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1894 CIVIL..Court News
Brooklyn Daily Standard Union

4 January 1894
Policeman Thomas WHALEN, of the E. 104th St. Station, N.Y. was assualted in 
front 0f 2051 1st Ave., Tuesday by 10 young men, who are known as "The 1st 
Ave. Toughs" Thomas HINES, one of the gang siezed an iron pot that was 
outside the door and struck WHALEN over the right eye. WHALEN was carried 
into the store unconcious and a ambulance was sent for. He was taken to the 
Station House where Dr. MCGOVERN put 8 stitches in his wound. HINES was 
arrested and held for examination in the Harlem
Police Court.

Chicago- Mrs. Evelyn FARRELL, abt. 28 yrs old, who says she owns $45,000 
worth of property in Brooklyn, is in jail here on charges of not paying a 
board bill of $284.75 contracted at the Lakota Hotel. The property is at 45 
Windsor Terr.

5 January 1894
William SMITH, colored, a waiter at the Hanover Clubhouse, was fined $10 in 
the Lee Ave police court, to-day on a charge of assaulting his wife Nellie 
SMITH, of 147 Ross Street.

Arthur H. YAMIN, who is also known as "Big Otto" was locked up in the Queens 
County jail last night, on suspicion of being implicated in the late masked 
burglaries at Woodside and Long Island City.                                    

6 January 1894
The residence of James MCDONALD at 124 Chester Street was entered sometime 
last night and jewelry valued at $145 besides $70 in cash stolen.

8 January 1894
Miss Lean HOAG, of 2 East 113th Street, New York, was accused in the Essex 
Market police court this morning of trying to poison her father, Louis DEF?O, 
who lives at 207 Forsyth Street. Her sister, Mrs. Minnie HILPERT, appeared 
against her.  After the suspicious circumstances of the case were related to 
Justice KOCH the latter held the prisoner for examination.

9 January 1894
Vincent MONTLEON and his wife Annie were arrested last night on a charge of arson.
The MONTLEONS live at 99 Sackett Street. It is a three story brick tenement 
and they live on the top floor. While they were out Sunday morning a fire 
broke out in their apartments. The fire department had considerable trouble 
putting it out.
The furniture and belongings of the MONTLEONS was insured in the 
German-American Insurance Company for $1,000.

Mrs. Annie DILLON began suit in the Supreme Court before Judge LANDON this 
morning through Counselor Charles PATTERSON< to recover $15,000 damages from 
the trustees of the New York and Brooklyn Bridge for injuries sustained on 
the 9th fo May 1892.

Mrs. MCNEIL of 152 Twenty Fourth Street reported to the police this morning 
that her son Willie aged 6 years has been missing since the 4th instant. A 
general alarm has been sent out.

Police Commissioner HAYDEN to-day dismissed John MCHUGH, of the Second 
precinct, and Martin MILMORE of the Twentieth precinct, from the force on 
charges of intoxication.

William COX of 317 Lafayette Avenue was held to-day by Justice WALSH on a 
charge of larceny. Yesterday it is alleged he entered C.C. Adams jewelery 
store at 474 Fulton Street and it is claimed took a gold scarfpin valued at 
$4. Another pin similar to the one he had taken was found on him.

Walter DEVINE, 16 years old, of 160 North Third street, was sent to the House 
of Refuge by Justice GOETTING to-day. Mrs. DEVINE claimed that her boy smoked 
cigarettes and stayed out late nights.

Edwin J. HARVEY, of 4 Nostrand avenue was palace under bonds by Justice GOETTING 
to keep the peace. It was claimed that HARVEY threatened to kill his wife.

William DAVIS, alias BLACKSTADT, a colored man, well known by the police, was 
arrested in New York this morning for having caused, as alleged, the murder 
of William KARRER, in Camden on Dec. 4 last. Detectives have been looking for 
DAVIS  for some time past.

Judge OSBORNE of the City Court, has granted Belle EISENBERG $6 week alimony 
abd $30 counsel fee in her suit for seperation from her husband Ike.

Marion BUNDICK has been granted a divorce amd $40 a month alimony, her 
husband William T. of 58 South 9th St.

Judge CULLEN has appointed Thom J. HALL guardian ad item of his son George R. 
HALL for the purpose of bringing a damage suit against Samuel COCHRANE, of N.Y.

Judge Cullen has denied the motion of Cath. ALLEN for ailmony and counsel 
fees against her husband for absolute divorce

A petition was filed to-day to have the will of Emily F. FORD admitted to 
probate. Mrs. FORD died at 97 Calrk Street, Nov. 23, 1893. The estate is 
valued at $4,500.

10 January 1894
John BURNS, a peddler, of 56 Graham avenue was arrested yesterday afternoon 
on complaint of Mrs. Mary SMITH, of 210 Jay street, who accuses him of 
attempted assault and robbery.19th
January 19th 1894

Mrs. Ellen MURRAY, 70 years old, has brought suit against her landlady, Mrs.
Anna NORDSTROM, for $10,000 damages.  The plaintiff alleges that she fell on
the ice in the back yard at 705 Park avenue and broke her leg.

John CROAK was yesterday appointed guardian ad litem of Joseph ALMSTEADT by
Judge CULLEN, of the Supreme Court.  ALMSTEADT is suing for an annulment of
his marriage to Fannie Bogart ALEXANDER, who, he alleges, had a husband
living when she married him.

Judge GAYNOR has granted the Niagara Falls Brewing Company an injunction
restraining Adolph B. THIMIG, a beer bottler on Atlantic avenue, and John F.
Otto MEYER from disposing of certain property.  Their claim against THIMING
is about $7,000, and they allege he is trying to defraud his creditors.

Fatal Fight Over a Boat.
Exploits, N.F. Jan. 19.  - During a quarrel last Tuesday between Appleton
CLEAVES, foreman of Phillips lumber camp, and Bookkeeper CARTER, employed by
the same firm, over the ownership of a boat, CARTER struck CLEAVES on the
head with an augur, injuring him so badly that he died.  CLEAVES came here
from Portland, Me.  His wife a very wealthy woman, resides in Passadumkeay,Me.

The annual stag of the Bedford Wheelmen was held last evening in 
Knickerbocker Hall, Clymer Street near Lee Ave.  The hall was filled with 
members and friends of the club at an early hour.  The entertainment 
consisted of songs, banjo solos, and club swinging.  The programme included a 
number of boxing bouts by local "scrappers", and it was expected that there 
would be some lively fighting.  This part of the programme had to be cut out, 
however as Sergeant ZIMMERMAN and several policemen put in an apperance early 
in the evening, and gave orders that boxing of any kind would not be allowed. 
 Accordingly, no attempt was made to put the boxers on.
The officers of the club are: Walter BROWER, president; James NOLAN, 
vice-president; C.L. KNIGHT, secretary; J.J. RALPH, treasurer; William P. 
SEWARD, captain; J.J. STRASSEL, first-lieutenant; O.J. GEIVEH, second 
lieutenant; A.L. BAKER, color guard, and F. FROLKE, bugler.

The Suppose Firebug Visited at Raymond Street Jail
Up to Sunday Thomas ARDEZZONI says his brother was perfectly sane-the police 
theory of The Latter's Guilt somewhat shaken.
The lunatic and supposed firebug, Joseph ARDEZZONI, whose capture by 
Policeman GULLEN was told in yesterday Standard Union has been identified by 
his brother. Thomas ARDEZZONI who called to see Capt. CAMPBELL yesterday 
aternoon. He gave the Captain a history of his family that is interesting. 
His father and mother many years ago lived in a house they owned on Adams 
Street which stood on the site now occupied by the Columbia Theatre.  His 
father was a manufacturing jeweler in New York and used to take trips to 
South America occasionally.  On one of these trips the vessel was lost having 
foundered at sea, and it is supposed all on board were lost.  An elder sister 
who was left at home with the two boys then very young, got married a few 
years afterward and the two boys were left to shift for themselves.
Joseph his brother, who is now insane got employment with a milk dealer at 
367 Atlantic avenue and seemed up to the time of his arrest to be perfectly 
sane.  Thomas declares that he saw his brother on Sunday and that he appeared 
to be perfectly rational.  Thomas got a letter from Capt. CAMPBELL asking 
Sheriff BUTTLING to grant him an interview.
He called at the jail yesterday and tried to get Joseph to talk but his mind 
seemed a complete blank.  The warden put some questions to him also and his 
replies were very similar to those he gave the police about converting people 
and bringing them to God through fear of fire.
The fact that several apparently incendairy fires have occurred since 
ARDEZZONI'S arrest is shaking the belief of the police that they have the 
firebug yet. Reading the papers may have preyed upon his weak mind and given 
him impressions which come out in his incoherent way.

James PENBERTY, of 225 Twenty-second street, William HARNER of 276 
Twenty-second street, and Robert GREY of  ??3 Fourteenth street, were 
arraigned in the Butler street court, Brooklyn, today charged with stealing a 
sheep from in front of the store of Kaller and Kohn's, 678 Fifth avenue, and 
also on a charge of assault on Isidor OLMER.  OLMER is a clerk employed in 
the store and last night at closing time saw four men come along.  One of 
them took a sheep from the hook in front of the store and ran away with it.  
The clerk followed and said he was assaulted by the four men.  He was badly 
beaten.  The prisoners all pleaded not guilty except MAXWELL who said he took 
the sheep.  He did it  he claimed "just for the fun of the thing and it was 
only a joke."  The others denied all knowledge of the affair.  They were 
discharged and MAXWELL held.

A jury in the City Court has returned a verdict for $10,000 in favor of Moses 
D. KINCADE a carpenter against the Atlantic Avenue Railroad Company, for 
personal injuries.

Mary BELINDA the Italian woman arrested charged with passing counterfeit 
coins was examined this morning by United States Commissioner MORIE and held 
for the United States Grand Jury.

12 January 1894
Jacob KIRCHOFF was held in Jefferson Market court, New York, this morning on 
a charge of forgery and impersonating an officer.  KIRCHOFF on Dec. 9 last, 
it is alleged, passed a worthless check, purporting to  have been issued by 
David M. TORREY, banker of 105 Nassau street, on Callahn & Kemp, wholesale 
grocers at 41 Vesey street, KIRCHOFF claimed he was an officer 
of the police force.

Michael JOHNSON to-day pleaded guilty to stealing $1.25 from William F. 
HICKEY, of 36 Wolcott street, and was remanded by Justice WALSH for 
sentence on Monday.

15 January 1894
David DEUTCH began an action in the City Court before Judge CLEMENT this 
morning against the Brooklyn City Railroad Company to recover $15,000 damages 
for personal injuries.

16 January 1894
John FARRELL, the eleven year old boy living in the United States Street was 
arrested on Sunday night in the storehouse at the navy yard on a charge of 
stealing sand glass, was arraigned before United States Commissioner MORIE, 
this afternoon, and held for further examination.

John MEHEGAN,sues the Brooklyn Heights Railroad Company, in the City Court, 
before Judge Clement, to recover $10,000.00 for personal injuries sustained 
�by being run over by one of the defendants trolley cars on the 30th of July 
1893. �On the day mention the plaintiff �was driving a horse and wagon on 
Eighty-sixth street, near the intersection of Bay Twenty-ninth
St., when a car came in collision with the wagon, thowing him to the ground, 
by which sustained injuries to his head, back, legs and hands, in addition to 
this, was rendered insensible from contact with the electric current, from 
the effects of which he had �never recovered, and believes he is permanently 
Plaintiff sues also for an additional allowance of $150.00, already expended 
for medical treatment. �
Defendant's answer ��is a general denial. �Case is still on.

17 January 1894
A jury in the Supreme Court today return a verdict in the favor of Paul C. 
RILEY for $5000.00 against the Coney Island and Brooklyn City Railroad, for 
the killing of a seven year old son, Lewis W. RILEY, by trolley car on 
December 22 last.

18 January 1894
Mrs. Jennie PERRINE, 37 Charles Street, New York, was held for trial in the 
Jefferson Market Police Court, New York, to-day, charged with making books 
for horse races.

John WATSON, aged 21, whose addressis unknown, was held �in the Tombs Police 
Court, New York, early this morning, charged with trying to bunco Hugh KIRK 
and John HUTCHINSON, two sailors who arrived on the Fall River boat early 
this morning. �The man got $26.00 from sailors, and then started to run but 
they pursued and caught him.

Antonio GERRONO �was charged in the Lee Avenue Police Court this morning with 
setting his grocery store, at 722 Flushing Avenue, on fire in three places on 
Sunday last.. �He was held for the grand jury.

A young color man, giving his name as William JAMES, of Newark, New Jersey, 
has been arrested for stealing the pocketbook of Annie HOBBY, the daughter of 
Supervisor HOBBY of 358 Leonard street.

SUIT FOR $10,000
Mrs. Ellen MURRAY, aged 70 has brought a suit for $10,000.00 against Mrs. 
Anna NORDSTORM. The case is being tried in the City Court before Judge 
CLEMENT. �Mrs. MURRAY fell on the ice in the yard of 705 Park Avenue last 
February and broke her leg.. �Mrs. Nordstrom is owner of the property.

The suit of William C. WILLIAMS, of Bensonhurst, for $2,000 damages for 
injuries received by being run into by a trolley car of the Brooklyn City 
Railroad, was dismissed by Judg LANDON.

The jury in the case of Frederick MUCHE, who sued Charles M. GRANGER and his 
wife in the City Court before Judge VAN WYCK for $10,000 damages for false 
arrest and imprisonment, this morning returned a verdict in favor of the 

19 January 1894
When the cases of four persons indicted for murder in the first degree were 
called for trial this morning in the Court of Sessions. None of them were 
ready, and they were postponed to June 29 next.
The first case called was that Joseph HALL, he was indicted for the shooting 
of George PHILLIPS on May 13, 1893.  The HALL  Brothers came on from 
Pennsylvania with the purpose of buying green goods.  They met  two men, and 
finding that they had been swindled,  Joseph HALL shot one of them, PHILLIPS, 
in a restaurant located in the Eastern District.
Kate SPICKER, the third, appeared before the Judge with her little  baby in 
her arms.  She indicted for having killed her lover, Alexander KIRSCHNER, on 
June 24th last.
Frederick KRONCKE  is indicted for shooting his wife, WILHELMINA KRONCKE, at 
their apartments, Wythe Avenue and South Eleventh St. on April 7, 1893, 
shortly after noon.

Charles VOGT was held for trail by Justice WATSON in the Ewen street police 
court to-day on a charge of burglary.  It is claimed that the broke into 
William LINDERMAN"S saloon, at 211 Johnson av., and carried off gin and 
brandy, woth $33.

SUES FOR $10,000
Mrs. Kate M. DEMOND brings an action against the Brooklyn City Railroad 
Company in the City Court before Jusge CLEMENT to recover $10,000 damages for 
personal injuries.

Charles MARTIN, a negro, who was on trial yesterday in the Court of Sessions, 
for stabbing a man named GORMAN was aquitted by the jury who brought their 
verdict in at a late hour.

Charles FURRER, of 785 Park avenue, was arraigned in the Ewen street police 
court to-day on a charge of threatening to kill his wife, Barbetta, of  980 
Broadway.  FURRER left his wife some time ago, and, it is claimed sent her a 
letter from Canada in which he said he had decided to kill her.  FURRER was 
at one time wealthy.  He was paroled for trail.

John MCCORMACK, 26 years of age of 113 Hudson Avenue, who is accused with 
five others, two of whom are now under arrest of breaking into the Navy Yard 
storehouse a week ago, and of stealing a quantity of sandglass and other 
articles, was arrested this morning and committed to jail in default of bail. 
 All three cases will come up in examination proceedings next Thursday before 
United States Commissioner MORLE.

Charles VOGT was held for trail by Justice WATSON in the Ewen street police 
court to-day on a charge of burglary.  It is claimed that the broke into 
William LINDERMAN"S saloon, at 211 Johnson av., and carried off gin and 
brandy, woth $33.

20 January 1894
ROWLAND Case Goes to the Jury.
The case of Prof. ROWLAND, of Johns Hopkins University, who is suing the
Niagara Cataract Construction Company for $30,000 to pay for the ideas he
says he gave them in connection with the harnessing of Niagara was closed in
New York City last night and went to the jury this morning.  The jury is
still out.

Suing for Divorce.
Charles H. POST, an old-time steeplechase rider, residing at Windsor
Terrace, Flatbush, has been served with a summons and complaint in a suit
brought by his wife, Mary T. POST, for an absolute divorce.

A Verdict of $3,000.
The jury in the case of Mrs. Kate M. DEMOND, who sued the Brooklyn City
Railroad Company in the City Court, before Judge CLEMENT, to recover $10,000
for personal injuries, returned a verdict this morning in the favor of the
plaintiff for $3,000.

A jury in the City Court last night returned a verdict for $3,000 damages in
favor of Kate MC DEMOND, in her suit against the Brooklyn City Railroad for
injuries received on Jan. 22, 1892.

Mrs. Anna MERTENS is suing her husband Herman MERTENS for separation, and
this morning her counsel applied to Judge CULLEN for an order granting her
$25 a week alimony and $200 counsel fees.  The hearing was adjourned for a

22 January 1894
John SUTTER, of 217 Jackson street was held in $1,000 bail for trail on a
charge of assault in the second degree by Justice WATSON to-day.  It is
claimed that SUTTER stabbed Thomas SMITH of 183 Withers street.

LEWIS is Now Charged With Bigamy.
Joseph H. LEWIS, the assistant stage manager of the "Maine and Georgia
Company," who was held in Justice WATSON's Ewen street police court, last
Saturday, on a charge of abandonment, was arraigned in the Lee avenue police
court to-day on a charge of bigamy.  He pleaded not guilty, and the case was

HARRIS Must Answer.
William H. HARRIS, charged with being implicated in the robbery of the New
Brighton, S.I. Post Office, was before U.S. Commissioner MORLE this morning
and remanded to await the auction of the  United States Grand Jury.

Attacked Him With Shears.
A Coroners jury at Rockaway investigated the death of Joseph SCHNITZER
Saturday, and found that August RUPPLE attacked SCHNITZER with a pair of
shears, killing him almost instantly.  RUPPLE was held to await the action
of the Grand Jury.

Sunday Pool Players Fined.
Justice GOETTING, in the Lee avenue police court to-day fined fourteen boys
$1 or one day in jail.  They were arrested yesterday morning while playing
pool and throwing dice.

23 January 1894
Chris KELLEY was held by Justice Watson in the Ewen street police court
to-day on a charge of burglary.

After trying to kill his wife last night with an ax John KULL, a german
living over a saloon in Grove st, Ridgewood, went and drowned himself in a
cesspool near the house.  Mrs. KULL may recover.  KULL was 53 years old.

An autopsy held on Aug. RYDBERG, who was found in a vacant lot and died at
Seney Hos. revealed a silver quarter embedded in his stomach.

Jos. ARDIZZON, 22 yrs, was sent to the asylum at Flatbush yesterday from the
Raymond St. Jail.  This is the italian who was arrested last week charged
with incendiariam.

25 January 1894
Will Not Be Electrocuted.
John G. SHEA, the ex-street car conductor, who is a prisoner at Chambers
Street Hospital, in New York City, for shooting and killing his wife, and
then attempting suicide by shooting himself Monday, at 63 Reade street,
remains in an unconscious state.  The doctors said this morning that SHEA's
condition was unchanged and that he could not recover, and may die at any

Merchants Swindled.
David SCHOKOF, 26 years old, of 177 Fourth place, this city, and Levi
ROTHER, 18 years old, of 92 Essex street, New York, were held in the Tombs
police court this morning on the charge of swindling downtown wholesale
merchants by bobus orders from retail dealers.

"A Gentleman Swindler"
H. HENRY, who was a prisoner in the Leonard Street police station, New York,
this morning, is said to have swindled various firms of New York out of
thousands of dollars by representing himself as the purchasing agent of the
Pennsylvania Railroad.  He dressed in faultless attire and nobody suspected
he was not what he represented.

Surrogates Court Notes.
The will of the late Sarah VAN DYKE, of the own of Flatlands, was filed for
probate to-day. The estate of $4,000 is to be equally divided between her
six children.

By the terms of the will of the late Louisa C. WHITE, who died on Dec. 19,
her property, valued at $7,000 is bequested to her daughter, Elizabeth W.BALCOM.

Suing for FAYERWEATHER'S Bequests.
A number of colleges are suing for the bequest left then under the will of
the late Daniel B. FAYERWEATHER, the leather merchant.  The trial of the
case was continued before Justice TRAUX, in the Supreme Court, New York,

26 January 1894
For Absolute Divorce.
Mrs. Marla SOMMER, of 366 Myrtle avenue has begun an action for absolute
divorce against her husband, Daniel H. SOMMER.

The will of the late Clarence DICKERSON was filed for probate to-day in the
Surrogate's office.  The estate valued at $15,000 was left to his two
sisters, living at 1341 Pacific street.

Exposed by His Sweetheart.
Samuel LEPOFSKY, a trusted clerk of Remer & Gersten, makers of ladies
cloaks, at 130 East Broadway, New York, was exposed by the sweetheart whom
he had jilted in the store yesterday.  She boldly accused him of having
plundered the firm out of several thousand dollars worth of goods and to
prove her accusation she took Mr. REMER with her to the lodgings and showed
him where the property was secreted.  LEPOFSKY was held in Essex Market
Court in $1,000 bail.

Giovanni TIOVELORASO, an Italian shoemaker, of 98 Stockton st, was held in
$500 bail by Justice GOETTING to-day on a charge of larceny.

James CROWN, of 241 Manhattan avenue, who tried to end his life was this
morning discharged by Justice WATSON.

CLOWES Ran Amuck.
Samuel CLOWES, son of ex-Justice of the Peace B. Valentine CLOWES, of
Hemstead, attempted to shoot Mrs. MILTENBERGER, who keeps a bowling alley in
that town last night.  Instead he wounded Emil EIBER, an employee, in the
wrist.  Meeting Constable HICKS he aimed at him, but the weapon was
fortunately knocked out of his hands.  CLOWES was then put under arrest.  He
had been drinking heavily.

29 January 1894
In the Surrogate's Court.
Business Transacted During the Past Week.
The following business was transacted in the Surrogate's Court during the
past week, before the Hon. George B. ABBOTT, Surrogate:
Wills Proved:  
BOYCE,Ellen B.  
BONNEL, Mary Ann 
BUTLER,Celia E.  
BIDEN, Edward A. 
CLANCY, Patrick D. 
HINCKEN, Edward 
HUGHES, Catharine 
KIEFNER, Karoline 
LOEFFLER, John Frederick
MULLER, Anton 
STRONG, Demas 
STAMM, Amelia 
STEANE, Catharine
TREZZA, Antonio 
WOOD, Rosa A. 
YATES, Elizabeth

Letters of administration were granted upon the estates of the following
deceased persons: 
KONOW, August 
YOUNG, Salena 
BROIDY, Patrick 
VOITLAENDER Adolph (sometimes called A. VOGTLANDER),
DURELS, August C. 
DURFELSCharles A.  (sometimes called Charles DURFELS),
CLARKE, Harriet 
BIGELOW, Sarah F. 
BURNS, Patrick 
SHAW, John Paul 
BROIDY, Patrick 
KENT, Andrew 
MANUS, Phillipp 
COX, Catharine
DOYLE, Bernard 
DEMPSEY, Hannah 
SMITH, Ellen A. 
LEGER, Annie 
KROGSRUD, William 
PFEIFFER Margaretha (otherwise known as Margarethe PFEIFFER), SROCKEFELLOW,
chuyler A. 
MULLER, Philip 
RAW, Jacob G
MICH, Salome 
KEENAN, Catharine 

Letters of guardianship of the persons and estates of:
KLEIN, of Louis and Auguste - were granted to Conrad KLEIN;
HODGSKIN, of Henry T., Helen C. and Julian M. - to T. Ellett HODGSKIN;
KIRK, of Blanche B.- to Henry DOANE;
ENGLISH, of Daniel Saxtan - to William H. ENGLISH;
FINN, of John Edward -to the Hamilton Trust Company;
ECKS, of Henry F. and William M. - to Emilie C. ECKS;
MC NAMARA, of Emma J.-  to Daniel MC NAMARA;
LITTLE, of Clarence D. - to Calvin W. LITTLE;
SPANGENBERG, of Charles Jr. and Anastasia - to Mary Ann SPANGENBERG;
KENNEDY, of William L. L., Irene M. and Madeline L.;
BEST, of Francis and Ellen E. MC GUIRE- to George L. WEED;
MOLONEY, of Cornelius - to Mary Jane COOPER;
GREGORY, of Frederick, James, and Arthur - to Annie GREGORY.

Divorces Granted.
Judge CULLEN in the Supreme Court Saturday granted a decree of absolute
divorce to Jeremiah L. BROWN from his wife Emma M. BROWN.

Johan D. OIEN, of 590 East Eleventh street, New York, secured a severance of
the matrimonial tie which bound him to Olivia R. OIEN.

John W. SMITH secured a decree of absolute divorce from his wife, 
Henrietta SMITH.

Grace M. JARVIS was divorced from Harry JARVIS, to whom she was 
married Feb.23, 1891.

Mrs. Caroline ROLOSE, of 84 Butler street, was tried to-day by Judge TIGHE
on a charge of poisoning the chickens of Stanley GROGOSKI, who lives in the
same house.

Hugh MC KENNA, who was arrested at 217 Bridge street, yesterday for
violating the Excise law, pleaded not guilty before Justice WALSH to-day,
and his examination was set down for Feb. 1.

2 February 1894
Annie PIXLEY's Estate.
There is talk that the family of Annie PIXLEY, the actress, who is said to
have died worth $200,000 will make a fight for a share of her estate in the
courts.  All the property is said to be in her husband's name.

The THOMAS Divorce Suit.
William D. THOMAS, of 303 Decatur street was allowed by Judge GAYNOR, of the
Supreme Court this morning to oppose the application of his wife, Mrs. May
Elizabeth THOMAS for alimony and counsel fee pending the trial of her suit
against him for absolute divorce.  He is the manager for the Archer
Manufacturing Company, at 160 Canal street, New York, and got a divorce in
South Dakota against her two years ago without her knowledge.  She has three
children to support, and had received $20 a month from her husband.  Judge
GAYNOR allowed her $100 counsel fee and $10 a week alimony.

"Pony" MOORE Held For Assault.
"Pony" MOORE father-in-law of Charlie MITCHELL the pugilist was charged in
the Tombs Police Court, New York, this morning with assault upon the
conductor of a Broadway cable car.  He was held for examination under $300 bail.          

Justice WALSH has honorably discharged Frank HOUSTON who was arrested on
complaint of Ida ALDRICH who claimed to be his wife, and accusing him of
having abandoned her.

Minnie SELIGMAN Sued for $10,000
Wood D. LOUDON, a theatrical manager has begun suit against Minnie
SELIGMAN-CUTTING the well known actress.  In the sum of $10,000 for breach
of contract.  LOUDON says that Miss SELIGMAN entered into an agreement with
him last August to star in plays of his own composition at a salary of $ 100
a week.

BOSSERT Held for the Grand Jury.
Alvis BOSSERT, the son of Jacob BOSSERT, the wealthy molding mill man, at
Syossett, L.I. was arraigned in the Lee avenue police court again to-day on
the charge of forgery, and held for the Grand Jury.

Case Closed.
For the Contestant in the Seventh Assembly District.
The hearing in the contested case of KNEELAND v. HUGHES in the Seventh
Assembly District was resumed in the Common Council chamber at the City Hall
before Assemblyman KECK this morning.
The first witness called was Andrew LEWIS, 29 years old, colored, of 194
Myrtle avenue in the Eleventh ward.  He said he could not read and write
that he was assisted and that he put two ballots in the box.
Isaac C. CARR, colored of 609 Dean street, was the next witness.
There was objection made to CARR answering the question if he did not give a
man named Joshua P. LEE a slip of paper, on which was written by Daniel O
CONNELL, as alleged "584 Bergen street, Fred F. SMITH, age 42, Fifth
district."  The objection was overruled, and the witness denied giving LEE
any paper.  He testified that Mr. LEE met him repeatedly and asked him to
meet him and come down town and answer questions that would be asked him,
saying it would be worth money to him, and finally LEE said it would be
worth a hundred dollars to him.  Joshua P. LEE was called, and said that the
witness's statement in regards to offering him money was wholly false.  His
evidence closed the case for the contestant.
The defense then opened their case.

Transcribed by :
Mimi Stevens
Gladys Jensen
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