The Wretched Prison Ships More Americans died in British prison ships in New York Harbor than in all the battles of the Revolutionary War
Prison Ship Martyrs Monument, Fort Greene, Brooklyn Opening of the Tomb of the Martyrs
Wonderful, first person account with photos
American Prisoners of the Revolution (Prison Ship)Names of 8000 Men
1653 Muster RollsList of Men..New Amsterdam
The Battle of BrooklynAugust 1776 By Brooklyn On Line
New York Ivalid 1801-1816Index to US Invalid Pension Records
9th Regiment of InfantryReorganized in 1863. List of Officers
Monmouth County ArchivesRevolutionary Soldiers and their survivors
Petition & Pepresentation of Queens Revolutionary Incidents
1840 Census of PensionersRevolutionary or Military Services with the Names, Ages, & Places of Resisdence
The Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut
Albany, N.Y.; J. B. Lyon Company, Printers; 1913

Declaration Signed by Sundry Inhabitants of Queens County, New York.
American Archives, 4th Series. 4.858)
January 19, 1776


Removal of Their Remains to the Mausoleum in Washington Park.

Some Account of the Prison Ships Tortures Endured
On the Shores of Brooklyn Where They Have Rested for Ninety Years
Description of the New Receptacle and its Surrounding, &c., &c.

The Draft Riots of 1863 New York City
Eye Witness Letters of Edward Markoe Wright
List of 67 UNION Generals (Battle of Gettysburg) death & Burial
List of 53 CONFEDERATE Generals (Battle of Gettysburg) death & Burial
2004 Article..Search for Civil War graves uncovers history The famous and the infamous buried in Brooklyn cemetery.

10th Volunteer InfantryMustered 1861 N.Y.C.& Bklyn.A short history followed by list of officers in A thru K Company
14th Brooklyn aka Brooklyn ChasseursFormed in 1847 as the Fourteenth Regiment, N.Y.S.M
14th Brooklyn New York State Militaaka the 84th Regiment
Historic Letters..Civil WarBrooklyn Families
38th RegimentOrganized in New York City
127th New York Infantryaka "The Monitors", this was a Civil War Regiment raised in NYC, & L.I.
The 139th NY InfantryOrganized in Brooklyn, NY during August 1862. It was mustered into service there on Sept. 9, 1862. More details on the various companys of the regiment
160th New York InfantryA website devoted to the 160th New York Infantry regiment that served during the American Civil War.
165th Vol.Infantry2nd Battalion Duryee Zouaves;mustered Staten Island 1862
173rd Volunteer InfantryReenactment/history of the 173rd and links to other NYS Civil War sites
1854/55 Brooklyn Directory MilitaryList of men serving in the Military in Brooklyn
1856/57 Brooklyn Directory MilitaryList of men serving in the Military in Brooklyn
1862-63 Brooklyn Directory MilitaryList of men serving in the Military in Brooklyn
Military MattersNews.Assignments.Promotions
1863 Draft Board AnnouncementThird District
1864-65 Brooklyn Directory MilitaryList of men serving in the Military in Brooklyn
United States Naval Hospital1865 Census Brooklyn Kings Co.
1868 Civil War Soliers due Bounty..12th RegimentExcerpt from the NY Times
1868 Commissioned in the National GuardExcerpt from the NY Times
1876 War Veterans They Organize a Campaign Club
1877 Veteran Guard Battalion of the State (colored)Dress Parade
1878 28th Regiment Mustered Out
1879 Summer SoldiersWhere National Guard Officers Will Recuperate
1883 Honorably Discharged Soldiers. Sailors & MarinesOn the eve of Election Day, 5 November 1883
Deserters from the US ArmyAs advertised in the Police Gazette
1893 Uniform Veterans of the 23d RegimentOfficers Commissioned
Brooklyn Civil War Deaths1865 State Census.. Excellant site
1889 13th RegimentPresentation of Military Badges
1893 13th RegimentPresentation of Military Badges
1893 Twenty Third Reg.annual meeting.Elected officers
14th Regiment in 1896A reunion of the 14th as recorded by the Bklyn Eagle
Twelve Survivors of Fighting FourteenthHonor Memory of Comrades of 1861
Paper Trails..Veterans
Real info submitted by subscribers to the Bklyn List. 
Veterans/Pensions/Roll of Honor/Discharge etc.
Civil War RostersNew York (Extensive list)
Civil War search & Photo sitedatabase is a catalog of American Civil War (ACW) photographs from the Special Collections Branch of MHI.
Forts in New YorkExcellant site
New York State ArchivesWar Service Records and Searches
New York State Archives MilitarySearch request Form (download & print)
Civil War Photo Site Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress
Civil War Data SiteSearch by
Civil War Soldiers & Sailors SystemNames & Records of Union & Confederate Troops
Civil War Prison CampsAll Part of Brenda Smelser Hay's wonderful Site
Civil War Soldier Databases and FAQAll Part of Brenda Smelser Hay's wonderful Site
How to Order Civil War Records FAQAll Part of Brenda Smelser Hay's wonderful Site
Andersonville (Georgia) Civil War POW site6200+ prisoners on record from New York State
Record of Officers & men of New Jersey, 1861-1865Searcgable database
Nicknames list for Civil WarRegiments & Brigades - All States
Civil War Soldier's Widow Pension (Denials)Women's Name Index
Civil War Soldier's On-LineNew York State Archives
Civil War Soldiers & SailorsSearch by Soldiers Name
Civil War Soldiers & SailorsSearch for Medal of Honor Recipients
New York Civil War Soldiers Buried in the Military Asylum Cemetery, Washington, D.C.

The United States Sanitary Commission's Hospital Directory
Collected and recorded information concerning the location 
of sick, wounded and missing soldiers for the benefit of their 
families and friends.

The Washington Hospital Directory Archives records contain over 
9,000 inquiry files dating from 1862-1865 concerning soldiers and 
other individuals. 

Although most of the files refer to state volunteer soldiers, 
there are also inquiries for 
U.S. Army regulars, 
U.S. Colored Troops, 
Navy and Marine servicemen, 
Confederates, government and USSC employees, 
hospital staff and civilians.

USSC Civil War Soldiers Inquiry Database
A thru Z includes, Name, alternate Names, Unit, Rank/Job and Additional Information. 
When you click on a name it gives you:
File location: Box  and  Folder Info.

QUEENS COUNTY IN THE CIVIL WAR- RECORD OF THE VOLUNTEERS.Record by towns of Queens county’s volunteers, compiled from official rolls at Albany and from other sources. Including: Flushing, Newtown, Jamaica, Oyster Bay, Hempstead etc.

History of the 14th in the Spanish American War
Spanish-American War..Guide to Rosters and Muster Rolls Online
The Sons of Spanish-American War Veterans
9th Regiment, Infantry
New York Volunteers..Spanish American War
Wonderful Site filled with  
-Camp Townsend
-Camp Thomas
Sons Of Spanish American War Veterans
Cohoes, New York  
Joseph Melvin Leonard Camp No.168

NOTE:  How the Draft & Registration worked:
U.S. World War I Draft Registrations
On May 18, 1917, Congress passed the Selective Service Act authorizing the 
President to draft men into military service. 
These records are available to today's genealogists and provide a 
wealth of family information.
World War 1Dead...Kings & Queens Counties
World War 1Dead...Nassau County, N.Y.
World War 1Dead...Suffolk County, N.Y.
World War 1 MIA & WoundedNotices Part 1
World War 1 MIA & WoundedNotices Part 2
1918 Brooklyn Men registered for the US ServiceNames & Addresses
Roster of the 23d Infantry of the Second Division1919
1921..Ridgewood HeroesA Monument List
World War 1 FormsDownload forms to send to N.A.R.A.
WW1 Draft Locations 1918Brooklyn-Queens-Bronx-Richmond-Manhattan
World War 1 Draft Board Locations MapBrooklyn
World War 1 Draft Board Locations MapManhattan & the Bronx
WW 1 Draft Card FormDownloadable form
NYCity W.W.1 Draft Board Data Base
pt of 150, all of 151 & 152
Pt of the Jewish Gemealogical Society
NYC Selective Service Draft Registration CardsFilm #s FHC
WW1 wounded at Ellis Island HospitalWhere to write for Records
A Survey of New York City World War I MonumentsFilled with stories, Pictures, and 'special editions
1917 Military CensusWhere to find it..Manhattan & Bklyn
1918 St.Mary's Parish-Roll of HonorMen in the Service of Our Country
Military Naturalization Records of Greater NYDatabase-Pt of the Italian Genealogical Group
Photo: Company D - 106th InfantryFrom the book "A Short History and Illustrated Roster of the 106th Infantry United States Colonel Frank H. Norton Commanding.
Camp WadsworthLayout of the grounds
107th New York InfantryHistory-Photos-Reenactments

Medal of Honor Recipient
Gravesites In The State of

New York
318 Medal of Honor Recipients Total
Includes 6 Double Recipients


The Boys of a Brooklyn Church in the Great War

1928 Citizen's ArmyBrooklyn Reserves..Called up
1928 Citizen's ArmyQueens Reserves..Called up
1928 Citizen's Army..Fort NiagaraBrooklyn Reserves..Called up
1928 Citizen's Army..Fort NiagaraQueens Reserves..Called up
1928 Citizen's Army..Fort EthanBrooklyn Reserves..Called up
1928 Citizen's Army..Fort EthanQueens Reserves..Called up
1931 Army ReservesPhysicians, Surgeons & Dentists...Called up

Brooklyn Navy Yard Remembered1882 article Bklyn Union Argus
NAVY Source & HistoryIt has pictures of US Navy ships, battles in which they participated, battle ribbons earned etc.
Navy 1942 Deaths..MIAIn the Sunday NEWS..1942
World War 2Casuality search site
Spanish American WarCasuality search site
Brooklyn Navy Yard Civilian Recordsaddress..Where to write
AWONAn organization dedicated to finding those lost members in WW11, whose burials remain unknown
US NAVAL ACADEMY Data Archives. These".. data supply information on cadet's last name, age, height, weight, state of birth, state of appointment, and the date of the physical examination. In addition, family background data, such as whether parents were alive, father's occupation, income of parents, head of household, and urban/rural location of family residence, are provided"..
Naval AcademyNARA site of what records they hold
The Navy Memorial "Accessible register of the names and service information of naval service personnel-- Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, reservists of these services, and Merchant Marine. Persons enrolled in the Log -- nearly 250,000 thus far -- may be living or deceased, active duty, retired or veteran".
Maspeth Veterans ..Honor Roll WW2 & Korea
LEOPOLDVILLE TROOPSHIP DISASTER REMEMBERED"This web site is devoted to honoring and remembering the 763 American soldiers of the 66th Infantry division who were killed on December 24, 1944 when their Belgium troopship SS Leopoldville was torpedoed and sunk in the English Channel by the German submarine U-486. The bodies of 493 soldiers were never found"...

Wonderful Site includes: 
U.S. Maritime Service, 
Army Transport Service, 
Military Sea Transportation Service, 
Military Sealift Command
World War II Merchant Marine Casualties.. from Brooklyn, NY
Merchant Marine Records..Where to write for Records

History of Floyd Bennet FieldU.S. Coast Guard air station..Brooklyn

Guide to Verteran's Records
Maspeth Veterans ..Honor Roll
POW / MIA..Database contains 11897 records (6931 distinct surnames)
Veteran's Nation Cemeteries in New York..Where they are
Korean & Vietnam Casualty Search..You can access, online, state-level casualty lists for the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam Conflict, alphabetically by last name or by home of record
NARA..Pension UPDATED on Forms
New York City Draft Riots A Little History Lesson
National Guard..Info on this unit and others
Aternate Military Records..Two more sources when the main ones fail
Lest We Forget: The Value of Military Service
In Search of the Graves of Our War
US Military Records: Official Nat'l Guard
NARA Releases Access to Archival Databases System(ADD)
..AAD provides researchers access to over 350 databases containing 
over fifty million historical electronic records created by more than 
twenty federal agencies.
Military Records in the State Archives
War Service Records and Searches 
Guide to Records Relating to the Revolutionary War 
New York State Civil War Soldier Database 
Grand Army of The Republic Records
Records Relating to World War I 
They Also Served: New Yorkers on the Home Front
U.S.Army Garrison "Fort Hamilton" The Army's Ambassador to New York City
Anyone searching ancestors who were
veterans & buried in National Cemeteries
The Registry combines four distinct databases that can be searched for 
names of those whose service and sacrifice helped win the Second World War. 
The Registry includes the names of Americans who are:

1.    Buried in American Battle Monuments Commission 
(ABMC) overseas military cemeteries.

2.    Memorialized on ABMC Tablets of the Missing.
3.    Listed on official War and Navy Department Killed in Service rosters 
now held by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

4.    Honored by public enrollment in the Registry of Remembrances.

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