In & About Patchogue.1896
Published in the Bklyn Eagle on May 31,1896 James H. DAVIDSON is visiting friends in New York & Philadelphia. The marriage of Miss Edith J. YAYGAR of 640 10th St, Bklyn to George L. Robinson of Patchogue is announced to take place at the home of the bride's parents on Wednesday, June 10th. Miss Lottie TOPPING has been visiting Port Jefferson friends this week. W. A. MUNDELL of Bklyn has rented Mr. Jacob SHAND 's residence on Rider Ave, for the summer. Alexander SHAND this week moved to his Brooklyn residence, 190 Kent St. Edgar F. HAMMOND , who resided in Chicago during the past year, has returned to Patchogue for the summer. Mr. & Mrs. F. SADDINGTON of Jeferson Ave. visited Mrs. SADDINGTON 's father, Mr. C.F. VROOMAN this week and today they sail for Europe. Mrs. D.R. SMITH of Smith's Mills, S.C. are now occupying their cottage for the summer. Cards are out announcing the marriage of William A. KETCHAM of Islip and Miss Anna NUGENT of Patchogue on Thursday, June 7th. Mr. & Mrs. R.H. PARKS started today on a trip to Washington and Maryland. Mr. & Mrs. Alfred CRAFT of Bklyn have moved into their summer cottage. Miss Viola PETTO returned to Bklyn yesterday, after a 5 weeks' visit with her parents here. Carl SANFORD of Bklyn is visiting Mr. H.K. ROE . The cantata "The Revelers"was given at the chapel of the Methodist Episcopal Church Wednesday and had a good attendance. There were 70 in the cast. The leading players were William WOOLLEY , Nora DARE , Luretta KOERNOR , Bessie SMITH , Ernest & Georgie CHICHESTER , Mamie HUBBARD , Mildred SILSBE , May BAILEY , RObert HOWELL , Grace HAMMOND , Paul RULAND , Lena HUBBARD and Eloise PECKHAM . Mrs. A.W. BYRT was director and Mrs. Daniel CHICHESTER was at the piano. Postmaster Charles E. ROSE has resigned from the board of village trustees. He will take his new office next week. Mr. Frank N. WOOD will be assistant postmaster. Theodore WITTE of Brooklyn will soon begin the erection of a cottage at the Point O' Woods. Captain E.T. MOORE of Patchogue has rented his cottage at the Point O'Wood to Lawyer T. M. GIEFFING . Mr. Donald MONROE of Massachusetts has rented the West Side Hotel on Ocean Ave for the summer and will open about June 20. Mr. Y. TANGE of 1130 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, the first Japanese to settle at Patchogue has opened a store here. An invitation dance was held at Forrester's hall Friday evening. There were 30 couples present. Miss Carrie BRAY and Mr. William GODDARD led the march. Supper was served at Chichester's at midnight and dancing continued until the early hours Saturday morning.
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