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1928 Yaphank Telephone Directory
Ashton, James 2nd           Middle Island Rd.
Ayvad, Parnac   M.  general store   Main St.
Balass, Charles             Middle Island 
Bartlett, Maude W., Miss    Middle Island
Bayles, Richard M.          Middle Island
Benjamin, Herbert E.        Middle Island
Brenner, Fred H.            Middle Island
Bubb, Adam              Yaphank Rd.
Cate, William H.            Yaphank
Chev(n?)el, Ernest, Prof.       Middle Island
Clairdale Kennels           Main Rd.
Coones, James E.            Yaphank
Crater, James E.            Girard Ave.
Dalton, N. Hamilton, Mrs.   Middle Island
Davis, Albert               Main Rd.
Davis, Edward N.            Main Rd.
Davis, John E.              Main Rd.
Dieffenbach, Chas E.        Middle Island
Ferguson, Donald            Middle Island
Fischmann, Dorothy L., Mrs.Yaphank Ave.
Glover, Wm.             Yaphank Ave.
Hermann, Chas.          Medford Rd.
Homan, Stephen          Main Rd.
Kaminski, Larry             Middle Island
Krabbe, Christain           Main Rd.
Macauley, Francis A.    lunch room  Main Rd.
Marchant, F.P.              Yaphank
Marchant, L.R.  contr bldr  Yaphank Ave.
Mienow, Chas H.         Middle Island
Neuss, Gustave              Main Rd.
Pattinson, A.               Yaphank
Penny, Willis O.            Main Rd.
Pfeiffer, Edward R.         Middle Island
Phillips, Sadie, Miss       Middle Island Rd.
Prosser, Geo.               Middle Island
Randall, Ernest E.          Middle Island
Randall, J.H., Mrs.         Middle Island
Randall, Jason              Middle Island
Rynveld, Frederick          Main Rd.
Scott, Jas.                 Patchogue Rd.
Still, Bertram              Middle Island
Still, Harry D.             Middle Island
Still, L.A.                 Main Rd.
Szusser, Kazmier            Middle Island
Van Horn, Violet, Miss      Middle Island
Voorhies, Howard W.     Main Rd.
Walters, Chas. E.           Yaphank
Webber, Wm. T.          Patchogue Rd.
Weeks, Clara W., Miss       Yaphank
Werner, Joseph              Medford Rd.
Zebrowski, Anthony          Middle Island

Transcriber: Kathy Then
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