1914 LIST OF HOSPITALS, HOMES, ETC. New York State Polk's Medical Register and Directory of North America 1914-1915


[1]. Albany County Almshouse, New Scotland ave. Capacity, 300. Public. Supt. Wm.H. Storrs. [2]. Albany Hospital for Incurables, Kenwood Heights. Est'd 1884. Capacity. 60 Semi-Public. Med. Staff. Supt. Miss M.P. McHugh. [3]. Albany Hospital, New Scotland ave. Est'd 1849. Capacity, 315. Private. Med. Staff. Supt, H. C. Goodwin, M. D. [4]. Childs Hospital, cor Elk and Hawk. Est'd 1874. Capacity, 70. Private. Med. Staff. Conducted by the Sisterhood of the Holy Child. [5]. Francis Elliott-Austin Maternity Hospital and Infant Home, 95 Elm. Private. Conducted by Sisters of Charity. [6]. Griffin (E.W.) Deaconness' Home. 3 Columbia. Private Supt, Mary E. Whitehead. [7]. Home for Aged Men. Troy rd. Est'd 1876. Capacity, 40. Private. [8]. Home for the Friendless, 553 Clinton av. Private. Matron, Miss Lansing. [9]. Homeopathic Hospital of Albany, 165 N. Pearl. Est'd 1872. Capacity, 90. Public. Med. Staff. Supt, Miss J.A.Littlefield. [10]. House of the Good Shepherd, 562 Central. Private. Supt, Mother Mary. [11]. Humane Society Shelter for Unfortunate and Criminal Children, cor Howard and Wendel. Supt, Mrs. L.F. Eames. [12]. Little Sisters of the Poor Home for Aged, 391 Central av. [13]. St. Francis de Sales Orphan Asylum, Clinton st. Conducted by Sisters of Charity. [14]. St. Margaret's House and Hospital. Elk and Hawk streets. Est'd 1898, Capacity, 60. Public. Phys. H.L.K. Shaw, Supt, Ellen G. Gibson. [15]. St. Peter's Hospital, cor Broadway and N. Ferry. Est'd 1869. Capacity, 100. Private. Med. Staff. Conducted by Sisters of Mercy. [16]. St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum for Boys, Western av. In charge of Christian Brothers. [17]. St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum for Girls, 106 Elm. Supt, Sister Aloysia. [18]. Tuberculosis Pavilion of the Central Federation of Labor. McCarty ave and Brown. Est'd 1908. Capacity, 20. Med. Staff. Supt, Mrs. M.L.Burton.


[1]. Orleans County Hospital. Est'd 1905. Capacity, 35. Public. Phys., G.W. Cooper. Supt. Leigh S. Hill. [2]. Western House of Refuge for Women. Est'd 1893. Capacity, 215. Public. Phys. Mary H. Robinson. Supt, Miss Alice E. Curtin.


[1]. Brunning House. Broadway. Est'd 1880. Capacity, 300. Private. Phys, C.L. Markham. Supt. John. [2]. St. Catharine's Infirmary (Branch St. Catharine's Hospital of Brooklyn), North Amityville.


[1]. Amsterdam City Hospital, 220-226 Guy Park. Est'd 1888. Capacity, 50. Private. Supt, Helen M. Garratt, R.N. (2) St. Mary's Hospital, Guy Park ave. Est'd 1903. Capacity, 30. Private. Supt., Sister Superior.


[1]. Auburn City Hospital, 5-19 Lansing. Est'd 1878. Capacity, 100. Public.Med. Staff. (2]. Cayuga Asylum for Destitute Children. Est'd 1852. Capacity, 90. Public. Phys. Leona Todd Supt, Clara A. Sprague. (3]. Home of the Friendless, 46 Grant av. Est'd 1865. Capacity, 35. Public. Phys, M.L. Seccomb. Supt. Mrs. S. E. Burtless. (4]. Sunny Crest Tuberculosis Hospital. Est'd 1912. Phys. A.F. Hodgman.


[1]. Dr. Perry's House, 12 Park Pl. Est'd 1900. Capacity, Private. Phys.,Edward C. Perry.


[1]. South Side Hospital, Cooper and George sts. Est'd 1911. Capacity, 25. Supt, Miss Julia E. Murphy.


[1]. Charlton Industrial Farm School, R.D. No. 1. Est'd 1896. Capacity, 30. Private. Phys., A. M. Burt. Supt. G. E. Marx.


[1]. Saratoga County House Infirmary Est'd 1903. Capacity, 23. Public. Phys. T.C. Royal. Supt., S.W. Pearse.


[1]. Batavia Hospital, North st. Est'd 1900. Capacity, 50. Public. Supt, Etta E. Robbins. (2]. New York State School for the Blind, State pk. Est'd 1868. Capacity, 136. Public. Supt. C. A. Hamilton.


[1]. New York State Soldiers' and Sailors' Home. Est'd 1877. Capacity, 2,000. Public. Phys, R.C. Hill. Supt., Joseph E. Ewell.


[1]. Bayside Infirmary, Lawrence blvd and 12th. Est'd 1910. Capacity, 14. Private. Phys. H. H. Houghton. Supt, Harriet Davenport.


[1]. Binghamton City Hospital. Mitchell and Park ave. Est'd 1893. Capacity, 65. Public. Supt., Miss T. H. Le Febvre. [2]. Binghamton Private Hospital, 96 Hawley. Est'd 1905. Capacity, 20. Private. Phys. C.E. Thomson. Supt, Miss Mary L. Gahagan. [3]. Binghamton State Hospital, Court. Est'd 1881. Capacity, 2,350. Public. Supt, Charles G. Wagner, M.D. [4]. Binghamton Training School for Nervous, Backward and Deaf Mute Children. 82-84 Fairview av. Est'd 1890. Capacity, 45. Private. Phys, D.S. Burr. Supt, Sophie A. Doolittle. [5]. Broome County Almshouse, R.D. 4. Est'd 1835. Capacity, 200 Public. Supt, W.S. Stone. [6]. Home for Aged Women, 58 Fairview av. Est'd 1893. Capacity, 14. Public Matron, Mrs. Rose W. McDonald. [7]. Moore-Overton Hospital, 70 Henry. Est'd 1909. Capacity, 17. Private. Phys. W.S. Overton. Supt, N. Fraser. [8]. Pine Camp, 2 miles west. Est'd 1912. Capacity, 30. A Branch of the Binghamton City Hospital. [9]. The Refuge, 64 Fairview av., Private. Cor Sec, Mrs. Geo W. Topliff. [10]. St. Mary's Orphan Home, cor Chestnut and College. Capacity, 250. Private. Supt, Sister Mary Bernard. [11]. Susquehanna Valley Home for Orphan and Indigent Children, Home av. Est'd 1869. Capacity, 160. Private. Supt, L.H. Conklin. [12]. Terrace Hospital, 1 River Terrace. Est'd 1911. Capacity, 10. Private. Phys. F.W. Sears.


[1]. Angel Guardian Home, 12th av. and 64th. Conducted by Sisters of Mercy. [2]. Baptist Home, 665 Greene av. Est'd 1869. Capacity, 60. Private. [3]. Bay Ridge Hospital, 60th and 2d av. Est'd 1906. Public. Med. Staff. [4]. Bethany Deaconess Hospital, 237 St. Nicholas av. Est'd 1893. Capacity, 35. Private. Med. Staff. [5]. Bradford Street Hospital (Branch King's County Hospital. Emergency Cases Only). 109 Bradford. Est'd 1902. Capacity, 8. Public. Supt, M.D. Jones, M.D. [6]. Brooklyn Eastern District Dispensary and Hospital, 108-112 S. 3d, Est'd 1851. Capacity, 40. Semi-Public. Supt. L.W. Wiegand. [7]. Brooklyn Eye and Ear Hospital, 92 Livingston. Est'd 1868. Capacity, 80. Public. Surg. Staff. Supt, H. R. Baker. [8]. Brooklyn Hebrew Orphan Asylum, 373 Ralph av. Private. Supt, S. Gelsmar. [9]. Brooklyn Home for Aged Men. 745 Classon av. Est'd. 1878. Capacity, 150. Supt, Miss E. A. Mace. [10]. Brooklyn Home for Consumptives, 240 Kingston av. Est'd 1881. Capacity, 120. Med. Staff. Supt, Mrs. F. M. Perkins. [11]. Brooklyn Hospital, Raymond and DeKalb av. Est'd 1845. Capacity, 175. Private. Med. Staff, Supt., W. G. Nealley. [12]. Brooklyn Methodist Episcopal Church Home, corner New York ave and Park pl. Est'd 1882. Capacity, 70. Private. [13]. Brooklyn Nursery and Infant's Hospital, 339 Herkimer. Est'd 1871. Capacity, 195. Med. Staff. Chief of Staff, E. R. Fiske. [14]. Brooklyn Training School and Home for Young Girls, 1483 Pacific. Est'd 1890. Capacity, 75. Phys. [15]. Bushwick Hospital, cor. Howard av. and Monroe. Est'd 1891. Capacity, 40. Private. Supt.,Miss R. M. Sauter. [16]. Church Home for the Blind, 550 Washington av. Est'd 1895. Capacity, 20. Private. Supt, Miss M.O. Hogarth. [17]. Cumberland Street Hospital (Homo) 105-111 Cumberland. Est'd 1902. Capacity, 200. Public Supt, I F Scofield, M.D. [18]. Denmark Home for Aged, 1051 41st. Est'd 1906. Capacity, 20. Private. Supt. N. R. Langhoff. Martha J. Peebles. [19]. Dyker Heights Institution (for Blind Babies). 84th and 13th av. Est'd 1904. Capacity. 30. Private Phys, L.P. Addoms. Supt., Mrs. C.M. Tregear. [20]. Faith Home for Incurable Women. 546 Park pl. Inc. 1878. Capacity, 56. Public. Phys., S. B. Childs. Supt. Miss A. H. Campbell. [21]. German Evangelical Home, Chauncey and Bushwick av. Est'd 1881. Capacity, 265. Private. Matron, Mrs. M. A. Hucke. [22]. German Hospital of Brooklyn, St. Nicholas ave and Stanhope. Est'd 1889. Capacity, 125. Private. (German Hospital Society). Supt, W.M. Condon. [23]. Graham Home for Old Ladies, 320 Washington ave. Est'd 1851. Capacity, 80. Private. Phys. H. B. Minton, H. C. Allen and Raymond Clark. Supt, Miss F.M. Bloom. [24]. Greenpoint Home for Aged, 137 Oak. Est'd 1882. Capacity. 15. Private. [25]. Home for Aged, 464 Herkimer. Est'd 1850. Capacity. 60. Private (P.E. Church). Supt, Rev. P.F. Swett. [26]. Home of the Aged of the Little Sisters of the Poor, Bushwick and De Kalb avenues. [27]. Hospital of the Holy Family 155 Dean. Est'd 1882 Capacity, 50. Supt. Sister Agnes Winifred. [28]. House of the Good Shepherd, Hopkinson avenue and Pacific. Est'd 1868. Capacity, 500. Private. Phys, John M. Scannell. Supt, Sister M. St Raymunds. [29]. Industrial Home for the Blind, 512-520 Gates avenue. Est'd 1895. Capacity, 50. Private. Supt, Eben P. Morford. [30]. International Sunshine Hospital Sanitarium and Rest Cure, Cropsey and 23'd avenues. Est'd 1905. Capacity, 50. Private. [31]. Jewish Hospital of Brooklyn, Classon and St. Marks avs. Est'd 1901. Capacity, 235. Private. Med. Staff. Supt, C. Eugene Strasser. [32]. Kallman Scandinavian Orphanage, 18th, cor 67th. Est'd 1898. Capacity, 75. Private. Phys. H.W. Gissel, L. A. Thunig and J.H. Only. Supt, John Lundblom. [33]. King's County Hospital, Clarkson. Est'd 1841. Capacity, 645 Public. Supt. M.D. Jones, M.D. [34]. Kingston Avenue Hospital (Health Dept), Kingston av. and Fennimore. Est'd 1889. Capacity, 500. Public. Phys. W. T. Cannon. [35]. Long Island College Hospital, Henry, Pacific and Amity. Est'd 1857. Capacity, 385. Private. Supt, Richard E. Shaw, M.D. [36]. Long Island State Hospital. Clarkson and Albany avenue. Est'd 1895. Capacity, 660. State. Supt. E.M. Somers, M.D. [37]. Low Maternity Hospital (Auxiliary to Brooklyn Hospital), cor. Raymond and De Kalb avenue. [38]. Lutherisches Hospital, E. New York av. and Powell. Est'd 1880. Capacity, 40. Private. Med. Staff. Supt, Miss D. Haese. [39]. Marien Heim of Brooklyn. 18th av. and 6th. Est'd 1896. Capacity, 50. Private (Inc. 1898). Phys, H.F. Bruning. Matron, Mrs. E. Zerboni. [40]. Methodist Episcopal Church Home for Aged and Infirm, Park pl and New York avenue. [41]. Norwegian Christian Home for Aged. 67th, bet 12th and 13th avs. Est'd 1903. Inc. as Above 1911. Capacity, 42, Matron, Miss H. Nelsen. [42]. Norwegian Lutheran Deaconess' Home and Hospital. cor 4th av and 46th. Est'd 1883. Capacity, 96. Private. Med. Staff. Supt, Rev. A.O. Fonkalsrud. [43]. Orphan Asylum Society of the City of Brooklyn. 1435 Atlantic avenue. Public. Supt., Miss M.E. Horton [44]. Orphans' Home of the Sorrowful Mother 15 Harrison pl. [45]. Orphan House, cor Albany avenue and Herkimer. Private. [46]. Private Home for Neurasthenics. 140 S. Portland avenue. Est'd 1894. Capacity, 8. Private. Phys. Agnes Sparks. [47]. Prospect Heights Hospital and Brooklyn Maternity, 775 Washington avenue. Est'd 1871. Capacity, 50. Private. Med Staff, Supt. Miss G. Gilson. [48]. (Coney Island) Reception Hospital (Branch Kings County Hospital) Seabreeze av . Est'd 1902. Capacity, 8. Public. Supt, M.D. Jones, M.D. [49]. St. Catherine's Hospital, Bushwick av. and Ten Eyck. Est'd 1870. Capacity, 200. Private. Med. Staff. Conducted by the Sisters of St. Dominic. [50]. St. Christopher's Hospital for Babies, 283 Hicks. Est'd 1896. Capacity, 50. Private. Med. Staff. Supt, Miss J.E. O'Daly. [51]. St. Dominic German Orphan Home, 153 Graham avenue. Est'd 1861. Private. In charge of Sisters of St. Dominic. [52]. St. John's Home, Albany and St. Mark's avs. Est'd 1834. Capacity, 1,200. In charge of C.R. Orphan Asylum Society. [53]. St. John's Hospital, Atlantic and Albany avs. Est'd 1874. Capacity, 80. Private. Med. Staff. Supt, Rev. P.F. Swett. [54]. St. Joseph's Female Orphan Asylum, 723 Willoughby av. Est'd 1873. Capacity, 500. Private. Supt, Sister Superior. [55]. St. Malachi's Home for Children. Atlantic and Van Siclen avs. Est'd 1876. Capacity, 700. Private. [56]. St. Mary's Hospital, St. Mark's av. Est'd 1882. Capacity, 260. Private. Med Staff. Conducted by Sisters of Charity. [57]. St. Peters' Home (Working Girls), 110 Congress. Est'd 1890. [58]. St. Peter's Hospital. 366-382 Henry. Est'd 1864. Capacity, 350. Private. Med. Staff. Conducted by Sisters of St. Francis. [59]. St. Paul's Female orphan Asylum, cor Congress and Clinton. Est'd 1866. Capacity, 150. Conducted by Sisters of Charity. [60]. St. Vincent's Home, Boerum place and State. Est'd 1905. Capacity, 250. Private. Phys. F.J.McDonough. Supt, Rev. W.L. Blake. [61]. Samaritan Hospital 4th avenue and 17th. Est'd 1906. Capacity, 35. Public. Med Staff. [62]. (Coney Island)--Sea Breeze Hospital, 29th and Surf av. Est'd 1904. Capacity, 45. Private. Phys. R.G. Snyder. Supt, Miss J.T.W. Brass. [63]. Swedish Hospital. 126 Rogers avenue. Opened 1906. Capacity, 50. Private. Med Staff. Supt. E.M. Skoog. [64]. U.S. Naval Hospital, Flushing ave foot Ryerson. Capacity, 300. Govt. [65]. Wartburg Heimat, (Wartburg Home), 2598 Fulton. Est'd 1875. Capacity, 85. Private, Supt., F. Schwarz. [66]. Wayside Home, 356 Bridge. Est'd 1880. Private. Matron, Miss C. Kelly. [67]. Williamsburgh Hospital, Bedford avenue and S. 3rd. Est'd 1889. Capacity, 90. Semi-private. Med. Staff. Supt, Miss N.R. Hammel.


[1]. Asylum of Our Lady of Refuge, 485 Best. Private, Supt, Sister Mary. [2]. Buffalo Deaconess' Home for Genesee Conferences of the M.E. Church, 292 Niagara. Inc. 1890. Private. Supt, Mrs. E.A. Turney. [3]. Buffalo Eye and Ear Infirmary 673 Michigan. Est'd 1876. Public. Surg, Lucien Howe. [4]. Buffalo General Hospital, 100 High. Est'd 1855. Capacity 360. Incorporated. Supt,Benwick R. Ross, M.D. [5]. Buffalo Homoeopathic Hospital. Lafayette av. cor Linwood av. Est'd 1872. Capacity, 141. Public. med. Staff. Supt, L.E. Coleman. [6]. Buffalo Hospital of the Sisters of Charity, 1833 Main. Est'd 1828. Capacity, 300. Private. Med. Staff. Supt, Sister Genevieve. [7]. Orphan Asylum, 1500 Elmwood av. Est'd 1837. Capacity, 150. Private. Supt. Miss Carolyn M. Loomis [8]. Buffalo State Hospital. Forest av. Opened 1880. Capacity, 1844. Public. Supt. A.W. Hurd, M.D. [9]. Woman's Hospital, 191 Georgia. Est'd 1886. Capacity, 36. Private. Owner E. P. Lothrop, M.D. [10]. Catholic Protectory, 485 Best [11]. Charity Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, 168 Broadway. Est'd 1890. Capacity, 4. Public. Surgical Staff. Supt, Fanny Sullivan. [12]. Children's Hospital, 219 Bryant. Est'd 1899. Capacity, 75. Public. Phys. Howard Orvis. Supt, Ada E. Iggulden. [13]. City Hospital for Women, 859 Humboldt Parkway. Est'd 1896. Capacity, 25. Private. Phys, C.E. Congdon. [14]. Columbus Hospital, 298 Niagara. Est'd 1908. Capacity, 40. Private. Phys. C. R. Borzilleri. [15]. Cottage Hospital, 115 Park, Capacity, 12. Private. Phys. Vertner Kenerson. [16]. Emergency Hospital, Eagle cor Pine. Est'd 1902. Capacity, 90. Private. Med Staff. Conducted by the Sisters of Charity. [17]. Emmanuelist Rescue Home, 51 Purdy. Conducted by Sisters of the White Cross. [18]. Erie County Hospital, 3399 Main. Est'd 1894. Capacity, 450. Public, Med. Supt, J.D. Howland, M.D. [19]. Ernest Wende Hospital, Broadway cor. Spring. Est'd 1909. Capacity, 150, Public for contagious diseases. Med. Staff. Under charge of Board of Health. Supt. W. S. Goodale, M.D. [20]. Evangelical Lutheran St. John's Orphan Home. Mineral Springs rd. Est'd 1864. Private. Supt. Otto Ehlers. [21]. Fitch Creche, 159 Swan. Matron, Miss F. E. Harris. [22]. Frontier Hospital, 1331 Main. Est'd 1906. Capacity, 60.Public. Manager, H.W. Hatch. [23]. German Deaconess' Home and Hospital, 218 Kingsley. Est'd 1896. Capacity, 70. Private. Med. Staff. Supt, H.E.W. Simon. [24]. German Hospital, 736 Jefferson. Est'd 1901. Capacity, 40. Private Med. Staff. Supt. Chas Duchmann. [25]. German Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum. 564 Dodge. Est'd 1874. Capacity, 400. Private. Phys. C. J. Reynolds. Supt. Sister M. Gabriel. [26]. Home for the Friendless, 1500 Main. Inc. 1868. Capacity, 60. Private. Matron, Ida M. Masten. [27]. Industrial Home for Crippled Children, 487 Niagara. Sec. Mrs. Edward McLeod. Matron. Mrs. E. Saylor. [28]. Ingleside Home, 70 Harvard pl. Est'd 1869. Capacity. 60. Public. Phys. Geo Stearns. Matron, Mrs. Jennie A. Dennis. [29]. Juvenile Detention Home, 44 Breckenridge. Supt. Rose Smith. [30]. Lafayette General Hospital. 113 Lafayette av. Inc. 1910. Capacity, 40. Public. Med Staff. Matron, Miss Kate Baxter. [31]. Lexington Heights Hospital, 173 Lexington av. Est'd 1890. Capacity, 25. Private. Phys in charge. DeWitt G. Wilcox. [32]. Lutheran Church Home for Aged and Infirm. 217 E. Delavan av. Opened 1896. Private. Sec. Rev. T.H. Becker, 260 Stanton. Matron, Louise E. and Emma Kahler. [33]. Mercy Hospital. 955 Tifft. Est'd 1904. Capacity, 40. Private. Supt. Sister Mary Camillus. [34]. Municipal Hospital, 770 E. Ferry. Capacity, 60. Public. Supt. W. S. Goodale, M.D. [35]. Providence Retreat, 2157 Main. Est'd 1860. Capacity, 125. Private. Phys. J. J. Twohey. Conducted by Sisters of Charity. [36]. St. Charles Home, 471 Niagara. Private. Conducted by Sisters of Mercy. [37]. St. Elizabeth Home 73 Pine [38]. St. Felix Home for Polish Girls 792 Fillmore av. [39]. St. Francis Asylum for Aged, 337 Pine. Inmates, 272. Private. Conducted by Sisters of St. Francis. [40]. St. Mary's Deaf Mute Institute, 2553 Main. Est'd 1862. Capacity, 200. Private. Phys. Thos. F. Dwyer. Conducted by the Sisters of St. Joseph. [41]. St. Mary's Infant Asylum and Maternity Hospital. 126 Edward. Capacity, Patients. 44; Children, 150. Private. Supt. Sister Francis. [42]. St. Vincent's Female Orphan Asylum, 1138 Ellicott. Est'd 1848. Inmates, 275. Private. Supt. Sister Superior. [43]. Salvation Army Isolation Hospital. 69 Cottage. [44]. United States Marine Hospital, 2183-2185 Main. Est'd 1909. Capacity, 60. Public. [45]. Working Boys Home of the Sacred Heart, 35 Niagara sq. Supt. Rev.Nelson H. Baker.


[1]. Berkshire Industrial Farm, Est'd 1886. Capacity, 75. Private. Phys. N.P. Books. Supt. Edmund B. Hilliard.


[1]. Brigham Hall (Mental Cases). Est'd 1855. Capacity, 67. Private. Phys. R.G. Cook. [2]. Canandaigua Hospital of Physicians and Surgeons. Est'd 1898. Capacity, 50. Private. Phys. A.L. Beahan. Supt. Miss E.L. Morrison. [3]. Frederick T. Thompson Hospital, 120 Main. Est'd 1904. Capacity. 60. Public. Supt. Miss E.K. Kraemer. [4]. Ontario Orphan Asylum. Est'd 1863. Capacity 60. Public. Phys. H. E. Buell. Supt. Miss Ida A. Kalar. Source: Polk's Medical Register and Directory of North America. Thirteenth Revised Edition. 1914-1915. Publisher: R.L. Polk & Company--Detroit, New York and Chicago. Copyright: 1914 ___________________________________________
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