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OYSTER BAY 1868/69 Curtain's Directory


Adams John H.  n. corp limits
Albertson Susan  Main
Algiers -----  Main
Allen David farmer Cliff
Anstice Moses  Main
Aproy Francis oysterman Cove Neck

Bailey Henry butcher  Orchard
Bailey Theodore U.S.N.  Main
Baker Richard oysterman  Oyster Bay Cove
Baker Wright farmer  Oyster Bay Cove
Baker Edward merchant  Oyster Bay Cove
Baker & Brother country store Oyster Bay Cove
Barto Maria  Orchard
Baylis Charles oysterman  South
Baylis Daniel farmer Cove Neck
Baylis Valentine oysterman Main
Beekman James W. (N.Y.) Cliff
Bennett Nicholas painter Oyster Bay Cove
Bennett Abram farmer n. corp limits
Bennett Edward farmer South
Bennett George painter Oyster Bay Cove
Betts Burril oysterman Main
Boerum Amos stages South
Brennan Michael laborer Mill River Rd
Brower Charles L. plumber Orchard
Brower Francis millinery South
Bunce Washington butcher Hamilton Ave
Burtis James farmer South
Burton Charles oysterman Cove Neck
Bushnall Hannah seamstress South

Cashow Daniel W. carpenter South c. Orchard
Cheshire Thomas Main
Chipp Charles (N.Y.) Coone's La.
Coles Edwin (N.Y.) Orchard
Collyer Thomas teamster Moses
Conklin Erastus A. farmer Oyster Bay Cove
Conklin John oysterman Main
Cox Thomas A. farmer Mill Neck
Crumbly John merchant(N.Y.) Main

Debervoise Stephen merchant South
Deegan Patrick brickmaker Centre Island
Demilt Daniel B. harnessmaker South
Dickinson Daniel farmer Mill River Rd.
Dickinson George E. druggist,South Orchard
Donaldson Patrick coachmen Petticoat La.
Downing,C.W.& Co stoves, tinware & house furnishing goods,South Brookville

Earle Mary teacher Orchard
Earle Sarah teacher South
Elderkin Richard S. clerk Orchard

Flanagan Patrick laborer Orchard
Fleet Margaretta Oyster Bay Cove
Fleet Rebecca Main
Fleet Samuel farmer Oyster Bay Cove
Foreman Hellen South
Foster Frederick merchant(N.Y.) Cliff
Frye Peter Y. physician South

Garvin David farmer Centre Island
Geoghan Patrick farmer Orchard
Gildersleeve George blacksmith Orchard
Golding Mortimer blacksmith, Main Oyster Bay Cove
Gould John hatter Fort Hill
Griffin John shoemaker South
Gude John carpenter Mill River Rd.

Hawkshurst Allen carpenter Mill River Rd
Hawkshurst Edward boots & shoes, Main South
Hawkshurst Nelson boatman Hamilton Ave
Hawkshurst Abraham sea-captain Main
Hawkshurst John boatman South
Hawthorne William laborer South
Henderson Peter F. clerk Main
Hendrickson Sarah seamstress Orchard
Hewlett Junius wheelwright Orchard
Hewlett Samuel J. South
Hildreth Andrew gardener Orchard
Hogan John laborer Fort Hill
Holt Garret oysterman Cliff
Hussey Joseph merchant(N.Y.) Main
Hutchinson Andrew J. sea-captain South
Hutchinson Abraham S. sea-captain Hamilton Ave
Hutton Richard G. (Rev) Main

Ing J. miller Cliff
Irwin Richard (N.Y.) Main
Irwin Thomas (N.Y.) Main

Jackson Aaron (Rev) Main
Jackson Luther C. express Petticoat La.
Johnson Robert F. clerk Main
Jones Samuel farmer Oyster Bay Cove
Jones John J. country store,South South
Jones Edward clerk Orchard

Kane John oysterman Coone's La.
Kelsey Conklin farmer Oyster Bay Cove
Kennedy D. Rev. (colored) Orchard
Knapp Joseph C. sea-captain Hamilton Ave

Lambertson John oysterman Main
Lawless Thomas farmer Coone's La.
Layton Jordon farmer Mill Hill
Lewis William B. flour,feed&grain South
Long Frank farrier Oyster Bay Cove
Long Edward sea-captain South
Lord John C. merchant(N.Y.) Main
Ludlam Henry farmer Centre Island
Ludlam George farmer Centre Island
Ludlam Elbert farmer Cliff
Ludlam Cornelius B. country store,Main Orchard
Ludlam Charles country store,Main Orchard
Ludlam James M. country store,South c. Main South
Ludlam Joseph shoemaker Orchard
Ludlam Samuel Y. farmer South
Ludlam James H. clerk South
Ludlam Alfred oysterman Petticoat La.
Ludlam's Bros country store South c. Main
Luyster Andrew J. country store,South South

Mason John gardener n. corp limits
Mason James (N.Y.) n. corp limits
McCoun William T. lawyer Main
McCoun William S. farmer n. corp limits
McCoun Joseph lawyer suburbs
McCoun William J. horse-dealer n. corp limits
McEnvoy Dennis laborer Moses
McGregor Abraham painter Oyster Bay Cove
McQuade Michael stoves,tinware&  house furnishings, South Orchard
McQueen, Andrew H. shoemaker South
Miller Smith shoemaker Oyster Bay Cove
Mills James laborer Fort Hill
Mills Thomas laborer Fort Hill
Minor Ezra painter Main
Minor Sarah Main
Monilaus James fancy goods,furniture&postmaster Main c. South
Myers Joseph H. (Rev) boarding school Main

Parish Richard L. South
Paterson Edwin stoves & tinware South
Paynter Job carpenter Orchard c. Spring
Perry Oliver farmer Mill Neck
Powell Cornelius oysterman Fort Hill
Powell Charles boatman South
Prior Philemon F. surgeon&physician South
Prior William H. clerk Main

Reardon John laborer Mill River Rd.
Remsen George farmer Cliff
Remsen John W. farmer Mill Hill
Remsen Silas mason Main
Remsen William D. laborer Mill River Rd.
Remsen William E. farmer Cliff
Robbins Daniel D. druggist,South Orchard
Rosevelt S.W.   (N.Y.) Main
Rudyard Conklin millinery Main

Sammis Richard A. grocer Main n. South
Sammis Henry boatman Main
Sammis Charles butcher Main
Sammis John M. lumber,coal & steam mill,South South c. Main
Searing Silas C. stages South
Searing Whitson wheelwright Orchard
Searles Joshua(col'd) Orchard
Seely Rebecca Main
Shepard William South
Siimonson Phebe saloon Main
Sillick Adrian farmer Mill Neck
Sillick Daniel merchant(N.Y.) suburbs
Simonson Peter(col'd) fisherman Main
Smith Thomas oysterman Cove Neck
Smith William R. oysterman Orchard
Smith Samuel J. oysterman Orchard
Smith Richard farmer Cove Neck
Smith Isaac oysterman Cove Neck
Smith John W. tailor South
Smith Isaac brick-yard Centre Island
Smith Daniel W. oysterman Cove Neck
Smith Jacob brick-yard Centre Island
Smith James(col'd) South c. Orchard
Snayd (?) Richard liquor dealer Main
Spicer Robert S. harnessmaker,South South n. Main
Spicer Robert harnessmaker South
Sprague John laborer Orchard
Steinsieck Charles L. baker South
Sterich Benjamin(col'd) laborer Main
Summers John W. builder South
Summers Oscar butcher Orchard
Summers Samuel S. butcher South
Suydam Joshua farmer suburbs
Suydam Simeon farmer suburbs
Swan Edward H. Oyster Bay Cove
Swan Otis D. merchant(N.Y.) Main
Swan Benjamin L. Rev. Hamilton Ave
Swan Edward Oyster Bay Cove

Tappan Andrew weaver Cliff
Tappan John mason Main
Tappan Albert mason Orchard
Thompson William carpenter Orchard
Thomson William Y. harnassmaker South
Thurston William boots & shoes,Main South
Thurston & Hawkshurst boots & shoes Main
Tomlins William J. Octagon Hotel Main c. Spring
Tounsend Edward M. merchant (N.Y.) Main
Townsend William E. oysterman South
Townsend Solomon merchant(N.Y.) Main
Townsend James C. n. corp limits
Townsend Edward farmer Main
Townsend Beekman miller Main
Townsend George Main

Underhill Stephen farmer Mill Neck
Underhill Benjamin farmer Mill Neck
Underhill Javis F. farmer Mill Neck
Underhill William carpenter Centre Island
Underhill James sea-captain South
Underhill Abram miller Mill Neck
Underhill Daniel carpenter n. Oyster Bay Cove
Underhill Benjamin T. (N.Y.) Orchard

Vail John teamster Orchard
Valentine Jacob oysterman Oyster Bay Cove
Valentine Richard laborer Orchard
Vancott John farmer Cliff
Vansise Charles butcher South c. Orchard
VanWyck Whitehead real estate& insurance(N.Y.) Oyster Bay Cove
Velsor Daniel oysterman Petticoat La.
Velsor Elisha oysterman Main
Velsor John D. carpenter Petticoat La
Velsor Lewis carriagemaker Main n. South
Velsor Thomas laborer Petticoat La

Weeks John A. lawyer(N.Y.) Main
Weeks Edward broker(N.Y.) Main
West Theodore F. painter South
Weyrich Jacob barber Main n. South
White Daniel blacksmith Main
White George oysterman Main
White Jacob farmer South
White John mason Orchard
White Joseph country store,South South n. Water
White, Luyster & Jones country store South
Wilson Henry cooper Main
Wood Sylvanus oysterman Centre Island
Wood John shoemaker South
Woodworth Giles farmer suburbs
Wright John farmer Main
Wright Joseph carpenter Main

Young David farmer Oyster Bay Cove
Youngs Thomas, Jr. merchant(N.Y.) Oyster Bay Cove
Youngs Daniel L. merchant (N.Y.) Oyster Bay Cove
Youngs William J. surveyor Oyster Bay Cove
Youngs Thomas farmer Oyster Bay Cove

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