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Southold "Traveler", 1923

28 September 1923
Local Southold News

W.B. CHRISTIE is having his vacation this week.
Mrs. Nellie  SALMON has moved to Riverhead.
Mrs. Moses TAYLOR is spending a few weeks in Bklyn.
Mr.& Mrs Leonard WARD have returned to Portland, ME.
Thomas  HALL has returned last week to Stevens Institute of Technology.
Mrs. Lottie  HOWARD is the guest of Mrs. C.A.  GOLDSMITH at Town Harbor.
Eugene L. LEHR has entered his sophomore year at Cornell University.
Miss Martha CONNOR was a weekend guest of her parents  on Town Harbor Lane.
Miss Helen TERRY has returned to her studies at Lasell Seminary, Auburndale, Mass.
Mrs. Wm. A. LOESER of Greenport was a guest at the  WOLFRENZ home recently.
Miss Beryl HORTON has resumed her studies at Pierce Business College.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. SKIDMORE of Patchogue spent the Sabbath at George R. JENNINGS.
Mrs. W.H. LLOYD has returned from a 3 weeks visit with her sister at Culpepper, Virginia.
Misses Meta & Madelene WOLFERZ returned to Bklyn the first of the week to resume teaching.
Miss Marjorie HAGERMAN is attending Fine Arts & Costume Designing at the Bklyn Y.M.C.A.
Miss Eda  SCHOEGEL, after quite a stay in Allenhurst, NJ is again spending 
	some time at Mrs. M. CALEY's.

Thomas A.  STACEY is wiring the Traveler building for electricity & our 
	presses will be run by electric power.

Mrs. Rose T.  GREELEY has accepted a fine offer to return with 
	Mr. & Mrs. Howell  FISHER to their home at Germantown, PA.

Miss Helen  BOOTH, who graduated from Southold H.S. last June, has entered the 
	Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School, Boston.

Nat. E.  BOOTH recieved at the County Fair 27 first & 15 second prizes on his 
	fruit - apples, peaches, grapes, pears & plums - a pretty good record !

There will be an auction sale at the residence of Mrs. Daisy L.  PRINCE on 
Saturday afternoon, Sept 29, George  MAIER, auctioneer.

Mr. & Mrs. Harry W.  GLOVER and Mrs. R.J.  PEACOCK of New York and Mr. & Mrs. 
Rollins  WHITE and little Miss Patty, spent the week at Archimon, their Southold home.

The  RICH boys are all away at school. Fred is at the University of Michigan, 
Ann Arbor, Michigan ; James at Dartmouth College, Hanover, N.H. and Chester 
at the Lawrenceville, NJ school.

In spite of inroads by purchasers & poachers into Farmer George H.  WELLS 
marvelous crop of muskmelons, they still hold out and can be obtained by 
calling at his house. Those who have sampled them unanimously " best ever 
seen or eaten".

Mr. & Mrs. A.T.  DICKERSON started on an auto trip on Saturday last, going to 
Atlantic City, NJ to the Bankers Convention, also to the Delaware Water Gap 
and to Binghampton to visit relatives there. They left their little flock in 
care of Grandma  BOUTCHER and Mrs.  BUTLER and are in touch with home every day 
by phone or telegraph.

Harry  CARROLL of Boston University Medical School, who has been spending a 
short time with his brothers & sisters here, has returned for his last year 
at the school after which he will take up hospital work. Harry is also a 
graduate of Syracuse University and the Medical School at that university. He 
will have a splendid preparation for his chosen profession.

Mrs. Joseph H.  BENNETT is visiting her sister, Mrs. John  KERBES, at Hicksville.

A. L.  OTT and family of Bklyn are occupying the  FARLEY place on the North Road.

Mrs. Martin  JOOST is spending a few days in Southold preparatory to closing 
her cottage on Maple Ave.

Mr.& Mrs Fred K. TERRY have returned from a visit with Connecticut & Rhode Island friends.

Mrs. William H. JOOST has closed her summer cottage,"Rosemary" & returned 
to her home in Bklyn.

Eugene F. GILES and family have moved into their new home on Railroad Ave.  
the former A.E. SALMON place.

The Arshamomoque Inn is closed for the season and the proprieter, Bennett De BEIXEDON, 
has returned to Bklyn.

Mrs. J.C.  WEEKS of Bklyn & Mrs. C.S.  TAYLOR of San Diego, CA spent the 
weekend with Mrs. Henrietta  A.  CONKLIN.

Word has been received from Harry  HAWLEY, well known here, who is with the 
U.S. Consul at Nayoga, Japan that he and his family are safe.

Mrs. Daisy L.  PRINCE met with a very serious accident Wednesday morning. She 
was going to take the early morning train to the city and got up to light a 
lamp when she fell down stairs at Michael  Purdell's where she has been 
staying this summer. Mr. Purcell heard the fall and went to her assistance. 
She fractured her collar bone and leg just below the hip. She was taken to 
E.L I. hospital foor treatment. Much sympathy is felt for Mrs. PRINCE.

7 December 1923
Miss Lucy KANOLD of Patchogue spent Thanksgiving at home.
W. Germond COCHRAN  of N.Y. City spent Thanksgiving at home.
Will HOMMEL, the great traveler, has gone to Florida.
John B. MUNCH of Brooklyn spent Thanksgiving with his parents.
Walter GAGEN of Villanova College, PA was home for Thanksgiving.
Miss Marjorie HAGERMAN of Brooklyn spent the weekend with her parents.
Miss Edith BREITSTADT of Westbury spent Thanksgiving with her parents.
William B. CLAYTON & family of Hempstead spent Thanksgiving at F. FICKEISSEN'S.
Miss Beatrice Hodgkins of the Albany Normal College spent Thanksgiving with her parents.
Miss Betty DALEY of Southold is registered at Hotel Le Marquis, 12 East St, NY.

Miss Beryl HORTON of the Pierce Secretarial School, 
Philadelphia spent Thanksgiving with her parents.

Miss Elizabeth A. TERRY of Bloomfield, NJ and Miss Marion S.TERRY 
of Great Neck spent Thanksgiving in Southold.

Mrs. Mary BULLOCK has returned this week  with Mrs. ELMER to 
Brooklyn. She will go soon to St. Luke's Hospital for treatment.

Mrs. Geo. S. PRINCE is visiting her granddaughter, Mrs. Agnes SCOTT FOUNTAIN 
of N.Y. City and also that little great grandson.

Mrs. Martin JOOST of Brooklyn spent a few days with her son this week.

Mrs. G. S. MYER of Brooklyn has been spending the past week with 
her sister, Mrs. W.A. COCHRAN.

Miss Emma BOOTH of Summit, NJ and Miss Helen BOOTH of 
Boston spent Thanksgiving with their parents.

Mrs. Katherine SANDLANDS, widow of Richard J. SANDLANDS died at her home 
last Thursday and the internment was at Middle Village. Mrs. SANDLANDS 
leaves one son, David, a valued employee in the NY Customs House. 
Mrs. SANLANDS was highly respected.

5 October 1923
Wm. H. SWARTHOUT and family have returned to their home in Bklyn for the winter.
Geo.C.TERRY attended the Republican Judicial Convention in Bklyn, as a delegate, last week.
Herbert A. HALLOCK of Newark, NJ, spent the Sabbath with his cousin, Miss Mattie  A. WELLS.

Theo. HOINKIS has torn down his barn and is to erect a bungalow for his 
own occupancy on the site.

Stanton MOTT and family have returned to their Bklyn home, after spending the 
summer at Southold.

John B. COLEMAN and family have returned to their NYC home, after spending 
the summer at Bay View.

Through the real estate agency of E. LEICHT, Alvah MULFORD has sold his farm 
to John RUTKOSKI of Southold.

Rev. Emil ROTH is the champion hook & line fisherman. He recently caught a 
weakfish that was 36 inches long and wighed 12 lbs.

Mr. & Mrs. P.J. MAHONEY,Jr and daughter have returned from a visit to the old 
home of Mrs. MAHONEY on Staten Island.

Clinton T. VOORHEES, formerly of Southold, has been nominated for Tax 
Receiver of Riverhead Town on the Republican ticket.

Geo. A. MAIER will hold an auction sale of household furniture and other 
goods at his auction show rooms on Saturday, Oct 6 at 1 pm.

Miss Ann HALLOCK has returned to Cambridge, Mass., to resume her work as 
Dramatic Director of the Margaret Fuller Settlement House.

Mrs. Evelina GLOVER and Mrs. Elsie HILLIARD have been appointed delegates to 
the Universalist State Convention to be held at Utica, Oct 10-13.

Mrs. Luella K. CHANDLER and Mrs. Charlotte C. OVERTON and daughter have 
returned to Southold, after spending the summer at Auburn, Mass.

John Y. STRONG, brother of Mrs. (Rev) H.E. MARSLAND, formerly of Southold, is 
the Republican candidate for Town Clerk of East Hampton Town.

Wm. H. CHADBURN & family  and H. D. RALPHS & family have returned to their 
homes at Yonkers,NY after spending the summer at their Pine Neck homes.

Curtis and Edward COSDEN have returned to the Fay School at Southboro, Mass.
The friends of Miss Marguerite HOWELL gave her a "shower" on Monday evening.
Mrs. Tunis S. BERGEN has returned home from the Sunny Rest Sanitariun, White Haven, PA.

Elmer E. SMITH who was born and brought up in Southold, is the Democratic 
candidate for the Supervisor of East Hampton Town.

The Board of Education has appointed J.E. COREY and Wm. R. NEWBOLD a building 
committee, to assist in building the addition to the schoolhouse. Mr. COREY 
has been appointed Clerk of the Works - an excellent choice.

Mrs. Wm. J. RICH is appearing at doors, dispensing happiness with baskets of 
beautiful apples. Her fruit shows what good stock and good care can produce - 
truly wonderful specimens.

Seventy-five friends of Miss Monica R. GRATTAN gave her a "shower" at the 
home of her parents on Wednesday evening. Many useful and beautiful gifts 
were received, which were greatly appreciated by this popular young lady.

Mr. & Mrs. A.T. DICKERSON have returned from a nine days' auto trip, covering 
over 900 miles. They made a 2 days stop at Atlantic City, going from there to 
Binghampton,NY by way of Philadelphia and Scranton.

Miss Lottie HOWARD has returned from California and is visiting Southold 
friends She reports that Miss Freida WILLIAMS, whom she accompanied to 
California, has a fine position as bookkeeper in the University of Southern 
California, at Los Angeles and is delighted with everything pertaining to her 
work  and home in the west.

Druggist E.J. BARNARD has closed the Southold Drug Store and he and Mrs. 
BARNARD will return to West Hampton Beach, where Mr. BARNARD will assist in 
his father in law's drug store. Mr. and Mrs. BARNARD made many friends here 
during their stay in Southold, who will regret their departure. Best wishes 
follow them for their future welfare.

Mrs. Daisy L. PRINCE, in whose case we have all been interested in since her 
sad accident, passed away a little after midnight at the E.L.I. hospital. The 
remains will be brought to Southold to the home of Geo. R. JENNINGS and the 
funeral service will be held in the M.E. Church, Saturday, at 2:30pm.

East End News - Mattituck
Miss Lizzie May TUTHILL, who has been the "right bower" in our Post Office 
for 25 years, became "the ace" on Monday of this week and is now our 
Postmistress, and you cannot find a better one in the whole USA either. The 
retiring Postmater, Wickham R. GILDERSLEEVE, gave splendid service during his 
two terms, and is already full of building contracts, his former line of business.

Dr. P.A. WILLIAMS, much to the regret of his friends here, left us on Monday 
for his Sanitorium at Brentwood. His successor, Dr. George P. BERGMANN of 
Washington,DC, a young man of very pleasing personality, will occupy Dr. 
WILLIAMS former home on Pacific St.

Miss Bertha T. REEVE and Miss L. TUTHILL enjoyed a trip to Bridgeport,Conn last week.

Mrs. Arthur DOWNS & daughter, Anita WARD, Mr. & Mrs C.I. WELLS, Mr. & Mrs. 
Arthur T. WELLS started for Salisbury,Md., Monday in three Fords with 
complete camping outfit, and expect to have a wonderful time.

Dick BASSFORD left Mattituck Monday morning for Bklyn, where he will study at 
Brown's Business College.

Elma Rae TUTHILL spent the first part of the week at Poughkeepsie.
Mrs. Louis YOUNG is acting as clerk at the Post Office for a short time 
"Jennie Louise" always was handy at passing out the mail.

At last we are to have our Soldier's Memorial. WINES & HOMAN started work last 
week putting in the concrete base for the monument, and when the entire 
design is completed it will be something any village may well be proud of.

Harry TICHENOR of Bklyn spent last weekend at "Happy Days" bungalow. Still 
fancy free, and the same old jolly bachelor. Why marry, when all the girls 
love you, Harry ?

Miss Erma Irene HOUGHTON, weighing nine and three-quarters pounds, arrived at 
the BEDELL home on Thursday, the 27th. Congratulations.

Nelson ROBINSON was here for the weekend.

James McDONOUGH of New York spent the weekend at J.C. CASE's. Miss Lucy MARSH 
of Sprinfgfield is visting there.

Dr. & Mrs. L.H. WILSON and daughter Emily have closed their shack at the 
Sound and returned to town.

Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius MOORE and Knox WILSON are at the Turner house for the winter.

Mr. & Mrs. J.C. BROOKS have also closed their cottage and gone to their 
winter quarters in New York.

The family of John HINSCH, who have for 2 months occupied the residence of 
Emmett SAYRE, have gone, Mr. H. having been transferred to another section by 
his employers, the A.&P. Co.

C.P.W. SMITH, who has been ill in New York, has returned to his Indian Neck 
home to recuperate.

New Suffolk
Mrs. Walter BENSON and son Clark of Nassau Point were the guests last week of 
Mrs. Edwin R. FOSTER.

Miss Hilda TUTHILL enjoyed a visit last week with Mrs. Alice PETTY of Southold.

Robert B. ASKER of Groton, Conn, has been spending this week with his parents.
Dr. & Mrs. A.H. TERRY & daughter Rose of Patchogue spent the weekend at the 
home of J.G. TUTHILL.

Mrs. & Mrs. Howard G. TUTHILL, son Lyndon and daughter Ruth, with a party of 
friends from Mattituck, attended the Fair at Mineola and also spent some 
time in the city.

Mr. & Mrs Raymond KING and family have moved into the GLENN cottage on 
Orchard St.

Miss Ida WELLS of Peconic spent some time last week with Mrs. Hattie R. FITZ. 
 Mrs. FITZ and Miss Bessie FANNING also entertained their cousins, Misses 
Annie & Millie LUCE of Sound Ave, at their studio.

Mr. & Mrs Russell FANNING of NYC spent last week with their parents. On 
Wednesday the FANNINGS enjoyed a automobile trip to Montauk Point.

Miss Amelia RHINO has returned to Bklyn after a visit with Mrs. E.C. GORDON.
Mrs. D.M. GOLDSMITH & Mrs. Philip HORTON entertsined a dinner party of lady 
friends at their pleasant home.

Clarence B. SMITH, a brother -in-law of Mrs. F.M. HALLOCK,was returning to 
his home in Bklyn, in company with his son, one evening last week., when a 
man came up behind him and struck him on the head with a hatchet, inflicting 
a severe wound. He is now reported to be making a fine recovery. It is 
thought that the man who did this dastardly deed has a grudge against someone 
else and mistook his man.

Two pretty cottages are nearing completion in this village. They are quite 
similar ,and yet different. They are owned by Theodore BEEBE and Ted HAND.

Miss Loretta BURNS has completed her post graduate course at the Hospital and 
is home for a vacation before commencing work. Success to her.

Mrs. Joe BEDELL had the misfortune to break her wrist recently.

A little daughter was born to Mr. & Mrs. John LOUISKIE a few days ago. This 
is the tenth advent into this family of seven girls & three boys. Mr. 
LOUISKIE is an enterprising farmer in the Polish church.

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