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1930 NEW YORK CITY'S LIST OF HOTELS White-Orr's 1930 Classified Business Directory-New York City Section

A Adelphi Hotel, 470 W. 23 Alamac Hotel, The 71st & Bway Alcazar Hotel, Bway & 32d Algonquin 59 W. 44th Ambassador, Park av. & 51st American Hotel, 25 W. 45th Ansonia, 73d & Bway Arlington, 18 W. 25th B Belmont, 42d & Park av. Belvedere Hotel, 319 W. 48th Blackstone Hotel, 50 E. 58th Bradford, 210 W. 70th Breslin Hotel, Bway at 29th Bretton Hall, 2350 Bway Brevoort, 11 5th av. Broadway Central Hotel 667 Bway Bronx River Inn, 591 E. 233d Broztell, 3 E. 27th C Caledonia, 28 W. 26th Central, 149 E. 14th Chelsea, 222 W. 23d Circle, 22 W. 60th Colonial, 300 W. 125th Colonial House, 350 W. 23d Concourse Plaza, Grand Concourse & 161st. Continental Hotel, Bway & 41st Cornish Arms, 311 W. 23d Cosmopolitan Hotel, Chambers & W. Bway Cumberland Hotel, Bway at 54th Dauphin Hotel, The 126 W. 67th E Embassy, The Bway & 70th Emerson Hotel, New 164-168 W. 75th Endicott Hotel, 81st at Columbus av. Esplanade, The West End av. & 74th F Fifth Avenue Hotel, 5th av. at 9th st. Forty-Fourth Street Hotel 120 W. 44th G George Washington 116 W. 72d Glen Island Hotel 92 Cortlandt Grand Hotel, Bway & 31st. Great Northern Hotel, 118 W. 57th. Gregorian, 40 W. 35th Greystone Hotel, 2450 Broadway H Hawthorne, 72 W. 49th Herald Square Hotel, 114-120 W. 34th Hermitage Hotel 42d at 7th av. Hotel Aberdeen, 17 W. 32d Hotel Acropolis, 308 W. 58th Hotel Albert, 42 E. 11th Hotel Alexandria, 250 W. 103d Hotel Algonquin, 59 W. 44th Hotel Alrae, 37 E. 64th Hotel America, 151 W. 47th Hotel Amsterdam, 57 Lexington avenue Hotel Anderson, 102 W. 80th Hotel Aristo, 101 W. 44th Hotel Ashton, 1312 Madison avenue Hotel Astor, Broadway, 44th to 45th. Hotel Astoria & Apartments, 921 8th avenue Hotel Belleclaire, 2173 Broadway Hotel Belmore, 61 Lexington avenue Hotel Beresford, Central Park W. & 81st Hotel Berkley, 170 W. 74th Hotel Beverwyck 41 W. 27th Hotel Biltmore, Madison avenue & 43d Hotel Bossert, Hicks street at Montague, Brooklyn Hotel Braddock, 2350 8th avenue Hotel Breslin, Broadway at 29th. Hotel Bristol, 129 W. 48th Hotel Cadillac, 157 W. 43d Hotel Carteret, 208 W. 23d Hotel Cecil, St. Nicholas av & 118th Hotel Century, 111 W. 46th Hotel Chatham, Vanderbilt av. & 48th Hotel Chesterfield, 130 W. 49th Hotel Clarendon, 57 E. 58th Hotel Claridge, 160 W. 44th Hotel Clendenning, 202 W. 103d Hotel Collingwood, 45 W. 35th Hotel Colonial, 81st & Col. av. Hotel Commodore, 42d & Lexington av. Hotel Continental, Bway at 41st. Hotel Coolidge, 129 W. 47th Hotel Courte, 922 Bway Hotel Cumberland, Bway & 54th Hotel Daniel, 403 W. 42d Hotel De France, 142 W. 49th Hotel Del Campidoglio, 154 Bleecker Hotel Des Artistes, 1 W. 67th Hotel Devon, 70 W. 55th Hotel Earle, 103 Waverly pl. Hotel Eldorado, 302 Central Park West Hotel Elton, 363 4th av. Hotel Embassy, 2030 Broadway Hotel Emmet, 273 W. 38th Hotel Empire, Broadway at 63d Hotel Endicott. Col. av. & 81st. Hotel Ennis, 152 E. 42d Hotel Flanders, 133 W. 47th Hotel Fourteen East 60th, 14 E. 60th Hotel Franconia, 20 W. 72d Hotel Gonfarone, 40 W. 8th Hotel Gotham, 2 W. 55th Hotel Governor Clinton (rates $3.00 up) 7th ave. & 31st. Hotel Gramercy Park, 52 Gramercy Park North Hotel Grenoble, 886 7th avenue Hotel Grosvenor, 35 5th avenue Hotel Gruetil, 63 Gwich Hotel Hamilton "The House of Sunshine" W. 73d between Broadway and Columbus avenue. Hotel Hargrave, 112 W. 72d Hotel Hatfield, 48 Ridge Hotel Holley, 36 Washington Square W. Hotel Howard, 148 E. 19th Hotel Hudson, 102 W. 44th Hotel Imperial, Bway & 32d. Hotel Iroquois, 49 W. 44th Hotel Irroy, 2307 8th avenue Hotel Irving, 22 Gramercy Park Hotel Joyce, 31 W. 71st Hotel Judson, 53 Washington Square Hotel Kermac, 206 W. 43d. Hotel King James, 137 W. 45th Hotel Knickerbocker, 120 W.45th. Hotel Laclede, 102 E. 15th Hotel Lafayette, University pl & E.9th Hotel Langdon, 5th avenue & 56th Hotel Langwell, 123-129 W. 44th (Just off Broadway) Hotel La Salle, 30 E. 60th Hotel Latham, 4 E. 28th Hotel Laurelton, 147 W. 55th Hotel Le Marquis, 12 E. 31st Hotel Lenox, 151 W. 44th Hotel Lenori, 26 E. 63d Hotel Lincoln, 8th avenue., 44th and 45th Hotel Lorraine, 5th av. & 45th Hotel Lucerne, 201 W. 79th Hotel McAlpin, 34th & Broadway Hotel Madison Square, 37 Madison avenue Hotel Manger, 7th avenue., 50th to 51st. Hotel Manhattan, 157 W. 47th. Hotel Manhattan Square, 50 W. 77th Hotel Marbury Hall, 164 W. 74th Hotel Marguery, 270 Park avenue, 47th & 48th Hotel Marie Antoinette, Broadway, 66th & 67th. Hotel Markwell, 220 W. 49th Hotel Marlton, 3 W. 8th Hotel Marseilles, Broadway & 103d. Hotel Martha Washington, 29 E. 29th Hotel Martinique, Broadway & 32d. Hotel Maryland, 104 W. 49th Hotel Merle, 308 W. 23d Hotel Montclair, Lexington avenue, 49th & 50th. Hotel Monterey, Broadway & 94th. Hotel Monticello, 35 W. 64th Hotel Nassau, 56 E. 59th Hotel Newton, 2528 Broadway Hotel New Yorker, 8th avenue & 34th Hotel Nobleton, 126 W. 73d Hotel Oakland, 427 6th avenue Hotel Orleans, 100 W. 80th Hotel Pennsylvania, 7th avenue 32d. & 33d. Hotel Peter Stuyvesant, Central Park W. & 86th Hotel Piccadilly, 227 W. 45th Hotel Plymouth, 137 W. 49th Hotel President, 238 W. 48th Hotel Princeton, 116 W. 45th Hotel Prisament, Broadway at 74th Hotel Ransby, 324 W. 84th Hotel Remington, 129 W. 46th Hotel Richmond, 70 W. 46th Hotel Ritz Tower, Park avenue & 57th Hotel Robert Fulton, W. 71st, nr. Broadway Hotel Roosevelt, Madison avenue at 45th. Hotel Royal, 535 W. 112th Hotel Royalton, 44 W. 44th Hotel St. Albans, 349 W. 58th Hotel St. Andrew, Broadway & 72d. Hotel St. George, 49 E. 12th Hotel St. George, 51 Clark, Brooklyn Hotel St. Hubert, 120 W. 57th Hotel St. James, 109 W. 45th Hotel St. Paul. Col;. av & 60th Hotel St. Regis, 5th avenue & 55th. Hotel San Jacinto, 18 E. 60th Hotel San Rafael, 654 W. 45th Hotel Schuyler, 59 W. 45th Hotel Selkirk, 308 W. 82d Hotel Senton, 35 E. 27th Hotel Sevilla, 117 W. 58th Hotel Seville, 22 E. 29th Hotel Seymour, 50 W. 45th Hotel Shelton, Lexington avenue at 49th Hotel Sherman Square, Broadway & 71st Hotel Somerset, 150 W. 47th Hotel Stanley, 124 W. 47th Hotel Theresa, 7th av. 124th to 125th. Hotel Tijmes Square, 255-269 W. 43d. Hotel Van Rensselaer, 17 E. 11th Hotel Vanderbilt, Park avenue & 34th Hotel Vendig, 120 W. 47th Hotel Victoria, 51st & 7th avenue Hotel Walton, 104 W. 70th. Hotel Warwick, 65 W. 54th Hotel Webster, 40 W. 45th Hotel Wellington, 55th & 56th, at 7th avenue Hotel Wentworth, 59 W. 46th Hotel Westbury, 15 E. 69th. Hotel Weylin, c 54th & Madison avenue Hotel Whitehall, Broadway at 100th. Hotel Williard, 252 W. 76th Hotel Wolcott, 4 W. 31st Hotel Windsor, 58th at 6th avenue Hotel Woodward, Broadway at 55th Hotel York, 488 7th avenue I Iroquois, The 49 W. 44th J Judson, 53 Washington Square K Kenmore Hall, 145 E. 23d L Lexington, The, Lexington avenue at 48th Lucerne, 201 W. 79th Luchow's, 108 E. 14th Luxor Hotel, 121-127 W. 46th (Rates $3.00 up). M Madison Hotel, 21 E. 27th Marbury Hall, 164 W. 74th Market Hotel, 200 Gwich Martha Washington Hotel, 29 E. 29th (A Woman's Hotel) Monticello, 35 W. 64th Murray Hill, Park avenue at 40th N Narragansett Hotel, 2508 Broadway New Transit Hotel, 464 W. 23d North River Hotel, 150 West North Western, 202 Chambers O (no listing) P Palace, 132 W. 45th Park Central Hotel, 7th avenue between 55th & 56th Sts. Park Chambers Hotel, 68 W. 58th Park Plaza, 50 W. 77th Prince George Hotel, 5th avenue & 28th. Pullman Hotel, 431 7th avenue Q (no listing) R Raleigh Hall, 106 W. 47th Ritz-Carlton, 374 Madison avenue Roosevelt Hotel, Madison avenue at 45th Roversi Hotel, 29 W. 27th Rutledge, The, 161 Lexington avenue S St. Regis Hotel, 5th avenue & 55th. Savoy-Plaza, 5th avenue & 59th. Sherman Square, 200 W. 71st Sherry-Netherland, The, 5th avenue & 59th South Ferry, 6 South Stratford House, 11 E. 32d Strand Hotel, 502 W. 14th Susquehanna Hotel, 177 West T Terrace Hotel, 401 W. 23d Town House Club, 71 Central Park W. Transatlantic Hotel, 418 W. 23d Twelve East 86th Street Hotel, 12 E. 86th U (no listing) V Victoria Hotel, 7th avenue & 51st. W Warrington, 161-3 Madison avenue Wentworth Hotel, 59 W. 46th West Shore, 560 W. 42d Westminister, The, 420 W. 116th Westover, The, 253 W. 72d White Hotel, Lexington avenue at 37th Wolcott Hotel, 4 W. 31st Woodstock Hotel, 127 W. 43d. X (no listing) Y York Hotel, 7th ave at 36th. This completes the total transcribing of the 1930 New York City's List of Hotels as listed on Pages: 208-210 of White-Orr's 1930 Classified Business Directory-New York City Section..
Transcribed exclusively for the Brooklyn Pages by Miriam Medina
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