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ANTIQUARIANS Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Randolph 390 Post Road, Darien, Conn. ANTIQUES Baumgarten, Wm. & Co., Inc. 715 Fifth ave. Isabella Barclay, 16 East 53rd st., New York, Phone Plaza 2766-7, also 130 E. Delaware Pl., Chicago. Furniture and Wall Decorations Charles of London, 2 West 56th st., Phone circle 0130. Old English panelled Rooms, Old English furniture. W.F. Cooper, 12 East 50th Street. Old English Furniture. Di Salvo Bros., Inc., 702 Madison ave., at 60th st. Higgs, Gallery of P. Jackson, 11 East 54th st. McShane, Mrs. Mary J., 12 East 61st st., New York Galleries, 417 Madison ave., Schmitt Bros., 523 Madison Ave. Schottler, J. Henry 103 Lex. ave., bet 27th and 28th sts. APARTMENTS Alrae, The 37 East 64th st.. Harperley Hall, 1 West 64th st. Park Lane, 299 park ave. 373 Park Avenue Corporation, 375 Park Avenue APPRAISALS Consolidated Appraisal Co., Inc. 230 Park ave Equitable Appraisal Co., Incorporated, Incorporated 1907, 145 Nassaust., Universal Appraisal Co., 96 Warren st. ART GALLERIES American Art Ass'n-Anderson Galleries, Inc. 30 East 57th st. Balzac Galleries 102 East 57th st. Bower Galleries, 116 East 56th Street New York City Brummer, Jos., 27 East 57th st., Durand-Ruel Paintings 12 East 57th st., New York Ehrich Galleries, The 36 East 57th st. Kennedy & Co., 785 Fifth ave. Keppel, Frederick & Co., Inc. David Keppel, pres; H.V. Allison, Vice-president ; E.F. Nicholas, Treas. 16 East 57th st. Knoedler, m & Co., 14 East 57th st. New York; Little Gallery, The 29 West 56th st.. Milch, E & A., Inc 108 West 57th St. New York City Milch & Smalls 939 Madison ave Montross Gallery 26 East 56th st., New York Galleries 417 Madison av New York School of Fine and Applied Art The 2237 Broadway, New York Oestreicher's Art Shop 1252 Sixth ave Sarti, P.G. Lucchesi & Co., Italian and Spanish Fine Art 119 East 34th st., Scott & Fowles, 680 Fifth ave Arnold Seligmann, Rey & Co., Inc. 11 E. 52nd st., New York Philip Suval, Inc. 823-825 Madison avenue., and 145 East 57th st and Southhampton, L.I. Tiffany Studios, 391 Madison ave, at 47th st New York. Valentine Gallery (F. Valentine Dudensing) 5 East 57th st. New York Van Brink's Broadway Art Galleries 1692 Broadway. Vose, Robert c., 559 Boylston st. (Copley sq.). Boston, Mass. Wildenstein & Co., Inc. 647 Fifth avenue New York. Wilson J.O. 52 East 56th st. New York. ART GOODS Darnley, Inc. 395 Madison ave Suval, Philip 823-825 Madison ave., also 145 East 57th st.,Southampton, L.I. Vantines, 664 Fifth ave, and 52nd-53rd sts., New York. ARTS AND CRAFTS The New York Association for the Blind , incorporated in 1906., 111 East 59h st. Headquarters: The Lighthouse, 111 East 59th st.,. The Lighthouse Clinic for the Prevention of Blindness, 114 East 60th st. The Bourne Workshop for Blind men, 338 East 35th st. Workshop for Blind women, 111 East 59th st. Boarding House for Blind Men, 605 First ave. The River Lighthouse, Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York, vacation place for adult blind. Camp Lighthouse, Waretown, New Jersey, for blind girls and boys. President, Honorary, John H. Finley; Treasurer, Thomas S. McLane; Secretary. Seth E.Thomas. ATHLETIC GOODS Abercrombie & Fitch Company, Madison avenue and 45th st, New York. AUCTIONEERS American Art Ass'n.---Anderson Galleries, Inc. 30 East 57th st. AUTOGRAPH LETTERS Madigan, Thomas F., Successor to Patrick F. Madigan. Established 1888. 2 East 54th st., near Fifth ave., New York. AUTOMOBILES Cadillac Automobiles--Uppercu Cadillac Corp. 70 Columbus ave. Isotta Fraschini, 119 West 57th st. Marmon Automobile Co., of N.Y., Inc. 1920 Broadway. Reo Motor Car Company, of New York, Inc. Broadway at 54th st. Rolls-Royce of America, 58th st. and 8th ave. Stutz-New York, Inc. 1880 Broadway, New York. Uppercu Cadillac Corp. Broadway at 62nd st. AUTOMOBILE RENTING A. & W. Packard Renting Service Co. Office and Garage: 340 East 48thst., New York City. Bradley-Packard Auto Renting Company, 100 West 43rd st. Broadway Auto Renting Co., Office and Garage, 209 West 96th st., nearBroadway. Finneran's DeLuxe Auto Rental, 1034 Bergen St., Brooklyn. Fraser-McLean Auto Tours and Hire Co., Cunard Building, 26 Cockspur st., Trafalgar Square, London, S.W.1. Grand Central Packard Renting Corp., 45 Vanderbuilt avenue. Lincoln Private Renting Service, Inc., 42 West 62nd st. Naughton Garage Co. 153-155 E.53rd st., near Lex. ave. Packard Motor Car Renting Company Garage, 216 West 58th st. BAKERS Cushman's Sons Inc. Executive Offices, 1819 Broadway. BANKS, BANKERS AND BROKERS American Trust Company, 135 Broadway, new York. Midtown Office, 297Madison ave. J.S. Bache & Co., Main Office, 42 Broadway, Park Ave. Office, 250 ParkAve. Bank of new York and Trust Company, Consolidation of The Bank of New York. Established 1784 ; New York Life Insurance and Trust Co. Est. 1830. Banking Office, 48 Wall Street; Trust Office, 52 Wall st. George H. Burr & Co., 57 William Street, New York City. Central Savings Bank, 2100 Broadway. Central Union Trust Co., Main Office: 80 Broadway. Branch Offices, Fifth ave. at 60th st., and 42nd st. at Madison ave. Clark Dodge & Co., 61 Wall st. Established 1847. Members New York Stock Exchange. Uptown Office, 460 Park ave., at 57th st. Corn Exchange Bank, Park ave. at 52nd st., Columbus ave. at 72nd st., Lexington ave. at 72nd st., West 81st st. at Broadway; Lexington ave at 86th st. Eastman, Dillon & Co., 120 Broadway, New York. Fifth Avenue Bank of New York, Fifth ave. and 44th st. Guaranty Trust Co., of New York, 140 Broadway. Fifth ave. Office, Fifth ave and 44th st. Madison ave. Office, Madison ave. and 60th st. Halsey, C.D. & Co., 43 Broad St. Hanover National Bank. Head Office: 11 Nassau Street. William and Fulton sts., W. Broadway near Canal st., Varick and Clarkson sts. Broadway and 18th st., Seventh ave. and 23rd st., 34th st. and Lexington ave., Sixth ave. and 35th st; 47th st., near Broadway; Third ave. and 48th st. 79th st. and Lexington ave. Harriman National Bank, 527 Fifth ave Harris, Winthrop & Co., 11 Wall st. New York Laidlaw & Co. 26 Broadway, N.Y. City Liberty National Bank in new York, 50 Broadway, 256 West 57th st.: 150Delancy st., Lincoln Safe Deposit Company, 1187-1201 Third ave. 69th to 70th sts. National City Bank. The Fifth Ave. Office, 475 Fifth ave. corner of 51st st.; Uptown Branch, 901 Madison ave. The Farmer's Safe Deposit Company, 475 Fifth ave. corner of 41st st. National City Bank, 55 Wall st National Park Bank, 214 Broadway, New York. Branches 240 Park ave., 399 Seventh ave., 2114 Broadway. Prudence Co., Inc. The, 331 Madison ave. Pynchon & Co., 111 Broadway, 334 Madison ave. and Savoy-Plaza Hotel. Seward National Bank, 2 Park ave. United States Mortgage and Trust Co., 55 Cedar st. Branches, Broadway at 73rd st., Madison ave. at 74th st.; 125th st. at Eighth ave. and Lexington ave. at 47th st. BEAUTY PREPARATIONS Elizabeth Arden, 691 Fifth ave., New York City. Gray, Dorothy, 683 Fifth ave. Kathleen Mary Quinlan 655 Fifth ave. Mays, Madame 50 West 49th st. Sage, Peggy, 50 East 57th st. BEDDING Frank A. Hall & Sons, 25 West 45th st., New York Charles P. Rogers& Co., Inc. 22-26 West 48th st., New York. B. Rosenfeld & Sons 157 East 85th st. New York. BIRDS Holden, George H., 516 Madison ave. BOATS AND MARINE ENGINES Bruns, Kimball & Co., Inc. Fifth ave. cor 15th st. BOOKSELLERS Argosy Book Store, Bible House, 45 Fourth ave. Brentanos, Fifth ave., at 27th st. Channel Bookshop, 283 Park ave., New York City. Dauber & Pine Bookshops, Inc., 66 Fifth ave. Dutton, E.P. & Co., 300 Fourth ave., New York Franklin Book Shop, 41 East 59th st., Himebough & Brown, 4 East 46th st. Holden, Mrs. 516 Madison ave, at 53rd st., New York City. Houghton, Mifflin Co., 386 Fourth ave. Irish Industries Depot, 780 Lexington ave. near 61st. st. E.H. Kapell Inc. 1144 Lex. ave., bet. 79th and 80th sts. New York Madison Book Store, 55 East 59th st. The Osborne Book Shop, 209 West 57th st., New York City. G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2, 4 and 6 West 45th st., New York. Charles Scribner's Sons, 597-599 Fifth av., New York. Westermann, B. Co., Inc., 13 West 46th st. BOOTS AND SHOES Fortmason British Boots, Inc. 719 Madison ave. BOUDOIR ACCESSORIES Carlin Comforts, Inc., 528 Madison ave., New York City. BUILDING STONE Indiana Limestone Co. of New York, Inc., 15 East 41st st., New YorkCity. CANDIES Baumgarten Viennese Bonbonniere, 8 East 47th st., New York City. Dean's, 22 East 57th st. Maillards, Henry, Inc. 387 Madison ave Sherry, Louis, Inc., 300 Park ave. CANOPIES Bergonzi, John, Inc., 207 East 49th st. CARPENTER R.H.E. Elliott, Inc. 734 Lexington ave., bet. 58th and 59th sts. NewYork CARPET CLEANING A. Beshar & Co., Inc. 285-295 Fifth ave Brown, The C.H., Company, Inc., 305 East 45th st., 211 East 37th st.,New york Jordan's New York Carpet Cleaning 437-439 West 45th st. Williams, J & J. W., established 1875, 351-353 West 54th st. near 9thave. CARPETS AND RUGS Sloane, W & J Fifth ave and 47th st. CATERERS Dean's. Established 1839. 22 East 57th st. Maresi-Mazzetti Corp., 103 West 49th st. Park Lane, 299 Park ave A. Poll, Inc., 1120 Lexington ave., N.W. cor. 78th Sherry, Louis, Inc., 300 Park ave CHAIRS FOR RENT Bergonzi, John, Inc., 207 East 49th st. CHILDREN'S WEAR De Pinna, Fifth ave. at 52nd st. Rice, Miss E.R., 44 West 58th st. CHIMNEY ENGINEERS Janes-Reynolds Co., Inc. Whitley, Frederic N., Inc. 215 Fulton st., Brooklyn, N.Y. CHINA AND TABLEWARE Davis, Collamore & Co., Ltd.., 7 and 9 East 52nd st. Gilman Collamore & Co., Inc. 15 East 56th st., N.Y. Irish Industries Depot, 780 Lexington ave near 61st st. Ovington's. The Gift Shop of Fifth Avenue. Fifth ave. at 39th st., NewYork. Plummer, Wm. H. & Co.., Ltd., 7 and 9 East 35th st. near Fifth ave. CHINESE ANTIQUES Chait, R.M., 600 Madison Avenue Farmer, Edward I., Inc., 16 East 56th st. CLEANING AND DYEING Barret, Nephews & Co., Staten Island Dyeing Establishment, Inc. 334Canal st., New York. Eastern Dyers and Cleaners, 1078 Lexington ave. cor. 76th st. Knicker Cleaning and Dyeing Co., Main Office and Works, 402 East 31stst., New York City. Rees & Rees, Main Office and Works, 232, 234, 236 East 40th st., New York. Schwarz & Forger, Inc.;, 425 Fifth ave., entrance 1 East 38th st., 2294 Broadway bet. 82nd and 83rd sts., 2597 Broadway, bet. 97th and 98th sts., 684 Madison ave bet. 59th and 60th sts. 922 Madison ave., bet. 73rd and 74th sts., 1156 Madison ave., bet. 85th and 86th sts. , Grand Central Terminal, Entrance 40 East 45th st. or Hotel Roosevelt, 400 West 125th st. CLOTHING FOR MEN AND BOYS Brokaw Bros., 1457 Broadway. Brooks Brothers, New York City, 346 Madison ave. cor. 44th st. Browning King & Co., 260 Fourth ave., 1 East 45th st. and 1265Broadway. De Pinna, A & E Co., Fifth ave. at 52nd st., New York City. Rogers Peet Company, 150 Broadway at Liberty st; Broadway at Warren st.'' Broadway at Thirteenth st.: Broadway at Herald Square; Fifth ave. at Forty-first st. COAL Burns Bros., 50 Church st. Jagels & Bellis, Fuller Building, Broadway and 23rd st., New York Stoakes Coal Co., Fifth ave. and 142nd st. COFFEE MERCHANTS Garrettson, F.P.& Co..., 150 Front st. COLLECTION AGENCIES Weiss & Weiss, 245 Fifth ave., New York CORSETS Gossard Corset Fitting Parlor, 647 Madison ave., bet. 57th and 58thsts., New York City. COSTUMES Brooks, 1437 Broadway (opp. Metropolitan Opera House). CREDIT AGENCIES Dun, R.G. & Co. 290 Broadway Retail Dealers Protective Association, 461 Eighth ave., New York City. Retailers Commercial Agency 1071 6th ave at 41st st., New York. DAIRY PRODUCTS Sheffield Farms Co., Inc., Main Office 524-528 West 57th st., NewYork. Walker Gordon Laboratory Co., 480 Park ave. DANCING ACADEMY Arthur Murray School of Dancing, 3 East 43rd st. DEPARTMENT STORES Altman, B & Co., Fifth ave. and 34th st. Arnold, Constable & Co., Inc. 453 Fifth ave. at 40th st. Gimbel Brothers, Broadway at 33rd st. Lord & Taylor, Fifth ave. and 38th st. McCreery & Co., James, 5 West 34th st. Saks & Co., Broadway at 34th st. also Fifth ave at 50th st. Stern Brothers, West 42nd. st. bet. 5th and 6th aves. Wanamaker, John, Broadway and 9th st. DETECTIVES The William J. Burns International Detective Agency, Inc. 165 Broadway, New York City. Dunn & Jewessen, Inc. Estaablished 1894. 150 Nassau Street, New :York. Mooney-Boland-Sutherland Secret Service, The. 280 Broadway, New York. DISINFECTANTS Disinfecting and Exterminating Corporation, 300 West 58th st., NewYork. DOG KENNEL Holden, Main Store, Madison ave., at 53rd st. Branch store, Fifth ave.at 33rd st. Medor Dog Shop, The. 34 West 47th st. DRUGGISTS Cassebeer, H.A., Inc., 953 Madison ave. Larimore & Co., Inc., 24 East 55th st. M.B. Picker Co. 92nd St. and Lexington Ave. EDUCATIONAL Ann-Reno Teachers Training School, The. 309 West 87th Street. Berlitz School of Languages, 30 West 34th st., New York. French Institution in the U.S., 20-22 E. 60th st. New York School of Fine and Applied Art. 2237 Broadway, New York. Semple School. 241-242 Central Park West, New York City. The Tutoring School of New York, 74 East 58th st. ELECTRIC FIXTURES Caldwell & Co., Inc., Edward F., 36-38 W. 15th st. Cassidy Company, Inc., 101 Park ave., at 40th st. ELECTRICAL DEALERS AND CONTRACTORS General Electrical Appliance Service, 112 W. 42nd. st. Kellogg & Bertine, 690 Madison ave., New York. Stanley Ruth Co., 718 Madison ave., New York City Shearn, S., 112 Madison ave. near 84th st. Branch, 8 East FordhamRoad. Smith & Son, J.M., 63 East 9th st. William Winkeler, Electrical Contractor., 878 Lexington Ave., New York(near 65th st). EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES Anderson's. A., 822 Lexington ave. corner 63rd st. Anderson, Emma, Employment Agency, 809 Lexington ave. bet. 62nd and63rd sts. Mrs. Berta Carlson, Swedish Employment Agency 2415 Broadway. Branch:787 Lexington avenue near 61st. st. Colonial-Wettler's Agency, 16 West 45th st. Grant's Employment Agency, 103 West 131st st., New York. Hutchinson, R.T., 516 Madison ave. Japanese Hygrade Employment Agency, 121 West 42nd. st. Japanese Reliable Employment Agency, 110 West 42nd. st. Johnson, Mrs. A.E., Swedish-American Employment Agency. 726 Madison ave. bet. 63rd and 64th Lazare Agency 624 Madison ave., at 59th st. Malmberg's, Mrs. Theo. Oldest Swedish Employment Agency 138 East 74th st... Osterberg's Swedish Employment Agency 814 Lexington ave. Peterson, Anna C., 851 Lexington ave. bet 64th and 65th sts. Sampson, Carll B., 790 Lexington ave. Lida A. Seely, Inc. 38 West 52nd st., New York Loretta F. Smith Agency, 1012 Lexington ave. EXTERMINATORS Brown's Insecticide Co., 225 East 14th st. Empire Exterminating Co., Inc., 330 Fifth ave. at 33rd st., New York. FAC-SIMILE LETTERS Brown, B. Co., 228 East 45th st. FARM PRODUCTS Flagler Farm, 1688 Park ave., New York. Oakland Farms, 1530 York ave. Rosebush Farm Products Co., Inc. Office and warehouse, 979 First ave.,New York Roxbury Poultry Farms, 330 East 53rd st. FIRE ESCAPES Grand Central Iron Works, 212 East 52nd st. FIRE PLACE FIXTURES Edwin Jackson, Inc., Downtown, 50 Beekman st. Uptown, Lexington ave.cor 65th st., New York. Jackson, Wm. H., Co., 2 West 47th St. FLORISTS Boston Florist, The, n.e. corner of 34th st. and Lexington ave., New York. Bowe, M.A., 14 West 33rd st. Bunyard, Florist, 413 Madison ave. at 48th st. Hayes, Irene, Inc., 273 Park ave. at 47th st. Kuhn, Florist, 1329-1337 Lexington ave. The Rhinelander, between 88th & 89th sts. Menzel's Flower Shop Inc. Pershing Sq. Bldg., 42nd st., Park ave.Montclair Hotel, 49th st., Lex. ave. Park Florist, The 115 East 34th st., near Park ave. Savoy Park Florist, 785 Fifth ave., near 60th st., New York. Max Schling, Inc., Savoy-Plaza, New York. Frederick Stewig, Florist 940 Sixth ave. at 53rd st., New York. Wadley & Smythe, American Art Galleries Building 591 Madison ave. at 57th st. FRUITS Bolton, Chas. M., 37 Jay st. Hicks, H., & Son, Inc. 675 Fifth ave. Savoy Park Fruit Shop, 785 Fifth ave. nr. 60th st., New York. FURNACES AND RANGES Janes-Reynolds Co., Inc., 218 East 52nd st. FURNITURE Edward R. Barto & Co., 833 Lexington ave. near 64th st. Baumgarten, Wm. & Co., Inc., 715 Fifth ave. Flint & Horner Co., Inc. 66 West 47th st. Frankl Galleries, 4 East 48th st., New York City. Wm. A. French Furniture Co., Eastern Sales Office, 236 East 46th st.,New York. The Grand Central Wicker Shop, Inc., 224-226 East 42nd st., New YorkCity. Grimmer, Charles, & Son, 230-234 E. 37th st., New York. Hayden Company, the, 450 Park ave., at 57th st., New York. Lenygon & Morant, Inc., 16 E 60, also 49 E76 Partridge, Frank, Inc., 6 West 56th st., New York Reinhard, George P. Co., 218-220 East 37th st. Schmitt, Bros., 523 Madison ave. Tiffany Studios, 391 Madison ave. and 45th st., New York. FURNITURE REFINISHED Ralph Senperes, 2283 Third ave., New York. FURS Aronow, H., 23 West 56th st. Balod, Andre, 67 West 50th st. Benjamin Evans, I.J. Jordan 581 Fifth ave. (Furriers) Gunther, C.G., Sons, 666 Fifth ave. Haas, Leopold, Inc., 9 East 48th st. Jordon, I.J., 587 Fifth ave. Joseph, 2 West 57th st Ludwig Kasal, Successor to E. Hartwig, 43 East 57th st. New York. Kelly & Satruzzieri, Inc., 714 Fifth ave., New York City. Kurzman, 661 Fifth ave Revillon Freres, 684 Fifth ave. Sauer & Schaefer, 50 West 47th st. near Fifth ave. GARAGES Naughton Garage Co, 153-155-157 E. 53rd st., nr. Lex. Ave. GIFT SHOPS Higgs, Miss, Inc., 21 East 55th st. New York Exchange for Women's Work, 541 Madison ave. New York City. GOWNS Beaudry, Mme, Inc., 26 East 64th st. Bendel, Henri, Inc., 12 West 57th st. Boue Soeurs, Gowns and Perfumery, 13 West 56th st. Carnegie, Hattie, Inc., 422-44 East 49th st. Corradas, 689 Madison ave. Dimelow, Jeanne, 31 West 51st st. E. Marcella Harty, 785 Fifth ave., New York City Hollander, L.P., & C., 552 Fifth ave. at 46th st. Bertha Holly House, The, 38 West 51st st/ Hoyt, Peggy, Inc., 26 East 55th st. Jay-Thorpe, West 57th st Joseph, 2 West 57th st. Kargere, Maison, 636 Fifth ave. Kathleen, Inc., 118 East 60th st. Billie Kaye, 29 West 56th st.New York. Kurzman, 661 Fifth ave. Lichenstein, Mme., Inc., 10 East 46th st. Maloof, Emma 442 Madison ave. Miligrim, 6 West 57th st. just off Fifth ave. Rambova, Natacha, 50 West 55th st. Rice, Mrs. E.R., 34 West 58th st. Selma Co., 23 West 50th st. Spaulding, Miss, 785 Madison ave., New York & East Hampton, L.I. Specialty Shop, The, 689 Madison ave. Tappe, 12 West 40th st., just a few steps off Fifth ave. Thurn, 15 East 52nd. st., New York Tilma, 46 East 50th st. Trinz, 16 West 57th st. GROCERS Acker, Merrall & Condit Company. Central Branch: 57th st. and 6th ave., Midtown Branch: 68th st. and Madison ave., Charles & Co., 43rd st. and Vanderbilt ave., opp. Grand Central Terminal. Park & Tilford, 225 Fifth ave., 485 Fifth ave. and Fifth ave. cor.59th st. Vendome Table Delicacies, Inc., 18 East 49th st. HABERDASHERS Budd's, 149 Broadway, Singer Bldg. Also 572 Fifth ave. Nat Lewis, Inc., New St. Regis Shop, 699 Fifth ave. at 55th st., 409 Madison ave. at 48th st., Waldorf Astoria, 34th st. and Fifth ave., 1580 Broadway (with men's dept). W.A. McLaughlin, Inc., 697 Fifth ave. at 54th st. HAIR DRESSERS Anthony & Joseph, Inc., 2426-2428 Broadway (bet. 89th and 90th sts.). Lehnert's Hairdressers. 69 West 50th st. Nestle, C., Co., 12-14 49th st. Maurice, Hairdresser, Inc., 574 Fifth ave. Robert, 675 Fifth ave. Sattler's 18 East 53rd st. New York. HARDWARE Hindley, Thomas & Son, Inc., 1185 6th ave., New York City. Simpson, I.H., Hardware Co., Inc. 326-328 Amsterdam ave., New York,bet. 75th and 76th sts. HEATING Jane-Reynolds Co., Inc. (Heating and Ventilating Contractors) 218 East 52nd st., New York. HOSIERY Gotham Silk Hosiery Shops, 508 Fifth ave. 574 Fifth ave. 335 Madison ave., 625 Madison ave., 870 Madison ave. HOSPITAL EQUIPMENT Sanitarium Equipment Company, 25 West 45th st. New York. HOTELS The Barclay, 111 East 48th st. (few blocks from the Princeton Club. Hotel Blackstone, of New York 50 East 58th st., bet. Madison & Park ave. Chatham Hotel, 48th st. and Vanderbilt ave. Hotel Dennis, Atlantic City, N.J. The Drake, Lake Shore Drive and Upper Michigan ave. Gladstone Hotel, 114-120 East 52nd st. Hotel Gramatan, Bronxville, N.Y. Lake Mohonk Mountain House, Daniel Smiley, Proprietor, Mohonk Lake,Ulster County, N.Y. Madison, The, 15 East 58th st. New York City Mayfair House, 610 Park ave., at 65th st. New York Edward H. Crandall,President. Park Central Hotel, Seventh ave. at 55th st. Pennsylvania Hotel, 7th ave. and 33rd st. The Plaza, Cable Address, Plaza, New York Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Montreal, Que. Ritz-Carlton, Madison ave. and 46th st. Savoy-Plaza Hotel, Fifth ave., 58th to 59th sts. Traymore, Atlantic City, N.J. Vanderbilt, The, 34th st. east at Park ave. Hotel Westbury, 15 East 69th st. HOUSE CLEANING CONTRACTORS Ever Ready Service Contracting Co., Inc., 347 Fifth ave. National House Cleaning Contractors, Inc., 264 Fifth ave., New York City. HOUSEWARES Duparquet, Huot & Moneuse Co., 108-114 West 22nd st., New York Hammacher Schlemmer & Co., 4th ave. at 13th st., New York Lewis & Conger, 1154 Sixth ave., and 45th st. ICE Corcoran, Fitzgerald & Co., East 64th st., New York. Hygeia Ice Co., 305 East 80th st., New York. INSURANCE McGee, Wm H. & Co., Inc., 11 So. William st. INTERIOR DECORATORS Aplin, Inc., 101 West 43d st. Barton, Price & Willson, 46 East 57th st. Baumgarten & Co., Wm., Inc. 715 Fifth ave., New York Bremner, J.R., Co., Inc. 835 Madison ave. near 69th st. Charles of London, 2 West 56th st. Demorest, J.C., C., Inc., 21 East 67th st. de Wolfe, Elsie, 677 Fifth ave. Dumble, Edwin, Co., 2095 Broadway. Louis Hessler, Inc., 632 Columbus ave. at 91st st., New York. Higgs, Miss, Inc., 21 East 55th st. Bertha Holly House, 38 West 51st st. Hutaff, John H., Inc., 220 East 51st st., New York City. Kamrass, H., & Sons, 110 West 17th st., New York City. Leed, Inc., 578 Madison ave. McMillen, Inc., 148 East 55th st. Muchmore, Mrs. Consulting Decorator 578 Madison ave., New York. New York Galleries. 417 Madison ave. Tiffany Studios, Madison ave. at 47th st. New York City. Van Hoven, John H.H., 42 East 9th st., New York IRISH INDUSTRIES Irish Industries Depot, 780 Lexington ave. near 61st st. IRON WORKERS Grand Central Iron Works, L.B. Gescheidt, Prop., 328 East 44th st., near 3rd ave., New York. JEWELERS Black Starr & Frost-Gorham, Inc., Fifth ave., corner 48th st., New York. Brand-Chatillon Corp., 773 Fifth ave. Cartier, Inc., New York, 653 Fifth ave., New York. Hickman, Howard W., 516 Fifth ave. Kirkpatrick, T.,& Co., Park ave. at corner of 57th st., New York. Lambert Bros., Lexington ave. at 60th st., New York. Levy-Wander, Inc.1600 Broadway, New York City Long, Emile & Sons, 2 West 46th st. Marcus & Co., 544 Fifth ave., cor. 45th st. G. Mauboussin, 33 East 51st st., New York City J. Nichthauser, 562 Fifth ave., corner of 46th st. May & Schenk, Inc. 665 Fifth ave. Pratt, Frank S., Inc., 655 Fifth ave. Premier Diamond Co., (Harry Winston), 527 Fifth ave., New York Tiffany & Co., Fifth ave. at 37th st. Harry Winston, purchaser of jewels..527 Fifth ave. KINDLING WOOD Clark & Wilkins Co., 47 West 34th st. Charity Organization Society Woodyard, 516 W. 28th st. KITCHEN OUTFITTERS Duparquet, Huot & Moneuse Co., 108 West 22nd st. LACES Bell, Mrs. Raymond, 15 East 54th st. Hadley, Sara, 24 East 54th st. LADIES TAILOR Andre Balod, 67 West 50th st. New York Gross, A. Main office: 967 Madison ave. Branch Office: 81 Brighton ave., West End, N.J. LADIES WEAR Dobbs, & Co., 620 and 244 Fifth ave., New York. Mae & Hattie Green, 16 East 52nd st., New York Jaeger, 590 Fifth ave., New York Javotte, Inc., Madison ave. at 47th st. and Madision ave. at 54th st. Kurzman, 661 Fifth ave. Oppenheim, Collins & Co., Inc. 35 W. 34th st. Tappe, 12 West 40th st. Charles Walnut, Seventy two West Fiftieth. LAMPS AND SHADES Heather's, 411 Fifth ave., New York Smith & Son, J.M., 63 East 9th st. LAUNDRIES Blue Bird Hand Laundry, 1243 Third ave., nr. 72nd. st., New York Deauville Laundry, 2253 East 62d st. Hudson Hand Laundry, 64 West 9th st. bet 5th & 6th aves. Lake's Hand Laundry, 1306 Sixth ave. Laundry of the Charity Organization Society, 516 West 28th st., New York. Mme. Leonori Private Hand Laundry, 169-171-1173 East 63rd st. Mayfield Hand Laundry, 737 Madison ave. (at 64th st). Nonpareil Hand Laundry, 78 West 55th st., New York Parisian Hand Laundry, 130 Lexington ave., New York. Park Lane Hand Laundry, 143 East 54th st., near Lexington ave., New York. Regal Laundry Company 154 East 85th st. Royal Hand Laundry, Mrs. B.F. Sparks. Prop. 1101 Third ave. at 64thst. Trousseau Laundry, Inc. 453 East 147th st., New York Troy Laundry, 1293 Second Ave. (bet. 67th and 68th sts.) Wright Hand Laundry, 147 East 60th St. LEATHER GOODS Mark Cross Company, New York. Uptown 404 Fifth ave., Downtown, 175 Broadway. Dante Gambinossi, 538 Madison ave., New York. LIBRARY Mercantile Library Association, 13 Astor Place near Wanamaker.. LIFE INSURANCE The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, Nassau, Cedar, William and Liberty sts., New York City. LINENS Berg, William, 665 Fifth ave. Coulson, Wm. & Sons, 429 Fifth ave. Fertig, Max & Co., 381 Fifth ave. Grande Maison de Blanc, Inc. 538-540 5th ave., New York. Kargere, Maison, Inc., 636 Fifth ave. McCutcheon, James & Co., 609 Fifth ave., at 49th st., New York. McGibbon & Company, 3 West 37th st., New York. Maloof, Emma, 485 Madison Avenue LINOLEUM FLOORS Carl S. Conradson, 200 Fifth ave. MARKETS Bliss & Bro., Waldorf Market, 711 Madison ave., N.E. corner 63rd st. Bristol Market, 1110 Park ave. Crown Market, Inc., 324 Columbus ave. near 75th st., New York. Flagler Farm, 1688 Park ave. near 118th st. Funcke Poultry Farms, L. Funcke,, Prop. Main Office: 425 Amsterdam ave., New York. Gristede Bros. Main Office, 1885 Park ave. Henry, John Adams, 58 Harrison st. Highland Poultry Farm, M. Metzger, Prop., 1063 First ave., 350 East 58th st., New York. Inwood Poultry Farms, 1045 Lex. ave. bet. 74th and 75th sts. King, William, 933-935 Madison ave., n.e. cor. 74th st. New York. La Parisenne Market and Grocery Co., Jefferson Market, 55 West 8th st. Marlborough Market, The, 880 Lexington ave. Oxford Markets, Inc., 931 Madison ave., New York Park View Market (I.Steinthal, Prop.), 1065 Park ave., bet. 86th & 87th sts. Progress Market, Arthur Ochs, Prop. bet., 80th and 81st. sts., 1065 Madision ave., New York. Steneck Brothers, Market, 1072 Lexington ave., bet. 75th and 76th sts. Vendome, A.C. Dadone, Prop., 18 East 49th st. MEN'S FURNISHINGS Brooks Brothers, Madison ave. cor. 44th st. DePinna, A.C., Inc., Fifth ave., and 52nd st. Sulka, A. & Co., 512 Fifth ave. MILLINERY Bendel, Henri, Inc., 10-14 West 57th st. Bruck-Weiss, 20-22 West 57th st. Carnegie, Hattie, 42-44 East 49th st. L.P. Hollander, Company. 550-552 Fifth ave. Hoyt, Peggy, Inc., 16 East 55th st. Joseph, 2 West 57th st. Lichtenstein, Mme., Inc., 10 East 46th st. Rice, Mrs. E.R., 34 West 58th st. Tilma, 46th East 50th st. MONUMENTS Farrington, Gould & Hoagland, Inc. 258 Broadway, New York MORTGAGES New York Title and Mortgage Company, 135 Broadway. MOVING, SHIPPING AND PACKING D'Arcy, James J., 989 Lex. ave. bet. 71st & 72nd sts. Dunham & Reid, Inc., 216-218 E.47th st. Morgan & Bros., 510 West 21st.st. MULTIGRAPHING AND MAILING ADDRESSING The B. Brown Co. 228 East 45th st. Business Address Company, 23 Barclay st., New York City. Elite Letter Co., Inc., 41 West 33rd st. Globe Mail Service, Inc., 148 West 23rd St. New York, N.Y. Madison Letter Shop, Inc., 104 East 25th st. Webster Letter Addressing and Mailing Co., Printing Crafts Building,34th st. at Eighth ave. Wilgo, 26 East 42nd. st. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Anderson, G.M., 238 East 60th st. Baldwin Piano Co., 20 East 54th st. Ditson, Oliver, Co., Inc., 8-10-12 East 34th st., New York. NURSES AND MAIDS OUTFITS Joseph, 19 West 57th st. NEEDLEWORK Hadley, Sara. Est. 1890. 24 East 54th st. OPTICIANS Gail & Lembke, 7 East 48th st. Meyrowitz, E.B., Inc., New York stores: 520 Fifth ave., 26 East 57thst., 237 Fifth ave., 86 Broadway, 1158 Madison ave. Brooklyn Stores: 255Livingston st. Printz Optical Co., 1396 Sixth ave. ORIENTAL ART GOODS Fukushima Co., Inc., 18 East 57th st. ORIENTAL RUGS Abajian, M.M. Inc., 2410 Broadway at 88th st. Abkarian, J., 1338 Lexington ave. (cor. 89th st.). Ambrookian, H.O. & Co., Inc., Salesroom, 2158 Broadway cor. 76th st.,309 Columbus ave., New York. Beshar, A & Co., Inc. 285-295 Fifth ave. Chamalian, M., & Co., 185 Lexington ave. bet. 31st and 32nd sts. Costikyan & Co., 16 East 40th st. Dildarian Bros., 548 Amsterdam ave., New York. Dildarian, J.H., Inc., 970 Madison ave., corner 76th st. Ekisian, Harry, 836 Lexington ave. Engel, Fred.L., 665 Fifth ave. Kent-Costikyan, Founded 1886, 485 Fifth ave., second floor, opposite Public Library. New York. Mayorkas Bros., 679 Madison ave. at 62nd st., New York. Michaelyan, H., Inc., 20 West 47th st., New York. Stewart, T.M., Inc., 438-443 West 51st st. Founded 1863. OUTFITS FOR YACHTING AND CHAUFFEURS Brooks, 143 West 40th street. PAINTINGS F. Kleinberger Galleries, Inc., 12 East 54th st. Vose, Robert C., 559 Boylston st., Boston, Mass. PARQUET FLOORING Buttle Parquet Floor Co., 603 to 609 West 43rd st. Reid, Wm. G., & Co., 213 East 19th st., New York City. Terwilliger, Frederick R., 101 Park avenue New York. PHILANTHROPIC SOCIETIES A.I.C.P., The. 105 East 22nd st., New York Big Brother Movement, Inc., founded 1904 in New York City. 315 Fourthave., N.Y.C. The Charity Organization of the City of New York, Central Office, 105 East 22nd st. President, Robert W. de Forest: Vice-President, Otto T. Bannard; Treasurer, Harold T. White; Secretary and General Director, LawsonPurdy. Children's Aid Society, The. 105 East 22nd st., New York. Hospital for Ruptured and Crippled, 321 East 42nd St. Industrial Union Training School and Orphanage. Rev. James M. Henderson, Prin. and Supt. P.O. Box 704, Southern Pines, N.C. Kips Bay Boys Club, organized in 1915, Incorporated in 1922. In co-operation with the Children's Aid Society, 825 Second ave., cor. 44th st., New York City. Lenox Hill Settlement, 331 East 70th st. Little Sisters of the Assumption, The Superior, 246 East 15th st. Est. in New York, May, 1891. Incorporated under Laws of New York, January 2,1892. Maternity Center Association, 578 Madison ave. Near East Relief, 149 Fifth ave. The New York Diet Kitchen Association, Incorporated in 1873. Central Office: 578 Madison ave. New York Orthopaedic Dispensary and Hospital, 420 East 59th st. New York City. The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, 2 East 105th st. The Prison Association of New York, Incorporated in 1864. 135 East 15th st. New York. The Salvation Army (Incorporated in New York, 1899) , 853 Broadway,New York. Sunshine Settlement, 53 Bible House Young Men's Christian Association of the City of New York. 420 Lexington Avenue. Young Women's Christian Association of the City of New York. Executive Headquarters, 600 Lexington Ave. PHOTOGRAPHERS Bachrach, Inc., 507 Fifth ave., New York, N.Y. Blank and Stoller, Inc. 71 Broadway, 420 Lexington ave. and 16 West 57th st. Hollywood Studios, 1129 Lexington ave., bet. 78th and 79th sts. Miskin Studio, 605 Fifth ave., New York Shinn, Walter Scott, 554 Fifth ave. Underwood & Underwood, 417 Fifth ave. PHOTO ENGRAVING Scientific Engraving Co., 406 West 31st st. PIANO RENTING Anderson, G.M., 238 East 60th st. PIANO TUNER Cattela, David, 145 Wadsworth ave. PICTURE FRAMES Louis Antoville, Paintings, Etchings, Mezzotints, Artistic Framing. 105 West 72nd st. near Columbus ave. Oestreicher's Art Shop, 1252 Sixth ave. Of, Geo. F., Inc., Founded 1873, 126 West 57th st., New York. PLATING Landgraf Co., Silversmiths, Gold and Silver platers and Repairers.503 Park ave. PLUMBING Breakell, Edward, 222 Lexington Avenue corner 33rd st., New York City. Hindley, Thomas & Son, Inc., 1185 Sixth ave., 3 doors above 46th st.New York City. PRINTERS Handman Miller Press, 817 Sixth ave. Woman's Press, 600 Lexington ave., bet. 52nd. and 53rd sts. PUBLISHERS Arts and Decorations, 578 Madison avenue Ditson, Oliver, Co., Inc., 10 East 34th st. near Fifth ave., New York City. REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Armstrong & Armstrong, Main Office: 841 Madison ave. and 70th st. Ashforth, Albert B., Incorporated. 41 Union Sq. 22 East 17th st. Downtown Office: 67 Wall Street., 12 East 44th st., New York City. Bellows & Warren, Inc., Office: Railway Building, 30 South Broadway,Yonkers, N.Y., Bigelow, Talman, Inc., 955 Madison ave. Brett & Wyckoff, Inc., Real Estate and Insurance. 400 Madison ave. at 47th st. Donald W. Brown, Inc., 508 Park ave. bet. 59th and 60th sts. Brown, Wheelock, Harris, Vought & Co., Inc.,. 14 East 47th st. New York. Butler & Baldwin, Incorporated, 15 East 47th st. Corsa, George B., 10 East 43rd st. Douglas, Gibbons & Co., Inc., 6 East 45th st. Duff & Conger, Inc. Division of Cross & Brown Company, 1171 Madison ave., at 86th st. Elliman, Douglas L. & Co., Inc., 15 East 49th st. Fifth ave. and East Side Section,. Ely, Horace S., & Co., 76 William st., New York City. French, Fred. F. Co., Inc., 551 Fifth ave. Gaines, Van Nostrand & Morrison, Inc., 383 Madison ave. Hamilton, Iselin & Co., Inc. 41 East 49th st. Hayward, M.M. & Co., 12 East 61st st. Houston Properities Corporation, 200 Madison ave., New York City. E.W. Kingsland Company, Successor to Ogden & Clarkson, 21 East 47th st., New York City. May, William B. Company, 12 East 52nd st., New York. Morgenthau-Seixas Co., Inc., Bush Building, 130 West 42nd St., New York. Noyes, Chas. F. Co., 225 Broadway Payson, McL. Merrill Co., Inc., 10 East 53rd st. New York. Pease & Elliman, Main Office, 660 Madison ave. Branches, 55 Liberty and 165 West 72nd sts. Pell, S. Osgood & Co., 15-17 West 44th st. Phillips, L.J. & Co., 148 West 72nd St. Downtown Office: 192 Broadway. Rafalsky, Mark & Co., Inc. 21 East 40th st. New York City. Read, Geo, R & Co., 30 Nassau St., 3 East 35th st. Real Estate Board of New York, 12 East 41st st. Real Estate Directory Co., Inc. 105 West 40th st. New York City. Seaman and Pendergast, 18 East 53rd st. Smith, Malcolm. E., Inc. 185 Madison Avenue. cor. 34th st. New York. Sutton, Blagden & Lynch, Inc., 631 Park ave. Tamblyn and Brown, 17 East 42nd st. Weld & Butt, Inc. 250 Park ave., New York City. White, Wm. A. & Sons, Established 1868. 350 Madison ave., New York. Whitehouse, Worthington, Inc. 16 East 50th st., New York. Wood, Dolson Company, Inc. Main Office, 2091 Broadway, 6 doors above 72nd st. RESTAURANTS Cabin Tea Room, Inc., 39 West 56th st., Henri, Confiseur, 40 West 46th st. Longchamps Restaurants, 40 East 49th st., 55 Fifth ave., 423 Madison ave. and 1015 Madison ave. Madison, The, 15 East 58th st. Maillard, Henry, Inc., 387 Madison ave. RIDING HABITS Nardi, Inc., 73 West 47th st. Weatherill Bernard, Inc., London ROOFING Peerless Roofing and Construction Co., Inc., 418 West 27th st. RUGS Stewart, T.M., Inc. 438-442 West 51st st. SAFE DEPOSIT Lincoln Safe Deposit Co., 1187-1201 Third ave., 69 to 70th sts. N.Y. SEWING MACHINES Wilcox Gibbs Sewing Machine Company, 239 Fifth ave. New York City. SHIRTMAKERS Yamatoya Co., 557 Fifth ave. SHOES "Cammeyer," 47-51 West 34th st. De Luxe, 677 Fifth ave. Cantilever Shoe Shops, 14 West 40th St. South of Library; 762 Lexington ave., at 60th st. Delman Shoe Salon, 558 Madison ave. Frank Brothers, 588 Fifth ave. Martin & Martin, 695 Fifth ave. Miller, I. & Sons, Inc., 562 Fifth ave., New York. Peacock Shoe Shop, 7 West 42nd. st. at 5th ave. Slater, J & J., Ladies and Childrens Stores, 415 Fifth ave., and 15 East 57th st. Sommers, Inc., 27 West 50th st. Stetson Shops, Inc., 15 West 42nd. st., 289 Madison ave., 143 Broadway, Hotel Astor, Broadway at 45th st., New York. SILVERSMITHS Art Silver Shop, 666 Madison ave., near 61st st. Brand-Chatillon Corp., 773 Fifth ave. Cliff Silver Company. 159 East 55th st. Ensko, 682 Lexington ave. Jensen, Georg, Silversmiths, 169 West 57th st. I. Lester, 125 East 59th st. First Floor. SPORTING GOODS Abercrombie & Fitch Co., Madison ave. & 45th st. Brokaw Bros. 1457 Broadway, STATIONERS Fifth Avenue Stationers, 505 Fifth ave. STORAGE Columbia Storage Warehouses, 67th st. & Columbia Ave. Day & Meyer, Murray & Young, Inc., 304, 305, 307 East 61st st., New York. Garrigan's Moving & Storage Company, 1183 Third ave. at 69th st., New York City. Lee Brothers, 103 East 125th st. Lincoln Warehouse Corp., 1187-1201 Third ave., 69th to 70th sts. Manhattan Storage and Warehouse Co., The, 52nd st., and seventh ave. Metropolitan Fireproof Warehouse Corporation. Amsterdam ave. at 83rdst. SWIMMING SCHOOL The Mary Beaton School of Swimming, The Barbizon, 140 East 63rd st.cor. Lexington ave. TABLES FOR RENT Bergonzi, John, Inc., 207 East 49th st. TABLE WATERS Apollinaris "The Queen of Table Waters." Apollinaris Agency, Co., 503Fifth ave. at 42nd st., New York City. TAILORS Bell, James W., Son & Co., 522 Fifth ave. Alfred Nelson Co., Tailors, 580 Fifth ave., N.W. corner 47th st. NewYork. Patterson, John, & Co., 1 West 52nd st. at Fifth ave., New York. Romanes & Paterson, 739 Boylston st., Boston, Mass. TAPESTRIES Seidlitz & Van Baarn Inc., 7 East 56th st. TAPESTRIES (NEEDLEPOINT) Hesse, Henry, Inc. 641 Madison ave., 59th-60th sts. TOILET PREPARATIONS Ortoson Co., 62 West 57th st. TOURS Atwater Travel Service 968 Lexington ave. Cook, Thos. & Son, 585 Fifth ave. Farley Travel Agency, 535 Fifth ave., Foreign Travels, Inc. 46 West 40th st., N.Y.C. TOYS Mayfair Playthings Stores, 741 Fifth ave., and 9 East 57th st. TRAVELING EQUIPMENT Canton Luggage Corporation, Formerly Likly Luggage Co., Inc., 50 East 42nd st., at Madison ave., New York City. Cross, Mark Co., 4404 Fifth ave., and 1175 Broadway, also 145 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. Innovation Trunks, 22 East 46th st., New York City. London Luggage Corp. 693 Fifth ave. at 50th st. Woolworth Bldg., 236 Broadway. Savoy Luggage Shop, 59 East 59th st., near Madison ave., New York. UNDERWEAR Jaeger's Sanitary Woolen System Co., 306 Fifth ave., and 58 Nassau st. UNIFORMS Brooks, 143 W. 40th st. (opp. Metropolitan Opera House). Angelica Jacket Co., 104 West 48th st. UPHOLSTERERS Lockhart, George Co., 150 East 53rd st. Mesnik Bros., 45 East 34th st. Steiner, Ignatius, 845 Lexington ave. VACUUM CLEANING Knickerbocker Vacuum Cleaning Co., 156 West 43rd st. Lexington Vacuum House Cleaning Co., 987 Lex. ave. (71st-73rd sts.) VETERINARIANS Dr. C.G. Rohrer, Dog and Cat Hospital, 40 West 61st st. WALL PAPERS Lloyd, W.H.S., Co., 48 W. 48th st. Salubra Wall Covering Co., Suite 1553, New York Central Bldg., 230 Park ave. WEATHER STRIPS Franklin Metal Weather Strip Co., 206 E. 38th st., New York. WEDDING CAKE Madame Blanche, 49 West 57th st., New York City. WINDOW CLEANING Ever Ready Service Contracting Co., Inc., 347 Fifth ave. WOMAN'S EXCHANGE New York Exchange for Women's Work, 541 Madison ave., New York City bet. 54th and 55th sts. WOMEN'S WEAR Lane Bryant, 1 West 39th st., New York. Peck & Peck, 501 Fifth ave., 587 Fifth ave., 711 Fifth ave., 34 Wall st., and 827 Madison ave. WOOD Clark & Wilkins Co., 47 West 34th st. WOOLEN GOODS Jaeger, 590 Fifth ave., 3306 Fifth ave., 58 Nassau St., New York City. 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