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Hempstead Sunday School Students-1926

Hempstead Sentinel Thursday, 1 July 1926 91 Scholars Have Perfect Records Ninety-one members of the Sunday School of Christ's First Presbyterian Church received gold pins last Sunday for having perfect attendance records during the past Sunday School year. There were also a large part of members who missed but one or two sessions and these will receive gold pins at a later date. During the past year no allowances were made for those who were absent because of illness and as a result a large number failed to make perfect attendance. The list of those receiving perfect attendance pins were: George EHMANN Howard DAVIDSON Mary Anne NETTLETON Katherine HAMLET Dorothy MACAULEY Felice MENZ Marion KENDALL Margaret WASHBURN Elizabeth BEDELL Valentine HAMMAN Charles OLIVER Miss Emma BENNETT Charles WIESEL Howard MONTO Walter MESSER George RYDER Sherman VAN NESS Martha McLEAN Juliana TIEDGENS Muriel HULST Louise WASHBURN Jeannette WILLIAMS Edna WELLS Ada MEAD Marie SHILSTONE Amelia WIESEL Evelyn MACAULEY Olive MERRY Dorothy PINK Margaret BISHOP Adele RYERSON Carol MONASMITH Helen RYDER Amy ST. JOHN Miss Lena RYERSON Clara CHESHIRE Ruth VORIS Madeline PINK Marion WILLIAMS Miss Dorothy BETTS Ruth HENKEL Wilma McLEAN Elizabeth MESSER Floretta BEDELL Miss Mary NEEBE Miss Marietta MORSE Robert BARTH Frederick WYATT Schuyler VAN NESS Raymond RIEDEL William KENDALL William POWERS J. Edward PATTERSON, Jr. Francis RICKER Walter MEYER Meredith WILTEDINK Joseph STURGE Herbert BUERGER Donald RICHON Charles TODD Elizabeth ROGERS Rose Lucy LEE Ruth BEDELL Harry B. ASHDOWN Albert C. HALLOCK Jesse RICHARDS, Jr. Dr. Frank M. KERR Mrs. Leroy H. MILLER Miss Zelda ST. JOHN Cornelius AMBERMAN Alice GRANT Elizabeth SNYDER Miss Alice BARTH David RICHON Bertram OLIVER Henry WEST Donald MILLER Joseph WECKERLE Miss WILTERDINK Hazel PINK Hope HAMLET Anne VAN DER WATER John PAYNTAR Miss Anna OLIVER Jean TODD Robert McKEON John HORTOS Charlotte MERRY Doris HULST Rose HIGGINS Grace EHMANN
Transcriber: Kathy Then
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