District Attorney Records.

District Attorney's are County offices and report to the Governor, not borough offices that would report to the Mayor (despite what the New York TIMES writes), and each of the 5 counties (the Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens and Richmond) has its own elected D.A. for the period 1930 - 1950. (The Bronx did not have its own D.A. until 1914 when it seceded from New York County.) You may have to eMail each of the 5 D.A. offices separately. The URL for the Kings County D.A. is : http://www.brooklynda.org/. The URL for the Queens County D.A. is : http://www.queensda.org/ The URL for the Bronx County D.A. is : http://www.bronxda.net/ The URL for the Manhattan County D.A. is : http://www.manhattanda.org/ Return to COURT MAIN Return to CIVIL MAIN Return to BROOKLYN MAIN