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Brooklyn Standard Union (Note : Spellings are as they appear) (Residents A thru Z follow abstracts below.) "The following abstracts, taken from the Spooner Directory, the first of the old Village of Brooklyn, will be found highly interesting, not only to old residents of the city, but to a large number as well" VILLAGE OF BROOKLYN Boundaries- "That part of the Town of Brooklyn, heretofore called the 'Fire District,' and which in the year 1816 was incorporated by an act vesting certain powers in the inhabitants and there-in called the 'Village of Brooklyn' is comprised in the following limits, viz. "Beginning at the Public Landing south of Pierpont's Distillery, formerly the property of Philip LIVINGSTON, deceased, on the East River; thence running along the public road leading from said Landing, to it's intersection with Red-Hook Lane; thence along said Red-Hook Lane to where it intersects the Jamaica Turnpike Road; thence north-east course to the Wallaboght Mill-pond; thence through the center of the Mill-pond to the East River to the place of beginning." MASONIC LODGES IN BROOKLYN Fortitude Lodge No.31 Samuel S. BIRDSALL, master John Van DUYNE, Senior Warden Sarnuel DOXSEY, Junior Warden George LITTLE, Treasurer N. B. HAVEN, Secretary Charles POLAND, Senior Deacon Peter DIVIGNE, Junior Deacon Master of Ceremonies : Stephen BALL, William BARTH Stewards : John ALBERT, George FRIES Grinman GEERE, Tyler Past-Masters-Losee Van NOSTRAND,Garret DURYEE, James BOYD, John HAMELL. Hohenlinden Lodge, No. 338 Ralph MALBONE, Master Abiathar YOUNG, Senior Warden J.G.T. HUNT, Junior Warden Joseph SPRAGUE, Treasurer E. WORTHINGTON, Secretary Andre DEMEREST, Senior Deacon W.G. STODDART, Junior Deacon Stewards : Matthew JAMES, G.L. THATCHER Master of Ceremonies : G.S. WISE, Jun.,John FLOYD Isaac NICHOLS, Tyler Past Masters-Isaac NICHOLS, John TITUS, E. WORTHINGTON G.W. RODGERS. POST OFFICE 97 Fulton street George L. BIRCH- Postmaster The mail is carried daily between the Post-Office in Brooklyn and the post-office in New York- Closes in Brooklyn every morning, (Sundays excepted) at 8 o'clock. Arrives every afternoon, at 4 o'clock. The mails through Long-Island, on the north and south roads, arrive every Wednesday at 10 o'clock a.m. and depart every Thursday at 8 o'clock, a.m. TOWN OFFICERS OF BROOKLYN Evert BARKELOO, Supervisor John DOUGHTY, Town Clerk Assessors- John SPADER Peter COWENHOVEN Abraham VANDERVEER John S. BERGEN Thorpe CARPENTER Overseers of the Poor- Abraham E. BROWER Isaac MOSER Comm'rs of Highways & Fence Viewers- Nehemiah DENTON John RYERSON, jr. Samuel SMITH Constable & Collector- John McKENNEY Constables- John LAWRENCE Samuel DOXSEY Commissioners of Common Schools- Jordan COLES Jehiel JAGGAR Abraham VANDEVEER Inspector's of Common Schools- Fanning C. TUCKER Jeremiah JOHNSON John G. MURPHY Measurer- Burdett STRYKER CHURCHES In 1823, when the first directory of the Village of Brooklyn was published, there were but few churches within the village limits. Of these the Reformed Dutch Church was located in Joralemon street near Fulton. It's pastor was the Rev. Selah S. WOODHULL. The elders were : Abraham A. REMSEN Leffert LEFERTS Teunis JORALEMON Peter BERGEN. The deacons were : Theodorus POLHEMUS James DEBEVOISE Thomas SKILLMAN Abraham VANDERVEER. In 1823, when the first directory of the Village of Brooklyn was published, there were but five Protestant churches in the village. Prominent among them was St. Ann's Protestant Episcopal Church, then located at Sands and Washington streets, which at that period was right in the heart of the village. The church in later years became known as "Old St. Ann's." The rector in 1823 was Rev. Henry U. ONDERDONK. The wardens were : Joshua SANDS and William CORNWELL. The vestrymen were : John H. MOORE James R. CLARKE Robert BACH Robert CARTER Adam TREDWELL Losee Van NOSTRAND Fanning C. TUCKER A. H. Van BOKKELIN William CORNWELL was the treasurer. The Methodist Church was in Sands street, between Washington and Fulton streets. It appears that the church at the time of the publication of the directory was without any regular pastor. Of the trustees; John GARRISON and Isaac NOSTRAND were first-class: Isaac MOSER and Joseph HERBERT were second-class: Andrew MERCEIN and William FOSTER third-class. The treasurer was Isaac MOSER. The First Presbyterian Church was organized in 1822. It was situated in Cranberry street, between Hicks & Henry streets. There was no regular pastor. The elders were : Zachariah SMITH, Seidon GATES Ezra C. WOODHULL. The Board of Trustees was composed of : First-class: Alden SPOONER, George HALL & Edward COOPE Second-class: Nathaniel Howland, Henry W. WARNER & John B. GRAHAM Third-class: Eikanah Doolittle, Joseph SPRAGUE & Silas BUTLER Eikanah DOOLITTLE was president of the Board. Silas BUTLER was clerk Ezra C. WOODHULL was treasurer. The pastor in charge of the African Methodist Church was Rev. Stephen DUTTON. The preachers and class leaders were: Pete CROGER Benjamin CROGER James THOMPSON Caesar SPRINGFIELD Titus ROOSEVELT Jacob TITUS. The trustees were: Caesar SPRINGFIELD John CARSON Charles ASH Cornelius ANDERSON Samuel BROWNE. The leaders were: William HOLLAND John JACKSON Michael THOMPSON. NAVY YARD The Navy Yard in the old Village of Brooklyn, consisted of about 40 acres of ground. The offices, store-houses and barracks were constructed of bricks, handmade and thouhly substantial. The Captain Commandant was Samuel EVANS. Master Commandant : George W. RODGERS Lieutenant of the Yard : Benjamin COOPER Master of the Yard : Francis H. ELLISON Surgeon of the Yard & Marine Barracks : J.G.T. HUNT Purser of the Navy Yard : George S. WISE, Jr. Naval Storekeeper : John P. DECATUR Naval Constructor : John FLOYD Major commanding the Marine Corps : Richard SMITH MEDICAL SOCIETY OF KINGS COUNTY Anniversary Meeting in April Cornelius LOW, of Bushwick-President Matthew WENDELL, of Brooklyn-Vice-President Adrian VANDERVEER, of Flatbush-Secretary John CARPENTER, of New-Utrecht-Treasurer Censors- Charles BALL Joseph G. T. HUNT Thomas W. HENRY Delegate to State Society- Matthew WENDELL KINGS COUNTY-Judial Hon Leffer LEFFERTS-First Judge Judges- Trunjs SCHENCK John SKILLMAN Teunis JORALEMON Jeremiah JOHNSON Justices- Brooklyn: John GARRISON John G. MURPHY Samuel SMITH Bushwick: Gabriel De BEVOISE John P. Van COTTS Joseph CONSEYLEA Flatlands: Johannis REMSEN New Utrecht: Thomas HEGEMAN Albert J. Van BRUNT John T. BERGEN- New Utrecht, Sheriff Abraham VANDERVEER-Brooklyn Clerk Stephen S. VORIS-Coroner of Brooklyn Auctioneers of Brooklyn- William C. SMITH William SPADER Inspector of Spirits- Leffert LEFFERTS, jr. Inspector of Leather- Joseph HERBERT MILITIA OF KINGS COUNTY 64th Regiment Infantry. ________ _______, Colonel Robert NICHOLS-Lieut. Colonel _________ ________, Major ________ _______, Adjutant Abraham LOTT, Quarter Master Samuel GARRISON, Pay Master Cornelius DUBOISE, Surgeon Adrian VANDERVEER, Surgeon's Mate James W. SMITH, Sergeant Major Lt. Infantry Brooklyn- George HALL, Captain Henry DIKEMAN, Lieut. James W. SMITH, Ensign. Lt. Infantry New Utrecht- James D. DENYSE, Capt. James C. CHURCH, Lieut. Wm. W. CROPSEY, Ensign. Flatlands- John LOTT, Capt. Cornelius Bergen, Lieut. Brooklyn- _____ _______, Capt. John JORALEMON, Lieut. Samuel SMITH, Ensign. Brooklyn- William R. DEARR, Capt. _____ _______, Lieut. Brooklyn- Charles RAPELYEA, Capt. John SKLIIMAN, Lieut. Tunis RAPELYEA, Ensign Brooklyn- _____ _______, Capt. Jmes De BEVOISE, Lieut. Brooklyn- John G. Van COTT, Lieut. John MESEROLE, Ensign. Gravesend- Jacobus LAKE, Capt. Richard STILLWELL, Lieut. Simeon C. GARRISON, Ensign. Flatbush- John C. LOTT, Capt. Jacob WYCKOFF, Lieut. Artillery Company, attached to 9th Reg't- James BARR, Capt. William COE, 1st Lieutenant William CUMBERSON, 2nd Lieutenant Horse Artillery in Kings County, (Attached to the Governor's Guards) John REMSEN, Capt. Nicholas Van BRUNT, 1st Lieutenant _____, BERGEN, 2nd Lieutenant Henry LOTT, Cornet (Attached to the 1st Reg't N.Y.S. Artillery) 1st Troop- Peter S. SCHENCK, Capt. Jacob M. COOPE, 1st Lieutenant Jeremiah V. SPADER,2nd Lieutenant John J. BENNET, Cornet 2nd Troop- John R. SNEDEKER, Capt. Adrian V. CORTELYOU, 1st Lieutenant Jacob BERRY, 2nd Lieutenant John EMMONS, Jun., Cornet INCORPORATED FIREMEN (This association is incorporated for raising a fund to assist disabled Firemen and the widows and children of deceased Firemen) John DOUGHTY-President Joshua SUTTON-Vice President Jacob BROWN-Collector Isaac NOSTRAND-Treasurer Trustees- Jeremiah WELLS George FRICKE Morris SIMONSON Gamaliel KING Michael TRAPPLE Simeon BACK Joseph MOSER Jarshal WELLS George L. BIRCH TRUSTEES of District School, No.1 The house is on the corner of Adams & Concord streets. William CORNWELL RESIDENTS Village of Brooklyn 1923 The first directory was a book of very few pages, but the names of the inhabitants made quite a showing. The following shows the number printed, from A to and Z: N. B. h. stands for house n. for near c. for corner. A Abbot Daniel, tavern & livery stable 12 Main c. Water Abbot John, shoemaker 76 Jay Abrahams Austin, hostler 16 Main Abrahams James,. fur dresser 33 Hicks Ackerman John, tailor 87 Sands Adams Mrs. John near Little African Methodist Church 77, High Agar Edward (U.S. N.) York near Gold Agar WIlliam (U. S. N.) York near Gold Akely John. Joiner Navy Akely Samuel, fur dresser 86 Adams Albert John, ropemaker 70 Jay AIdworth Henry, dry goods 108 Fulton Allen George, grocer 4 Main Allen John, 63 Main Allen James, painter & glazier 71 Main Alms House, 84 Nassau Anderson David, stone cutter 2 Dock h. 50 Main Anderson Cornelius, black 32 Cranberry Anderson Cornelius, black 89 Pearl Anderson John, sawyer 3 Alley n. James Anderson Samuel, black 93 Pearl Anderson Nancy, black 1 Stewart's alley Andrews Joseph, (U. S. N.) 6 Adams Angus Samuel, captaln U. S. N. 34 Sands Angus William, carpenter 83 Front Applegate Lewis, carpenter 15 Water Armstrong Thomas, waterman 78 Furman Ash Michael, laborer Prospect near Gold Ash Charles, black 14 Hicks Ash James, ropemaker 38 Middagh Aymar John P. 12 Water B Bach Robert, merchant 30 Front, distillery Jackson's dock,store 48 Fulton N. Y. Back Michael, cartman 21 James Back Pelig, builder 138 Fulton Back Simeon, hardware store 3 Front Bailey Abraham, carpenter Bridge c. Prospect Baisley David, grocer 69 Main Baisley John, cartman 27 Furman Baisley Thomas, milkman 3 Prospect Ball Charles, physician 112 Fulton, h. Columbia near Cranberry Ball & Wendell, physicians 112 Fulton BaIl Mrs. Navy street Baldison Brian, ropemaker 2 High Baldwin John, carpenter Pearl betw. High & Nassau Bampton William, ship carpenter 119 Sands Banks William, pocketbook maker 33 Adams Barbarin A. I. 28 Fulton Barnet William, laborer Jackson's dock Barth Francis, ropemaker Gold near Sands Barth William, ropemaker Gold near Sands Barker Richard, mariner John near Navy Barkeloo Ever, grocer 18 Fulton Barkuloo Harmanus, grocery & tavern 6 Fulton Barr Peter, baker 30 Main Barr James, stone cutter 36 Main Barton John, coaster 47 Main Bartlett Robert, grocer 145 Sands c. Gold Bates William, grocer 41 Main Bates Robert, distiller 5 Dock Beers Ann EIiza, 40 Middagh Bedell Daniel, hairdresser 26 Fulton Bedell James, cartman 10 Stewart's alley Bedell John R. laborer 18 Hicks Bedell Moses, carpenter 42 Middagh Bell George, printer 29 Washington Bennet Abraham, shoe store 47 Fulton Bennet Fulkart, milkman 94 Fulton Bennet John C. tailor 49 Sands Bennet William, shoe store 90 Fulton Bennet William, laborer 25 Furman Bennet Winant, shoe store 92 Fulton Bennet Jane, alley betw Fulton & Poplar Bennet Mrs. 3? Cranberry Bergen Cornelius, 90 Sands, store 213 Water N.Y. Bergen John, jun. shoe store 61 Fulton Berault Charles, professor of dancing 145 Fulton Berry Sarah, widow of William Jackson n. York Beynon Evan, teacher 33 Nassau Bigelow William, bookbinder 50 Fulton Bil? Cyrus, teacher 16 Poplar Birch George L., . printer & bookseller 99 h. 97 Fulton Bird John B., ship carpenter 3? York Birdsall Thomas W, 62 Fulton Birdsall Samuel S., 2 Front, store Pearl N.Y. Birdsall Martha, widow of Samuel 21 Front Birkbeck Alexander, chain cable manufacturer 65 Water, h. 20 Hicks Birtweil Thomas, shoemaker 98 Sands Blair John, blacksmith Little n Navy Yard Bliss Jonathan, pewterer 21 Middagh Bloodgodd Abraham B., (U.S.N.) Prospect n Gold Bloomer J.&.E. hatters Marshall near Navy Yard Boerum Abraham, cartman 40 Pearl Bogart Abraham, marketman 4 High Bogert Gilbert, shoemaker 5 High Bond Isaac, brick layer 126 Fulton Booth Obadiah, cartman 136 Fulton Bourdett Peter, carpenter 67 Pearl Bourdett Peter E. carpenter 67 Pearl Bowie Belinda, widow ?? Washington Bowne Rodman, ferrymaster ?? Front Bowne Thomas, ferryman Water n Washington Boyd Edward, 5 High Boyd James, leather dresser 43 Middagh Bragaw Isaac, Nassau Garden 267 Fulton Bradenhouse Charles, boatman 15 Hicks Brady Charles, Little n Plymouth Brady James, tavern Little n Plymouth Brett Mary, Navy n Navy Yard Brewster Benajah, fisherman Poplar c Hicks Brewster Lot E., 6 Poplar Store 171 Water N.Y. Brill Jacob, School alley betw Fulton & Doughty Brister Thomas, black, rear 120 Fulton Bristow Thomas, laborer 37 Main Brislow William, 37 Main Britton Nathaniel, cooper 63 Fulton Brock Wellington, black 65 Pearl Brown Alvan, grocer 25 Main Brown Henry, black 32 James Brown Henry, black 93 Pearl Brown Joseph, sailmaker 73 Front Brown John, chain cable manufacturer 43 Main h. 4 Stewart's alley Brown John, black 32 James Brown John, black 87 Sands Brown John, black 3 High Brown Jacob, marketman 12 Hicks Brown William, joiner York n Gold Brown widow Elizabeth 11 Stewart's alley Brown Betsey, washerwoman, 5 alley n James Brower Abraham E., 17 Middagh Brower William, rigger 31 Doughty Brower Lawrence, Mount Pleasant Gard. 208 Fulton Brush Ebenezar, ferryrma 11 Main Buck Daniel, ship carpenter 81 Front Buckbee Palmer, gr??? 63 h. 65 Fulton Buckbee Ridman, cabinet maker 57 Fulton Bunce widow of Joel 70 Hicks Bunford Catherine, fruit store 37 Fulton Burnes James, shipmaster 77 Front Burnet Martin, wheelwright 40 Fulton Burnet Wllllam, fur dresser 82 Pearl Burtis James W., Grocery & flour store 21 Fulton Burtis John, boatman 23 Poplar Burroughs Joseph, hat store 33 Fulton Burroughs Thomas, saddler 16 h. l48 Fulton Burroughs & Leverich, saddIe & harness maker 16 Fulton Burke John, mi1kman 52 Cranberry Butler Silas, purser U. S. N. 53 Sands Butler Thomas, 11 Main Butler Elizabeth, 119 Sands C Cables Isaas, grocer 27 Main c Front Cady Henry W., gun & locksmith 29 h. 16 Fulton Camble widow of Littelier Pleasant Rrtreat Garden, 282 Fulton n Myrtle Capron David, tailor 13 Poplar Carbarry Hugh, shoemaker 26 Cranberry Carlin Hugh, laborer 8 Dock Carlin James, fur dresser 36 Washington Carman Samuel, tavern & stables 20 Fulton Carman William, cartman 20 Fulton Carman William, marketman 25 Middagh Carney James, boatman 32 Water Carpenter James, boarding House 24 Hicks Carpenter Thorn, 18 Cranberry Carter Robert, merch. 22 Sands, store 69 South N.Y. Carter Thaddeus, shoemaker 33 Adams Casey Patrick, Iaborer Little n. Plymouth Casey Mrs. John c Bridge Cassidy Murray, milkman 124 Fulton Caze James, merchant 16 h. II Furman Cecil Francis, tavern 3 Little Chadwick Keziah, widow of Thomas 37 Sands Chapman John A., ferryman 7 Main Chew Thomas I., purser U. S. N. Willow c Orange Cheney Amos, (U. S. N.) near lower Navy gate Chesley James, milkman Joraleman n Dutch church Chichester John, cartman 44 Main Clapp Richard, black. cellar 78 Main Clarke James B., esq. counsellor 175 Fulton Clarke William, laborer John n Little Clark William G., hatter 73 Main Clark Barney, laborer 11 Main Clayton Jeremiah, carpenter 27 Main Clewes John, (U. S. N.) 62 Nassau Coats John, tailor 104 Fulton Cock Townsend, tavern & livery stable 7 Fulton Codwire Christopher, Willow n PineappIe Coe William, grocer Navy Coffee Peter, ferryman 32 Doughty Coffin Hazadiah, shipmaster 65 Main Coghlan Patrick, cooper Plymouth n Jackson Cogswell George, shipmaster 51 Washington Collins Patrick, distiller Jackson n York Cole Cornelius, ferryman 34 Hicks Cole Isaac, fisherman 69 Main Cole John, coachmaker 69 Main Cole John, coachmaker 61 Fulton Cole John, jun. 60 Fulton Cole James, 46 Main Cole Moses, fisherman 113 Fulton Combes Elias, fruit store 91 Fulton Combes Joshua, carpenter 14 Henry Conkling John D., carpenter 9 Cranberry Conkling Mrs., 36 Hicks Cook Benjamin S., bookbinder Adams h. 19 Poplar Cook Matthew, (U. S. N.) York n Gold Cook Isaac, black 24 Water Cook James, shipmaster 51 Hicks Cooper Benjamin, lieutenant U. S. N. 80 Hicks Cooper David T., 5 Sands, turpentine distillery N. Y. Cooper John, boarding house 34 Sands Coope Edward, blacksmith 44 Fulton h. 2 James Coope Edward, jun. cartman 4 James Coope Jacob, blacksmith 11Water h. 2 James Coope Jesse, fruit store 74 Fulton Copeland Edward, grocery, corner Front & Main Corkran John, fur dresser 57 Concord Cornell Austin, cartman 33 Middagh Cornell Richard, cabinet maker 129 Fulton Cornell Whitehead J., 16 Poplar Cornell Mary, widow of Benj. boarding h. 59 Main Cornell widow Elizabeth, 4 alley n Doughty Cornell William, merchant tailor 40. h. 38 Front Cornelison widow Sarah, midwife 7 Nassau Corson Daniel, boatman 73 Fulton Corson John, black 83 Nassau Coroner of Brooklyn, 77 Fulton Cosgrove Dennis, grocer 29 Furman Cosgrove James, gunner U. S, N. 137 Sands County Clerk's 0ffice corner Fulton & Front Covert Nicholas, carpenter 46 Hicks Covert Richard, mason 61 Fulton Covert Richard, jun. 61 Fulton Covert Walter, boatman rear 38 Furman Coxson Abraham, black 52 Hicks Coyl John, cartman 55 Front Cozine Jacob, cartman 59 Concord Crocker Warren, carpenter 316 Fulton Croger Benjamin, black 89 Pearl Croger Peter, black 91 Pearl Cronk widow of Silvanus, 47 Hicks Cropsey Henry, 100 Fulton Cropsey Jeromus, marketman 18 Stewart's alley Cropsey Catherine, widow of Jesse, 71 Front Cumberson William, carpenter 34 Hicks Cunningham Francis, waiter 68 Concord Cunningham George D., 29 Front Cunningham John, waiter 70 Concord Cunningham William, distiller 29 Front Cunningham Wesley, gunner U. S. N. 3 York Cuthbert Benjamin, blacksmith 71 Sands Cutrel Lazarus, ship carpenter 26 Hicks D Daly Eugene, tavern n centre Navy Yard Gate Davis David, black Jay n Front Davis William, mason 22 Cranberry Davis widow Sarah, 2 York Davison Clemont, watchmaker 24 Cranberry shop Fulton c Pearl N.Y. Dawson Darby, stevedore 9 Furman Dawson Mrs., teacher 11 Stewart's alley Day Lewis M., fur dresser 64 Pearl Dean Joseph, 238 Fulton Dean William R., grocer & feed store 114 h. 105 Fulton Dean Sarah, widow of John, 1 Sands c Fulton Decatur John P., U. S. Naval store keeper, 52 Nassau De Forcat Lewis, tailor 7 Nassau Degraw James, marketman 66 Sands Demarest Andrew, mason 16 Cranberry Demorandell John, A., cartman 27 Main Dempsey_______, Blooming Grove Garden 216 Fulton De Niroth Sarah, school 54 Cranberry Denton Nehemiah, miller Guanos, store 25 Coenties-slip, N.Y. Denton Samuel, mason 36 Middagh Derry London, black 41 Hicks Despard Green, clerk 26 Main Devoe Isaac, cabinet maker 52 Adams, h. Myrtle n Fulton Devoe widow, rear 126 Fulton Dey John, mason 7 Poplar Dey Joseph, cartman 49 Concord Dezendorf Andrew, marketman 74 Jay Dezendorf Bernard, mason 72 Nassau c Jay DezendorfFrederick, carpenter 51 Concord Dezendorf John cooper 60 High Dezendorf James, carpenter 42 Concord Dickey John, ship carpenter 71 Front Dickerson Amos, John n Jackson Dickerson James, tailor 32 Hicks Dickerson John, ship carpenter 88 Sands Dickins John, seaman 1 Little Dickinson Abraham, carpenter Prospect n Gold Dickinson Thomas, grocery & tavern 184 Sannds Dickson Joseph, 52 Main Dickson Ann, fruit store 52 Main Dikeman Henry, ladies shoe store 45 Fulton Dikeman John esq., attorney at law 89 Fulton Dikeman Robert, ropemaker 67 Concord Dodge Adam, hatter 17 Fulton Dodge John, ship carpenter York n Gold Dolly Thomas H., Jackson n York Doolittle Elkanah, tallow chandler 19 Sands, factory 71 Frankfort, N.Y. Doremus Cornelius, Joralemon n Fulton Dotter Adam, porter house 51 Middagh c Willow Doughty Charles I. esq., 54 Nassau, office 2 Law Bu., N.Y. Doughty John esq., 54 Fulton Doughty John S., 56 Fulton Doughty Robert W., village weighter 54 Fulton Dougherty Huge, boatman 34 Water Dougherty Philip, laborer 2 Hicks Downing Coe S., tavern & livery stable 12 Fulton Doxsey Samuel, constable, 30 Fulton Dubois Lewis, laborer Plymouth n Jackson Duflon John F. L., Military Garden junc. Joralemon & Fulton Dunn James H., (U. S. N.) 88 Sands Dunn Mrs. widow of Carey, 21 Middagh Dunham John, boatman 7 Stewart's alley Durlan Joseph, ship carpenter York n Gold Duryea Cornelius, blacksmith 11 Fulton h.?? n James Duryea Jacob S., soap & candle factory 21 Main Dusenberry Samuel, lieutenant U. S. N. 126 ??? E Eaton David, boatswain U. S. N., Navy EIdert Smith, laborer 20 Water Ellison Francis H., (U. S. N.) 152 Sands Elmore Eli, 106 Sands Elgle James, ropemaker 78 Adams England Francis F., gardener Jackson n Gold Ennis Joshua, 6? Sands Evans Joshua, turpentine distiller rear 23 Furman Evans Samuel, captain U. S. N. at the Navy Yard Everit Thomas, Willow n Middagh Everit Thomas, jun. 66 Hicks Everit Richard, Willow n Middagh Everit Thomas & Sons, hide & leather store 7 Furman F Fanning William, ropemake 175 Sands Farrington Samuel, Carpenter 32 Hicks Faulkener James, distiller 38 Water Faulkener Hetty, Gold n Sands Fearnley John, butcher 1I8 Fulton Ferguson Abraham, black. 126 Fulton Ferguson Diana, black alley n Nassau Ferguson Judith, washerwoman 5 alley n James Fiel Daniel, fur dresser, rear 84 Pearl Fish Erastus, printer r Nassau Fisher John enq., 11 Front c. Dock Fleet Simon, York near Adam Fletcher James, grocer 58 Nassau c Pearl Flowers John, green grocer 49 Fulton Floyd John, ship builder U. S. N. Jackson n York Fonda Ann, 16 Nassau Forbes Harry, laborer 2 Stewart's alley Forbus William, ropemaker 70 Nassau Foster Isaac, fur dresser 57 Concord Foster Jacob, Pineapple n Willow Foster William, butcher, Everit n Doughty Foster William, ferryman 11 Little Foster Samuel, black 73 High Foulson James, painter 86 Sands Fox Phoebe, widow of Joseph 84 Fulton Francis Eliza., washerwoman 11 alley n James Frazier Thomas, tin ware manuf. 83 Fulton Freake John C., miller Guanos Freel Patrick, cooper 59 Front Freeman Joseph, laboerer 144 Fulton Fricke George, coachmaker 46 Fulton, h. 13 Hicks Fries George, grocer 57 Front c Washington Furman Abraham, marketman 52 Fulton Furman Nathan, laborer rear 95 Sands Furman Richard, laborer 17 Hicks Furman Thomas, waterman 27 Main Furman William, esq, 4 Fulton Furman William, tavern & oyster house 3 Fulton Furman Miss, 78 Fulton Furman Huidah, widow of Nathan, 124 Fulton Furnold Thomas, ship joiner, Navy st. G Gage Mrs., dress maker 101 Sands Galbreath Eliza., 151 Fulton Galloway John, merchant 25 Water, h, 15 Concord c Washington Galvin John, laborer 6 Dock Garrison John, esq. Justice, office 131Fulton h. 44 Washington Garrison John F., butcher 79 Fulton, h 13 Poplar Garrison Jacob, butcher 61I Main h 141 Fulton Garhardy Jacob, barber n lower navy gate Garthwaite David, stone cutter 61 Front Gates Selden, 19 Front Gault Elizabeth, boarding house 85 Fulton Gay Jabez, card manufactory 73 Fulton Gaynor John, blacksmith Little n Navy Yard Greer Greenman, tavern Water c. Bridge Gibson William, grocery & tavern 49 Main c York Gilberts Gilbert, black doctor Jay near Front Gilbert James, laborer PIymouth near Jackson Gildersleeve John, cartman 33 Fulton Gildersleeve John, jun. coachmaker 3 h. 87 Fulton Gildersleeve James, 9 Poplar Gilfillan John, baker 7 Main Gill James, shipmaster 39 Pearl GIllan Patrick, fruiter 57 Fulton Gillan Mrs. widow of Michael, 26 Cranberry Glago Michael, black 71 High Goin Charles, grocer 38 Furman Goin Mrs. Ann widow of Thomas, 38 Furman Goodwin James, laborer 61 Concord Gray James, armourer 77 Front Graham Augustus, 13 Front Graham John B., 13 Front Graverend J., hairdresser Prospect n Navy Yard Green Lemuel, baker 134 Fulton c High Greer David, blacksmith, Jackson's Dock Gribbin Peter, grocer 9 Main Gribbin & Glassey grocers 9 Main Griffin David, carpenter 14 Henry Griffin George D. esq., counsellor 38 Sands H Hadden William J., grocery 137 Fulton c. Cranberry Haine Edward, public garden Jay near Front Haley Peter, mason 30 Cranberry Haley John, laborer Bridge n Plyrnouth Hall George, painter & glazier 105 Fulton Hall Matthew, 160 Sands Hall John, dry good store 77 Main c. Prospect Hall Simeon, ropemaker 16 Nassau Hallenback Isaac, mariner John n Little Ham Wandle, Pearl n Front Hamill John, cartman Gold n Sands Hamilton Thomas, grocer 53 Front Hamilton John, carpenter John n Little Hammond Thomas, carpenter 7 Cranberry Hancock William, ropemaker Fulton n. Joralemon Hanna John, laborer ?5 Furman Hardenburgh Mrs. ???arity, 41 Hicks Hardenbrook The??ailus, cooper Pearl n Front Harkin John, mason ?4 Water Harley Charles, boatman 81 Furman Hart Elkanah, ostler alley n James Hartnett Maurice, shipwright York near Gold Harmer Washington E., floor cloth manu. 1 Middagh h 5 Sands Hardagh h 5 Sands Harris ropemaker 94 Sands Harris Edward, painter 17 Henry Harris Edward, fruit shop 3 Nassau Harrison George A., merchant 36 Nassau Harrison's Pocket-book manufactory Adams n Sands Hart Samuel, hostler 73 Fulton Hart Samuel, milkman 41 Main Harvey Michael, boatman 33 Furman Harvey William, hair dresser 8 Main Hasketh John, cordial distiller 26 Water Hasting John, gardener 5 Furman Hatfield George, carpenter 2 High Havens Susan, washerwoman 2 Stewart's alley Haviland George, harness maker 9 Nassau Haviland Daniel, laborer York n Gold Hayden John, ferryman 35 Main Haynes Thomas, 153 Fulton, store 158 Water N.Y. Hays Susan, 63 Front Hazard Morris, ship carpenter 40 Hicks Hebard Shubael, carpenter 36 Pearl Hedges Daniel, carpenter 44 Cranberry Hegeman Adrian, laborer 64 Water Hegeman Adrian, teacher 20 Middagh h 5 Poplar Helms Abraham, laborer 22 Poplar Hempstead Christopher M., ropemaker 3 High Hempstead Nathaniel, grocer 47 Front Hempstead Mary, widow of Nathan, jun. 127 Fulton Hendickson Stephen I., 71 Sands Hendickson Scott, carpenter 59 Jay Hendickson Thomas, laborer 120 Fulton Henley Patrick, cooper 78 Fulton Henry William, 67 Sands Henry John, laborer John n Navy Henry Thomas W., (M.D.) 67 Sands c Jay, office 108 Fulton Henry & Macomber, Physicians 103 Fulton Herbert Joseph, boot & shoe store 62 Sands Herbert John, carpenter 89 Sands Herbert James, keeper alms house 84 Nassau Herbert Rebecca, widow of Daniel, 73 Main Herrington Ebenezer, (U. S. N.) 331 Fulton Hicks Jacob M., 48 Fulton Hicks John M., 4Hicks Hicks Jacob, wood dealer 41Front Hicks Edward, tailor 62 Fulton h 27 Middagh Hicks George, store house 112 Furman h. Willow Hicks Stephen, cartman 21 James Hicks William, ropemaker l25 Fulton Hicks Robert, merchant 69 Hicks, store South st. N.Y. Hicks Jonathan, black 98 Pearl Hicks Simon, black, oyster house 210 Fulton Hicks Cominy, black 34 James Higbie John, 60 Main Higbie Joshua, 26 Cranberry Higbie Edward, fisherman Gold n Sands Higbie Larner, ropemaker Gold n Sands Hill Moses R., grocer 73 Main Hillard James, fur dresser 86 Adams Holland William, black 9 Stewart's alley Horton Osborn, grocer, shoe maker, 123 Fulton n Middagh Houghton Theo L., printer 78 Main Housey William, ropemaker 4 Washington Howland Nathaniel, ropemaker 312 h. 302 Fulton Howard Whitehead, livery stable 13 h. 18 Fulton Howard Bethuel, butcher 31 Main Howard Garrit, milkman Joralemon n Dutch church Howard Robert, 61 Furman Howr? Francis, ropemaker 208 Fulton Horgan Michael, near Gold Heyland Francis, mustard manuf. 144 Fulton Hubbs Jacob, grocery & tavern 52 Hicks c Cranberry Hudson Samuel, weaver 47 Hicks Hughes David, silk dyer &c 59 Fulton Hulse Peter, milkman Joralemon n Dutch church Hulsart Benj., shoe store 135 Fulton c Cranberry Humphrey ------, baker 3 1/2 Front HuntThedosius, 98 Fulton c Prospect Hunt Joseph G. T., physician 176 Fulton Hunt Thomas, black 93 Sands Hunter John, tavern & livery stable 23 Fulton Huntington Edward, shipmaster 190 Fulton Hyde Peter, waterman 84 Cranberry Hyde Furman, boatman 123 Furman Hyde Bennet, cooper 69 Furman Hyde William, tailor 62 h. 70 Fulton I IngrahamJohn, laborer Jackson n York Irwin George, shoemaker 141 Fulton Isnard Marx'n, laboratory 44 Water h. 17 Front J Jackson Benjamin, 27 Sands, office Pine st., Jackson Obadiah, grocer 14 Fulton Jackson Samuel, merchant Willow Jackson John, merchant h. Jamaica toll-gate Jackson Mrs. Maria, 42 Pearl Jackson William, black 69 High Jackson John, black 81 Nassau Jackson Jack, black 11 alley n James Jackson Thomas, black rear 81 Nassau Jackson Eve, black washerwoman 27 James Jacobs Samuel, cartman Gold n Sands Jacobs Elizabeth, millinery 67 Fulton Jaggar Jehiel, 74 Sands store l38 Water N.Y. James Samuel, ropemaker 200 Fulton-180 Front N.Y. James Matthew, painter & glazier 80 Fulton Jefferson Samuel, black 91 Pearl Jenkins Reuben, shipmaster 65 Main Jenkins William, 100 Fulton Jenkins Thomas, steam engineer 17 Hicks Jenkins William, mason 38 Cranberry Jenkins & Lippincott, grocers 100 Fulton Johnson Gen. Jeremiah, Wallabogt Johnson William, brewer 49 Front Johnson John, brewer 49 Front Johnson Weyman, blacksmith 16 Hicks Johnson Elizabeth, fruit store 48 Fulton Johnson Mrs., tavern Plymouth c Jackson Johnson Hector, black 27 James Johnson Anthony, black 79 Nassau Johnson Anthony, black 71 High Jones Gershom, card manuf. 73 Fulton Jones Mrs. Margaret, 2 James Jones Robert, sawyer 5 Adams Jones Lewis, milkman n Fulton & Joralemon Jones David, blacksmith Marshall n Gold Joalemon Teunis, esq., near Jorelemon Joyce Daniel, blacksmith 15 Water shop Fisher Joyce Ezra, hat store 28 Fulton Justice's Court, J. Garrison esq. at 131 Fulton K Kearney James, cartman 7 Main Kelmer Francis, laborer 5 Furman Kent James, mason 1 High Kent William, cotton sampler 31 Furman Kent Jacob, mason rear 59 Concord King Gamallel, builder 11 Middagh King John, rigger 14 Washington Kingsley Thomas, tavern Marshal n Jackson Kirby & Buckbee, cabinet makers 57 Fulton Kirby John, cabinet maker 57 Fulton Kirk Thomas, 191 Fulton Knox William, shoemaer n lower Navy Gate Kopman Louis, commission merchant 81 Sands L Ladd Daniel, blacksmith York n Gold Laldlaw John, teachor 30 h. 26 Middagh Laight Gen. Edward W., 27 Nassau Langdon Gerardus C., grocer, 10 Fulton h. 7 Front Langdon John, measurer Everit n Doughty Langdon Thomas, tavern & tea tea garden 157 Fulton Langdon Thomas, waterman 47 Middagh Lannin Thomas, painter Prospect n Gold Lara Edward, blacksmith 18 Hicks Laraza Zebulon, waterman 23 Middagh Latham Daniel, blacksmith York n Gold Latham John, boatman 125 Furman Laurie John, boatman 125 Furman Lawrence John, constable 52 Hicks Lazay Joseph, caulker 88 Adams Leech John, ropemaker 98 Sands Leeds Joel, mariner 44 Main Lees Mrs., rear 182 Sands Lefferts Leffert, esq., Bedford 3 miles from ferry Lefferts Leffert, jun. York c Bridge store 216 Front N.Y. Lefferts Rosanna, washerwoman 3 alley n James Lelliet Madame, 10 High Leonard John, ice-cream garden Plymouth n Gold Leverich Gabriel, saddler &c 16 h. 48 Furman Levering William, York n Gold Lewis Jesse, ropemaker 4 Liberty Lewis Alpha, cartman 16 Main Lewis Roswell, comb-maker 60 Concord Lingham James, horse-boatman 45 Middagh Lippincott Allen, grocery 100 Fulton Little George, grocery & tavern Navy st. Lockwood Charles, baker 68 Fulton Lockwood Thomas, tailor c Jay & Concord Loisian School, 2 York Longill Matthew, boatswain U.S.N. York n Jackson Lott Charles, tavern 40 Furman Lott Henry R., 65 Front Louden Samuel, block,aker York n Gold Low Samuel, Washington n Concord Lowder Robert, York c Gold Luqueer Abraham, carpenter 83 Sands Lyons Jonathan, merxhant Poplar n Hicks M Macs M'Ardle John, grocer 71 Water M'Call Mrs. Jane, 111 Fulton M'Can Cornelius, tavern 34 Water c Dock M'Carty Thomas, cartman 53 Front M'Coun Jacob, blacksmith 11 Fulton h. 46 Main M'Coun Leonard, blacksmith Cranberry c.Henry M'Coun widow of Walter, Everit n Doughty M'Connell Hugh, blacksmith 41 Main M'Cue Richard, blacksmith Plymouth n. Jackson M'Donald Hugh, Cottage Garden, Tillary n Fulton M'Donald John S., 184 Sands M'Farlan Frederick, teacher 10 Dock M'Farlane John, shoemaker 7 Nassau M'Farlin James, 44 Middagh M'Feeley Charles, laborer 125 Furman M'Feeley Dennis, rear 123 Furman M'Garraghan Michael, sargeant marines 5 Little M'Kenney John, constable Everit n Doughty M'Laughlin Charles, ferryman 35 Furman M'Laughlin Cornelius, boatman 22 Water M'Laughlin Hugh, grocer 35 Furman M'Laughlin James, pedlar 70 Front M'Laughlin James, laborer 35 Furman M'Laughlin John, boatman 2 Hicks M'Laughlin Michael, grocer 69 Water M'Laughlin Patrick, laborer 32 Water M'Laughlin William, boatman 70 Front M'Mullen Daniel, steamboatman 62 Water M'Mullen John, steam engineer 69 Fulton M'Neil Daniel M. D., 22 Hicks M'Quay Charles, ropemaker Gold n Sands M Macomber Robert P., (M.D.) 103 Fulton h. Wallaboght Magee Rebecca, widow of John, York n Jackson Mahon Charles, grocer 41 Fulton c. Hicks Mahoney Jeremiah, tavern 5 Little Major George, carpenter 15 Henry Malbone Ralph, grocer 310 Fulton h. c Redhook lane Malcolm Donald, 4 Nassau Maloy William, laborer 25 Furman Mapes Garret, blacksmith 78 Front Mapes WiIliam, carpenter alley betw Fulton & Poplar March Thomas, merchant 21 Sands, store Old Slip, N.Y. Martin Henry, cartman 25 Main Martin Norris L., 246 Fulton store 161 South c Dover, N.Y. Martin Enoch, cartman 53 Front Marshall Adam, sweep 9 Stewart's alley Mathews George, black 95 Sands Mather Peter, laborer Prospect n Navy Yard Matthews William, wood inspector 13 Stewart's alley Maxwell Thomas, ropemaker 3 High Mead Peter, carpenter 13 Henry Meaker Benjamin, builder 14 Front Mercein Andrew, 150 Sands Merrick John, mariner 53 Front Meschutt Frederick, fur dresser 61 Front Methodist School-house, 52 Adam Middagh Sarah, widow of John, 81 Fulton Middagh Martha, widow of Aert, 81 Middagh Middagh Harry, black 6 Poplar Millard James, shoemaker 37 Main Miller John, ropemaker York n Gold Mills L'Hommedieu, grocery & tavern 60 Main c. James Milward William, 1 Poplar Mintoyne John, builder 83 Sands Mintoyne John, jun. carpenter 47 Middagh Mix M. P., (U. S. N.) 61 Pearl c. Nassau Moberry Ralph, laborer Jackson n Navy Yard Moffat William, tavern Jackson c Plymouth Mood William, black 75 High Moon Henry, carpenter 14 Front Moon John, lumber dealer 61 Front Moon Jacob, carpenter 69 Front Moon James, carpenter 1 York Moon Martin, 22 Cranberry Mooney James, 6 Liberty Mooney Martin, laborer 6 Liberty Moore Alexander, carpenter 19 Henry Moore Hendrick, marketman Main Moore John H., 28 Sands Moore John, weaver 4 James Moore John, black 3 Prospect Moore Philip I., milkman 55 Front Moore Matilda, 91Sands Moore Anthony, black 29 James Montgomery Moses, Shamrock Hall 266 Fulton Montgomery Mrs., teacher 49 h. 66 Sands Moran Garret, laborer Plymouth near Jackson Moran John, seaman 6 Liberty Moran Michael, bIacksmith 57 Concord Morehouse Calvin, carpenter 32 Middagh Morehouse Smith, carpenter 4 Adams Morris William, cartman 33 Hicks Mor??on John H., tavern & boarding-house Columbia c Cranberry Morrell James, carpenter 66 Nassau Morrell John, shoemaker 88 Fulton Moser Isaac, grocer 130 Fulton c. High Moser Joseph, builder 138 Fulton Motley Alice, widow of John, 27 Sands Mott John, laborer 58 Main Mott Francis, black 95 Sands Mott Harriet, washerwoman 9 Stewart's alley Mount Forman M., shipmaster 23 Cranberry Mullen James, laborer Columbia st Heights Munroe William, seaman Little n Navy Yard Murdock Mrs., Marshall n Little Murphy Christopher, ropemaker Gold n Sands Murphy John G., millwright 142 Fulton Murphy Isabella, widow of John, 86 Fulton Murray Edward, tavern Navy st Murray Stephan, milkman Nassau n Bridge N Napier John, merchant 5 Washington Nash Burr, blacksmith 13 Main Nash Isreal, sawyer 44 Main Navy Hospital, Water n Bridge Nesbitt John, ropemaker York c Gold Newberry Catherine, dressmaker 49 Main Newman Samuel, merchant Columbia c Pineapple store 37 Burling Slip, N.Y. Newton Lieut John T., U.S.N. 191 Fulton Nichols Anthony E., U.S.N. 35 Middagh Nichols Cummey, black 97 Sands Nichols John T.E., dry goods store 106 Fulton Nichols Isaac, cabinet maker 29 Middagh Nichols Jerome, pocket book maker 64 Pearl Nichols Robert, 52 Sands office 213 Water, N.Y. Nichols Walter, baker 96 Fulton c Main Noon Mrs., tavern Jay c Concord North Mrs., 127 Fulton Nostrand Isaac, shore store 37 Fulton Nostrand Jacob, laboerer 34 Main Nostrand widow Jane, 19 James Noyes doctor Josiah, 59 Main Noyes Vanderburgh & co., white lead manuf. & chemical laboratory Front n Bridge Nuskey Rinard, mason Liberty n Concord O Oaks Jacob, laborer 69 Main Obrey Francis, tavern & garden Little n Navy Yard Obrien Dennis, tavern n lower Navy Gate Ogilvie Thomas, 71 h. 73 Fulton Oliver James, milkman n Fulton Onderdonk Rev. Henry U., 198 Fulton Osborn Davis L., hatter 126 Fulton O'Sullivan John, merchant Willow n Pineapple Owens William, milkman Fulton n Red Hook lane P Patchen Jacob, butcher 64 Fulton Patchen Ralph, distiller n West line Patterson James, laborer Gold n York Patterson John, laborer 88 Adams Patterson William, Prospect n Gold Patterson William, 30 Washington Patterson Mrs., Prospect n Gold Parker Joseph, laborer Marshall n ackson Parks Mrs S., Little c Marshall Paryin (?) Benjamin, ferryman 47 Front Peale Henry, pewterer 9 Poplar Pease William G., shipmaster 148 Fulton Pearcy John, tailor 44 Furman Peck Jesse, comb maker 56 Concord Peckwell Henry W., candle manuf. 21 Main Pell David, grocer 39 Fulton Pell James, coopersmith 87 Front Pell Samuel, 53 Fulton Pelletreau Elias, hairdresser 34 Fulton Peterson Thomas, black 83 Front Peterson Susan, washerwoman 7 High Petter Robert, boat builder Prospect n Gold Pettit Charles, mason 65 Pearl Pettit John, waterman 7 Stewart's alley Pettit Simeon, grocer 72 Fukton Pettit Samuel, carpenter 72 Jay Pettit William, laborer 32 Front Pettit Fanny, 26 Cranberry Philip William, baker 102 Fulton Piercy Henry, printer 16 Nassau Pierpont Hesekiah B., Columbia, Heights Pierpont John, Columbia, Heights Place Joseph, livery stable 4 Fulton Plumb Samuel, ropemaker n Washington Post Ralph, laborer Gold n Sands Post Office, 99 Fulton Potter Joseph, fisherman 17 Hicks Pottinger Lieut. William, (U.S.N.) 1 Nassau Powell Elbert, cartman 80 Doughty Powell Henry, ferryman 41 Hicks Powell Jeffery, tobacconist 88 Fulton Powell John, cartman 38 Main Prest Peter, tailto 31 Fulton Price David, painter 85 Sands Price Mrs., 18 Nassau Purcell William, tavern York c Gold Pywell Benjamin W., 125 Fulton Q Quereau Joshua, blockmaker 188 Sands Quevedo Francis, grocer n lower Navy Gate Quevedo Joseph, grocer n lower Navy Gate Quigley Harry, distiller 33 Furman Quirk Nicholas, tavern 12 Little R Rawson Abel, shipmaster 231 Front Raymond Einathan, furrier 45 Sands factory Pearl Raynor Elijah, grocery & tavern 17 Fulton Raynor Ezekiel, grocer 35 Hicks c Middagh Raynor Gilbert, grocer 27 Furnman Raynor Parmenas, mason Stewart's alley Redden Michael, tavern 12 Dock Redfern Michael, gunsmith 116 Fulton Reed Ebenezer, mariner 64 Water Reid Gilbert, saddler &c 53 Fulton Reid Rike, grocer 143 h. 125 Fulton Reid Philip, grocer 332 Fulton on south line Remsen Abraham G., carpenter Bridge c Prospect Remsen Charles, laborer 29 Fulton Remsen Henry I., Joralemon st Reynolds Israel, cartman 134 Fulton Reynolds Isaac Robertdeau, painter York n Gold Reynolds William L. (U.S.N.) York n Gold Rhodes Robert, tailor 74 Fulton Rhodes Frances, widow of Daniel, 1 York Richards Charles H., Willow c Orange office South st n Old Slip, N.Y. Richardson Marvel, shoemaker 114 Fulton c Middagh Richardson Stephen, cartman 49 Concord Riker Diana, Gold n Sands Rivers James, laborer Jackson n York Roach James, laborer Jay n Catholic Church Robbins Aaron S., mason 30 Cranberry Robbins John N., cooper 36 Cranberry Robbins William, waterman 84 Middagh Robinson Alexander I., broker Wilow n Cranberry, office 43 William, N.Y. Roberts Thomas, marketman alley betw Fulton & Poplar Roberts Richard, saw filer Marshall n Gold Rodgers capt George W., (U.S.N.)45 Jay c High Roe Henry, carpenter 40 Main Roe Thomas B., shoestore 42 Main Rogers Benjamin, grocer 53 Sands c Pearl Rogers Charles, mason 75 Jay Rogers Francis, armourer near lower Navy Gate Rogers John, cooper 51 Hicks Rogers Joshua, cartman 41 Hicks Rogers Joseph, cooper 41 Hicks Rogers Peter, cartman 30 Cranberry Rogers Seth, cartman 20 Poplar Rogers Thomas, mason 78 Pearl Rogers Thomas, grocer 51 Sands c Pearl Roosevelt Titus, black ropemaker 85 Pearl Rose James, tavern 80 Water Rose Phineas, boatman 69 ront Rose widow of Garret, 31 Middagh Rowley Elijah, tavern & fruit store 25 Fulton Rowland Henry, 48 main Royce John, laborer 8 Adams Rugga(s?) John, ropemaker 27 Middagh Rushmore William, tavern 9 Little Rust Samuel, 38 Main Rust & Nash, blacksmiths 18 Main Ryder Amos, Myrtle n Fulton Ryder Christopher, waterman 6 Dock Ryder Samuel, carpenter 80 Pearl Ryder Uriah, shoe store 35 Fulton Ryfenburgh Peter, 57 Middagh S Sackett Clarence D., esq. attorney at law 2? Fulton, office 2 Nassau st, N.Y. Sale William A., mason 192 Fulton Salter William F., 25 Front store 96 Coffee-house slip, N.Y. Sands Joshua esq., 5 Front Sandford Miss, female school 58 Nassau Savage, widow of Jacob, Jackson n Front Scanlin Morris, laborer Marshall n Gold Schenck Stephen, grocer 44 Sands Schenck William, grocer 88 Fulton Schenck Stephen, grocer 80 Fulton Schenck John, grocer 80 Fulton Schenck J. & S. grocers 80 Fulton Schormerhorn Abre. Guanos, store 226 Front, N.Y. Scoggins Jacob, black Jackson n Front Scott Alexander, tavern 1 Little at Navy Yard ferry Seabury Samuel, teacher 12 Front h. 27 Middagh Seabury Samuel, teacher 202 Fulton Searles Isaac, hatter 10 & 14 Doughty Seaman Benjamin, ferry-master 11 Middagh Seaman Conkling, ropemaker 81 Jay Seaman John, ropemaker Gold c Sands Seaman Aaron, black, 9 alley n James Seaman James, black 67 Water Sedgfield John, 6 Nassau c Liberty Selover John, milkman 16 main Shannon Mary S., fruit store67 Main Sharpe Mrs., boarding-house (mansion house) heights, Columbia st Sharpe Peter, black 6 alley n James Shackerly John H., millinery 103 Fulton Sheriff's office, Kings co., 114 Fulton c Sands Sherrid Fanny, washerwoman Joralemon n Dutch church Shonnard Frederick, block & pump maker Main n Marshall Shotwell Samuel, marketman 10 High Silliman Gold S., merchant 59 Washington Simister Joseph, tavern 98 Furman Simons Nicholas, carpenter 119 Sands Simons Adam, black 11 alley n James Simonson John, butcher 30 Doughty Simonson Morris, carpenter 8 Cranberry Simonson Layton, cartman 17 Fulton Sims John, hatter Hicks c Poplar Skidmore John, ferryman 4 Washington Skidmore Joel, ferryman 7 Nassau Skidmore Isaac, grocer 68 Main Skidmore Peter, laborer 44 Hicks Slater Joshua, tailor 6 Nassau Sloan Daniel, blacksmith c Water & Bridge Smith Abraham, milkman Joralemon n Dutch church Smith Enoch, mason alley n James Smith Edwin, carpenter, Gold n Sands Smith George, wheelwright 131 h. 128 Fulton Smith Henry M., 34 Sands Smith Hervey, seaman 20 Poplar Smith Hervey, ropemaker 28 Cranberry Smith Hendrick, tavern 63 Concord c Jay Smith Jeffery, merchant 70 Hicks c Orange Smith Jeffery, shoemaker 26 Hicks Smith John, boatswain U.S.N. Plymouth n Jackson Smith John, boatswain alley n Navy Smith Jacob, 47 Main Smith John, clerk 58 Main Smith John, cartman 128 Fulton Smith John, Wallaboght Toll-bridge Smith Joseph N., physician 60 Fulton Smith Joseph, black rear 93 Pearl Smith Jason, boarding house 8 High Smith Joshua, mason 47 Main Smith James, mason 7 Poplar Smith James, jr., mason 7 Poplar Smith Michael, blacksmith alley n James Smith Robert, ropemaker 7 High Smith Richard, wheelwright 44 Middagh Smith Samuel, watchmaker & jeweler 75 Fulton Smith Samuel esq., justice, Jamaica road n south village line Smith Stephen, ferryman 31 Doughty Smith Thomas, 25 Main Smith Valentine, tavern 19 Fulton Smith William, cooper 71 Main Smith William C., carpenter 42 Pearl Smith William, black 91 Sands Smith Zachariah, boarding house 12 Cranberry n Henry Smith Ann, widow of Selah, tavern & livery stable 27 Fulton Smith Ellen, mantusmaker 8 Prospect Smith Frances, carpet weaver 6 Stewart's alley Smith Mrs., alley betw Fulton & Doughty Smith Sarah, widow of David, 14 Main Snell George, cartman alley n Nassau Snow Robert, potash inspector 7 Sands, office N.Y. Snyder Peter, grocery & fruit store 25 Main Solomon Oliver, black 91 Sands Soloman Rachel, washerwoman 91 Sands Somerindyke Peter, shoemaker 32 Cranberry Southard Cornelius, cartman 14 Main Southard William, ropemaker 4 Liberty Spader Anthony, black 91 Sands Spear Abraham, shoemaker 41 main Spinning John, carpenter 63 Concord Spooner Alden, printer & bookseller 50 Fulton h. 50 Hicks Sprague Joseph, 184 Fulton office Ferry st., N.Y. Springfield Cesar, black 46 Middagh Saines John, waiter 36 washington Stanley Joseph, teacher 3 Sands Stanton Richard, lumber merchant 1 Main York n Washington Stanton Cornelius W., Wallaboght Stanton Henry, 36 Main Stayler Anthony, marketman 42 Middagh Steeves ___, mariner 44 Furman Stellenwerf Evert, blacksmith 318, shop 380 Fulton Stephenson William, tavern 160 Fulton Stephenson William, Jun. carpenter 81 Adams Stevenson Andrew, manuf. of China earthenware, store 58 Broadway N.Y., residence mansion-house, Brooklyn-heights. Stevenson John E. W., dry goods store ?10 Fulton Stewart Alexander, rear of Catholic church Stewart David, ropemaker Gold n Sands Stewart James, boatman 123 Furman Stewart John, carpenter 3 Prospect Stewart John, ropemaker Jackson Stewart William M., 5 Prospect Stewart Elizabeth, 70 Nassau Stewart Mrs. Mary, 4 High Stillwell John, carpenter Gold n Sands Stockholm Peter, cartman 81 Fulton Stoddard Walter G., malt-house 24 Doughty 28 Fulton Stone Robert, hairdresser 20 Main Stone William, 8 Prospect Stoothoff, widow of Abraham, jun. 4 Liberty Stoothoff John, shoemaker 7 High Stoothoff William, cartman 14 Washington Stoothoff William, 22 Nassau Stoots John, ropemaker 65 Pearl Storms George, boatman 4 Adams Story Hewlwtt, grocer 10 Main c Water Strain James, laborer 29 Furman Stratton Jane, widow of John, 141 Sands Stretch Mrs. Elizabeth, 45 Fulton Stringham Lieut. Silas, (U.S.N.) 43 Fulton Stringham Samuel, Washington n rope walk Stryker Burdett, butcher 29 Fulton Stryker, widow of James, henry c Cranberry Sullivan Mary, widow of John, 154 Fulton Sullivan Michael, ferryyman Little Sutton Joshua & Abraham, grocers 78 Fulton -------crockery store 82 Fulton Suydam Mrs., boarding house 145 Fulton Sweeny Patrick, drover 22 Water Swercope John, gun smith 237 Fulton Swercope John V., 237 Fulton Swift Gen. Joseph G., Willow c Cra?? Swinburne John, 81 Jay c Concord Swinburne Mrs., 81 Jay st T Talbot Eikanah, merchant 56 Hicks, store 21? Pearl,N.Y. Tallman William, 6 High Tallman David, attorney-at-law 53 Concord Taylor Thomas, carpenter Bridge c Prospect Ten Eyck Henry, Cartman 17 Henry Ten Eyck, widow Hannah, 70 Fulton Terry Samuel, dep. surveyor U.S. customs 9 Front Thomas Thomas, 67 Pearl Thomas Robert, milkman, Myrtle n Fulton Thomas William, coachman 7 Water h. 2 alley n Doughty Thomas John, black 1 High Thomas Thomas,S., black 182 Sands Thompson Joathan, storehouses 60 Furman Thompson John C., tinman 16 h. 28 Fulton Thompson William, shipmaster 8 Fulton Thompson William, waterman 46 Furman Thompson ----, painter 22 High Thompson Francis, black Marshall Thompson Henry C., blacking manuf. 1 Prospect Thompson Henry, black 29 James Thompson James, black 39 Hicks Thompson Michael, black 73 High Thompson Diana, washerwoman 9 Stewart's alley Thompson Susan, washerwoman 29 James Thorne Charles, measurer 9 Doughty Thurston George, tavern, 6 Main Thursby John, ropemaker 151 Fulton Tollon Francis R., notary 53 High office 52 Wall, N.Y. Timpson Benjamin, steamboat engineer 62 Water Titus Abial, butcher 38 Fulton Titus John weigher 18 Washington Titus James, butcher 5 Main h. 40 Jay Titus Jonathan, 11 Stewart's alley Titus widow of Gilbert, 40 Fulton Tolford Joshua, leather store 18 Water Tombs Andrew, shipmaster 23 Front Tombs Andrew, jun. weigher 40 Main Totten col. Joseph G. (U.S.N.) Willow n. Cranberry Townsend Diana, black 35 Hicks Tracy Jirah, shipmaster 143 Sands Trapple John, tanner Everit n. Doughty Trapple Michael, laborer 44 Hicks Travis Jacob, waterman 47 Middagh Tredway John, merchant 49 Washington, store 27 Coenties-slip, N.Y. Tredwell Adam, merchant 63 Washington, store 170 Front st., N.Y. Trenchard capt. Edward, (U.S.N.)Pearl & Front Tucker Fanning C., merchant 41 Sands, store 69 South Turnbull John, gardner Columbia st. Heights Turner Peter, grocer 59 Front Tuttle John F., cooper 93 Furman Tuttle Jane, 69 Front Tweedy John, ship-joiner Navy st Twiggs Lieut. Levi, (U.S.N.)York c Jackson U Udall William, Water c Gold Urban Sebastian D., laborer Jackson n Navy Yard V Val Samuel, carpenter 99 Sands Valentine Gabriel, well digger 36 Middagh Valentine Abraham, butcher 12 Hicks Van Allen John, tavern 16 Main Van Allen Stephen, Gold n Sands Van Bokkelen Adrian H., merchant 51 Water h. 24 Front, office South c. Fulton, N.Y. Van Beuren Egbert K., 170 Fulton store 87 Front, N.Y. Van Beuren Samuel, Jamaica rd. store 45 Front st., N.Y. Van Brunt George, cartman Willow n Middagh Van Brunt Hendrick, mason 16 Cranberry Van Brunt Richard, laborer Willow n Middagh Van Cleef Peter, cartman 28 Hicks Van Cleef Rulef, cartman 28 Hicks Van Cott Lawrence, cartman Prospect n Navy Yard Van Curen Isaac, tailor 3 1/2 Front Vanderbugh doctor Federal, 59 Main Vanderhoof Michael, waterman 39 Hicks Vanderveer Abraham, dry goods store 1 Front c Fulton Vanderveer John, cartman 156 Fulton Vanderveer, widow of Demenicus, 6 Stewart's alley Vanderveer Mrs. Jane, 123 Fulton Van Dine Denyse, waterman 4 alley n Doughty Van Dine Denyse, carpenter 10 Cranberry Van Dyne Nicholas, coach trimmer &c., 46 Fulton Van Dyke Francis, mustard manuf. 15 Main Van Horn Cornelius, shoemaker 75 Jay Van Mater Peter, laborer Prospect n Gold Van Nostrand Losee, 58 Fulton store 38 Ferry, N.Y. Van Nostrand Mrs. Elizabeth, 21 Hicks Van Nort Joseph, cartman 32 Hicks Van Nuyse James, blacksmith 41 Main Van Pelt Jacob, shoemaker 42 h. 40 Fulton Van Pelt Nicholas, laborer Prospect n Gold Van Pelt, widow Jane, 40 Pearl Van Tuyl Caesar, Plymonth n Navy Yard Van Voorhis Daniel, goldsmith & dentist 101 Sands Van Voorhis Richard, sail maker 135 Sands Van Winkle Thomas, ropemaker 98 Sands Velsor Cornelius, hostler 23 Poplar Voorhis Thomas, wheelwright 328 h. 256 Fulton Voris John, builder 188 Fulton Voris Stephen S., hatter 77 Fulton W Wainwright Thomas, carpenter 67 Concord Wallace William, 46 Adams store William, N.Y. Walker Jones B., merchant tailor 49 High store 23 Liberty, N.Y. Walters Jacob, ropemaker 60 Concord Walton William, carpenter 70 Jay Walton James, blacksmith Water n Jackson Walton John F., master joiner York n Gold Wandell John, ferryman 47 Hicks Wandell John, 50 Washington Wandell Rebecca, manufacturer & tailoress 50 Washington Waring Henry, store houses 94 Furman h. Heights Warink Jane, black washer Marshall n Little Warner H.W. esq., Quanos lane beyond toll gate Warner Mrs., 44 Furman Waters Benjamin, hatter 26 Doughty Watkinson William, merchant 111 Fulton office Pearl st., N.Y. Watson John, cabinet maker 100 Sands Watson Nathaniel P., pumpmaker Jackson's dock h. 14 Fulton Watts Robert, ship carpenter 90 Sands Watts Samuel, builder 51 Sands Weakly Henry, laborer 37 Main Weaver Benjamin, cartman 48 Hicks Weaver William, carpenter 28 Cranbery Weaver Mrs. Abigail, 28 Cranberry Webb James, shipwright 156 Sands Webb James, boatman 15 Water Webb John, teacher Pearl c York Webb John, laborer 4 Main Webb Mrs., Jackson st. Webster John, tavern 91 Furman Weeks James, hardware store 3 Front Weeks & Back, hardware store 3 Front Welden Jacob, black 2 High Welling Benjamin, mason 192 Fulton Wells Jeremiah, shop joiner 12 h. 16 Middagh Wells John, esq. counsellor Columbia st. Heights office Pine st., N.Y. Wells Nicoll, joiner 86 Sands Wells Parshall, shop joiner 12 Middagh h. Prospect n Bridge Wendell Matthew, physician 112 Fulton Westbrook Edward, skinner 74 Jay Wetmore Mary-Ann, young ladies school 2 Poplar Whaley Charles, boatman 40 Main White Cornelius, carpenter 6 High White Henry, laborer Marshall n Jackson White Rev. John, 3 Sands White James, milkman 48 Hicks White Silvanus, carpenter 42 Concord White Elizabeth, tavern 1 Fulton White Mrs., 51 Concord White John, black 7 High Whiting Robert M., tavern 11 Little Whitlock William, mason 82 Pearl Whitten Elijah, (U.S.N.) 33 Poplar Wiggins Mrs. Maria, 3 Prospect Wilder Oshea, 24 Middagh Wilkes James, laborer Jackson Wilkens William, joiner n Jackson Willet George, black 54 Adams Williams Owen Perry, fur dresser 44 Hicks Williams Williams, seaman 5 Little Williams Sarh K., dry goods store 106 Fulton Williams & Nichols, dry goods store 106 Fulton Williams Henry, black 7 alley n James Williams Henry, black 2 Stewart's alley Williams Lewis, black 7 alley n James Williams Betsey, washerwoman 1 Stewart's alley Willis Martin, milkman 75 Front Willis Milton, carpenter Pearl betw High & Nassau Willoughby Samuel A., 68 Nassau store 194 Pearl, N.Y. Wilson Charles, laborer 43 Middagh Wilson Robert, cartman 26 Main Wilson Solomon, gardner alley betw Fulton & Polar Wilson Alice, widow of John, baker 86 Fulton Wilson John, black 27 James Winslow William, 79 Nassau Wise George S., jun. purser U.S.N. 60 Sands Wise & Butler's store at the centre Navy Yard Gate Wise William, sawyer 48 Main Wolcott Samuel, laborer 72 Nassa Wolcott Miss Elizabeth, young ladies school 7 Prospect Wood Robert, ship joiner 83 Adams Wood Mrs., 49 Concord Woodhull Rev. Selah S., 23 Nassau Woodhull Ezra C., Columbia c Pineapple store 172 Front, N.Y. Work John, blacksmith 20 Water Worthington Erastus, 7 Prospect Worthington Erastus, jun. printer 50 Fulton h. 7 Prospect Worthington John, Navy Hospital Water n Bridge Wortman James, carpenter 32 Middagh Wright Amass, merchant 43 Washinton c High Wright Daniel, tavern & oysterhouse 2 Fulton Wright Frost, carpenter 100 Sands Wright Grove, merchant Joralemon n Dutch church Wright John, steam boatman 14 Cranberry Wright Thomas, milkman 256 Fulton Wright William, laborer 40 Main Wyckoff Jacob, esq. attorney-at-law 80 Fulton Wyckoff Samuel, porter 73 Main Wyckoff Mrs., Everitst n Doughty Y Yerks Isaac, furdresser 256 Fulton Yerks Jacob, cartman Henry n Cranberry Yerks James, furdresser 32 Cranberry Young Abiathar, steamboat hotel 8 Fulton Young Carl, blacksmith 39 Main Young Lieut. John L. (U.S.N.) 79 Sands Young Nathan, carpenter 78 Hicks Z Zuill John O., shipmaster 55 Main This completes the 1823 Directory
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