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1930 LIST OF NEW YORK CITY'S NEWSPAPERS, PERIODICALS, ETC. 1930- White Orr's Business Directory

A Abrasive Industry, 220 Broadway Accessory & Garage Journal (m), 1476 Broadway Action Stories (m), 461 8th av Agricultural Leader's Digest (m), 10 E. 43d Agwi Steamship News (m), 165 Broadway Ainslee's (m), 79 7th av Alpha Kappa Psi Frat., 113 Waverly pl Am. Agency Bulletin, 80 Maiden la. Am. Agriculturist (W), 461 4th av Am. Architect (w), 243 W. 39th Am. Art Student (m), 13 Park row American Bank Reporter, (half-yearly), 420 E. 149th. Tel. Ludlow 3800. Am. Banker (w), 32 Stone Am. Boy (m), 441 Lexington av Am. Brewer (m), 113 Hudson Am. Builder (m), 250 Park av Am. Carpet & Upholstery Journal (m), 41 Union sq. American City (m), 443 4th av Am. Cloak & Suit Review (m), 498 7th av. Am. Coal Journal (w), 25 W. 45th Am. Contractor (w), 119 W. 40th American Cutler, The (m), 1400 Broadway Am. Druggist (m), 53 Park pl. Am. Dyestuff Reporter (w), 90 William American Exporter (m), 370 7th av. Tel. Penna. 7800. American Farming (m), 10 E. 43d Am. Fur Designer (m), 370 7th av Am. Furrier (m), 15 W. 37th Am. Garage & Auto Dealer (m), 20 Vesey Am. Gas Journal (w), 53 Park pl Am. Golfer (semi-m). 353 4th av Am. Grocer (w), 90 W. Broadway Am. Hatter (m), 1225 Broadway Am. Hebrew (w), 19 W. 44th Am. Industries (m), 50 Church Am. Issue (w), 370 7th av Am. Journal of Surgery (m), 76 5th av Am. Ladies Tailor (m), 15 W. 37th Am. Law List, 2 W. 13th Am. Lawn Tennis (m & semi-m), 461 8th av Am. Legion (w), 331 Madison av Am. Lutheran (m), 69 5th av Am. Machinist (w), 10th av & 36th Am. Magazine (m), 250 Park av Am. Medicine (m), 18 E. 41st Am. Metal Market (The), (d), 11 Cliff American Monthly, The, 93 5th av Am. Musician (bi-m), 437 5th av Am. Paper Merchant, 125 Church Am. Penman (m), 55 5th av Am. Perfumer & Essential Oil Review (m), 14 Cliff Am. Printer (s-m), 225 W. 34th Am. Scandinavian Review (b-m), 25 W. 45th Am. School Board Journal (m), 50 Church Am. Silk Journal (m), 373 4th av Am. Stationer (w), 10 E. 39th Am. Stockholders' Weekly, 46 West Am. Teacher, 70 5th av Am. Underwriter (m), 606 W. 115th Amer. Wool & Cotton Reporter (w), 154 Nassau Arbetaren (w), 45 Rose Architecture (m), 597 5th av Architecture & Building (m), 23 Warren Architectural Forum, 383 Madison av Architectural record (m), 119 W. 40th Argosy (m), 280 Broadway Army & Navy Register (w), 258 Broadway Arts & Decoration (m), 45 W. 45th Associated Trades Law List (q), 901 Broadway Association Men (m), 347 Madison av Atlantic Monthly, 200 5th av Atlantis (d), 203 W. 25th Automobile Journal (m), 1476 Broadway Automobile Trade Journal (m), 239 W. 39th Aviation & Aircraft Journal (w), 225 4th av B Bakers Helper, 17 E. 42d Bakers Weekly, 41 W. 45th Baltimore Sun (d), 110 E. 42d Bankers' Encyclopedia (s-a), 524 Broadway Bankers' Home Magazine (m), 524 Broadway Bankers' Magazine (m), 71 Murray Banking Law Journal (m), 71 Murray Barbers' Journal, 1400 Broadway Barron's (w), 44 Broad Baseball Magazine (m), 70 5th av Beauty Culture (m), 709 6th av Bellman (w), 23 Beaver Belting & Transmission (s-m), 15 Park row Better Times (m), 151 5th av Beverage News, 302 Broadway Big Stick (w), 201 E. Broadway Billboard (w), 1560 Broadway Birth Control Review (m), 104 5th av Black Diamond (w), 17 Battery pl. Black Fox Magazine, 1400 Broadway Black Mask (m), 45 W. 45th Blacksmith & Wheelwright (m), 503 5th av Blue Book Magazine (m), 33 W. 42d Boiler Maker (m), 30 Church Bolletino Della Sera, Inc., 178-180-182 Worth Bond Buyer (d & w), 67 Pearl Bonded Attorney (q), 1440 Broadway Bookman Magazine (m), 244 Madison av Boot & Shoe Recorder (w), 239 W. 39th Boston Advertiser (w), 1819 Broadway Boston Globe, (d), 110 E. 42d Boys' Life Magazine (m), 200 5th av Boys' Outfitter (m), 175 5th av Bradstreet's (w), 148 Lafayette Brass World Pub. Co. (m), 153 Waverly pl. Breezy Stories (m), 709 6th av Bronx Democrat (m), 368 E. 148th Bronx Home News (w), 373 E. 148th Bronx Record & Times (d), 2245 So. Boulevard Bronx Sentinel (w), 38 Wchester sq. Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 280 Madison av & 63 Park row Brooklyn Standard Union (d), 233 Broadway Broomhall's Corn Trade News (d), Produce Exch. Brown's Letter, Inc., 140 W. 42d Builders Journal, 239 W. 39th Building Age (m), 243 W. 39th Building Trades Employers' Ass'n Bulletin (m), 34 W. 33d Bullinger's Monitor Guide (w), 237 Lafayette Butcher's Advocate (w), 1328 Broadway Butterick Fashions (q), 223 Spring Buying Guide, 1416 Broadway C C.-R.-C. Law List, 50 Church Candy & Ice Cream Retailer, 1265 Broadway Capper Publications, 120 W. 42d Carpet & Rug World (m), 381 4th av Carpet & Upholstery Trade Review (s-m), 31 E. 17th Casket (m), 487 Broadway Cast (w), 1402 Broadway Casualty Review (m), 80 Maiden la Caterer & Hotel Proprietors Gazette (m), 152 W. 42d Catholic News (w), 33 W. 60th Catholic World (m), 120 W. 60th Cement Mill & Quarry (s-m), 250 Park av Central Station Magazine, 15 W. 55th Century Mag. (m), 353 4th av Chemical Eng. Catalog, 19 E. 24th Chicago Daily News, 110 E. 42d. Tel. Lexington 3500 Chicago Herald & Examiner (d), 1834 Broadway Chicago Journal of Commerce (d), 44 Broad Chicago Tribune (d), 512 5th av Chief (The) (w), 5 Beekman Chilton Automobile Directory (q), 239 W. 39th Chilton Tractor Journal (m), 239 W. 39th Chinese Reform News (s-w), 176 Park row Chinese Republic News (w), 108 Park row Christian Advocate (w), 150 5th av Christian Herald (w), 106 Bible h Christian Intelligencer (w), 25 E. 22d Christian Nation (w), 154 Nassau Christian Science Monitor (d), 270 Madison av Church Bulletin (m), 118 E. 28th Cine-Mundial (Chalmers Publishing Co.), 516 5th av. Tel. Murray Hill 1610-11 Cleveland Plain Dealer (d), 110 E. 42d Clothier & Furnisher (m), 10 E. 39th Clothing Trade Journal (m), 70 5th av Clover Leaf Newspapers, 366 5th av Club Fellow & Washington Mirror (w), 1 Madison av Club Women of N.Y. (a), 16 W. 45th Coal Age, (w), 10th av & 36th Coal Trade Journal (w), 475 5th av Comfort (m), 250 Park av Comerce & Finance (w), 16 Exch pl Commercial Car Journal (m), 239 W. 39th Commercial & Financial World, 12 John Compressed Air Magazine, The (m), 11 Broadway Concrete Products (m) 250 Park av Contractors & Engineers Monthly, 443 4th av Cordage Trade Journal (s-m), 81 Fulton Corset & Underwear Review (m), 1170 Broadway Cosmopolitan (m), 119 W. 40th Country Gentleman (w), 366 Madison av Courrier des Etats-Unis (d), 195 Fulton Cracker Baker (m), 41 W. 45th Crisis (m), 69 5th av Crockery & Glass Journal (w), 45 E. 17th Cuba Review (m), 67 Wall Current Opinion (m), 50 W. 47th D Daily Bond News, 420 E. 149th. Daily Credit Bulletin (d), 320 Broadway Daily Garment News (d), 150 Lafayette Daily Hide & Tallow Bulletin, 154 Nassau Daily Metal Trade, 220 Broadway Daily Mirror, The (d), 55 Frankfort Daily News, 25 Park pl Daily Racing Form (d), 157 E. 32d Daily Telegraph (London) (d), 66 Broadway Daily Trade Record (d), 8 E. 13th Dallas Evening Journal (d), 154 Nassau Dallas News (d), 154 Nassau Day (The) ( The Nat'l Jewish Daily), 183 E. Broadway Decorative Furnisher (m), 381 4th av Delineator (m), 223 Spring Dental Digest (m), 220 W. 42d Dental Outlook (m), 425 Lafayette Der Fuhrer (w), 42 Bond Detroit News (d), 50 E. 42d Didot-Bottin Commercial World Directory (a), 50 Church Dodge Reports (d), 119 W. 40th Domestic Engineering (w), 110 E. 42d Dominant (m), 20 W. 34th Dominant Band & Orchestra Journal (m), 20 W. 34th Dow Service (d), 100 E. 45th Downes, Chas. L., 50 Church Dress Essentials (m), 1170 Broadway Droll Stories (q), 709 6th av Drug & Chemical Markets (w), 25 Spruce Druggists Circular (m), 12 Gold Dry Goods Economist (w), 239 W. 39th Dry Goods Review (m), 1133 Broadway Dun's International Review (Export). Published monthly, English, Spanish, French & Portuguese. (R. G. Dun & Co., Publishers), 290 Broadway. E Eastern Underwriter (w), 86 Fulton Economic World (w), 128 Water Editor & Publisher (w), 1475 Broadway Educational Foundations (m), 23 Flatbush av, Bklyn El Arte Tipografico (m), 32 Burling sl El Comercia (m), 2 W. 45th Electric Railway Journal (w), 10th av & 36th Electric Traction (m), 25 Church Electrical Export (m), 461 8th av Electrical Merchandising (m), 10th av & 36th Electrical Record (m), 461 8th av Electrical World (w), 10th av & 36th Elite Styles (m), 26 Union sq Elks Antler (m), 1158 Broadway El. Reporter Latino-Americano (m), 100 Gold Engineering Magazine, 116 W. 32d Engineering News Record (w), 10th av & 36th Engineering World (s-m), 15 Park row Engineering & Mining Journal (w), 10th av & 36th English Speaking Union, 19 W. 44th Era Druggists Directory, 154 Nassau Evening Post (d), 75 West Evening Sun (d), 280 Broadway Everybody's Magazine (m), 223 Spring Exhibitors' Herald (w), 565 5th av Exhibitors' Trade Review (w), 45 W 45th Exporters' & Importers' Journal (m), 17 State Extension Magazine (m), 154 Nassau F Factory (s-m), 1 Park av Facts About Sugar (w), 133 Front Family The, 130 E 22d Farm Journal (m), 247 Park av Farm & Fireside (s-m), 250 Park av Farm & Home, 401 Bowery Farm & Ranch (w), 52 Vanderbilt av Farmers' Magazine (s-m), 250 Park av Fashion Review (m) 36 W. 47th Fashionable Dress (m), 250 4th av Fashionable Woman's Tailor (m), 15 W. 37th Feedingstuffs (m), 25 W. Bway Field Illustrated, The (m), 425 5th av Field & Fancy (w), 249 W. 34th Field & Stream (m), 45 W. 45th Financial Age (w), 132 Nassau Financial News of London (d), 44 Broad Financier, The (s-m), 32 Broadway Fire Engineer (m), 2254 W. 34th Fire Protection (m), 80 Maiden la Fire Service (w), 153 Waverly pl Fire & Water Engineering (w), 225 W. 34th Fishing Gazette (w), 196 Water Florists' Exchange (w), 448 W. 37th Forbes Magazine (s-m), 120 5th av Forecast, The, 6 E. 39th Forest & Stream (m), 223 W. 57th Forum (m), 247 Park av Foundry, The (s-m), 220 Broadway Fourth Estate (w), 28 W. 44th Freight Handling & Terminal Engineering, 1133 Bway French-Am. Fashion Pub. Co., 15 W. 37th Fruit Trade Journal Co., 38 Park pl Fruitman's Guide (w), 202 Franklin Fur Age (m), 47 W. 34th Fur Trade Review (m), 224 W. 30th Furniture Buyer & Decorator (w), 36 Gold Furniture Index, The, 51 E. 42d Furniture Trade Review (m), 31 E. 17th Furniture World (w), 15 W. 38th G Gaelic Am. (w), 165 William Game Breeder (m), 20 E. 42d Gardeners' Chronicle (m), 286 5th av Gas Age (s-m), 9 E. 38th Gehring's Hotel Directory, 119 W. 40th General Electric Review (m), 120 Broadway Gentlewoman (m), 615 W. 43d Geyer's Stationer, (w), 949 Broadway Gift Buyers Guide (s-y), 225 5th av Golf Illustrated (m), 425 5th av Good Furniture (m), 47 W. 34th Good Government Magazine, 8 W. 40th Good Housekeeping Magazine (m), 119 W. 40th Gotchnag (w), 331 4th av Graphic Record (m), 136 Pearl Gregg Writer (m), 77 Madison av Guest-Guide, 152 W. 42d H Haberdasher, The (m), 10 E. 39th Hardware Age (weekly), 239 W. 39th Hardware Dealers Magazine (m), 370 7th av Hardware & Metal (w), 1133 Broadway Harlem Home News (w), 373 E. 148th Harlem Life, 391 E. 149th Harlem Magazine, 290 Lenox av Harper's Bazaar (m), 119 W. 40th Harper's Magazine (m), 49 E. 33d Health Culture Magazine (m), 1133 Broadway Hearst's Magazine (m), 119 W. 40th Heating & Ventilating (m), 1123 Broadway Hide & Leather (w), 154 Nassau Highway Engineer & Contractor (m), 250 Park av Hollands Magazine (m), 52 Vanderbilt av Home Mission Monthly, 156 5th av Homiletic Review (m), 354 4th av Horse Review (w), 31 E. 27th Hospital Progress (m), 50 Church Hotel Bulletin (m), 350 Madison av Hotel Gazette (w), 226 W. 47th Hotel Industry (m), 143 W. 44th Hote Record (bi-w), 151 5th av Hotel Red Book, 103 Park av House Beautiful (m), 200 5th av House Furnishing Journal (m), 156 5th av House & Garden (m), 19 W. 44th Hubbell Pub. Co., 120 Broadway Hungarian Workmen's Journal (w), 61 Avenue A I Ice Cream Trade Journal (m), 171 Madison av Ice & Refrigeration (m), 149 Broadway II Carroccio (m), 195 Centre Illustrated Boxing Record (w), 17 Spruce Illustrated Milliner (m), 656 Broadway Il Progresso Italo-Americano (d & s), 42 Elm. Importers' Guide, 461 8th av India Rubber World (m), 25 W. 45th Industrial Arts Magazine (m), 50 Church Industrial Digest (m), 45 W. 45th Industrial Gas (m), 9 E. 38th Industrial Management Magazine (m), 116 W. 32d Inland Merchant (m), 1170 Broadway Inland Printer (m), 41 Park row Insurance (bi-w), 74 Cortlandt Insurance Advocate (w), 177 William Insurance Critic (m), 38 Park row Insurance Field (s-w), 80 Maiden la Insurance Index (m), 38 Park row Insurance Law Journal, 80 Maiden la Insurance Observer (s-m), 37 Maiden la Insurance Press ( w & m), 126 Maiden la Insurance Salesman (m), 80 Maiden la Insurance Times (m), 136 Liberty Int'l Brief (m), 110 W. 90th Int'l Confectioner (m), 621 Broadway Int'l Journal of Surgery (m), 18 E. 41st Int'l Military Digest, (m), 62 W. 45th Int'l Studio (m), 119 W. 40th Int'l Tailor (m), 241 Lexington av Int'l Trade Developer (m), 247 Park av Iowa Homestead (w), 290 5th av Irish World (w), 49 Walker Iron Age (w), 239 W. 39th Iron Trade Review (w), 220 Broadway Isolated Plant (m), 250 Park av Issues of To-Day (w), 140 Cedar J Japan Advertiser (The), (Tokyo), 110 E. 42d Japanese-American, 333 Hudson. Te. Walker 3790 Japanese Times, The (Semi-Weekly, Publishers, Translators and Printers, 12 W. 17th. Jersey City Journal (d), 50 Church Jewelers' Circular (w), 11 John Jewish American Women's Magazine & Gazette, 77 Bowery. Tel. Orchard 8400 Jewish Daily Forward, (Adolph Held, Pres.: Abraham Cahan, Editor; B. C. Vladeck, Mgr.), 173-175 E. Broadway. Jewish Daily News, 187 E. Broadway Jewish Forum (m), 2000 Broadway Jewish Gazette, 185 E. Broadway Jewish Morning Journal, (d), 77 Bowery. Jewish Tribune, The, (w), 570 7th av Journal of Accountancy, (m) 135 Cedar Journal of Am. History (m), 2781 Marion av Journal of Commerce & Comm'l Bulletin (d), 32 Bway Journal of the Nat'l Ass'n of Chiropodists (m),562 5th av Journal of the Outdoor Life (m), 370 7th av Judge (w), 25 Vanderbilt av K Kansas City Star (d), 15 E. 40th Keystone (m), 15 Maiden la L Lace & Embroidery Review (m), 1170 Broadway Ladies Home Journal (m), 366 Madison av La Hacienda (m), 20 Vesey Lamp (The), (m), 215 4th av La Nacion Buenos Aires, 383 Madison av La Nacion of Santiago (d), 165 Broadway La Nueva Democracia (m), 25 Madison av La Prensa (d), 245 Canal Laundry Age, 1476 Broadway Law List Publishing Co. (s-a), 2 W. 13th Lawyer's List, 70 5th av Leader-in-Styles (w), 15 W. 37th Leather Goods Manufacturer (m), 152 W. 42d Le Bon Ton (m), 10 E. 46th L'Elegance Parisienne (m), 15 W. 37th Library Journal (m), 62 W. 45th Life (w), 598 Madison av Life Ass'n News (m), 23 W. 43d Literary Digest (w), 354 4th av Lloyd's Register of Shipping, 17 Battery pl. Lockwood's Directory (a), 10 E. 39th London Daily Mail, 420 Lexington av London Daily News, Grand Central Terminal. Tel. Vanderbilt 9119 London Times, 280 Broadway. Tel. Worth 1590. Los Angeles Examiner (d), 285 Madison av Lumberman's Review (m), 101 Park av M MacLean's Magazine, (m), 1133 Broadway Magazine of Wall Street (s-m), 42 Broadway Magyar Munkaslap (semi-w), 61 Ave A Management's Handbook, 15 E. 26th Manchester Guardian, The (daily), 220 W. 42d. Cable address. "Naidraug," Newyork Manchester Guardian, Weekly, The, (w), 220 W42d Manufacturers Record (w), 149 Broadway Manufacturing Clothier (m), 10 E. 39th Marine Journal (w), 11 Broadway Marine News (m), 26 Water Marine Review (m), 220 Broadway Market News (d), 458 Broadway Martindale's Am. Law Directory (a), 227 Broadway Masonic Standard (w), 46 W. 24th McCall's Magazine (m), 236 W. 37th McClure's Magazine (m), 19 W. 40th McGraw Electrical Directory (s-a), 10th av & 36th Mediator, The (w), 799 Broadway Medical Brief (m), 1 Pershing sq. Medical Review of Reviews (m), 7 W. 16th Medical Times (m), 93 Nassau Men's Wear (m), 8 E. 13th Mercantile Adjuster (m), 1819 Broadway Merchant Plumber & Fitter (s-m), 200 5th av Merchants' Record & Show Window (m), 149 Bway Merchants' Trade Journal (m), 949 Broadway Metal Industry (m), 99 John Milliner (m), 417 5th av Millinery Trade Review (m), 1225 Broadway Mines Handbook (a), 8 W. 40th Missionary Review of the World (m), 156 5th av Modern Hospital, 21 E. 40th Modern Miller (w), 25 Beaver Modern Modes (m), 246 5th av Modern Priscilla (m), 501 5th av Modern Stationers & Bookseller (s-m), 1181 Bway Monitor (w), 37 Barclay Morning Telegraph (d & s), 826 8th av Moslem World, 156 5th av Motion Picture Journal, 729 7th av Motion Play Magazine (w), 25 W. 43d Motor (m), 119 W. 40th Motor Age (w), 239 W. 39th Motor Boat (s-m), 10 E. 39th Motor Boating (m), 119 W. 40th Motor Record (m), 90 West Motorship (m), 220 W. 42d Motor Truck (m), 1476 Broadway Motor World (w), 239 W. 39th Moving Pictures Stories (w), 166 W. 23d Moving Picture World, (w), 516 5th av Munsey's Magazine, 280 Broadway Music Trade Indicator (w), 45 W. 45th Music Trade Review (w), 383 Madison av Musical Advance (m), 17 E. 42d Musical America's Guide (a), 501 5th av Musical Courier (w), 437 5th av Musicians (m), 70 E. 45th Mystery (s-m), 52 Vanderbilt av N Nation (w), 20 Vesey Nat'l Bottlers' Gazette (m), 233 Broadway Nat'l Builder (m), 239 W. 39th Nat'l Druggist (m), 1 Pershing sq Nat'l Engineer (m), 258 Broadway Nat'l Geographic Magazine (m), 350 Madison av Nat'l Herald (w), 140 W. 26th National Hotel Review, 119 W. 40th Nat'l Jeweler (m), 37 Maiden la Nat'l Lithographer (m), 150 Nassau Nat'l Magazine (m), 116 W. 39th Nat'l Petroleum News (w), 342 Madison av Nat'l Press Ass'n, 503 5th av Nat'l Provisioner (w), 15 Park row Nat'l Retail Clothier (s-m), 286 5th av Nat'l Underwriter, The, 80 Maiden la Naturopah (m), 124 E. 41st Nautical Gazette (s-m), 20 Vesey Nauticus (w), 109 Broad Nedlecraft (m), 285 Madison av New Armenia (bi-w), 1 Madison av New England Homestead (w), 270 Madison av New York Age, The, 230 W. 135th N. Y. American (business office) 92 Gold N. Y. Commercial (d), 38 Park row N.Y. Daily Hide Report, 41 Park Row N. Y. Daily Market Report, 313 Washn N. Y. Evening Journal (d), 2 Col Circle & 238 William N. Y. Evening Post (d), 75 West N. Y. Evening World (d), 53-63 Park row N. Y. Herald (d & s), 73 Dey N. Y. Law Journal (d), 19 Murray N. Y. Lumber Trade Journal (s-m), 285 Madison av N. Y. Maritime Register (w), 11 Moore New York Packer (w), 99 Warren N. Y. Produce Review & Am. Creamery (w) 173 Chambers N. Y. Review (w), 300 W. 55th N. Y. Star (w), 145 W. 45th N. Y. State Journal of Medicine, 2 E. 103d New York Times, (d & s), 229 W. 43d, 7 Beekman, 137 W. 125th New York Tribune (d & s), 272 W. 125th N. Y. University Alumnus, 30 Washington New Yorker Staats-Zeitung, 22 N William New Yorker Volkszeitung (d & s) 47 Walker Nordlyset (Danish) (w), 132 Nassau Nordstjernan (s-w), 108 Park row Normal Instructor (m), 110 W. 34th North Am. Review (m), 9 E. 37th North Side News (d), 368 E. 148th Northwestern Miller (w), 25 Beaver Notion & Novelty Review (m), 1170 Broadway Novelty News (m), 149 Broadway Nugents' Garment Weekly, 1225 Broadway O Office Appliances (m), 1 Pershing sq Official Horse Show Blue Book (a), 110 W. 34th Official Metropolitan Guide, 1440 Broadway Official Ry. Equipment Register (m), 424 W. 33d Official Ry. Guide (m), 424 W. 33d Oil, Paint & Drug Reporter (w), 12 Gold Oil Trade Journal (The), (m), 350 Madison av Open Door (m), 456 4th av Optical Journal & Review (w), 11 John Orange Judd Pub. Co., 15 E. 26th Osaka Mainichi (d), 154 Nassau Our Hope Magazine (m), 456 4th av P Packing & Shipping, 30 Church. Tel. Cortlandt 7226 Painters Magazine, 12 Gold Paper Mill & Wood Pulp News (w), 1440 Broadway Paper Trade Journal (w), 10 E. 39th Parish Monthly, 7 E. 42d Parisienne (The), 45 W. 45th Pathfinder (w), 171 Madison av Peerless News Bureau, 81 Nassau Pencil Points (m), 19 E. 24th Penton Pub. Co., 220 Broadway Peoples Favorite Magazine (m), 79 7th av People's Magazine (m), 79 7th av People's Popular Monthly, 299 Madison av Perfumers' Journal, 709 6th av Permanent Builder (m), 239 W. 39th Petroleum Age (m), 20 Vesey Petroleum Register, 40 Rector Pharmaceutical Era (m), 154 Nassau Philadelphia Inquirer, 285 Madison av Philadelphia Record, 1 Pershing sq. Philatelic Gazette (m), 68 Nassau Phillips' Business Directory of New York, 3 W. 20th Photoplay Magazine (m), 221 W. 57th Physical Culture Magazine (m), 1926 Broadway Pictorial Review (m), 222 W. 39th Pierce's Farm Weeklies, 200 5th av Pigott's Bulletin (w), 80 Broad Pitman's Journal (m), 2 W. 45th Playthings (m), 381 4th av Plumber's Trade Journal (s-m), 239 W. 30th Plumbing & Heating Weekly, 239 W. 30th Pocket List of Railroad Officials (q), 424 W. 33d Police Gazette (w), 340 Pearl Poor's Manual (a), 33 Broadway Popular Magazine (s-m), 79 7th av Popular Mechancis Magazine (m), 1 Madison av Popular radio, Inc., (m), 119 W. 57th Popular Science Monthly, 242 4th av Pottery, Glass & Brass Salesman (w), 912 Bway Power (w), 10th av & 36th Power Boating (m), 220 Broadway Power Plant Engineering, 150 Nassau Practical Druggist (m), 93 Nassau Practical Electrics (m), 53 Park pl Price Carpet & Rug News (m), 383 Madison av Printers' Ink (m), 185 Madison av Printing (s-m), 41 Park row Printing Trades Blue Book, 461 8th av row Produce Bulletin (w), 97 Warren Produce News (w), 6 Harrison Producers' Price Current (d), 173 Chambers Public Ledger (d), 366 Madison av Publicity Bureau for State Police, 2126 Broadway Publishers' Weekly, 62 W. 45th Purchasing Agent, 53 Park pl Q ( No Listing) R Radio News (m), 53 Park pl Radio World (m), 145 W. 45th Railway Age Gazette (w), 30 Church Railway Electrical Engineer (m), 30 Church Railway Maintenance Engineer (m), 30 Church Railway Review (w), 30 Church Railway Signal Engineer (m), 30 Church Railway & Locomotive Engineering (m) 136 Liberty Raw Material (m), 461 8th av Ready-To-Wear Guide (s-m), 1160 Broadway Real Est. Magazine (m), 12 E. 41st Reality (m), 15 W. 44th Record of Am. & Foreign Shipping (a), 50 Broad Record & Guide (w), 119 W. 40th Red Book Magazine (m), 33 W. 42d Refrigerating World (m), 25 W. Broadway Retail Tobacconist (s-m), 117 W. 61st Review Directory (s-y), 498 7th av Review of Reviews (m), 55 5th av Rider & Driver (bi-w), 342 Madison av Rough Notes, 80 Maiden la Rubber Age (s-m), 225 4th av Rudder (m), 9 Murray Rural New Yorker (w), 333 W. 30th Russell Law List, 36 W. 44th Russell's Commercial News, 13 Water S Safety Engineering (m), 119 Nassau St. Louis Globe-Democrat (d), 41 Park Row St. Nicholas Magazine (m), 353 4th av San Francisco Examiner (d), 285 Madison av Sartorial Art Journal (m), 15 W. 37th Saturday Evening Post (w), 366 Madison av Saward's Annual, 15 Park row Saward's Journal (w), 15 Park row School (w), 156 5th av Science & Invention (m), 53 Park pl Scientific American (w), 24 W. 40th Scientific Review (m), 206 E. 19th Scribner's Magazine (m), 599 5th av Scripps Newspapers, 250 Park av Sheet Metal Worker (m), 45 W. 45th Shippers Guide (w), 15 Park row Shoe Retailer (w), 127 Duane Shoe & Leather Reporter (w), 41 Park Row Silent Partner (m), 200 5th av Silk (m), 90 William Silk Guide, Inc. 50 Union sq. Silver Cross (m), 250 Park av Single Tax Review (b-w), 150 Nassau Slovak V Amerike (d), 166 Ave A Smart Set (m), 114 W. 40th Smith's Magazine (m), 79 7th av Social Calendar (w), 33 W. 42d Social Register (s-a), 381 4th av Soda Fountain (m), 25 Spruce Spectator (w), 135 William Spice Mill (m), 97 Water Spirit of Missions (m), 281 4th av Spur, The (s-m), 425 5th av Standard Advertising Register, 15 Moore Starchroom Laundry Journal, 152 W. 42d State Police Magazine (m), 2126 Broadway Stock & Bond Reporter (m), 70 Wall Strand Magazine (m), 83 Duane Student Volunteer Movement Bulletin (q), 25 Madison av Style (m), 216 W. 39th Sub-Contractors' Bulletin (t-w), 209 W. 38th Successful Methods (m), 10th av & 36th Sugar, 153 Waverly pl Sun, The (d), 280 Broadway. Branches: Herald Square 206 Broadway, 205 W. 125th., 585 W. 181st and 518 Willis av. Sunday Companion (w), 256 Broadway Sunnyside (m), 445 Broome Sunset Magazine (m), 220 W. 42d Survey (w), 112 E. 19th Sweater News (m), 93 Worth System (m), 1 Park av Szabadsag (d), 154 Nassau T Talking Machine Journal (m), 70 E. 45th Talking Machine World (m), 383 Madison av Tatler, 1571 Broadway Tea & Coffee Trade Journal (m), 79 Wall Telegraph & Telephone Age (s-m), 253 Broadway Tevyne (w), 307 W. 30th Textile World (w), 334 4th av Theatre Arts Magazine (q), 7 E. 42d Theatre Magazine (m), 2 W. 45th Therapeutic Gazette (m), 181 Hudson Tires (m), 383 Madison av Tobacco, 10 E. 39th Tobacco Leaf (w), 129 Front Tobacco Record (bi-w), 63 Park row To-Day's Housewife (m), 18 E. 18th Toilet Requisites (m), 250 Park av Top-Notch Magazine (s-m), 79 7th av Town Topics (w), 2 W. 45th & 44 Broad Town & Country (t-m), 119 W. 40th Toys & Novelties (m), 156 5th av Traffic World (w) 51 E. 42d Trained Nurse & Hospital Review (m), 468 4th av Trans-Pacific Magazine, The, (Tokyo, 110 E. 42d Transfer & Storage (m), 239 W. 39th Travel (m), 7 W. 16th Trust Companies Magazine (m), 55 Liberty Truth (m), 27 W. 60th Truth Seeker (w), 49 Vesey Turf Light (w), 135 W. 42d Typesetting Machine Engineers Journal (m), 23 Duane Typewriter Topics (m), 320 Broadway U Underwear & Hosiery Review (m), 93 Worth Underwood's Counterfeit Reporter (quarterly), 420 E. 149th. Tel. Ludlow 3800 U. S. Government Advertiser (w), 258 Broadway United States Investor (w), 154 Nassau U. S. Tobacco Journal (w), 146 Water Universal Engineer (m), 150 Nassau Upholsterer & Interior Decorator (m), 373 4th av V Vanity Fair (m), 19 W. 44th Variety (w), 154 W. 46th Vaudeville News (w), 1562 Broadway Villager The, 10 E. 43d Violin World (m), 125 W. 42d Vogue (s-m), 19 W. 44th W Walden's Red Book (a), 41 Park row Walden's Stationer & Printer (s-m), 41 Park row Wall St. Journal (d), 44 Broad Watchman-Examiner (w), 23 E. 26th Weekly Underwriter, 80 Maiden la Western Druggists (m), 37 Maiden la Who's Who in Am., Inc., 37 E. 28th Wide World Magazine (m), 83 Duane Winning Post (w), 1674 Broadway Wisconsin Farmer (w), 200 5th av Woman Citizen, The (w), 171 Madisn av Woman's Home Companion (m), 250 Park av Woman's World (m), 280 Madison av Women's Wear (d), 8 E. 13th World (d & s), 63 Park Row X (No Listing) Y Yachting (m), 25 W. 43d Young Judaean (m), 74 5th av Young's Magazine (m), 709 6th av Youth's Companion (w), 200 5th av Z Ziegler Matilda Magazine for the Blind (m), 250 W. 54th Zit's (w), 1441 Broadway This completes the total transcribing of Ltrs. A-Z of Newspapers, Periodicals, etc., as listed in the 1930 Classified Business Directory-New York City.
Transcribed exclusively for the Brooklyn Pages by Miriam Medina
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