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One Hundred and Thirty-Ninth New York Infantry

The 139th NY Infantry was organized in Brooklyn, NY 
during August 1862. It was mustered into service 
there on Sept. 9, 1862. 
More details on the various companys of the regiment 
is as follows;
   "A"  recuited in Brooklyn, Brookhaven, Flatbush
,Hampstead, & Jamaica.
     "B"  recuited in Brooklyn.
     "C"  recuited in Brooklyn.
     "D"  recuited in Brooklyn
     "E"  recuited in Brooklyn
     "F"  recuited in Brooklyn
     "G"  recuited in Brooklyn.
     "H"  recuited in Brooklyn & Smithtown
     "I"  recuited in Brooklyn, Flatbush, Hempstead, Islip, & Jamaica.
     "K" recuited in Brooklyn

Sometimes, units were often know by an alternate 
designation taken from the name of it's commanding 
officer. These name are:

     Anthony Conk's Infantry
     Samuel H Roberts' Infantry
     Edgar Perry's Infantry
     Thomas Mulcahy's Infantry
     Andrew Morris' Infantry
     Embre Rogers' Infantry
     Theodore Miller's Infantry

         On September 11, 1862 the regiment 
was ordered to Fortress Monroe, Virginia. 
There it joined the Department of Virginia. T
he unit served in that command until July, 1863. 
At that time the command was enlarged and renamed the 
Department of Virginia and North Carolina.The regiment 
served in that command until April, 1864. It then 
joined the Army of the James, serving in that Army 
for the rest of its career.The list below are the higher 
command assignments of the regiment.

Attached, Camp Hamilton, Virginia, 
Dept of Virginia Sept.1862-Dec.1862
Busteed's Independent Brigade, Yorktown, VII Corps.Dec.1862-April 1863
Department of Virginia

West's Brigade, VII Corps,
Dept.of  Virginia             
April 1863-July 1863 

West's Advance Brigade, IV Corps. Dept. of Virginia  May 1863-July 1863

Wistar's Brigade, US Forces at Yorktown, 
Dept of  Virginia & North Carolina       
July 1863-Jan.1864
First Brigade, US Forces at Yorktown, 
Dept.of Virginia & North Carolina
Jan.1864-April 1864
Virginia & North Carolina

Attached, Heckman's Division, Portsmouth,Virginia,April 1864
Department of Virginia & North Carolina. 
FirstDivision,     XVIICorps, April 1864-Dec.1864
       Army of the James First Brigade, 
Third Division, XXIV,        Dec.1864-June 1865
Army of the James.

The 139th NY Infantry took part in more than 25 
engagements during its service. These are listed below. 
The numbers after each event correspond with the 
numbers on the map following this list.

Action, Whittaker's Mills and Fort Magruder 
April 11, 1863 near Williamsburg [1], Virginia

Dix's Peninsula Campaign, VA   June 24 - July7, 1863

Expediation from White House [2] to Bottoms' July 1 -7, 1863
     Bridge [3], VA.

Action, Baltimore Cross Roads, VA. [4]   July 2, 1863

Engagement, Crump's Cross Roads,	July 2-3, 1863
Bottom's Bridge, VA [3]

Expedition from Williamsburg [1] to Charles 	Dec 12-14, 1863
           City Court House [5], VA

Skirmish near the Chickahominy River, VA [6]Dec. 11, 1863

Skirmish, Forge Bridge, VA Dec. 12, 1863

Skirmish, Charles City Court House, VA [5] Dec. 12, 1863

Scout from Williamsburg, VA [1]   Jan. 19, 1864

Scout from Williamsburg, VA. [1]  Jan. 24, 1864

Wistar's Expedition against Richmond, VA [7]  Feb. 6-8, 1864

Butler's Operations on the South Side of the James  May 4-28, 1864
River against Petersburg & Richmond, VA. [8]

Occupation, City Point [9] & Bermuda Hundred [10], VA May 5, 1864

Engagement, Swift Creek [Arrowfield Church], VA [11]May 9-10, 1864

Operations against Fort Darling, VA [12] May 12-16, 1864

Battle, Drewry's Bluff, VA. [13]        May 14-16, 1864

Operations on the Bermuda Hundred Front, VA [10]  May 16-27, 1864

Battles around Cold Harbor, VA [14]   June 1-12, 1864

Assault, Petersburg, VA. [15]  June 15-16, 1864

Siege Operations against Petersburg & Richmond,VA.[8]   
June 16, 1864- April 2, 1865

Assault, Petersburg, VA. [15]  June 18, 1864

Battle, Chaffin's Farm [16], New Market Heights [17], VA.  Sept.28-30, 1864

Assault & Capture, Fort Harrison, Petersburg Lines, VA.[18]   Sept. 29,1864

Engagement, Fair Oaks, Darbytown Road, VA. [19] Oct. 27-28, 1864

Appomattox Campaign                 March 28-April 9, 1865

Occupation, Richmond, VA. [7]       April 2, 1865

Sometime soon after the fall of Richmond, the regiment 
was placed on Provost Duty in that city, later serving 
the same duty in Manchester, VA. The regiment was mustered 
out of Federal service in Richmond on June 19, 1865.

During its career, the 139th NY Infanrty sustained 
the loss of Five Officers and Sixty Enlisted men 
killed or mortally wounded. Additionally, One Officer 
and Seventy Nine Enlisted men died from disease or other 
non-battlefield causes.