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1930 LIST OF NEW YORK CITY'S STEAMSHIP COMPANIES. White-Orr's Business Directory

A Admiral Line, 604 5th av Am.-Asiatic S. S. Co., 34 Whitehall American-Hawaiian Steamship Co., 8 Bridge. Tel. Bowling Green 1500 Am. Line, 1 Bway & P 62, N R Am. Mediterranean Levant Line, 26 Bway American Merchant Lines, 45 Bway. Tel. Whitehall 2800 American Ship & Commerce Corp'n, 39 Bway Tel. Whitehall 4220 Am. Smelters S. S. Co., 120 Bway Am. Steamship Line, 1 Bway Am. & Cuban S. S. Line, Inc., 39 Cortlandt Anchor Line, 25 Bway. Tel. Bowling Green 5329. Atlantic Coast S. S. Co., 100 E. 42d Atlantic Fruit Co., 17 Battery pl Atlantic, Gulf & West Indies, 25 Bway Atlantic Transport Line, 1 Bway Atlantic & Pacific S. S. Corp'n, 10 Hanover sq. B Baltic-Am. Line, Inc., 8 Bridge. Tel. Bowling Green 7194 Barber Steamship Lines, Inc., (Agents, Owners & Brokers), 17 Battery pl. Tel. Whitehall 1300 Bay State Line, Pier 19 E R Belgian Line, The, 10 Pearl. Tel. Bowling Green 8960 Benner Line, 11 Bway Bibby-Henderson Lines, 17 Battery pl Black Diamond S. S. Corp'n, 39 Bway. Tel. Whitehall 0006 Blue Funnel Lines, 17 Battery pl. Tel. Whitehall 0730 Booth Steamship Co., 17 Battery pl. Tel. Whitehall 0730 Bristol City Line, 25 Bway. Tel. Bowling Green 7470 Pier 7, Hoboken, N. J. Tel. Hoboken 7457 Bull Insular Line, 115 Broad. Tel. Bowling Green 2900 C Canada Steamship Lines, Ltd., 535 5th av. Tel. Murray Hill 3866 Chile Steamship Co., Inc. 25 Bway Clinchfield Navigation Co., 75 West Clyde Phila. Line, Pier 45 N R Clyde Santo Domingo Line, 25 Bway Clyde Steams;hip Co., Pier 36 N R Coast Steamship Co., 24 State Colonial Line, Pier 44, N. R. Colombian Steamship Co., Inc., 17 Battery pl. Tel. Whitehall 8000. Columbus Steamship Co., Inc. 5 Bway Commercial Baltic Line, 5 Bway Commercial European Line, 5 Bway Commercial West Indian Line, 5 Bway Compagnia Transatlantica, Pier 8 E R Compagnie Generale Transatlantique, (French Line), 19 State & Piers 57 & 90, N R. Tel. Bowling Green 7500. Compania Sud Americana De Vapores, (Wessel, Duval & Co., Agents), 1 Bway. Tel: Whitehall 8960 Cosmopolitan Shipping Co., Inc., 42 Bway Cosulich Line (Societa Triestina di Navigazione), Phelps Bros. & Co., Agents. 17 Battery pl. Tel. Whitehall 0850 Cunard S. S. Co., Ltd., 25 Bway & Piers 53, 54, 56 & 71, N. R. Tel. Bowling Green 5300. D Delaware Hudson S. S. Co., 24 State Detroit & Cleveland Navigation Co., 305 Bway Dollar Steamship Line, 25 Bway. Tel. Bowling Green 3144 E Elder Dempster & Co., Ltd., 26 Beaver. Tel. Whitehall 8100 Ellerman's Wilson Line, Ltd., 26 Bway Elwell Lines, 17 State. Tel. Bowling Green 7660 Export Steamship Corp'n, The, 25 Bway. Tel. Bowling Green 3540. F Fabre Steamship Co., 17 State Finland S. S. Co., 5 State French Line, (Compagnie Generale Trans-Atlantique), 19 State, Piers 57 & 90, N. R. Tel. Bowling Green 7500. Furness Withy & Co. (Ltd.), ft W. 55th G General Navigation Co., 11 Bway Grace Line, 10 Hanover sq Great Lakes Transit Corp'n, 233 Bway Greek Line, 20 Pearl H Hamburg-American Line, 39 Bway. Tel. Whitehall 1020 Holland-America Line, 21-24 State. Tel. Bowling Green 5600 Houston R. P. & Co., 17 Battery pl. Tel. Bowling Green 3230 I Intern'l Freighting Corp'n, 44 Whitehall Intl. Mercantile Marine Co., 1 Bway Isthmian Steamship Lines, 50 Trinity pl. J Japan Mail S. S. Co., 10 Bridge K Kerr Steamship Company, Inc., 44 Beaver. Tel. Whitehall 4450 Kinsley Steamship Lines, Inc., 17 Battery pl. Koninklyke West-Indische Maildienst, 25 Bway L Lamport & Holt Line, 26 Bway. Tel. Digby 4000 La Veloce Steamship Co., Pier 94, N. R. Lloyd Brazileiro, 44 Whitehall Lloyd Italiano, Pier 97, N. R. Lloyd Royal Belge, 10 Pearl. Tel. Bowling Green 8960 Lloyd Sabaudo S. S. Co., 34 Whitehall Luckenbach Steamship Co., Inc., 42 Whitehall M Macona S. S. Corp'n, 17 Battery pl McAllister Bros., 17 State. Tel. Bowling Green 5470 Merchants & Miners Transportation Co., 290 Bway Messageries Maritimes of France, 39 Pearl Middlesex Trans. Co., Pier 13 E. R. Moore & McCormack Co., Inc., ft of 18th Morgan Line, Pier 49, N R Munson Steamship Line, 67 Wall. Tel. Bowling Green 3300. Cable address "Idolwolf" Newyork N Nafra Line, Inc., 120 Bway Nat'l Shipping Corp'n, 24 Stone Nat'l Steam Navigation Co. of Greece, 20 Pearl Navigazione Generale Italiana, 1 State Nelson Lines, 26 Bway Netherlands-Am. S. Navigation Co., 24 State N. Y. & Cuba Mail S. S. Co., Pier 13 & 14 E. R. N. Y. & Pacific S.S. Co., 10 Hanover sq. N. Y. & Porto Rico S. S. Co., 25 Bway New York & South Am. Line (J. W. Ryan, Agent), 50 Trinity pl Nippon Yuden Kaisha, 10 Bridge. Tel.Bowling Green 2262 North Atlantic S. S. Co., 531 W. 19th North German LLoyd, 57 Bway. Tel. Bowling Green 3880 Norway-Mexico Gulf Line, 34 Whitehall Norwegian-America Line Agency, Inc., 8-10 Bridge Tel. Bowling Green 5570 O Ocean S. S. Co., 64 Bway Oceanic Steamship Co. 50 E. 42d Ore Steamship Corp'n, 25 Bway Oriental Navigation Co., 17 Battery pl Osaka Shosen Kaisha, 17 Battery pl. Tel. Bowling Green 6392. Cable Address: "Osashosen" Newyork P Pacific Steam Navigation Co., 26 Bway Pacific Steamship Co., 604 5th av. Tel. Bryant 5900 Pacific & Eastern S. S. Co., Inc., 78 Broad Panama Pacific Line, 1 Bway Panama R. R. & S. S. Line, 24 State Peninsular & Oriental S. N. Co., 25 Bway Potter Steamship Co., Inc. 11 Bway Prince Line, Ltd., 34 Whitehall Providence-Colonial Line, Pier N R Providence Joy Line, New Pier 19 E. R. Q Quebec Steamship Co., 34 Whitehall R Red Cross Line, 17 Battery Pl Red "D" Line of Steamships, 82 Wall. Tel. Hanover 5820 Red Star Line, 1 Bway Roosevelt Steamship Co., Inc. 11 Bway. Tel. Whitehall 2380 Rotterdam Lloyd, 25 Bway Royal Mail Steam Packet Co., 26 Bway Royal Netherlands S. S. Co., 25 Bway Royal Netherlands West India Mail, 25 Bway S Savannah Line, Pier 50 N R Scandinavian-Am. Line, 27 Whitehall. Tel. Bowling Green 7248 Sherman S. S. Co., 120 Bway Sota & Aznar, 25 Bway Southern Pacific Co., 165 Bway Southland Steamship Co., 17 Battery pl. Tel. Bowling Green 4944 Starin New Haven Line, Pier 13 N R Steele Steamship Line, 15 Moore Stoomvaart Maatschappy Nederland, 25 Bway Stray S. O. Steamship Corp'n, 11 Moore Swedish-Am.Line, 24 State. Tel. Bowling Green 5418 Swedish-Am. Mexico Line, 34 Whitehall T Texas Transport & Terminal Co., Inc., 10 Bridge Trinidad Line, 34 Whitehall U Union-Castle Mail Steamship Co., Ltd., 24 Bway Union Navigation Co., Ltd., 33 Rector Union Petroleum S. S. Co., 26 Bway United Fruit Co., 17 Battery pl United States Lines, 45 Bway. Tel. Whitehall 2800 United States Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corp'n, 45 Bway U S & A Lines, Inc., 8-10 Bridge. Tel. Bowling Green 5680 U. S. & Brazil S. S. Line, 39 Cortlandt Universal Steamship Co., Inc. 110 W. 40th W Ward Line, Piers 13 & 14 E R Washington S. S. Corp'n, 29 Bway West India Line, 34 Whitehall. Tel. Bowling Green 7800 Western S. S. Co., 233 Bway White Star Line, 1 Bway Williams Steamship Co., Inc., 8 Bridge Wilson Line, 26 Bway Y Ybarra Line, 52 Stone This completes the 1930 List of New York City' Steamship Companies as per the White-Orr's Business Directory.
Transcribed exclusively for the Brooklyn Pages by Miriam Medina
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