Researching Long Island Rail Road Employees

Long Island Rail Road Employees
To request an employee record search from ANY Railroad - send as much 
information you have on the person (name, years working at RR,where he lived, 
which RR he worked for, what the RR# is, your relationship to person, etc.) 
along with $16 to:

U.S. Railroad Retirement Board
Office of Public Affairs
844 North Rush Street
Chicago, Illinois 60611-2092

If you do not have the RR# (similar to SSN), it is highly unlikely that they 
will research for you.  I tried it the first time & even with an unusual name 
like Woznick, they sent it back to me for additional info.

They were very prompt in sending out a confirmation to me that they were 
working on filling my request & I received the information within 3-4 weeks.  
It contained copies of various pieces of information including wages earned, 
his wife's full name (because she was his benficiary), perhaps an address and 
several pages that meant nothing to me/had no geneology value.  What there 
was not - no death cert/birth cert copies, no "geneology" related info.  It 
was less valuable as a geneology resource than I had hoped, but interesting 

Keep in mind that they did not start keeping these types of files until 
around 1936, so will therefore only be able to provide info to you if your 
relative worked after that time.

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