
arrested last night, on complaint of John REYALS, a fellow boarder, 
who accuses her of having stolen a pair of trousers from his room 
Thursday evening.

Divorce Refused.
Mrs. Mary SWAZEY claimed that her husband was cruel to her.
Counselor STAFFORD made a motion in the Special Term of the City 
Court before Judge CLEMENT, this morning, for a bill of particulars 
in the suit for divorce brought by Mary SWAZEY against her husband, 
Franklin P. SWAZEY, on the ground of cruel and inhuman treatment.
Counsel read from the complaint the story of the alleged cruelty and 
ill-treatment, which stated that plaintiff had not been properly 
cared for or supported; that this neglect had resulted in sickness, 
during the existence of which she had been refused proper medical 
attendance.  Plaintiff further alleged that, during a residence in 
Baltimore, defendant had failed to take her to places of amusement or 
instruction, and had absented himself from home until 12 o'clock at 
night as often as five nights in the week, although his business 
ended with the day.  During this time he failed to provide her with 
food, and she was compelled to borrow money from her friends to get 
her meals at a restaurant.  Defendant had made her sleep on a bed 
that was placed in a draught, and, when she had said, "Frank, I'll 
catch my death of cold." defendant replied: "I don't care a d-m if 
you do."
"What further particulars do you want than that?" said Judge CLEMENT.
Counselor MEYERS, who appeared for the plaintiff, arose to say that 
the compalint set forth a general course of ill-treatment, which, he 
thought, sufficiently specific.
Judge CLEMENT said he thought so, too, and, after some further 
protest from Lawyer STAFFORD, denied the motion, with costs.

20 February 1893
For Alleged Contempt.
Lawers John W. GOFF and William T. JEROME, both charged with contempt 
of court in connection with the recent trial of C. W. GARDNER, the 
Parkhurst agent, by Recorder SMYTH, were in the Court of General 
Sessions, New York, to-day, to make an explanation.
During the trial referred to, GARDNER, it is claimed, was ordered to 
stand up by the Recorder for the purpose of identification and that 
GOFF and JEROME ordered the witness to remain seated, and assisted 
him in doing so.

The case against Mr. JEROME was dismissed, but the Recorder ordered 
that Mr. GOFF pay a fine of $200.

Clothing worth $208 was stolen yesterday from the tailor shop of Mark 
COHEN, at 125 Osborn street.

Jacob ANDERSON, a restaurant keeper at 63 Fulton street, was fined 
$50 by Justice WALSH to-day for serving oleomargerine to his 
customers as butter.

William H. Foshay, of 131 Hooper street, was charged in the Lee 
avenue police court this morning with passing a worthless draft for 
$50 on William MEZGER, of 666 Bedford avenue.

The trial of the suit of Mrs. Annie TRACY against her husband, 
William TRACY, for separation on the ground of cruel and inhuman 
treatment, was begun before Judge PRATT in the Supreme Court this 

21 February 1893
John and Kate ALLEN, husband and wife, were sent to the penitentiary 
for three months by Justice CONNELLY this morning, on a charge of vagrancy.

A four months old baby, nearly frozen, was found in the hallway of 
152 Meserole street, early this morning.  The child was turned over 
the the city nurse.

Herman LEVY and his brother, Charles, who live on Watkins avenue near 
Sutter avenue, were arrested yesterday on a charge of vagrancy.  It 
is said that they are wanted for burglarly committed in Pittsburgh. 
(Typo error is theirs.)

22 February 1893
Charles W. FOSTER's clothing store, at 73 Smith street, was entered last 
night and $100 worth of clothing stolen.

SCHELLENBERG's clothing store, 107 Myrtle avenue, was entered by burglars 
last night and $75 worth of clothing carried away.

Mrs. Augusta E. RIKER brings an action in the Supreme Court to have her 
marriage with her husband, William, annulled.

23 February 1893
Thomas BRADY, who lives on Grand street, was sent to jail by Justice CONNELLY 
this morning for twenty-nine days.  The charge was intoxication.

Charles HINZE, an engraver, residing at 63 Clymar street, was held for trial 
in the Lee avenue police court this morning on a charge of assaulting Mrs. 
Theresa PANRECA, who keeps a boarding-house at 69 Marcy avenue.  HINZE 
formerly boarded there.  Monday, it is alleged, he called at Mrs PANRECA's in 
an intoxiated condition, and, it is claimed, tried to kiss her sister, Miss 
Lena Ramp.  Mrs. PANCRECA objected to HINZE's actions.  Mrs. PANCURA alleges 
that HINZE then assaulted her.

24 February 1893
John Flemming, an employee in the Robbin's Chemical Factory on North Eleventh 
street, was held for the Grand Jury in the Lee avenue police court this 
morning on a charge of burglary.  About 11 o'clock last night Watchman Jacob 
Haas discovered Flemming in the office of the chemical works ransacking the 
desks.  Flemming was placed under arrest.  In court to-day he admitted that 
he was in the factory, but siad he was intoxicated at the time. 

Fred. ABEL, of 687 Flushing avenue, was sentenced to the Penitentiary for six 
months to-day by Justice GOETTING, in the Lee avenue police court, for 
brutally beating his seven-year-old child.  Officer MEYER, of the S.P.C., was 
the complainant, and ABEL's wife and the neighbors testified as to the brutal 
character of the punishment the little girl received.  They stated that ABEL 
pounded the child with a cane until she was nearly unconscious.  

Sophia HALPERN, the woman who was taken from the Eldridge street police 
station in New York to Bellevue Hospital early yesterday morning, has been 
declared insane by the medical examiners.  It is said that the woman has been 
in this country but six months and is a native of Russia.  She came here from 
Darmstadt.  Brooding over Poland's wrongs and anarchistic studies made her crazy.

25 February 1893
Mrs. Julia McQUINN was sentenced by Justice GOETTING, this morning, to the 
Inebriates' Home.

John MILLER, of 463 Carroll street, was held by Justice TIGHE to-day on the 
charge of assault, to await the result of injuries inflicted on his 
sister-in-law, Eliza WOLF, last night.

Leonard F. JOHNSON of 14 St. Felix street, reported to the police this 
morning that last night his house was robbed of silverware and clothing 
valued at $75.

James MORAN, James JOHNSON and William O'NEIL were before Justice WATSON, in 
the Vanderbilt avenue police court, this morning, charged with snowballing 
pedestrians.  They were sent to the jail for three days each.

James MURPHY, who formerly resided with his wife at 119 Roebling st, was a 
prisoner in the Lee ave police court this A.M. on a charge of intoxication.  
He was discharged, but was immediately re-arrested on a charge of beating his 
wife, Mary MURPHY.  She swore he has been beating her for 6 years.  Justice 
GOETTING sentenced him to the penitentiary for 6 months.

27 February 1893
Jane WALSH,of 726 Washington street,New York,charged her husband,Patrick, 
with searing her face with a red-hot poker yesterday while intoxicated,and 
with beating and otherwise maltreating her.He was sent to the island for 
three months.

In the Butler street police court this morning William MURRAY pleaded guilty 
to a charge of highway robbery.  The complainant was Mrs. Harriet ESTERBROOK, 
of 237 Cumberland street, from whom he grabbed a satchel while she was on her 
way home on Saturday evening.

Application was bade this morning in the Supreme Court, before Judge PRATT, 
by Counselor LEHMEN for alimony and counsel fee in the suit for divorce of 
Charles P. VAUGHN against his wife, Lillian VAUGHN.  The couple were married 
in 1887, at which time the defendant was but 15 years of age.  Judge PRATT 
allowed $100 counsel fee and $5 per week alimony.

28 February 1893
Declared an Accessory to Miss Manzoni's Death.
The Coroner's Jury find that her death was caused by blood poisoning, following 
a criminal operation, performed by Drs. CHASE and DINIER - the two later held 
without bail.
Dr. William SAUNDERS, a witness in the inquest in the case of Maggie MANZONI, 
testified this morning before Coroner SCHULTZ, of New York, that Dr. CHASE had 
informed him that the girl was suffering from rheumatism.  Later Dr. CHASE 
admitted that the patient had been operated upon, but that the operation had 
been performed before she had entered Dr. CHASE's house.  Deputy Coroner O'HARE 
read the report of the autopsy, and Joseph MANZONI testified as a witness.
The jury found that the girl had died from blood-poisoning, following a criminal 
operation performed by Drs. CHASE and DINIER.  Florence F. DONAVAN was held as an 
accessory before the fact.  His bail was allowed to stand, but the two physicians 
were held without bail.  

An order was granted this morning by Judge PRATT to show cause why the Mechanics' Bank 
of New York should not be restrained from selling water bonds of the city of 
Athens, Georgia.  The order was made returnable for the 7th of March.

Judge CLEMENT, in the City Court to-day, issued a writ of habeas corpus for the 
body of Anna FISCHER, the 15-year-old daughter of John FISCHER, who is now in the 
possession of her mother, FISCHER's divorced wife.  
The writ is made returnable on Friday.

Argument was heard to-day in the General Term of the City Court on the appeal of 
Frank E. BOEHNCKE in the matter of the judgment rendered against him, and in 
favor of the Brooklyn City Railroad Company.  BOEHNCKE sued the company for 
damages some time ago.  He had been injured in an accident.

Solomon EBLE, of 102 Linden street was held for trail in the Ewen street police court 
this morning on a charge of grand larceny.

John FERGILE, of 201 Meserode street, was sent to the House of Refuge to-day for 
stealing a cross and chain worth $7 from his mother.

1 March 1893
Frank OLIVO, an Italian, of 128 Hudson avenue, was held by Justice WALSH to-day 
on a charge of attempted assault, made against him by Mrs. Rose CHIORE, of 
16 Hicks street.  Mrs. CHIORE charges that OLIVO came into her apartments 
last night, and when she ordered him out he drew a revolver and threatened 
to shoot her.

John FERGILE, of 201 Meserode street, was sent to the House of Refuge to-day 
for stealing a cross and chain worth $7 from his mother.

3 March 1893
Five Alleged Counterfeiters in Custody.
Cheif BROOKS, of the United States Secret Service, and several of his 
officers last night arrested a gang of alleged cheap counterfelters, for whom 
they have been searching for nearly a year.  the officers also secured a 
quantity of bad dollars and half dollars and the remains of the moulds in 
which they were made.  An attempt had been made to destroy the moulds, as 
they had been used for some time.
Joseph A. WALTERS, who is alleged to be the leader and the man who made the 
money. Was arrested at his home, 170 Kowenhoven street, Long Island City.  
Frederica BAUMAN, who lives there with him was also taken into custody. It 
was there that the moulds were found.
The other prisoners are William BROWN, ailas Jerry McCARTHY; Henry HERTZ, 
ailas, George BROWN, and George ADAMS, ailas Thomas CLARK.  ADAMS was 
arrested at his home at 100 Aveune D. New York, and the others were picked up 
in East Ninth Street, New York.
All of the prisoners were taken before United States Commissioneer Morie 
to-day. their examination was adjoined until late this afternoon. Walters, 
according to Cheif BROOKS, has already served two terms for counterfelting.

Joseph KENNEDY, who says he lives in Washington Street, New York, got hold of 
a $100. Confederate bill last week in a curiosity store in New York,  Where 
the old-time, money he says, was sold at a marvelously low prices.  KUMISKY 
immediately went to Greenpoint, where he called on Slyvester BUSH, a clothier 
,at 533 Manhattan  Avenue.  Here he bought a $30. suit of clothes and 
tendered the bill closley and was about to acept it, when an official of the 
Seventeenth Ward Bank happened to come into the store.  He was shown the bill 
and promptly said it was bad. KUMISKY was arrested and turned over to the 
United States officals last night.

John G. FOGARTY, 20 years of age, living at 680 Washington Street, New York, 
and in the employ of Brooks Bros. confessed to-day in the Tombs Court to 
taking $350. of the firm's money.  he waived examination, and was held in 
2,000. bonds for General Session.

Richard B. TRACY's music store, 56 Court street, was broken into last night,  
and a mandolin, banjo, and panjolette stolen; in all valued at $34.

Henry MOHR, while in the employ of Schwartz & Co., Park avenue and Broadway, 
resided at 1021 Myrtle avenue.  He had been at work for the above firm nearly 
five months, when, as was the usual custom, he was sent to the First National Bank 
to deposit the receipts of the day.  On the afternoon of Feb. 1 last, 
he was given $506.60 to deposit.  He came back witht the bank book, but as 
everybody about the office trusted young MOHR, no one examined the book.  
The next morning MOHR failed to show up, and then it was discovered that MOHR 
had failed to deposit the $506.60.)
Joseph DRAVINSKI is a baker, and boarded at the samehouse as MOHR.  
Both men were often together.  DRAVINSKI was induced to follow MOHR and enjoy 
a life of ease.

Tallon Admitted to Bail
Michael F. TALLON, the New York park policeman charged with perjury,
in whose case the jury disagreed, after deliberating nearly 24 hours, has 
been released in $2,500 bail.

James FOLD was held for trial at the Gates avenue police court this morning, for 
having as alleged, threatened to injure Mary M. WHITE, of 123 Somers street.  

Business Transacted Therein During the Past Week

In the Kings County Surrogate's Court during the past week, the wills of 
the following-named persons, deceased, were proved:
Mathew CARNEY, 
Harriet FOSTER, 
Julia Maria KENNEDY, 
Patrick KING, 
John MacDONALD, 
Henry RUGEN, 
Julia W. SELBAGE, 
Mary B. SMITH, 
Mary Louise TOMPKINS, 
Magdalena BROMMER, 
Frederick BROMBACHER, 
Patrick EGAN, 
Robert McNALLY, 
Henry HYER, 
Joseph C. JUTTERER, all of the county of Kings.

Letters of administration were granted on the estates of the 
following deceased persons, 
viz.:Adamine BISCHOFF, Romaine LAUFAN, Michael MURRAY, Eliza WINTER, 
Adam BRENNER, William GORMAN, Paul J. HURLEY, Theophilus W. LAWRENCE, 
Julia ROBINSON, Michael A. RYAN, Lawrence GUINAN, Benjamin William HOYT, 
Bernhard LAUTER, Conrad MANN, Frederick MANN, William SCHAEFER, 
Sivante J. BROWN, Frederick K. BURCKETT, John T. CLEMENS, Reverdy JOHNSON, Jr., 
Sarah A. MILLER, Charles A. MURRAY, Frederick SPAHR, Minnie SPOHR, John SMITH, 
John WORTHINGTON, James J. DEAN, Elizabeth S. LOWERRE, Esther MARON, 
Mary Christine NOLLER, Jacob KARDEL, Emma S.W. BURNETT, Joseph COSTELLO, 

Letter of guardianship of the property
of Edward Joseph BORDE to Robert Leslie MOFFETT, 
of Anna MURRAY and Kitty MURRAY to Margaret MURRAY, 
of Henry WALTHERS and Clara WALTHERS to Seigfried BRINKMAN, 
of Edward R. KARUTZ to Charles KARUTZ, 
of Margaretha D.M. KARUTZ to Charles KARUTZ, 
of Harry A. HEBBERD to Josephine A. HEBBERD, 
of James F. McEATEE to Elizabeth McENTEE, 
of Sophia MILLER, Jeannette MILLER, 
of Frederick SPAHR and Henry SPAHR to Julia DEITZ, 
of Doretha SCHEIDLER to Mary SCHEIDLER, 
of Joseph WILLIAMS, John and Francis WILMOT to Emma WILMOT, 
of Ellen M. FARRELL and James FARRELL to Mary E. FARRELL, 
of John SMITH and Eloise SMITH to Mary SMITH,  
of William SMITH and James SMITH to Mary SMITH, 
of Perry B. COXE to Julia H.W. COXE, 
of Lucy E. ACKER(formerly Lucy E. MUELLER) to David ACKER, 
of Margaret ACKER to David ACKER, 
of Dorothy ANNAN to the Brooklyn Trust Company, 
of Theodore A. SINCLAIR and Gracie M. SINCLAIR to Minnie SINCLAIR, 
of William Russell TOMPKINS to Walton ADAMS and Alice A. ADAMS.

Mrs. Mary E. CURRAN, yesterday sued her husband, Thomas, for a 
limited divorce, in the Brooklyn City Court on the grounds of 
cruel and inhuman treatment.  The defendant is a c??? dealer in S. Brooklyn.  
She says she is destitute and her husband turned her out of the house.  
The case was adjourned until March 11.

Emily KILLERMAN, aged 18, of 421 Sixth avenue, New York, was charged 
before Justice GRADY to-day with the larceny of $140.  Although the 
girl has a home, she claims she is compelled to steal for a living.  
She has just served a term in jail.  The prisoner was held for examination.  

7 March 1893
Josephine ZEITLER, of 70 Varet street, was held for the Grand Jury in 
Ewen street police court this morning, on a charge of abandoning her three week's 
old child.

Andrew HAGERMAN, of 33 Bushwick avenue, was sentenced to jail for 
twenty-nine day by Justice WATSON, for stealing a bundle of clothing from 
Tony SCHWALTZ, of 94 Leonard street.

Albert MOURENE, of 16 First street, New York, was held in $1,000 to-day 
for the Grand Jury, in the Essex Market court, for having robbed Arthur YUNG, 
of 377 Fourth street, of his overcoat and some money.  YUNG has not been long 
in America.  His parents live in Stuttgart, Germany, and are said to be wealthy.  
The prisoner confessed as to the theft, but denied YUNG's allegation that 
he drugged the latter.

The action brought by Mabel E. DUGDALE to recover $50,000 damages from 
James B.M. GROSVENOR for alleged breach of promise of marriage, came up 
before Chief Justice SEDGWICK, of the Superior Court, New York, to-day.  
The action had been compromised long ago, but had been kept alive by 
Lawyer Samuel H. RANDALL, who had a contract with the plaintiff for 
part of the recovery, said to be a third.  He could not tell what his 
share was unless there was a trial of the case.
Counsel, however, got their heads together this morning and compromised the case.

In the suit of the Richmond Terminal, West Point, and Warehouse Railroad 
Company against John H. INMAN and others in the United States Circuit 
Court, New York to the charge of fraudulent action and improper conduct in 
connection with the purchase by the Georgia Company of 140,000 shares of 
stock of the Central Railroad Company, the defendants deny that any fraud 
was perpetrated.

In the Butler street police court this morning James STRAHAN, a white-haired 
real estate dealer of 74 years, who lives at 322 Madison street, 
was released under $2,000 bail pending examination on a charge of 
having assaulted a 17-year-old colored girl named Miranda GIBSON, 
at her residence, 128 Seventeenth st, on Dec 27 last.

6 March 1893
The residence of John HUSSON, 77 High street, was robbed last night of an overcoat 
and a gold watch.

Andrew LATHMAN, a wealthy livery stable proprietor of New York, was arrested 
for disorderly conduct yesterday.  He now threatens, by his "pull" to break 
the officers.

Joseph HESS, of 242 Hamburg avenue, was held for trial in the Ewen street 
police court this morning on a charge of stealing $51 worth of cigars from 
Leon FRICHL, of the same address.

Early yesterday morning the saloon of Doyle Bros., 636 Fifth avenue, was 
entered by thieves, who stole from the cash drawer $300 in bills.

Frank WILLIAMSON, Annie POCK, and Rose AUSTIN, the latter well-known variety 
actress, were arrested yesterday morning on Myrtle avenue near Gold street.  
In the Adams street court this morning, they were each fined $1 for intoxication.

7 March 1893
Adam FEIS?ER, reported to the police of the Sixth precinct this morning, 
that his grocery store was entered last night, and good valued at $50 taken.

Thomas LEWIS, of  70 Vandam street, New York, threw his wife's cat out of 
the window yesterday, and such a row ensued that the couple were in the 
Jefferson Market police court to-day.  LEWIS said his wife insisted on 
having the cat sleep with her, and, as they could not agree, 
Justice LEWIS directed LEWIS to pay his wife $3 a week for her support.
(NOTE: It does say Justice LEWIS, not a typo.)

In the Butler street police court this morning James STRAHAN, a 
white-haired real estate dealer of 74 years, who lives at 322 Madison street, 
was released under $2,000 bail pending examination on a charge of having 
assaulted a 17-year-old colored girl named Miranda GIBSON, at her residence, 
128 Seventeenth st, on Dec 27 last.

Frank KAISER, a boy nine years old, was walking along Tillary street 
yesterday afternoon, carrying some washing in a basket, when he was met 
by a strange man, who knocked him down, rifled his pockets of all the 
money he had, 61 cents, and then ran off with the clothes.

10 March 1893
Theodore HELPER, a German barber, 36 years of age, of 314 Melrose street, 
was arrested last evening on a warrant issued by Justice WATSON, 
charging him with keeping a policy shop at 10 Hamburg avenue.  
A large quantity of books and papers were seized, and Peter KRAILE, 
37 years of age, of 141 Hamburg avenue, and Herman LOVENTHAL, 
42 years of age, of 101 Evergreen avenue, who were found in the place, 
were also placed under arrest.

The jury in the case of William MOORE, who sued the Brooklyn City Railroad 
Company in the City Court, before Judge OSBORNE, for $10,000 damages for 
injuries received through a collision between a Third avenue car and one 
of the Bergen street line, gave the plaintiff a verdict for $400.

The indictments against Jacob STORMS, alias Harry LAWRENCE, who, it is 
alleged, was connected with the abduction of Ivy ROCHE, were dismissed by 
Recorder SMYTHE, in New York, yesterday.

William KLEIN built for himself a scaffold early this morning in his bedroom 
at 11 Sheriff Street, New York, and then tried to hang himself. He lived with 
his wife and six children.  up to some little time agohe worked at his trade 
as a tailor, but he drove a needle into his hand, was attacked by blood 
posining, and lost the use of his hand.  So that he had to give up his work.
 His little children could not go out to help along and his wife was ill.  
the family were in desperate straits.
 Some neighbors collected the sum of $13. and started a little candy store 
for the father, but trade was not good, and soon all was lost.
 Early this morning KLEIN'S wife missed him, and went into the next room to 
look for him.  She found him hanging by a strap to the gallows which he had 
built for himself. He had taken three pieces of plank and made an old 
fashioned gibbet he had nailed to the wall.
  The gibbet was not tall, and the man to kill himself had been obliged to 
lift himself from off his knees by his neck.  He was not dead when his wife 
cut him down. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital, and will probably recover. 
After he does he will be arraigned in court on a charge of trying to kill himself.

11 March 1893
George H. SMITH, of 104 West Fifty-fifth street, New York, 
reported to the police of the Eleventh precinct last night, 
that a handsome horse and business wagon, valued at $150, had 
been stolen from in front of his shop at 75 Seabring street.

Alfred E. MOSHER, who was convicted of running an illicit distillery 
at Aqueduct, L.I., was to-day sentenced to the Erie County penitentiary 
for thirteen months and to pay a find of $1,000 by Judge BENEDICT in the 
United States Court.  The fine has not yet been paid, and unless it is 
he must serve 1,000 days additional.

13 March 1893
James LYNCH, of 188 Suydam street, while under arrest 
by Officer BARNETT, of the Second precinct last night, 
assaulted the officer. He was sent to jail for ten days to-day, by Justice WALSH.

Edward JURGENS, of 14 Hart street, was held in the Gates avenue 
police court this morning, charged with having passed a worthless 
check for $47.50 on Louis HORN, of 40 Fort Greene place.

August KERNOCHAN sued his wife, Frances KERNOCHAN, for divorce in the City 
court before Judge OSBORN.  The Judge this morning denied the divorce.

Ellen FLANNIGAN, who was sent to the Flatbush Hospital some days ago 
has been discharged as sane.

14 March 1893
Florence F. DONOVAN Must Stand Trial for Manslaughter.
He and Drs. CHASE and DIEMER Charged With Causing Miss MONZANI's Death - 
To Plead To-Morrow.
Florence F. DONOVAN, of Brooklyn, ex-member of the State Board of 
Mediation and Arbitration; Drs. Sarah B. CHASE and Frederique DIEMER, 
were indicted for manslaughter by the New York Grand Jury to-day.  
They are charged with causing the death of Margaret MONZANI.
She is alleged to have died from the effects of a criminal operation on 
Feb.13 at the residence of Dr. CHASE, 251 West Thirty-ninth street.  
The deceased was a stepdaughter of Deputy United States Marshal J.W.BIGGART, 
of Brooklyn.  The prisoners will be arraigned for pleading to-morrow.

15 March 1893
The Decree of Divorce Granted By Judge McADAM To-Day.
Judge McADAM of the Superior Court to-day granted a decree of absolute 
divorce in favor of Mrs. Lella Olyve NEAME from her husband, Douglas J. NEAME.
Mrs. NEAME is the daughter of William H. HENRIQUES of the Stock Exchange, 
and a niece of Charles OSBORN, the father of Howell OSBORN.
Her husband was formerly a stock broker of London, and met her in 1889 on 
board an ocean steamship.  He subsequently married her in London on Sept. 30, 1889.
Mrs. NEAME's father has but recently taken steps against Frank ELLISON 
because of visits that he has paid to the family residence when he was not wanted.
The decree of divorce is granted upon the report of Referee ex-Judge 
Henry E. HOWLAND, who, from the evidence taken before him, found that 
Mr. NEAME had been guilty of intimacy with a woman named Minnie COOPER.
The court confirms the report of the referee, and finds in favor of the 
granting of the decree in favor of the wife, and also directs that 
Mr. NEAME be compelled to pay his wife alimony at the rate of $1,000 per annum, 
in monthly installments of $83.33.
A policeman was a witness in the case.

16 March 1893
Two Italians quarreled last evening, in the grocery store, of Stefano BONARO, 
36 Union street, and on of them received a bullet wound in the neck.  
The wounded man was Frank EADER, of 13 Hamilton avenue, and his opponent, 
who lives in the same house, is named Francisco MUGERNA.  In EADER's pocket, 
a revolver, of which one chamber had been recently discharged, was found.  
EADER was removed to the Long Island Colege Hospital.  It is said he will recover.  
MURGERNA was before Justice TIGHE this morning, but discharged, there being 
no evidence on which to hold him.

Maria OSTRANDER, of 446 Ninth avenue, New York, was in Jefferson 
Market court to-day, charged with keeping a baby farm at that address, 
and being in the habit of abusing a boy who had been left in her care.  
The prisoner was held.  The Gerry Society has relieved her of four children, 
which she had in her house under her care.

Michael J. CONNELLY, father of Police Justice Robert J. CONNELLY, and 
official stenographer to Police Commissioner HAYDEN, was stricken with 
paralysis this afternoon while on duty.  He was taken home.

Justice INGRAHAM, of the Supreme Court, New York, has granted Charles W. GARDNER 
a certificate of reasonable doubt pending an appeal from his conviction for 
attempting to extort $1,507 from the woman, Lillian CLIFTON.  The judge says 
he will hear counsel further in the question of bail.

Recorder SMYTH Decides Against a New Trial
"Just as I had expected," were the words expressed by the prisoner's mother - 
when she received the news she hurried to the Tombs.
Recorder SMYTH this afternoon handed down his decision denying the right of 
Carlyle W. HARRIS to a new trial, and the accused murderer of Helen POTTS 
will pay the penalty of his crime, according to law.  The decision takes 
up fifty-two pages of legal cap.
Mrs. HARRIS was in Roger's Hotel when the news came.  One of the reporters 
sent a note in to her escort, Mr. MONTGOMERY, telling him the motion for a 
new trial had been denied.  "Just as I expected," she exclaimed and jumping 
up from her half-eaten luncheon hurried down to the Tombs.

Mary McKEON obtained an absolute divorce from Charles B. McKEON, 
who has been proprietor of several liquor stores, from Judge McADAM, 
of the Superior Court, New York, to-day, on account of his relations 
with Mrs. Mary SCHULTZ.

Chief Justice EHRLICH, of the City Court, New York, has decided that 
Marie H. TAYLOR is entitled to the $670 which was taken from James TAYLOR, 
the one-armed man, who deserted her four days after marriage, and is now at
Charleston, (Mass.) prison, on a charge of bigamy.  The money was claimed 
by Lawyer James W. McLAUGHLIN, under an assignment from TAYLOR.  
It was shown my Mrs. TAYLOR that she had given him the custody of this money.  
The judge holds that McLAUGHLIN is entitled to the watch and chain of TAYLOR.

Mrs. SHAYNE created a scene by her dramatic manner.  Mary E. SHAYNE of 
139 North street, went to the Lee avenue police court this morning, 
to prosecute her husband, Thomas SHAYNE, on a charge of abandonment and assault.  
Mrs. SHAYNE is a daughter of Police Sergeant John REARDON of the Thirteenth 
precinct, and SHAYNE is a brother of C.C. SHAYNE, the New York furrier.
Mrs. SHAYNE testified that since Oct 16 she had received only $475 from 
SHAYNE, and that this money came indirectly from Fannie SHAYNE.  Jan 16 
last SHAYNE, she swore, assaulted and then abandoned her.  Since that time 
he has not contributed to her support.
After the direct examination, Mrs. SHAYNE asked the justice if she could tell 
her story.  She was given an opportunity to speak.  Mrs. SHAYNE wept bitterly 
as she told of her troubles.  "Nine years married," she said, "and nine years 
of misery.  I have four children, and at the birth of each, my husband has 
left me without a dollar.  Oh if he had only left gambling alone we might have 
had a happy life.  On several occasions he has assaulted me brutally."
Mrs. SHAYNE admitted that Furrier C.C. SHAYNE had supported the family ever
since they were married.
The trial was one of the most dramatic ever seen in the Lee avenue police court.  
Mrs. SHAYNE, while on the stand, nearly fainted, on several occasions.  She was 
quieted by her mother and brother, who were in court. 
Justice GOETTING reserved his decision on the charge of abandonment.  
The accused is being tried for assault this afternoon.

George AMASS, who was yesterday held for the Grand Jury, had another complaint 
made against him.  Lena BRANDER, who keeps a store at 334 Atlantic avenue, 
claims that he stole $11.50 from the store last June 7.  
In Ray's jewelry store, 499 1-2 Atlantic avenue, last evening, ten silver 
teaspoons were found by the police, that had been stolen from the home of 
Charles W. PRICE, 223 Garfield place, last Monday.  The jeweler described 
the two lads who sold him the spoons, and his description fits AMASS and 
his younger companion, John CRONIN.  The charge on which the two boys were 
held yesterday was that of stealing $50 worth of silverware from the residence 
of Dr. Alexander COCHRANE, on Seventh avenue.

18 March 1893
William WILLIAMS, of 329 West Twenty-ninth street, New York, was held 
for examination to-day by Justice TIGHE on a charge of stealing a watch 
from William MURRAY, of 226 Sackett street, during St. Patrick's parade 
yesterday on the corner of Livingston street.

The bail of John R. VAN NESS, the lawyer at 196 Broadway, New York, 
was declared forfeited in the Tombs police court this morning and a 
bench warrant issued for his arrest.  It was the seventh time that 
the case against him had been called.

Louis GRAVES and William HOPKINS, were held for trial in the Ewen 
street police court this morning, on a charge of swindling Mrs. 
Patrick McALLISTER, a Greenpoint saloon keeper, out of $442.

20 March 1893
Roger B. TOWNER sued Robert B. WESTCOTT, of Westcott Express Company.  In the 
Supreme Court, before Judge BROWN, for $500 damages for smashing his wagon.  
The plaintiff was passing the corner of Twenty-fourth Street and Fifth 
Avenue, New York, and turned out to let a car pass.  Just at that time the 
express team took a notion to back, and they backed into the plaintiff's 
wagon, and smashed it, and scattered $50 worth of cigars over the street.  
The trial is still on.

Henry WALTON, who was stage manager for Margaret MATHER, the actress, had an 
action before Judge NEWBURGER, of the City Court New York, to recover $1,500. 
For breach of contract.  He worked three months at $75. A week, and was 
discharged in December 1890.  The complaint was dismissed, however, because 
the contract was drawn with the idea of making another contract, which has 
not been made, and because part of the one made was ambiguous.

A Coroner's Jury, in New York to-day, found that Miss Alice WHITNEY, who died 
in that city January last, came to her death from a criminal operation 
performed by Dr. GRAY, or Dr. GRAY-BLINN.

Christopher HOOPS, who keeps a dinning saloon at 52 Fulton Street, was 
arrested yesterday charged with assaulting John BLACKWELL a lodger at 19 
Atlantic Avenue.  It is claimed by Capt. EPSON that HOOPS made a practice of 
charging customers who happen to come into his place under the influence of 
liquor more than the price the bill of fare calls for.  If any objection is 
made the objector is thrown out and assaulted.  Several complaints have been 
made at the station-houses by poor lodgers who have as a rule neglected to 
press the complaint, and HOOPS gets off.  He was discharged to-day because 
the complainant failed to appear.

The Will of Edward WALSH, who died on the 25th of November Last year, was 
filed in the Surrogate's Court to-day.  The deceased leaves all his personal 
property and his real estate to his wife.  Lucie Moore WALSH.  The will was 
drawn by George, Count Jonners.

Edward FARRELL, a fireman, of 97 York Street, was held by Justices Walsh 
to-day on a charge of assault on complaint of John KLDUFF, of 31 Prospect St. 
 The men quarreled at 5 o'clock yesterday morning on the corner of Sands and 
Adams St., when it is alleged FARRELL stabbed KLDUFF in the forehead with a 
pen knife. The point of the knife broke off and the wounded man had to be 
removed to the city hospital to have the broken point removed from the flesh. 
 FARRELL ran away after committing the assault, but was arrested at his home 
last night.

Thomas KEARNES and Charles O'HARA were held for trial in the Ewen Street 
police Court this morning on a charge of assaulting and robbing Andrew 
TENKERT, second mate of the schooner Comet.

John McGAHEY, who owns a tea store at 546 Fifth Avenue reported to the police 
last night that his store had been broken into and a counterfeit five-cent 
piece, a quarter, and a Canadian shilling stolen.

23 March 1893
The trial of the suit of William P. CARPENTER, of 268 South fourth Street, 
for a divorce from his wife Almira C. CARPENTER, was continued to-day in the 
Supreme Court before Judge CULLEN

Catherine BERCH of 20 Scholes Street, this city, called Police Superintendant 
BYRNES in New York this morning.  Charging her husband Robert SCHAAF, with 
Bigamy, and asking for his arrest.  She claims he has another wife living in 
New York, she also wanted Lawyer William A. GUCK, of 121 Sumner Avenue, this 
city arrested for alleged extortion. She was referred to the Brooklyn police, 
and she applied to Superintendant CAMPBELL this afternoon. She was referred 
to the District Attorney.

William HATTERSLEY, steward of the steamer Egyptian Monarch, who was 
convicted of smuggling London made clothes into this port, was to-day 
sentenced by Judge BENEDICT in the United States Court to one year in the 
Erie County Penitentiary.

In the suit of John MAYCOCK, to recover $5,000. damages from the Bridge 
Trustees, for injuries sustained by falling between a car and platform, the 
jury returned a verdict this morning, giving the plaintiff six cents damages. 
 The case was tried before Judge BROWN. In the Supreme Court.

Yesterday afternoon a man called at the resident of the HON. J. S. T. 
STRANHAN:  at 200 Union Street, and gave a letter to the servent, purporting 
it to be for Mrs. STRANHAN; While the servant was delivering the supposed 
letter the man walked out with a vase valued at $7.

John BURNS, the 18 year old smallpox patient who escaped from the Long Island 
prest. Hospital last night while delirious, was found in the Grand Street car 
stables this morning. five miles from the hospital.  He was taken back by the 
ambulance.  He is in a critical condition from the all-night exposure.

Frank MASSEY, of 210 Ten Eyck Street, was sentenced to jail for thirty days 
by Justice WATSON for assaulting his wife, Kate MASSEY.

John HOGAN and William CLARK, two cart drivers, were fined $10.00 each in the 
Butler street police Court this morning for violating a health ordinance in 
having carted garbage from New York to Brooklyn.

Patrick FARREL, a lodger at 52 Fulton Street, was sent to Jail for 
twenty-nine days to-day by Justice WALSH, on a charge of stealing coffee from 

John G. FOGARTY, 20 years of age, living at 680 Washington Street, New York, 
and in the employ of Brooks Bros. confessed to-day in the Tombs Court to 
taking $350. of the firm's money.  he waived examination, and was held in 
2,000. bonds for General Session.

28 March 1893
THOMAS Fisher and David Fisher, of Oakland Street and Driggs Avenue, were 
held for trial in the Ewen street police court this morning for assaulting 
John R. McKAY, of 603 Leonard Street.

Leo EBLER was sentenced to jail for three days by Justice WATSON, for 
assulting Kate  MILLS of 84 Lorimer Street.

Angelo REGUCCI, an Italian, was held for examination in the Butler Street 
police Court this morning on a charge of having attemped to criminally 
assault the wife of his friend.  Carelalo CASSASCIO, at her home 34 Carroll Street.

29 March 1893
In the contest over the millions of the late Daniel H FAYERWEATHER in the New 
York Supreme Court today.  Lawyer ARNOUX contended that the issue of the 
pleadings were, primarily the validity of the releases which Mrs. 
FAYERWEATHER gave in settlement of the will contest, which Justice PATTERSON 
is going to try first in the present action, and  the defendant colleges have 
no right to ask in this action the deed of gift.  Eolhu ROOT replied, holding 
that they could settle all these issues in the present action.

The suit brought by Albert ANDERSON to recover $15,000 from George W. ROGERS 
and others, for Personal injuries, by an iron grinder falling on him at Pier 
27, North River, was dismissed by Judge BROWN.

Abe HUMMELL renewed his motion before Judge PATERSON in New York this 
morning., to have the case  of Joshua J. MANN,  for divorce from Evangeline 
J. MANN, stricken from the calendar.  Mr. HUMMELL'S motion was made on the 
ground that his client is suffering from paresis.  Judge PATTERSON denied the 
motion, and ordered the case marked "ready."

The New York Police have arrested in connection with the Pawling (N.Y.) 
Savings Bank robbery, Henry BURKE and John WELSH, whose pictures already have 
a place in the Rouges' Gallery.

Mary SULLIVAN, who has just finished a years sentence in the Penitentiary, 
was held for trial in the Ewen Street police court today on a charge of 
stealing forty yards of calico from Bach & Moses store 177 Ewen Street.

Albert PETERSON, was sent by his employer, Edward COONEY, a manufacture of 
mattresses, at 100 Myrtle Avenue, to deliver goods yesterday, and after 
collecting about $40. In cash, left for parts unknown.

31 March 1893
DR. Robert W. BUCHANAN, on-trial for the week past for posining his wife, 
Annie B.UCHANAN, now has respite and three days for reflection before the 
case is resumed in part III., General Sessions New York.

Jane MURPHY was held for examination in the Butler Street police court this 
morning on a charge of having broken Mary REILLY'S jaw with a hachet. Both 
resided at 12 State Street.

Henry F. LAUGER, a grocer, at 743 Alantic Avenue, was fined $100. for 
exposing for sale some oleomargerine with out having labeled.

1 April 1893  Saturday
     The Surrogate's Court
 In the Surrogate's Court during the past week the wills of the following 
named persons, deceased,were proved, all of the county of Kings:
 Elizabeth BAUMAN
 Charles P.BLINN
 Susan A.CLARK
 John COOK
 Rebecca Jane CARMAN
 Perry B.COXE
 Margaret LAWTON
 Michael MEHLING
 Thomas NORTON
 Adam SEM
 Aug?sens SP?RKIN
 John R.VAIL
 Letters of administration were granted on the estates of the following 
deceased persons:
 Seline OLSON
 Patrick BYRNE
 Frederick WEBER
 Jennie FITTON
 Mary Jane DIXON
 Charles Gilbert BONSE
 Patrick TWONY
 Charles C.PLATT
 John LENK
 Michael T.FEELY
 Michael J.COLLINS
 Henrietta SOHNER "sometimes called Hanrietta EGLI"
 Caroline J.SCHAFFER
 Joseph MARKS

  Letters of guardianship were granted upon the estate :
of Agnes L.COOK to Margaret A.COOK and Mark HOYT
of Jesse M.MOORE to Mary Ann MOORE
of William LYNAN to James DONNELLY
of Mamie McKEON and William McKEON to Jennie McCABE
of Lizzie NOLLER to John HERRMANN
of Louis NOLLER and Mary NOLLER to John HERRMANN
of William MEYER toThe Peoples Trust Company
of Frederick MEYER to The Peoples Trust Company
of Lillian MEYER to The Peoples Trust Company
of Raymond A.GANON to Albert A.WOODWORTH
of Gesine LINSTEDT to The Peoples Trust Company
of Caroline CORE to Joseph W.ROSE
of Franziska JACK and Freiderich Jack to George JACK
of Robert EASON and John S.EASON to John W.EASON

 Surrogates Notices
 ANDERSON, Racillia B. The People of the State of New York, by the grace of God,
free and independent,to 
Henry A.HARMON- 
Margaret LONG- 
Caleb Brewster HACKLEY- 
Pilgram Society-
Eliza C.ADAM- 
Frances A.FILLEY- 
Laura SMITH- 
Mary FORD- 
James L.FORD- 
Almira HINEMAN- 
Mary ???? JAMLESON- 
Lizzie BOWEN- 
Mary Elizabeth ROWHEND- 
Charlotte KIP-
Rufus CLARKE- 
Kate HALL- 
Mrs.Albert ALLEN- 
Faith Home for Incurables-
American Home Missionary Society- 
Board of Home Missions of Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.- 
Woman's Union- 
Missionary Society of America for Heathen Lands- 
American Missionary Associan- 
American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions- 
Alice Guerin PARKS- 
James F.SMITH-
Christ Church of Brooklyn, 
and to all persons interested in the estate of 
Racillia B.ANDERSON,late of the city of Brooklyn,deceased,as next of kin, 
whose names,or parts of whose names and whose place or places of residence 
are unknown,and cannot after diligent inquiry be discovered send greetings:
	 Where as,George WILCOX, of Summit in Union County,and State of New Jersey,
has petitioned our Surrogate's Court of the County of Kings,to have certain 
instruments in writting,bearing date respectively the 28th day of April 1893 
the 7th day of February 1893,and the 16th day of February 1893, relating to 
personal property,??ly proved as the last will and testament and ??diells of 
Racillia B. ANDERSON,late of Brooklyn deceased.
	Wherefore,You,and each of you,are hereby cited and required to appear before our
Surrogates of the County of Kings,at a Surrogates Court,to be held at the 
Hall of Records,in the city of Brooklyn,on the 15th day of May, 1893,at ten 
o'clock in the forenoon,then and there toattend the probate of the said last 
willand testament,and suchof you as are hereby cited as are under the age of 
twenty-one years are required to appear by your guardian,if you have one,or 
if you have none, to appear and apply for one to be appointed,or in the event 
of your neglect or failure so to do, a guardian will be appointed by the 
Surrogate to represent and act for you in the procedings.
 In testimony whereof,we have caused the seal of our Surrogate's Court to be 
here unto affixed.
  Witness,Hon.George B.ABBORT, Surrogate of our said county, at the city of 
Brooklyn,the 29th day of March,in the year of our Lord,one thousand eight 
hundredand ninety-three.
                         Joseph W.CARROLL  (L.S.)               
				clerk of the Surrogate's court 4476

4 April 1893
  Andrea LATO, who lives at 236 Van Brunt street,was arraigned before 
Commissioner ALLEN in the Federal Building this morning on a charge of 
violating the election law and committing perjury.LATO swore that he had been 
a resident of this country long enough to entitle him to vote, and also gave 
his name as Glovanni 
MICARI, and it is alleged he has been in this country only a few months.The 
case is still on.

  Justice INGRAHAM of the Supreme Court, NewYork, has denied the motion of  
Col.William B.HAYES to be admitted to bail on a certificate of reasonable 
doubt pending his appeal from his conviction of perjury in the Court of 
General Sessions.
Justice INGRAHAM says that the rulings on the trail appear to be correct. He 
says there is no rule of law that requires a case to be concluded in which 
the perjury was committed before a person can be tried for perjury committed 
in that action. HAYES was convicted of the crime in an action not tried yet, 
which is pending in another county.

  Ex-policeman Thomas MAXWELL, of 47 Liddle street, was held fortrail in the 
Ewen street police court to-day on a charge of attempting suicide. In default 
of $1,000 bail
hewas committed to jail. MAXWELListhe man who staggered into the Twentieth 
precinct station house Sunday night suffering from carbolic acid poisoning. 
At thattime he accused Mrs.Kate CORR, of 1432 DeKalb avenue, with mixing 
carbolic acid with his beer.

  The second week of the BUCHANAN murder trail opened in New York to-day with 
both the prosecution and defense well satisfied with the way matters stand up 
to this date. During the first week of the trail the prosecution put in some 
strong evidence, but on Thursday this evidence was considerably weakened by 
some contradictory testimony by the witness for the prosecution. Hence the 
defense feel somewhat elated. The prosecution still has over twenty witnesses 
to call before they call the experts. No one knows how any witnesses the 
defense will summon, or whether or not the defendant will take the stand, but 
Mr. ??OOKE promises some surprises when he has his ????  Today Undertaker 
BENEDICT testified that no funeral notice of Mrs.BUCHANAN'S death was 
pubilished, BUCHANAN saying he would attend to that.
5 April 1893
  The will of the late Abiel A.LOW, father of ex-Mayor Seth LOW, was admitted 
to probate this morning in the Surrogate's Court. Letters testamentary were 
granted to Seth LOW and A. Augustus LOW, who are the executors of the will.

 Judge OSBORNE, in the Special Term of the City Court yesterday, granted 
Susan E. DILT $100 counsel fee and $5 a week alimony.

  Addie OSBORNE was awarded $50 counsel fees and $9 a week alimony, in her 
suit against Henry P.OSBORNE, by Judge OSBORNE.

 Patrick DUNN recovered a judgment for $403.88 with $10 costs, against Thomas 
H.BRUSH, in the Special Term of the City Court.

 The suit of Charles W.LINDSAY against George D.ROYSTON for $10,000 damages 
for alleged slander, is before Judge CULLEN, of theSupreme Court, on a bill 
of particulars.

 Frederick W.DUNTON has brought a suit in the Supreme Court of Queens County 
to enjoin the Long Island Railroad Company for closing or obstructing in any 
way Atlantic avenue, Curtis avenue, Ward or Fulton streets, in the town of 
Jamaica. Damage to the amount of $2,000 were also asked.The motion for a 
preliminary injunction made yesterday was adjourned, as the defendants agree 
to quit work on the table.

 Florence G.HARRISON was awarded a separation yesterday from her husband, 
Edward W.HAMILTON, by Judge BROWN.

 Papers were submited without argument yesterday by Gen.Benjamin F.TRACY, who 
made an application to Judge BROWN, of the Supreme Court, for a writ of mandam
to compel the Commissioner of City Works to permit the laying of tracks on 
the upper part of Douglas street on the Atlantic Avenue Railroad.

6 April 1893
Court of Session
This morning in the Court of Session,
 Frederick K. BODINE, pleaded guilty to malicious mischief.
 Joseph CROUSE, charged with grand larceny, pleaded guilty to petit larceny.
 James COX, who assaulted Patrick EAHAN with a hammer and chisel, pleaded 
	guilty to assault in the third degree.He was remanded for sentence.
 James CRONAN, a 15 year-old boy,pleaded guilty to an attempt at grand larceny.
 George AMOS, pleaded guilty to the charge of attempt at grand larceny.He was 
	remanded for sentence.
 Mrs.TWIFFORD, was fined $15 for malicious mischief

 Virtue TUEFER, a German who cannot speak English, was before Judge MOORE in 
the Special Session to-day,charged with assault upon Ernest ECKERT, a saloon 
keeper. ECKERT says that he put TUEFFER out of his saloon for not paying for 
drinks, and that the accused fired two shots at him through a window. 
TUEFFER, through an interpreter,told the Court that he had ordered beer and 
that whiskey was given to him. It was so bad that he throught it was 
poison,and that he shot at ECKERT. The revolver was so small he did not think 
it could hurt anyone.Judge MOORE said it was a peculiar case of self-defence. 
The prisoner was remanded for sentence.

 George MININGER of 140 Throop avenue was held for trail in the Lee avenue 
police court to-day, on a charge of assaulting his wife. When Mrs.MININGER 
was questioned, she said her husband had been cruel to her, and on one 
occasion had beat her brutally.
 ''Why'', said Mrs.MININGER '' I had four canaries that I prized very 
much.One afternoon I went out to call on a friend, and when I returned I 
asked my husband where the birds were.He did not answer, but I soon learned 
that he had placed them in a hot oven and roasted them alive, this he did to 
spite me.''

7 April 1893
 The jury in the case of John J.DOUGHERTY, charged with burglary in the 
second degree, returned a verdict of not guilty.

 Judge PRATT is hearing the suit of Margaret COBY against Frank IBERT to-day 
for $5,000 damages for alleged damages received by her due to the alleged 
negillgence of defandant in not keeping a sidewalk in repair.

 Miss Mary CLEARY sues Michael FLOOD for the second time in the City Court 
for breach of promise of marriage,she claims $25,000 damages.
 The will of the late Mrs.Elizabeth LOWE,who died in Brooklyn recently, 
was filed for probate in the Surrogate's Court to-day.She left an 
estate valued at $20,000. She deereed that all the money be given 
to her brothers and sisters.

  Mrs Kate CORR, of 1432 Dekalb avenue, was examined in the Ewen street 
police court this morning on the charge of attempting to poision Thomas 
L.MAXWELL, the ex-policeman of 49 Little street. MAXWELL was the only 
witness against Mrs.CORR. He testified that he saw Mrs.CORR with the 
carbolic acid bottle in her hand, after he had detected the poision in 
his beer.
  As soon as MAXWELL had told his story Justice WATSON discharged Mrs.CORR.
 '' As for you, MAXWELL'' said Justice WATSON, '' I don't believe you know 
what you are doing, and I don't believe a word you have said.If there 
was any poision administered I am quite confident you took it knowing 
what you were doing''.
 MAXWELL, who is charged with attempting suicide, will be examined next 

  A jury was obtained inthe DELFINO murder trail late last evening. This 
morning District Attorney CLARK began examination of witnesses for the 
prosecution. DrS DOSSELDORF and Van COTT,Jr., were first witnesses and told 
of the wounds received by Mrs.GESELL and the cause of her death.
  Joseph PEGAR was next called, and told the story of the shooting, as he was 
a companion of DELFINO on the night of the alleged murder.He was closely 
cross-examined by Counslor TOWNS of the defense.
  The line of having the defense will be manslaughter in the second degree, 
having committed the crime while intoxicated.

  W.G. HORTON, of 610 Madison street, the inventor of the dime savings bank, 
out of which he made a fortune of $100,000. was a prisoner in the Lee avenue 
court this morning on a charge of being an habitual drunkard. The complainant 
was Mary G.HORTON, his wife, with whom he has apparently lived happily for 
the past six years. Mrs.HORTON is a daughter of Sergeant ROGERS, who is 
attached to the Sixteenth precinct.
   HORTON claims that he is a victim of a conspiracy, and that his wife wants 
to get rid of him. He was arrested last Friday unexpectedly, brought to the 
Lee avenue court, where he was arraigned and held for trail. HORTON says he 
was unable to notify any of his friends or his brother,W.J.HORTON,who is a 
jeweler on Broadway. This HORTON claims, is the reason why he has been 
confined in jail since last Friday. HORTON, while in jail, was examined as to 
his sanity, at Mrs.HORTON request, it is said.  This morning Justice GOETTING 
received a note from the Commissioners to the effect that HORTON is perfectly 
   Lawyer W.J.DORAN appeared for HORTON when the case was called to-day. He 
said HORTON had been served with separation papers by his wife a few hours 
before he was arrested on the charge of being an habitual drunkard.The case 
was adjourned, and HORTON'S brother, W.J. HORTON, gave bail for his brother's 

8 April 1893
  The Russian Girl is Legally Declared Insane To-day.
   This morning Sophie HALPERN,the Russian woman who created such a sensation 
in New York City lately, was brought before Judge BARTLETT. A petition was 
presented by her second cousin, Simon HALPERN, of New York, asking that a 
committee be appointed to take charge of her person and property.
   The ?????? woman is a Russian Pole, and was arrested for lunacy in New 
York on Feb 27 and sent to Blackwell's Island. She had on her person 
$1,852.75, which is now in the hands of the Warden of Blackwell's Island. She 
was afterwards removed to Dr.COOMBS sanitarium at Woodhaven. She is suffering 
from melancholia, and is in constant fear of poisoning. At the time of her 
arrest she said that the Nihilists were trying to kill her. She was declared 

  In the suit brought by Miss Mary CLEARY to recover $25,000 from Michael 
for a breach of promise of marriage and betrayal, tried in the City Court 
before Judge Van WYCK,the jury returned a verdict this morning for the 

 Court News
 The wills of Paul G?ANGER,  Ellen TOM and James CREAN have been filed for 
probate yesterday.

 Mrs.Ida J.POTTER has been granted by Judge CLEMENT an absolute divorce from 
her husband, Frank B.POTTER. She is permitted to resue her maiden name,

 Adeline HOILYER was granted an absolute divorce yesterday by Justice BROWN 
from her husband, George HOILYER.

10 April 1893
 Charles JACOBOS, of 300 Oakland street, was sentence to one year in the 
Penitentiary by Justice GOETTING this morning. JACOBOS allowed his daughter, 
Lizzie and his aged mother to live in poverty.

  In the Surrogate's Court the past week the will of the following named 
persons, deceased, were admitted to probate:
 Theophilus ANTHONY
 Ruth E. BRUCE
 John G. BUTTS (East Providence,R. I.)
 Nicholas G. DeGROOT
 Johan Edward ERIESSON
 Walter L. JUDD
 William JAEGER
 Abiel A. LOW
 Clarrissa LAMMER
 Frederick MUSSON
 Moses R. ROGERS
 Minna WICH
 Jacob WEDERMAN all of the county of Kings.

 Letters of administration were granted upon the estates of the following 
deceased persons, 
 Moses Miller BULL
 Fisher A. FISHER
 Maria HEIL
 Samuel SMITH
 Catharine LANGTON (formerly CAVANAGH)
 Katharina SILBERG
 Bernhard A. BAKENHUS
 Elizabeth SCHADE
 William SHAW
 William F. WALSH
 Bridget RAWL
 Elizabeth SAMUEL ( sometimes called SAMPEL)
 Charles William LEDIG
 Andrew W. WOENER
 Hester WEBB
 Sarah A. HILL
 Lewis L. SCOTT
 Mangels TOPP
 Phillip A. STUBER
 Louisa MOELIER (nee ZINK)
 Thomas RILEY(otherwise known as REILLY)
 Catharine WALDRUFF
 Francis WHALLEY
 Walter L.JUDD

Letters of guardianship were granted to:
of Patrick O'TOOLE upon the persons and property of Lawrence O'TOOLE
of  Rosanna McPARLAND and Daniel McPARLAND to Sophia McPARLAND.
of  Mary Regina McGROARTY, Elizabeth V. McGROARTY, Margaret A. McGROARTY,
	and William B. McGROARTY to John McGROARTY.
of  Rebecca May SIBLEY to Grace DONOVAN
of  Carrie COOK to Corneilus COOK
of  Mamie FARREN and Nellie FARREN to Allen ORR.
of  Sarah Francis REYERAFT to Thomas F. L. REYERAFT.

  The trail of George ARCHIBALD, chargedwith the murder of Richard HOWE, 
a negro was commenced to-day before Judge CULLEN in the Court of Oyer 
and Terminer.
  The shooting occurred at 181 Myrtle avenue, in the saloon kept by the 
defendant, on Wednesday evening,Sept.11, of last year. The place had been 
quite, a resort for negroes, and on the night in question, HOWE in company 
with others, was playing pool, and made so much noise as to cause a complaint 
to be made to ARCHIBALD,the owner of the place. When he attempted to remove 
HOWE, the latter threw a billard ball at him, and in a sc??? that ensued HOWE 
was shot throught the heart by ARCHIBALD. A coroner's jury acquitted him on 
grounds of self defence.

11 April 1893
 The will of the late Mrs.Sarah ENGLISH was filed for probate with the 
Surrogate today. One of the ?egncies was $500 to Mrs.Emma TOMPKINS, with the 
understanding that she would provide and care for the four pet cats of the 

12 April 1893
  John KELLY, aged 56, made application this morning for a comittal to the 
County Alshouse. KELLY has a son who lives at 28 Park avenue, and he wished 
to take care of his father. The son has been sick for some time, and 
consequently, has not been earning any money. The old man felt that he was a 
care to his son, who has a wife, and so made up his mind to go to the poor 
house, despite his son's protestations. Clerk SHORT accordingly committed him 
to the almshouse.

 John KASSON, of 26 Heyward street, was sentenced to the penitentiary for two 
months this morning by Justice TIGHE for assaulting Mamie KASSON, his sister.

                       SARTORI WEEPS
 The Italian Charged With Killing ECKLES Makes a Statement
  The trail of Angelo SARTORI, charged with having murdered Letter Carrier 
ECKLES on a ferryboat last January, occupied the attention of Judge CULLEN in 
the Court of Oyer and Teriner to-day. He is one of the seven Italians 
accused, and whose will be tried in rotation.
  Assistant District Attorney CLARKE completed his case, and the defense 
began the examination of witnesses this morning. The case will go to the jury 
  The Italians accused were all placed on the stand, and it sees to be their 
intentions to throw any evidence of guilt there maybe on the two CASSELLOS, 
Michael and Bruno. The defendant was put on the stand this morning, and in 
his exaination made the following statement to the Court and jury:
   ''I have a mother and father and sister, who, since my being locked up in 
jail, have been about starving,'' Here the prisoner broke down in tears. '' I 
am their only support.
The witness who swear against me are all false. I never saw the man who was 
killed, and am as innocent as any one of the jury.''
   In ECCLE'S ante-mortem statement the one who stabbed him was not named: 
but when he was confronted by the prisoners at the hospital, he pointed to 
Dominico SPINELLO, and said: ''I remeber you distinctly; I could tell you, 

13 April 1893
Paterson,N.J., April 12- Mrs. Albert F.CHADWICK, wife of the principal of 
Public School No.12 of this city, has filed a petition for divorce in the 
Court of Chancery. She alleges cruelty on the part of her husband, whom she 
married a little over a year ago in Brooklyn. Mrs.CHADWICK was a school 
teacher, stenographer and typewriter, and resided with her parents at 72 
Watson street in that city. She says that her husband frequently abused her, 
and on one occasion dragged her out of bed and juped on her body.

  He Leaves a Big Estate and Makes Some Charitable Bequests
  The will of the late Leonhard EPPIG, a wealthy brewer, who died on the 9th 
of April, leaving an estate of $300,000 in real estate, and $75,000 in money, 
was filed for probate in the Surrogate's office to-day.
   The executors of the will have the right to convert the business of the 
deceased into a company, to be known as the Leonhard EPPIG Brewing Company, 
and to divide the shares equally between the widow and children. In a codieil 
he says his daughter, Marguerite, known as Sister Seraphine, is to get only 
the interest of her share during her lifetime, and that after her death her 
share shall be equally divided between a church, a convent and a hospital. 
Further, the testator leaves $3,000 to St.Leonhard's Church, and $3,000 to 
the Little Sisters of the Poor

14 April 1893
 In the Surrogate's Court during the past week, the wills of the following 
named persons, deceased were admitted to probate:
 William L.ALLISON
 Barbara BAKER
 Henry DAY (Morristown, N.J.)
 Arthur R. GUY
 Israel HOCH
 Lydia S. IDE
 Rebecca A. JAQUES (Elizabeth,N.J.)
 Henry B. LIVINGSTON (Florence, Italy)
 John MOLL
 William B. WATSON
 John G. McNARY
 Christina OCHENER
 Winfred S. GUY
 Caroline Van DUZER
 Jane WEST

  Letters of administration were granted upn the estates ofthe following 
deceased persons, viz:
 William W. REYNOLDS
 Louisa LOTSCH, otherwise known as Luisa LOISCH
 Henry WEBER
 Pauline GLEBERT
 Amelia SMITH
 Bridget DORSEY
 Edward R. WEEKES
 Christina Frederica BRENZ
 Adolph CROTTY
 William Montgomery
 Richard J. HENRY
 Charles HENRY
 Jarvis L. CARTER
 Conrad FERRIS
 Phebe LEVY
 Thomas J. LUTHER
 Margaret O'TOOLE
 John MYER
 Esther MARTIN
 Marietta DOROTEA
 Victoria SCHWARTZ
 Catharine FOX
 Cynthia JACKNUS
 Oscar H. BRUEN
 Catherine BECKWITH, known as Jenny BECKWITH
 Henietta W. TODD
 Amanda E. PATTON

 Letters of guardianship of the property  :
of Mamie GRINNELL and John GRINNELL were granted to John SHANNON
of Charles F. NORTON and Grace NORTON to Christina NORTON.
of William, Ferdinand, Dora, Nevada and Charles COLBERG to the Nassau Trust Company.
of Mary E. DEFILIPI to George B. VEKERLY
of Edward F., James W., and Mary DOWNEY to Mary A. DOWNEY
of Walter S. FELLOWS to Louis A. FELLOWS
of Charles P.FELLOWS to Louis A. FELLOWS
of Harriet L. EVANS and Sadie EVANS to Elizabeth A. EVANS
of Edwin R. JOHNSON to Anne M. RENWICK
of Bedford D. CONSTANT M.D., Joseph S., Francis HUNTINGTON, Mary PEARL, 
	Addison M.DAVIS,Jr., to Adison M. DAVIS  Alicia Mabel BLAKE to James A. BLAKE
of Ellen GAFLIGAN to Ellen M.J. AHERN and Lawrence J. McNAMARA.

15 April 1893
WANTS $500,000. 
  The case of Richard H.WRIGHT against his former partners in the firm of 
W.DUKE'S SON & CO., to recover half a million dollars, in which sum he claims 
to have been defrauded by defendants when he was induced to sell his 
one-fifth interest in the concern for $40,000. before the absorption of the 
firm in the American Tobacco Company was reopened in Supreme Court Circuit 
before Judge PATTERSON to-day.

18 April 1893
   The case of assault of Dr.John Wilton BARLOW and Fordyee B. ARVINE against 
George W. BROWN, a brother-in-law of Mrs.BARLOW, was on trail in the Lee 
avenue police court to-day. Lawyer BARLOW, a brother of Dr.BARLOW, appeared 
ARVINE and Dr.BARLOW, while Counselor GUCK appeared for the defendant. 
Charles GORDON testified that the fight on the steps must have lasted nearly 
a half an hour.
   Fordyee B. ARVINE testified that he was attacked and assaulted by BROWN 
without provocation.
   Dr.BARLOW told substantially the same story of the assault as has already 
been related.
   George BROWN, the defendant, admitted that he forced his way into the 
house, but said he did not strike Dr.BARLOW until he had been struck first.
   Mrs.BARLOW told substantially the same story as related by her brother.
   The complaint was dismissed.
   Blanche BARLOW, 12 years of age, who has been living with her father, the 
doctor, through all the trouble, left his home last evening and went to her 
mother's, at 178 Rutledge street.

21 April 1893
      OSMOND, the Murderer, Will Be Executed in June.

** note the two different spellings ROEHL--ROHLE

   The murderer John L.OSMOND was brought down from Sing Sing this morning to 
have a new date fixed for his death. He was resentenced by Justice INGRAHAM 
in the Court of Oyer and Terminer to-day, and the time of execution was 
arranged for the week commencing June 12.
   John Lewis OSMOND was convicted of the murder of his wife, Mary,and his 
cousin, John C.BURCHELL, on Oct 3,1891, at 609 Third avenue. OSMOND was 
jealous of BURCHELL. He was convicted of murder in the first degree and 
appealed.The conviction of the lower courts was affirmed by the Court of 
Appeals, April 11.
   OSMOND was one of the murderers in the cells to whom *ROHLE and PALLISTER 
offered freedom by escape, but he refused to go.OSMOND says that the escaped 
murderers made noise enough despite the storm, to awaken everybody. At least 
it seemed so to him.He also denies that they offered freedom to HARRIS, but 
they compelled him to give up his cigarettes. They took OSMOND'S coat and 
vest, and were three hours in getting out.
   The latest advices from Sing Sing are that *ROEHL and PALLISTER have not 
been recaptured.The authorities are still hunting and Guard EATON has gone 
out on a mysterious mission with a Winchester.
    There is a story that ROEHL'S parents at Bremerhaven have both died of 
grief at the disgrace brought upon them by their son.The parents were 
well-to-do people in Germany.

  The Grand Jury brought in several indictments to-day in criminal cases. 
Frederick KRONCKE, a saloon-keeper, who was enraged with killing his wife a 
few days ago, was indicted for murder in the first degree. Before Judge MOORE 
 he pleaded not guilty. Bernard NICOLA, an Italian, was also indicted for 
murder in the first degree.

 In the Surrogate's Court durning the past week,the wills of the following 
named persons,deceased, were proved:
 Catharine COWAN
 Elizabeth EICHOM
 Conrad ENNERS
 Soren C. HAUSEN
 Heinrich HOFFMANN
 Margaretha LUTTER
 George MOORE
 Anna Maria MARTIN
 Emilie STORCH
 Richard W. SWAN
 Edward WALH, Jr.

 Letters of administration were granted upon the estates of the 
following-deceased persons.
 Hugh WARD
 Patrick GRAY
 Catharine WILDNER
 Thomas WILDES
 Walker WILTON
 Hannah P. MANN
 William H. PHILPITT, Jr.
 William BENNETT, otherwise known as William HARTLEY
 Catharine Emma HOOPER or Emma HOOPER or Catharine HOOPER
 Frederick W.LINDSTEDT
 Robert HOOPER
 George S. HOGLAND
 Susie A.FISH
 Walter De BOCK
 Amanda V.RUNDLE
 Margaret MUNROE
 Frances M. KIDD
 George MOORE Jr.
 Sophie KOSTER
 Cornelius COOK
 Fredericka WYATT
 Albert W. POOLE
 Anna Maria HOPKE.

 Letters of guardianship of the property :
of Joseph and Anna R. PROMECENE  to Maria A. ALMEIDA
of  Mary MOORE to George MOORE
of  Nellie LAVINIA and Mary Emma LITTELL to Charles S. LITTELL
of  Clara and Ida YOUNG to Selma A. YOUNG
of  Gustv, William, Henry and Edward SCHNEIDER 
	to Mathias FRANK and Frances SCHNEIDER.

25 April 1893
  The jury in the BUCHANAN murder trail, after being out all night, had not 
reached an verdict at 11 o'clock today. At 11:20 o'clock the jury came into 
the court room and requested that the testimony of Dr.McINTYRE and THOMPSON 
and Mrs. WARREN be read to them. This was done, and then the jury retired.

7 June 1893
After a struggle of five days eleven jurors have been selected to sit during 
the trial in New York, of Dr. Robert W. BUCHANNAN, who is charged with 
poisoning his wife in April last.

James McQUEEN, of 378 North Third Street, was fined $10. by Justice GOETTING 
this morning, for intoxication. McQUEEN is the man who had his wife, Julia 
McQUEEN, sent to the Inebriates Home last month for drunkennes.  Mrs. McQUEEN 
afterwards escaped from the Home.

In the Kings County Surrogate's Court during the past week the wills of the 
following names persons, deceased were proved:

Elizabeth SCHNELDER, 
Jane Josephine BOAD, 
John P. Coonrady, 
Sybil BURGER, 
Nicholas BOGER, 
Ellsa SCHICK, Elizabeth SMITH,  
Anna (sometimes called Anple),GROSSMAN, 
Watelll C. DOREMUS, 
Francis P. PLENTER, 
James S. NOYES, 
Peter KRAUS, 
Eva B. IRISH, 
Marjd E. SMITH, 
Amanda CORWIN, 
William P. LEONARD, 
Lousia BRANDT, 
Charlotte A. HOLCOMB, 
Leonardt SCHMIDT, 
George A. JARVIS, 
Bridget GERATY, 
Ell W. PERRY, 
Margaret BONNAR, 
Johanna H. POTT, 
John FICK, 
Martha REESE, 
Charles FEHRY.

Letters of administration were granted upon the estate of the following - 
deceased persons, vis: 
Louis G. MITZEL, 
William E. SPANGEHL, 
Marie E. ROSE, 
Elizabeth KREBLE, 
Percival PETTINGER, 
Henry  O. JONES, 
Edward PHALEN, 
Gottlib ROMETSCH, 
Addie B. BERGEN, formerly Addie B DEVLIN: 
Clarossa SELLECK, 
Nelle H. AYERE, 
Balthaset BARDONNET, 
Abram REQUA, 
William H. CROMWELL, 
Henry K. WHITE, 
Isreal MINOR, Jr., 
Delia KELLY (formerly Delia DONOHUE) 
Lawrence J. GULECK, 
Thomas COX, 
John William COX, 
Thomas CORBETT, 
Charlotte McGRATH, 
Mary McLAREN, 
Lillian POTTER, 
James CANNON, 
Mary G. MacKENNA, 
Frederick W. HEARN, 
Mathilda MOTT, 
Rudolph or Rudlof SUIZER, 
Johanna MEYER, also known as Elizabeth); 
John Dooney, JASHEROY, 
Louisa MANDLEY, 
Joseph L. RYAN, 
Helen ROREY, 
William O. WINTER, 
Elbert HEGEMAN, 

Letters of administration were granted to James P. STEVENS of the property 
of Emily A. WALTER, S and Eva DURQUARI; 
of Camelia Lucy BRYANT to William Cullen BRYANT: 
of WILLIAM BERNARD AND Mortimer Drake BRYANT to William Cullen BRYANT: 
of Mary BENNETT to Adelia S. BENNETT, 
of Julia Amelia HICKS to Edgar S. HICKS 
of Alfred Colfax COATES 
of Bernard W. JOHNSON to Edward JOHNSON 
of Thomas COX to Mary SMITH 
of Teresa DEVINE, WILLIAM & August ZAHN to Frank SCHMIDT 
of Ettie and Robert G. McNICKLE to Robert M. JOHNSON 
of Gladys STEWART to Virginia Hrding STEWART 
of Agute GAMPER to Theresa GAMPER 
of Edmond M. and John S. N. OLSON to Mary L. OLSON,  
of Henry L. PEARSALL to Gordon PEARSALL 
of Margaret and NORMAN DICKSON to Charles D. ROBBINS 
of Virginia TAFT of Florence G. and Henry TAFT to Mary TAFT 
of William S. GAMPER to Ellen Agnes GAMPER 
of George WELDRICK to Thomas J. DENNEBY.

27 June 1893
The trial of Dr. Robert BUCHANAN, charged with posining his wife Annie B. 
BUCHANAN, was continued before Recorder SMYTH in New York today. There were 
no sensational developements.

This morning two colored men entered Mary SELSERT'S store, at 37 Park 
Ave,under the pretense of buying a broom, and stole her pocketbook containing $30.

John QUINN and John SULLIVAN were this morning captured by the police on the 
veranda roof of 8 Lafayette place, New York, wher, it is believed they had 
ascended for the purpose of burglarizing the house. They were held in court.

After a struggle of five days eleven jurors have been selected to sit during 
the trial in New York, of Dr. Robert W. BUCHANNAN, who is charged with 
poisoning his wife in April last.

James McQUEEN, of 378 North Third Street, was fined$10. by Justice GOETTING 
this morning, for intoxication. McQUEEN is the man who had his wife, Julia 
McQUEEN, sent to the Inebriates Home last month for drunkennes.  Mrs. McQUEEN 
afterwards escaped from the Home.

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Blanche Craton
Gladys Jensen
Geraldine Ryerson K.
Patty M.
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