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20 September 1861
A Card:
The sincere thanks of the subscriber are due and are hereby 
tendered to the Fire Department of this village and the Citizens 
generally for their exertions in her behalf at the fire on 
Friday evening last. 

A Card:
The subscriber takes this method to return thanks to the 
Fire Department and Citizens generally for their successful 
efforts in preserving his property 
from fire on Friday evening last.

Married In this village, on the 15th inst. by the Rev. P.D. Oakey, 
George L PECK of the firm of Seabury & Peck, and 
Fannie C, daughter of Hon. Morris FOSDICK

At Newtown on the 13th inst, by the Rev. S.H. Mecker, 
Abraham V.S. LOTT to Cornelia, daughter of the late George De BEVOISE, 
both of that place.

In this village, on Sunday last, 18th inst., 
Ann, wife of Terrence O'BRIEN, daughter of Thomas HIGGINS, aged 28 years and 7 months.
The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully 
invited to attend her funeral this (Tuesday) afternoon at two o'clock.

In this town, on the 12th inst., 
Jane, wife of John ISTOOTHOFF, in the 79th year of her age.

At Flatbush, on the 17th inst, 
Benjamin T., child of Isaac T. and the late 
Emma Eliza WASHBURNE, aged about 18 months.

15 April 1862
At Springfield on the 10th inst. by the Rev. J R Alligie, 
Abraham STOOTHOFF to Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Mr John AMBERMAN

22 July 1862
Died:  In this village on the 17th inst. Rem REMSEN, aged 87 years.

26 August 1862
At E. Jamaica on the 21st ult. 
Catherine, relict of the late James HENDRICKSON, aged 87 years, 4 months, 14 days.

11 November 1862
Died - In this village on the 8th inst. 
Lt Henry HENDRICKSON age 27 years, 11 months 8 days.  
The relatives and family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral 
(this Tuesday) afternoon at half past one o'clock from the residence of his father 
Elias B. HENDRICKSON and from the Reformed Dutch Church at 2 o'clock.

At Hempstead on the 28th ult Mary, relict of the late J SKIDMORE HENDRICKSON 
aged about 70 years.

11 August 1863
At Springfield on the 9th inst., Letty WATTS age 65 years

1 December 1863
Died:  At his residence at Union Place, on the 26th ult, 
John SKIDMORE age 84 years, 10 months, 2 (O or 9, can't read) days

10 February 1863
Died: At Springfield on the 4th inst, 
Betsy WATTS, aged about 60 years

Sept 19th,1864:
Letters remaining unclaimed in the Post Office at Jamaica, NY,
Bohlender, C
Bremmer, Luise
Conklin, J W
Kees, Margaret
Gais, ....istian
Lee, Anner Jane
Locke, Hannah
Miller, Ensra
Miller, S.M
Williams, Mary
White, Hannah Jane

Persons calling for the above letters will please 
say that they are advertised.  Charles WELLING, P.M.

21 March 1865 
MARRIED In this village, on the 16th inst, by the Rev. P.D. OAKEY, 
James EVERITT to Mrs. Mary STEERS< all of this place. 
(It's hard to tell if it's Steers or Stoors.)
Death at At Springfield, on the 16th inst, by the Rev. P.D. OAKLEY,  
James GORDON, of Brooklyn, to 
Phebe, daughter of Samuel COMPTON, of Springfield.

In New York, yesterday, 20th inst., 
Daniel SMITH, Jr., of this village aged 
about 43 years.  Notice of funeral will be found in New York papers.
In this town, on the 15th inst., 
Sarah, wife of Albert STOOTHOFF and 
of Daniel Murray, aged 36 years, 5 months and 27 days.
At Brooklyn, on the 17st inst., 
Sarah E., wife of John AMMERMAN, aged 26 years, 7 months and 12 days.  
her remains were brought to this village for interment.
Letters remaining unclaimed in the Post Office at Jamaica, NY March 20, 1865:
Back, John E
Baley, John
Caffey, John
Duff, Amanda
Hunt, Sarah Jane
Johnson, Malissa
Johnson, Sarah E
Ketcham, H.E.
Lawrence, Benj.
Lantz, John
Leppett, Jacob
Minon, John F
Manerman, Johann
Mills, Ellen
Madden, Patrick
Smith, Elizabeth
Strickland, O
Suydam, John
Sturges, B B
Woodhull, JA

Persons calling for the above letters will please say 
that they are advertised.  Charles WELLING, P.M.

April 3, 1866
Courts:  On Tuesday next, April 10th a Law Term of the County Court, Hon. 
John J. ARMSTRONG, County Judge, presiding, will be held at the Court House 
at 10 o'clock, A.M.

On Monday, 16th inst., the April Term of the Circuit Court and Court of Oyer 
and Terminer, will commence its sessions at the Court House, commencing at 10 
o'clock, A.M.  Hon. Joseph F. BARNARD, Justice, will preside, assisted by 
Robert BURROUGHTS and Henry PEARSALL, Esqrs, Justices of the Sessions.

The next meeting of the Sewing Society of the ladies connected with Sabbath 
School of the Presbyterian Church, this village, will meet at the Parsonage 
(Rev P.D. OOAKEY'S) tomorrow (Wednesday) evening at 6 1/2 o'clock.  All 
interested are respectfully invited to attend.

The Rev  Mr ROORKE, of New York, will preach in the M.E. Church, in this 
place, next Sabbath morning and evening.

A pair of tender lovers eloped from the vicinity of Albany a few days since.  
The gallant masculine was aged eighty five and the fair and fickle dame had 
seen seventy-five summers and about the same number of winters.  Both were 
married and had large families, who "mourn their loss."

Mr REEVE having resigned the Agency of the 
FARMERS' AND CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK, the undersigned has been authorized 
to receive Deposits of the customers in Jamaica, and has opened an 
office for that purpose at the 
Office hours, 7 1/2 to 8 A.M. and 2 to 4 P.M.
Jamaica, March 29, 1866

At East Williamsburg, on the 21st ult, by Rev T.M. TERRY, 
Geo. W. DOUGHTY of Springfield, this town, to 
Harriet Augusta KETCHAM, of the former place.

Died At Springfield, on the 1st inst., 
John I.STOOTHOFF, aged 87 years, 9 months and 10 days.
Relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited 
to attend the funeral today (Tuesday) from this late residence, 
at one o'clock.  And from the Dutch Ref. Church, at two o'clock.

At Far Rockaway on the 28th ult, 
Martha Jane, wife of John BROWN, and daughter of Mrs. Hannah WOOD.

6 September 1895
News from Springfield   
L. Edward Decker is suffering with a felon.    
Miss Lina Durland is spending a week at Rockaway Beach    
Mr. and Mrs. George Roeckel have gone to Utica to spend a week with friends.    
Gilbert Deremer has taken a postition with the Gorham silver company in New York City.
Miss Alice Smith, of Brooklyn, has been spending a few days with Miss Skidmore.
The Foresters had a large attendance at their picnic on Labor Day.  A 
good sum was added to their treasury.
The "Four Hundred" club went on their excursion Labor Day to Jamaica Bay, 
and a pleasant time was passed.
Mary, widow of the late Daniel Murray, died at the residence of her son 
Isaac, on Sunday, and was buried from the Presbyterian church on Wednesday.
John B. Smith, of New York avenue, died Monday morning at his residence.  
Mr. Smith had been a sufferer from asthma for some time.
On most any evening, passing the residence of George Durland, one can 
hear beautiful singing, the saprano voice being that of Mrs. Durland, who has 
no doubt the sweetest voice in the village.
The thirty-first annual session of the grand lodge of Good Templars 
opened at Buffalo last Tuesday.  This county was represented by about twenty 
members.  George H. Higbie, of Springfield, was elected one of the board of 
managers for the state.

6 September 1895
Mr and Mrs. George E. Lunham returned home on Monday from their summer vacation.
The Brooklyn Hills improvement company are now opening Park avenue.  The 
avenue, when finished, will be one of the handsomest streets in the Hills.
T F Hayes, the real estate agent, reports that lots are selling rapidly.  
Two cottages are in course of erection of Poplar street, and contracts have 
been given out for the erection of five more.
The Inter Nous lawn tennis club played their first game on the home 
grounds on Saturday.  The club have elected the following officers:  
President, W W Gausmann; vice presdient, H Low; secretary, William Hay; 
treasurer, William Robertson; manager, Rev Dr Jones.  The club has a fine 
tennis ground.

6 September 1895
    The board of education has appointed Fred W. Carman janitor of school No. 
3, and Harry M. Hicks janitor of school No. 4.
    Under Sheriff Baker, Counselor Lewis L. Fosdick and Benjamin J. Brenton 
are having a stone curb put down in front of their property on Herriman 
    The Rev J. Howard Hobbs, of the Presbyterian church; the Rev. Edgar J 
Tilton of the Reformed church, and the Rev H H Beattys, of the Methodist 
church, occupied their respective pulpits on Sunday and were greeted with 
large congregations.
    Mr. and Mrs. Engleskirger, of Union Hall Street, celebrated the tenth 
anniversary of their wedding Tuesday evening.  There was a large company 
present.  Supper was served and a most enjoyable time was had.  Mr. and Mrs. 
Engleskirger were the recipients of many handsome presents.

24 March 1893
The ladies' guild will give an entertainment at the Lyceum on the evening 
of April 7.
Thomas Callister is building all of his market wagons with the regulation 
3 1/2 inch tire.
Charles Gaylor, residing on the Sherwood property, is confined to his 
home by sickness.
Mrs. Hart, of Brooklyn, is building a handsome cottage for a summer 
residence on Creed avenue.
Alexander Collison has commenced the erection of a double two story 
dwelling on Sherman street.
Frederick Wolfurst, who for the past two years has kept the hotel owned 
by Henry Mossback on the Hempstead road, was dispossessed on Friday.
There was a large attendance at the sale of the stock, farming utensils 
and household goods of Nicholas Hallock, on Tuesday.  Archer & Sons were the 
auctioneers, and the property brought good prices.
While James C. Hendrickson was engaged felling trees in his woods on 
Saturday, his axe slipped and cut a gash nearly three inches long in his 
right foot.  He was taken home and a physician sewed up the wound.  He will 
be laid up for some time.

24 March 1893
L E Decker and David Alexander are rival candidates for the postmastership.
The youngest child of Wright Abrams, aged sixteen months, was buried on Monday.
George Roeckel has purchased two promising young colts which he will 
enter at the Mineola fair in June.
The marriage of Elsworth Compton and Miss Luelia Doxsey, daughter of Prof 
S. S. Doxsey, will take place at the residence of the bride's parents next 
Tuesday evening.
Mrs Fannie Everitt, wife of Nicholas Everitt, died at her home on 
Saturday last, after a few days' illness.  The funeral took place on Monday 
from the Presbyterian church, the Rev M. Rutherford officiating.  The 
interment was in Springfield cemetery.
Mrs. Foster, (Charetta) wife of Amaziah Foster, residing on Farmers' 
avenue, died suddenly Tuesday afternoon.  At noon, when Mr. Foster went home 
to his dinner, he found his wife sitting in a chair in the dining room and 
unconscious   A physician was summoned but she did not regain consciousness.  
Death resulted from a stroke of paralysis.

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