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ADDISON: Addison Sanitarium. Wall St. Est'd 1906. Capacity, 20. Private. Owner, Mrs. Kate Hoffman. AKRON: Akron Sanitarium ALBANY: Tuberculosis Sanatorium of Albany Hospital, Great Western Turnpike. Est'd 1909. Public. Capacity, 80. Med. Director, Howard Van Rensselaer. AMITYVILLE: Brunswick Home, Broadway. Est'd 1882. Capacity, 300. Private. Supt. C.L. Markham, M.D. AMITYVILLE: Knickerbocker Hall, Division av. Est'd 1901. Capacity 36. Private. Phys, B. Onuf. AMITYVILLE: Long Island Home. Est'd 1882. Capacity, 114. Private. Phys. O. J. Wilsey. AMITYVILLE: Louden Hall, Division av. Est'd 1886. Capacity, 75. Private. Phys, John F. Louden. Supt, John Louden. ASTORIA: River Crest Sanitarium Wolcott av. Est'd 1896. Capacity, 132. Private. Phys. Wm. Elliott Dold. AUBURN: The Pines, South st. Est'd 1891. Licensed by the State for 12 Patients. Private. Phys and Supt, Frederick Sefton. BALLSTON SPA: Spa Sanatorium, 65 W. high. Est'd 1902. Capacity, 20 Private. Phys. A.I. Thayer. BATAVIA: Primrose Sanitarium, 5 Thomas av. Est'd 1905. Capacity, 20. Private. Phys. C. V. Gray. BEDFORD: Montefiore Home Country Sanitarium. Est'd 1897. Capacity, 180. Private. Med Dir. L. Rosenberg. BINGHAMTON: Dr. Kilmer's Private Sanitarium (Cancer), Conklin av. Est'd 1901. Capacity, 25. Private. Supt, S. Andral Kilmer, M.D. BINGHAMTON: Dr. Lyon Sanitarium (Nervous and Mental Diseases), 98 Prospect. Capacity, 10. Limited to Females. Phys. Charles G. Lyon. BINGHAMTON: Mountain Sanatorium. Est'd 1905. Capacity, 19. Public. Supt. Grace C. Wagner. BRENTWOOD: Ross Health Resort Suffolk av. Est'd 1898. Capacity, 50. Private. Supt. W. H. Ross, M.D. BRONXVILLE: Vernon House (Sanitarium). Est'd 1890. Capacity, 16. Private. Phys. M.D. Granger. BROOKHAVEN: Medford Tuberculosis Sanatorium for Working Men and Women. BROOKLYN: Bethesda Sanitarium, 952 St. Marks av. Est'd 1894. Capacity, 40. Private. Med. Staff. Supt, Mrs. J. De Forest.. BROOKLYN: Dr. Shepard's Sanitorium, 81 Columbia Hgts. Est'd 1861. Capacity. 20. Private. Phys. Wm. H. Shephard. BROOKLYN: International Sunshine Sanitarium and Rest Home. Cropsey and 23d avs, Bensonhurst-by-the-Sea. Est'd 1906. Capacity, 50. Private. Supt, Mrs. Mary D. Beattie. BROOKLYN: Kinloch's Sanitarium, 430 Gates av. Est'd 1905. Private. Capacity, 11. Propr, Robert E. Kinloch, M.D. BROOKLYN: Muncie Sanitarium, 117-119 Macon. Est'd 1892. Capacity, 23. Private. Phys. Elizabeth H. and Edward H. Muncie. BROOKLYN: Skene Sanitarium, 759 President. Est'd 1902. Capacity, 33. Private. Phys, L. Grant Baldwin. Supt, Miss Mabel Macdonell. BROOKLYN: Willis Sanitarium, 374 Ocean Pkway. Est'd 1901. Capacity, 24. Private. Phys. Harrison Willis. Supt, Miss E. E. Ward. BUFFALO: Day Camp for Consumptives, office 165 Swan. Est'd 1908. Capacity, 60. Phys. G.J. Eckel. BUFFALO: Dr. McMichael's Sanatorium (Alcoholism and Drug Habits), 75 W. Tupper. Est'd 1891. Capacity, 20. Private. Phys, G. H. McMichael. BUFFALO: Elmwood Sanitarium, 585 Elmwood av. Est'd 1909. Capacity, 10. Private. Phys. A. W. Kahle. BUFFALO: Parkside Sanitarium, 1392 Amherst. Est'd 1902. Capacity, 25. Private. Supt, S. A. Dunham, M.D. CASTILE: Castile Sanitarium, Main st. Est'd 1849. Capacity, 50. Private. Phys, Mary T. Greene. CASTLETON CORNERS New York City. Farm Colony Home. Home Cottages and Sea View Sanitarium, Manor rd. Est'd 1902. Capacity, 800. Public (Dept Public Charities). Supt, J. D. Flick. CENTRAL VALLEY: Dr. Macdonald's House. Est'd 1889. Capacity, 34. Private. Phys. Carlos F. MacDonald. CLIFTON SPRINGS: Clifton Springs Sanitarium Co. Main st. Est'd 1850. Capacity, 400. Private. Dean of Med Staff, F. W. Spaulding. Genl Mngr, H. J. Bostwick. CLINTON: DeNike's Sanitarium. Est'd 1894. Capacity, 20. private. Phys. George H De Nike. CORNWALL-ON-HUDSON: Cornwall Sanitarium, Main st. Est'd 1892. Capacity,30. Private. Phys, E. A. Everett. Propr. A.E.R. Laning. CRANESVILLE: Glenridge Sanitarium (Tuberculosis). Est'd 1908. Capacity.60. DANSVILLE: Jackson Health Resort, Health st. Est'd 1858. Capacity, 200. Private. Phys, James H. Jackson. Mngr, James Arthur Jackson. DUNKIRK: Cobb Mineral Springs Sanitarium. EAST BLOOMFIELD: Ontario County Sanatorium for Consumptives (Oak Mount). Est'd 1910. Capacity, 20. Public. EAST SYRACUSE: Park Sanitarium. 213 Center. Est'd 1890. Capacity, 12. Private. Phys, D. D. Erway. ELMIRA: Elmira City Tuberculosis Sanitarium, R D No 3. Est'd 1909. Capacity, 30. Public. Med Dir. A.W. Booth, M.D. Supt. Mrs. Charlotte Hayden. ELMIRA: Gleason Health Resort, 1019 East av. Est'd 1852. Capacity, 60. Private. Phys. John C. Fisher. Owner, E.B. Gleason. FAR ROCKAWAY: Sanitarium for Hebrew Children of the City of New York. Est'd 1877. Capacity, 420. FISHKILL-ON-HUDSON: Riverview Sanitarium. Est'd 1870 . Capacity, 12. Private. Phys. J.R. Bolton. FLUSHING: Dr. Combe's Sanitarium for Nervous and mental Diseases, Jackson av. Est'd 1898. Capacity, 46. Private. Phys. E. T. Murray FLUSHING: Sanford Hall, Jamaica av, Flushing Hill. Est'd 1841. Capacity, 44. Private. Phys. W.S. Brown FORRESTBURG: St. Joseph's Sanitarium. Est'd 1897. Capacity, 150. Private. Conducted by Sisters of St. Dominick. GABRIELS: Sanatorium Gabriels. Est'd 1895. Capacity, 70. Private. Phys. H.J. Blankemeyer. Conducted by Sisters of Mercy. GLEN RIDGE: Schenectady County Tuberculosis Sanatorium. Est'd 1912. Capacity, 40. Public. GOSHEN: Interpines. Est'd 1890. Capacity, 56. Private. Phys, F.W. Seward sr. and F. W. Seward jr. GOWANDA: B oeckel Sanitarium, Buffalo st. Est'd 1899. Capacity, 30. Private. Phys. H.W. Johnson, Supt. M. Lippmann. HAVERSTRAW: Dr. L. J. Kiernan Sanitarium Co, West Side av. Est'd 1900. Capacity 12. Private. Supt. L. J. Kiernan M.D. HORNELL: Steuben Sanitarium, N. Main St. Est'd 1895. Capacity, 65. Private. Phys, J.E. Walker and C.A. Greenleaf. JAMESTOWN: Maimberg Sanitarium, 862 Main. Est'd 1889. Capacity, 42. Private. Supt. C.J. Maimberg. KINGSTON: Dr. C. O. Sahier Sanitarium, 61 Wll. Est'd 1893. Capacity, 150. Private. Phys. C.O. Sahler. KINGSTON: Our Lady of Victory Sanitarium. Est'd 1902. Capacity, 60. Private. Med. Staff. Conducted by the Benedictine Sisters. LAKE GEORGE: Adirondack Sanitarium. Est'd 1905. Capacity 50. Private. Phys. E. F. Otis. LAKE KUSHAQUA: Stony Wold Sanatorium. Opened 1903. Capacity, 107. Private. Supt. H. S. Goodall, M.D. LIBERTY: Buckly Sanatorium (Incipient Tuberculosis). Est'd 1895. Capacity, 75 Private. Supt. A.P. Buckly. LIBERTY: Wilkinson Sanatorium (Tuberculosis) Est'd 1909. Capacity, 15. Private. Supt, Miss E. Wilkinson. LIBERTY: Workmen's Circle Sanatorium. Est'd 1910. Capacity, 80. Private. (Fraternal) Supt. A. Rosenbluth. LONG ISLAND CITY (Astoria): RiverCrest Sanitarium, Wolcott av and Merchant. Est'd 1896. Capacity, 131. Private. Supt. Wm. Elliott Dold, M.D. LOOMIS: Loomis Sanatorium. Est'd 1896. Capacity, 180. Private. Phys, H. M.King. MACEDON: Kirk Home Private Sanatorium. Main st. Est'd 1903. Capacity, 10 Private. Supt. E.M. Rodenberger, M. D. MAMARONECK: Waldemere-on-the-Sound, Orienta Point. Est'd 1890. Capacity, 12. Private. Phys, E.N. Carpenter. MIDDLETOWN: Middletown Sanitarium 10 Benton av. Est'd 1905. Capacity, 25 Private. Phys. B.B. Kinne. MONTOUR FALLS: Bethesda Sanitariium. Est'd 1881. Capacity, 35. Private. Phys, Charles De L. Clawson. NEWBURGH: Newburgh Tuberculosis Sanatorium. Est'd 1910. Capacity.35. Private. Med. Staff. Supt. R.A.Miller, M.D. NEW YORK: Audubon Sanitarium, 8 St. Nicholas pl. Est'd 1908. Capacity. 41. Private. Phys. H.W. Lloyd. NEW YORK: Bronx Sanitarium, 1259 Washington av. Est'd 1907. Capacity, 15. Private. Supt. Miss Esther C. Carlson. NEW YORK: Brown's Sanatorium, 220 E. 53d. Est'd 1892. Capacity, 25. Private. Phys. Geo Schaub. NEW YORK: Dr. Conrad Sanitarium The Maternity Aid. New York Office, 110 W. 90th. Est'd 1905. Capacity, 20. Private. Phys. C.F. Conrad. NEW YORK: Dr. Kellogg's House, W. 253d, cor Albany Post rd. Est'd 1898. Capacity, 7. Private. Supt. Theodore H. Kellogg, M.D. NEW YORK: Dr. Potter's Sanitarium, 223 W. 79th. Private. Phys. E. S.Potter. NEW YORK: Hill Sanatorium, 317 W. 136th. Est'd 1906. Capacity, 16. Privae. Supt. George W. Hill. NEW YORK: House for Physicians Patients (Inc.) 253 W. 137th Capacity, 30. Supt, M.D. Mellen. NEW YORK: Hudson Sanitarium, 2366 7th av. Est'd 1905. Capacity, 14.Private. NEW YORK: Murray Hill Sanitarium 148 E. 35th. Est'd 1898. Capacity, 40 Private. Phys. S. G. Grant. NEW YORK: Riverdale Sanitarium (West Hill), W. 252d nr. Broadway. Est'd 1905. Capacity, 20. Private. Phys, Flavius Packer. NEW YORK: Riverside Sanatorium for Consumptives. North Brother Island. Est'd 1903. Capacity, 325. Public (Health Department). Phys. F.S.Westmoreland. NYACK: Hudson View Sanatorium. Est'd 1907. Capacity, 50. Private. (Branch St. Nicholas Institute of New York City). OLEAN: Olean Sanitarium, 1st cor Sullivan. Est'd 1895. Capacity, 20. Private. Phys. W. Irving Hewitt. ORWELL: Oswego County Tuberculosis Hospital Est'd 1913. Capacity, 30. Public. Supt, A.R. Allen, M.D. OSSINING: Greenmont Sanitarium (Dr. Parsons' Retreat), N. Highland av. Est'd 1880. Capacity, 6. Private. Phys. Ralph L. Parsons. Asso. Phys. Ralph W. Parsons. OTISVILLE: New York City Municipal Sanatorium for Tuberculosis. Est'd 1906. Capacity, 514. Public. Phys. W. S. Rathbun. Supt. Frederick Sprenger. OSWEGO: Glenmary Sanitarium. Est'd 1897. Capacity, 50. Private. Phys, A.C. Capron. PORT JERVIS: Deer Park Sanitarium, 10 Prospect. Est'd 1903. Capacity, 6. Private. Phys. B. H. Leahy. POUGHKEEPSIE: Poughkeepsie Tuberculosis Sanatorium. Est'd 1909. Capacity, 45. Public. Supt, Mrs. A.B. Ferguson. RAINBOW LAKE: Rainbow Sanatorium (Tuberculosis). Est'd 1910. Capacity, 75. Private (I.O.F.) Phys. D. A. Rose. RAY BROOK: Mountain View Sanatorium (Tuberculosis). Est'd 1911. Capacity, 25. Private. Supt. Mrs. M.C. McCausland. ROCHESTER: Graham Sanatorium and Maternity Hospital 1090-1100 South av. Est'd 1900. Capacity, 50. Private. Phys. C.T. Graham. ROCHESTER: Iola Sanatorium (Tuberculosis), cor South av. and Westfall rd. Brighton. Est'd 1910. Capacity, 75. Public (Monroe County) Supt, M. E. Leary, M.D. Res. Phys, H. J. Brayton and C.D. Cromwell. SARANAC LAKE: Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium. (Incipient Pulmonary Consumption). Est'd 1885. Capacity, 125 Public. Med Dir. E. L. Trudeau. SARANAC LAKE: Evergreen Lodge Sanatorium. Est'd 1906. Capacity, 20. Private. Supt. Miss Mahan. SARANAC LAKE: Hillcrest Cottage Sanatorium (Tuberculosis). Capacity. 12. Private. Supt. Mrs. E.H. Jones. SARANAC LAKE: Miss Rumenapp's Sanitarium. Est'd 1900. Capacity, 22. Private. Supt, Miss Edith Rumenapp. SARANAC LAKE: St. Mary's Sanatorium. Est'd 1910. Capacity, 20. Private. Supt, Sister Superior. SARATOGA SPRINGS: Ayres Homoeopathic Sanitarium 65 Phila. Est'd 1888. Capacity, 20. Private. Phys. Emma F.M. Ayres. SARATOGA SPRINGS: Dr. Strong's. The Saratoga Springs Sanitarium, 90 Circular. Est'd 1855. Capacity, 150. Private. Phys, P.H. Lyon. SHARON SPRINGS: Sharon Springs Sanatorium. Private. Phys, I.C. Goldstein and L. O. White. SHELDRAKE: Sheldrake Springs Sanitarium. Est'd 1908. Capacity, 150. Private. Phys. W. H. Mitchell. SKANEATALES: The Pines. Est'd 1904. Capacity, 6. Private. Phys. Susan J.Taber. SYRACUSE: Elmhurst Sanitarium, 630 Park av. Est'd 1907. Capacity, 15. Private. Supt, Mrs. Carrie A. Grant. SYRACUSE: Syracuse Sanitarium 420 S. Warren. Est'd 1890. Capacity, 20. Private. Phys, A. J. Campbell. TANGHANNOCK FALLS: Edward Meany Sanatorium for Tuberculosis. Public (Tompkins County). Supt, I.W. Brewer, M.D. TROY: Marshall Sanitarium, Linden av. Est'd 1851. Capacity, 90. Private. Supt, C.J. Patterson, M.D. TRUDEAU (SARANAC LAKE) ADIRONDACK: Cottage Sanitarium. Est'd 1884. Capacity, 110. Private. Phys. E.L. Trudeau. TUPPER LAKE: Tupper Lake Sanatorium (Tuberculosis). Est'd 1910. Capacity, 20. Supt, Charles Ryttenberg, M.D. WATERTOWN: Black River Valley Sanitarium. 1008 Washington. Est'd 1904. Capacity, 10. Private. Phys. I.L. Green. WATKINS: Glen Springs Sanitarium. Est'd 1890. Capacity. 150. Private. Phys. John M. Swan. Supt, Wm. E. Leffingwell. WAYLAND: Dr. E. F. Barbour's Sanitarium. Lackawanna av. Est'd 1902. Capacity, 10. Private. Phys. F.E. Barbour, Supt. L.B. Barbour. WELLSVILLE: Wellsville Sanitarium. Est'd 1904. Capacity, 22. Private. Phys. V. C. Kinney. WHITESBORO: W;hitesboro Sanitarium. Est'd 1893. Capacity, 30. Private. Phys. F.P. Bayliss. WHITESTONE: Breezehurst Terrace (Mild Mental and Nervous Diseases). Est'd 1890. Capacity, 35. Private. Phys. D.A. Harrison and D. R. Lewis. YONKERS: Dr. Bond's House, 960 N. Broadway. Est'd 1901. Capacity, 10. Private. Phys. G.F.M. Bond. This completes the total transcribing of 1914-1915 List of New York's Sanitariums as listed on Pages: 1089-1091 of Polk's Medical Register- New York section, Thirteenth Revised Edition.
Transcribed exclusively for the Brooklyn Pages by Miriam Medina
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