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1863 Brooklyn DRAFT
Brooklyn Daily Union

The federal draft system was created by an act of Congress March 3, 1863.
Men aged 25-40 had to register. Males aged 20-35 and unmarried males aged
35-45 had to serve unless physically disabled. Males aged 17-20 could serve
only with permission of a parent. 
Both the consolidated lists and the descriptive rolls are part of RG 110 
These have NOT been microfilmed.
Records are arranged by state and thereunder by congressional or enrollment
district. Consolidated lists give name, place of residence, age as of 1 July
1862, occupation, marital status, state or country of birth, and military
organization if a volunteer.

The draft during the mid-part of the Civil War was intended to basically 
keep the army at strength the replace the men lost in battle and more 
to the point men lost to disease either died or simply released for 
medical reasons.  In July of 1863 there were terrible riots in New York City 
against the draft Brooklyn was spared that and in fact sent policeman to 
help out in New York City.  Much of the resentment of the draft came from 
the fact that a man could either pay someone else to go in his place 
(Offer a Substitute) or pay $300 and have his draft notice waived.  The Irish 
immigrants in particular resented that this was "a rich man's war and a poor 
man's fight" leading to the riots.  
Of course in the Confederacy a man could be exempted from the draft if he 
owned more than a certain number of slaves so they had the same problem 
it just manifested itself in a high desertion rate rather than riots. 

For a more detailed description see
New York City Draft Riots

"Civil War Draft Records: Exemptions and Enrollments" by Michael T. Meier

14 September 1863 The Draft in the Third District The record of the week is as follows: September 8: Held for duty Robert N. GOODWIN, Benjamin F. EDMONDS, John FOWLER, Martin WOOD. Parties offering substitutes John M. OLCOTT offered Frank BANNARMAN, James CAMPBELL offers James GRAHAM, W.V. TUPPER offers James L. RAY, Chas. E. ESBORN offers Frank FEELEY, Albert C. WALSH offers Edmund ROBSON, Nicholas M. DURYEA offers Edward FLAERTY. Exempted on account of disability Mott D. BEDELL, John W. TAYLOR, Valentine SHIELD, J.M. CHAMPNEY, Isaac S. ABRAMS, Pat. J. HANLEY, James BUCKLEY, James MURPHY Only sons of widows James TALFF (ordered to report on return from sea); John H.SCUDDER (to report on the 16th); Ulric KREITHER, Sylvester CUMMINGS Under age Samuel BRISTOW, PatrickMcNABULL Over Age James MORRISEY, George MORGAN, James FRIENY, James LANUEGAN Aliens John BRADY (has voted-ordered to report September 14), Michael DELANEY, Lewis HASKINS, Robert LOCKE, Herman OTTTEN September 9th Held for Duty Charles C. BEALE, William C. WRIGHT, Dan E. MULADY, Chas. W. RUSSEL, E.C. HINE (paid $200), John H. DAILY Offering Substitutes Wm. H. RATHBON offered Chas. HOLM, Henry ELLIOT offered Hen. STEPHENS, Pool TITUS offered Geo. W. GRAY, Louis LEHN offered Jos. DIETRICH, Thos. CASTOW offered Mich.DOUGHTERY Exempt on Account of Disability Clement BEEBE, Ellowood WALTER, Christian STANG, Leprette SWETT, David D. RAULETT, Henry H. HUDSON, Patrick TONNER, Wm. F. WARRING, Alex. WALLACE. Thomas MESSENGER, John WILBOR Only Sons of Widows David LONG, Walter W. ROBERTSON Father of Motherless Children Hugh RODDEY Over-age Ferd. BALERIEIN, Jas. HOLLORAN, Pat. WATERS, Benj. DUNNING, Chas. KELLOGG, Frank BECK Aliens Geo. BRIDHAN, Owen HAMMELL, Pet. KUKETT, Jose GRAS, Pat.DOYLE, Louis ANSI, E.H. NARWOOD, William RUSSELL, Wm. AMAR, C. JOHNNSEN, John SCANLON, Christopher ABEL Paid $300 Robert S. FLEET, William RUGE, Sm. C. RIPLEY, John H. PARSONS September 10 Held for Duty William FREELAND, Henry BROPHY, Wm. H. BRADOW, Isaac BOURNE, And. BLATCHFORD, Wm. CRAWFORD, Philip ANDERSON, James HINE, Benj. F. CONKLIN Parties Offering Substitutes Benj. SAMUELS offered August WRIMS, Theodore TILTON offered R. WALDERMAR, Judah B. VORHEES, John H. PENNINGTON, Andrew D. HARPER offered Thos. DICKENSON, Wim. C. WRIGHT offered James RILEY, Gilbert L. HAIGHT offered Wm. TAYLOR Exempted for Disability Chas. EYRE, Henry MYERS, Walton BURGESS, H.M. FLICKS, Jos. HOOK, Frank MOORE, Anth.McBRIDE, J. C. MUNROE, Fred. BEHRENS, Pat.McMAHON, Jefferts WILKINS, J.R. FERGUSON, Aug. MILLER, Ed. WATROUS, Robt.McMILLAN, John QUINLAN, Fred. TRIBBLE Only Sons of Widows Hugh KEGNE, Murd. DOYLE Two Members of same Family in Service James W. SMITH Father of Motherless Children Patrick GALLAGHER Now in Service Wm. H. DOYLE Under age Thomas BROWN, William DICK, John KEALE Over Age Moses K. MOODY, Henry HOWARD, R.C., BACON, C.H. CHRISTMAS, John DURYEA, M.H. GARDINER, James CAIN, John WARD Aliens John CASEY, 37 State Street; Edwd. O'BRIEN, 43 James; John ALRENUS, 16 State; Thos. O'BRIEN, cor.Doughty and Elizabeth; Thos. CALEY, 8 Mercein; Hen. BOHEN, 43 Fulton; Issac DOUGHTY, Sands St; James CARNEY, 32 Jay; John DUFF, 5 James; Godfried HENIGER, 43 Prospect; John DOHERTY, Water n. Jay; J.McHUGH, 89 Fulton; Pat. DEARING, 76 York; Ed. DUFFY, 17 Adams; Ed. LYNCH, 44 Pearl ; D. COLLINS, 44 Pearl; Thomas LINOTT, 66 Front; Mich. HARKENS, 129 Plymouth; Wm. LEE, Front; John OTTS, 40 York, Mich.McTIERNAY, 121 Atlantic; Pat. E. MOLONEY 135 Front; Jacob SIMON, 7 Front; Wm. LONG, 128 Plymouth, John CAIRNEY, 2 Philip alley; Pat. SHIELDS, 71 Marshall, Mansion House Paid $300 C.E. COPELAND, John E. JOHNSON, Sam. U.F. ODELL September 11 The Draft in the Third District Held for Duty Chas. P. CANFIELD, Cornelius TOBEY, Geo. W. STURTEVANT, William ORFORD, Timothy ANDERSON Parties Offering Substitutes Robert SEELEY offered---?? John HAGAR offered John CUNNINGHAM, P.W. OSTRANDER offered Julian BERTRAND, Wm. F. LEWIS offered George HOHN, Dwight A. RIPLEY offered Wm. RAPP, Fred. A. WHITNEY offered James TURNER, Frank LOVELL offered Pat. WILLIAMS, Milton SHERWOOD offered Adam WIGAND Exempt on account of Disability RobertMcGEE, Geo. WILLIAMSON, R.McGOWAN, Fred. W. Bol??e, Thos.McCARTY, Joshua D. ????, John G. JOHNSON, Owen MARTIN, Dan. DAUGHERTY, F.D. DENISON, Alolp RANCH, Thos. H. MORRISON, John MILLS, And. B. LINDLEY, Theo. RAINETRAUX, Otto WEBEL, Benj F. EDMUNDS, Murches MOIORE, Wm. KELLOGG, C.A. FOWLER, H.M. POTTER, Ed. A. DODD Only Sons of Widows Howard ALLER, James GALLAGHER, James BUCKLEY, JohnMcGINNIS, Edmund Y. SAMUEL Under Age Wm. STRATTON, John NELSON, John HAUSAN, John NELSON, R.P. DOOLAN Overage Duncan TURNER, Frank PHAEBUS, Mich.McDONALD, Thos. DOYLE, John FEENEY, Geo. MORGAN, John DERBY, Frank H. WYANT Already in Service March 3rd, 1863 John SALLOWS Two members of Family in Service James KENE Aliens Thomas KEEGAN, 15 James; C. HART, 127 Willow, Christopher POPPE, 87 Fulton; M. HANNEGAN, 129 Pierrepont Paid $300 Geo. HOWES, Edward BARRY, Martin WOODS September 12 The Draft in the Third District Held for Duty Martin PRIGGL, John S. RILEY, Wm. C. SPELMAN, C.P. GULICK, John H. RATHBUN, James DIGMAR. Parties Offering Substitutes John H. DALLY offered James B. WARD, P.C. TEFFT offered And. J. CALEB, P.McCARTIE offered Benj. G. MAYO, John HAGER offered John CUNNINGHAM, Uzziah C. BURNAP offered Thomas CAHILL, Alf. T.Weller offered Hermann KONIG, John A. TWEEDY offered Conrad R. HAIRIE, Adam H. MILLER offered John CARLON, Jacob J. NICHOLS offered John WHALEN, Car. J. LOWRY offered Clement L. DANIEL, Wilbur F. HERBERT offered John CAVANAGH, J.H. RUCKMAN offered Martin LARKIN, James HINE offered John A. ALLYN, Wm. R.H. MARTIN offered James CAHILL Exempted on account of Disability Thomas EVERITT, Isaac WALDRON, Russell P. JOYT, James S. MEYERS, Thos. BAYLES, James MILLIGAN, Samuel A. NOYES, G.R. WALTON, Geo. G.WELLS, Wm. H. RUST, John DOHL, Fred. B. FISH, James GILL, Walter S. CULVER, Hermann DREECKE, James WHEATLEY, Isaiah B. CARPENTER, Geo. R. THOMPSON, John BLOODGOOD, James PERKINS, Thos. TROW, Francis CALLAHAN, Pat. CORNNERS, David G. GARRETSON Only Son of a Widow Edward DYER Under Age Wm. H. GLEAVEY, Rich.McLEOD Over Age James POWERS, James R. LINN, And. CRASSON, Thomas BERGEN, James D.M. BEEBE, Adam PUHL. Three in One Family Drafted John LONGHEAD, Fred. S. BUTTS Residents of another District Isaac F. AMERMAN, JamesMcCLEES, Anthony D. SCHROEDER Aliens Edwin F. TURNER, 107 Pineapple; Mich. HUMPHREY, 51 Main; Abraham LEVY, 51 James; William PARKER 105 Washington; John JORDAN, 5 Dock; Mich. NOLAN, 81 Main; William H. WOOD, 87 Henry, Maurice BALL, 91 Main In the Navy Thomas USTICK In service March 3rd 1863 Robert CRAIG, Albert E. S??NNER Paid $300 Rich.F. VANDERVEER, Edward D.CONGDON, Edmund UNKHART, Gould H. BRUSH, Charles D. BEALE, Samuel T. KEESE, Andrew BLATCHFORD 15 September 1863 The Second District Exemptions--Eight Ward Yesterday the Board of Enrollment, in session at No. 16 Grand Street examined 66 out of 138 names drawn in the Eighth Ward of Brooklyn. The exemption for unsuitable age, 27; The following are the names: Unsuitable Age Dennis McCARTHY John TYLER Wm. H. FLOURS Peter KRUSE John COOPEY Eugene H. SULLIVAN Donald WILBUR John TURSLOW Hugh McCLUSKY Simon HOLDEN H. CUMMINGS James A. ELY Henry EHLERS Anson BIDDECOMB Patrick McNALLY John KIERNAN. Physical Disability James WILLIAMS Sanders A FRIGGS Charles JURBERGER ....... ??? THOMPSON John A. BROWN Alonzo A. EMERY Michael O'BRIEN William PHILBROOK Joseph DEWALD Conrad ZIPF William COURTNEY Hezekiah HUNTER John H. COOKE Levi HILDRETH Wm. DUNCAN John SPIES Chas. VICTORY Joseph TRELOR Cal M. FETTIN. Substitute John MONTAGNE by A. CORNONER Garret BREWER, Jr. furnished Henry HARDING Patrick KIERYNAN furnished J. QUARTZ STEINHART Thos.HILLYER furnished Denopa PIETRO John C. BALDWIN furnished August VALUE Vincent WHAYLIN supplied Jacob MEYER Aliens Henry FETTY Wm. SHIELDS Owen ROUNDER Jacob SWINDER John GARRE John HOWSMAN William WALSH George LOMAS Robert MINTURA Valentine MILLER John BRENNAN Wm. SYRED Bernard H. BROWER Charles EISNER Henry ROHLER John D. WILLIAMS Thomas LITTLE Timothy MERRIT Held for Serivce Robert H. HEGEMAN FREDERICK SCHAFFER ThomasMcGOVERN James GUERNIN Patrick HOWELL furnished E. NUTT H. SPAIN furnished Charles HAYS Charles B. LEINDEGERIN Th. GISBORNE James DREW AlexMcCREADY Be. F. WILLIAMSON Wm. GURDENFELS Wm. COWLEY Garret BROWER, Jr. Francis SPRINGLER Father of Motherless Children Ph. SCHOENWETA Paid Commutation Alphens H. BARKER Only Son of Widow James DOYLE Non-Resident Wm. H. SUTTON Only Son of Aged Parents Geo. H. WICKS Draft in the Third District Decision of the Board Today Up to 12 'clock The number of cases coming before the Board is now daily on the Decrease. This morning the Board rendered the following decisions: Held For duty Thomas CORBITT Nich. J. GOTTMAN John BRADY, Wm. HUNTRESS Patti IGNATIUS Geo. B. LEECH Jonathon E. WOOSTER J.M. BEAM Parties Offering Substitutes Edward DODGE offered Ed. R. COVELL John R.EVANS offered Mich. LALLY John G. JENKINS offered Ang. LUNHART Samuel RICE (colored) offered Isaac PETERSON (colored) John J. HARPER offered Robert ANTHONY David A. GRIGGS offered John RILEY Timothy ANDERSON (colored) offered John FIELD (colored) Geo. H. BAILEY offered Chas. LAWRENCE Exempted by Disability Warren AVERIL Joseph M. BOKEE Joseph L. NORTHERN Alph. CARPENTER Joseph J. RIFE Dav. ANDERSEN, jr. John DONELLY Geo.DIXON, ?? LESTERKEEP J.W. SYLVESTER John S. REYNOLDS Edward SEARS John BIGLEY Aliens Geo. PLUNKETT, 104 Front Lorner EMIL, 58 State Thos. PALMER, 18 Henry Conrad W. KUHN, 36 Schemerhorn, A.F. KUHN, 36 Schemerhorn, Duncan R.McKENZIE, 87 Henry. Over Age Philip McGIVEN Jas. GAYLOR Wm. A. HERMAN John REIBY Only Sons Farnham HALL Saml. SHAW Residents of Another District Thos.McCORMICK Jas. MASTERS Geo. MASTERS Three of same family in the service Geo. W. HADLEY Father of Motherless Children Henry THEODORE Paid $300 O.H. DRAPER, Steph. W. BALDWIN, Wm. CRAWFORD 16 September 1863 The Draft in the Third District Action of the Enrollment Board up to 12 pm. The decisions of the Board in the Third District up to twelve o'clock are as follows: Held for Duty Edwin H. BURNETT Robert BOYLE Michl. MURPHY Winslow TWITCHELL George W. JOHNS Paul B. ALLEN Stephen W. CAREY P.W.KUMBEL Albert H. VERNAM Chas. WALLER Thos.McCONNELL Aug. C.FRANSIDE Parties Offering Substitutes Abel CROOK offered C.B. MERRITT Ed. NOITEMINS (?) offered Wm. TINAN George TUCKER offered John BENTZ Geo. H. BUELL offered Adam KERR James COOK offered John MAYER Charles WALLER offered M. CUNNINGHAM Amasa W. SANDFORD offered WM. BRADY Exempted by Disability Jacob LANEPLOS Wm. S. SEAMAN Fred. HANDERS James RILEY Horace WHITNEY Chas. H. FITCH John AMBROSE S.B.LAWRENCE John MILLER Brandford HOWLAND C.J. HARDRINK Frank GREEN John P. MEAD Thos. HUDSON William JAMES Pat. TORRENTS Jos.FAIRBANKS H.C. WILSON Jacob MICHAELS Charles SMITH Winfield S.GOODRICH John WAGNER Aliens Chas. KONIG, 197Atlantic Wm. PALMER, 13 Henry James B. DORRINGTON, 111 Atlantic Herman C. KREYMBOY, 189 Fulton Thomas ROACH, 284 Grand James FRANCES, 84 Pineapple James ELKIN, 32 Prince Wm. TAYLOR, 64 Fulton Joseph YEOMEN, 73 Montague John GORMAN, Plymouth H. WOLSTENHOLM, 60 State P.G. CAMPBELL, 160 Front C.L. SCHNEIDER, 43 Pierrepont Ebenezer CRAPPER, 75 Poplar Samuel MESTOR, Pearl Jacob HAHN, 10 High Under Age Charles J. BATCHELOR Edmund YOUNG Luther B. WYMAN P.BRENNAN Over Age NELSON CROSMON Fred. CORDES, JohnMcNAMEE Dan. AMES John G. LATIMER D. DRISCOLL Thos. W. DAWSON Resident of Another District Dwight TRACEY C.H. CURRY Alf. W. JACOBS Only Son Adam AXT Geo. W. WARREN H. MONTAGUE Chas. RAY David P.LUDLOW P.McNENNY Father of Motherless Children Mirando MITCHELL In the Service Malcom FORREST Wm. R. ANDERSON Paid $300 August RITTER G.H. VANWAGNER Chas. W. RUSSELL A man named William FISH attempted this morning to represent his son Wm. L. FISH, who had been drafted but it was found that both hand been enrolled, the elder in his proper place in the second class, and the younger int he first class, so that the attempt to save the young man on the bogus plea of "over-age" was unsuccessful. 18 September 1863 The Draft Exemptions Board of Aldermen Exemptions Granted This Morning The Board of Aldermen met this morning at 9 o'clock. Ald. O'KEEFE in the chair With some difficulty a quorum was obtained. The Relief Committee of the 4th Ward reported in favor of the following claimants: Thos. CORROGAN, 80 Liberty Street; Isaac BOURNE, 235 Bridge; Edward RIGGS, 5 Fulton Ave.; Chas TAUNER, 201 Bridge; Thos. R. BROWN, 49 Tillary. The report was adopted. The Committee of the 5th Ward reported in favor of: Ignatius PATTI, 142 York St. Adopted. The committee of the 8th Ward reported in favor of : James BROWN, 16th St. near 7th Ave.; William CROWLEY, 26th St. cor 3d Ave; Chas. P. LINDERGAN, 18th st. cor. 6th Ave; H. BURNES, 5th Ave. cor. 17th St.; John TAYLOR, 17th St. near 4th Ave.; R.M. HEGERMAN, 21st st. bet. 5th and 6th Aves; Thos. MCGOVERN, 19th St. bet 5th and 6th aves; Francis SPINGLER, 19th St. near 4th Ave.; Alex. MCCREADY, 21st. near 5th Ave; H. SHAFER, 14th st. cor. 5th ave; James HART; 15th St. near 6th Ave. The committee of the 2nd Ward reported in favor of: Robt. BOYLE of No. 66 Front st. The committee of the 3rd Ward reported in favor of: Wm. LIVEY, no. 29 Hicks St.; and Thos. CORBITT, no. 113 Atlantic St. The board then adjourned. Decisions of the Board of Enrolment in the Third District. Up to 12-1/2 o'clock The Board of Enrolment in the Third District have rendered the following additional decisions up to half-past 12 o'clock to-day. The number of applicants seems to be gradually decreasing, while the proportion of those held or the cases examined is increasing. Held for Duty Thos. H. CRUSUNIEL, Jacob E. GOLY??ER, Eilj. GRISWOLD, Luke DOYLE, P. RAPPELLYEA, S.W. GLADWIN, C.W. WALCOTT, R. MOOORE, Ed. O'NEIL, Chris. JOOST, David CA?AN, J. BERNNARD, Jas. HURLEY, Hen. T. ALLEN, John WOOD, J.B. DUMONT, Chas. A. RIGHTER, Chas C. TANNER, Wm. L. FISH, Edmund SMITH, John F. LEE, Geo. RINKLE, Alf. MOREHOUSK, R. KELLAND, Cyrus A. VOSBURG. Parties Offering Substitutes James MCLEON offer J. DONOJHUE, Wm. H.ANDERSON offered Geo. GILBERT, Liv. B. VANKLEEK offered Emil BENTELY, Albert L. CONKLIN offered James CLARK Exempted by Disability, Jos. N. HAYES, T.L.C. PHILLIPS, T. LOUNSBERRY, Wm. DAVIS, Wm. EVERETT, Wm. R. REYNOLDS,. Richard WATENS, J.J. WARD, J.S. OXLEY, E.A. CLEVELAND, Charles BROWN, Samuel CROFT,. J.W. VALENTINE, Eph. ROBERTS, W.W. FENN, Albert H. HANT, John J. THOMPSON, Samuel SHANNON, S.N. CORNELL, Oscar WARING, Thos. MARKS, H. FAULKNER, Jas. CAMERON, John H. COLYER, Jacob BARSTOW, Wm. C. WYMAN. Aliens John CORNEY, 156 Pearl ; Geo. PATTON, 40 Henry; H.E. CLAYTON, 37 Hicks; Fred. KIMMERER, 285 Bridge,; Wm. A. LISTER, 14 Laurence, 315 Fulton, J.W. TRUBSHAW, 29-1/2 Laurence, Wm. DEERY, 282 Fulton; James MCELKINNEY, 181 Adams, Thos. HOGAN, 79 Johnson; Alex. Thompson, 15 Willow; Wm. Schengal, 47-1/2 Laurence; Thos. HILL, 15 Laurence; Robt. G. QUENNELL, 32 Willoughby. Over Age Robert YOUNG, John HARRIS, Geo. EVERSON, R.M.G. BLANK Under Age Francis BOX Non-resident Eugene PULLEN, Ed. FLANAGAN, Only Sons Gustav. ROTH, John KNAPP, Peter Van COTT, Chas. NASH, Jarvis LAYTON, Bernard FETHERSTON, John G. CHAPMAN, Edwin B. STANTON. Paid commutation Francis T. CHAMPNEY The Draft in the Third District Decisions of the Enrollment Board up to 2-1/2 PM Held for Duty Timothy RODES James FARRELL, Platt C. CUTTING Parties Offering Substitutes Charles BAHRET offered Thomas SMITH, Charles P. CAUFIELD offered William A. PERRY, Charles A RIGHTER offered Antonio LOPES, Charles WALLER offered Ashkham GILL Exempted by disability Patrick TIERNAY Wm. C. TOMPKINS Samuel R. JONES Aliens Adolph WELLENSTEIN, 221 Atlantic Paid $300 Edward BROPHY, 4 Furman Street, paid by Common Council; Daniel E. MULATY, 1 Grace court, do (ditto?), Izratius PATTI, 142 York, do.; Victor FRANCIS,17 Jay, do.; Wm. WALSH, 216 Jay, do. Non-resident Wm. F. EVANS Only Son Thomas LOZIER Under Age Charles E. TALLMADGE Over Age Michael GRONBACK Charles DEZENDORF 19 September 1863 September 19, 1863 The Draft Exemptions BOARD OF ALDERMEN, EXEMPTIONS REPORTED THIS MORNING In the meeting of the Board of Aldermen, this morning, the local Committees reported the following cases for relief: From the 16th Ward Adam SEUFORT, No. 131 Montrose st.; Wm. GULDENFELS,No. 28 Scholes st.; Jacob TRANMER, no. 98 Ewen st.; Joseph BRUENNEL, No. 49 Ewen st. From the 4th Ward Henry T. ALLEN, No. 198 Jay st.; Wm. SMITH, no 24 Tillery st. (relief to the extent of $300); John WOOD, no. 241 Pearl st., Wm. DOUGLASS, No. 81 High st.; Edw. O'NEIL, no. 8 Fulton Ave. From the 9th Ward Richard ROCHE, cor. Van Buren st. and Nostrand av.; Lewis MCLOUGHLIN, Baltic st. bet. Underhill and Washington ave.; Mich. START, DeKalb av. near Marcy av.; Henry JOHNSON, Pacific st. near Troy av.; Kasper MARTIN, Marion ct. near Patchen av., Wm. WHITENACK, No. 231 Atlantic av. From the 8th Ward Henry W. GRAHAM, 92 Ninth st. From the 6th Ward Geo. W. BARNETT, 46 President st.; Thomas DOBSON, jr., 12 Strong pl.; Joe MCGIBNEY, 101 Union St. From the 3rd Ward Paul B. ALLEN, 67 Orange st. The Board then adjourned DECISIONS OF THE BOARD OF ENROLLMENT IN THE THIRD DISTRICT UP TO 12:30 The Board of Enrollment of the Third District have rendered the following decisions up to half past twelve o'clock to-day, additional to those published in the Union yesterday: Held for Duty Platt C. CUTTING, Jas. FUREY, Mr. T. DOUGLASS, Isaac C. WINSLOW, Ed. LARY, S.M. HARDY, Jas. DARLING, Hy. RENNISON, Ezra M.ABBOTT, Lindon EMORY, Chas. SWAIN, John GRIFFIN Parties Furnishing Substitutes Thos BROWN furnished Thos. GREEN, Geo. PHIPPS furnished Peter PHINNEY, Thos. AIKEN furnished Pat. DOLAN, C.L. OLMSTEAD furnished James ALLEN, Robt. GOODWIN furnished Chris RIEBEL, Geo. N. BUCKMAN furnished Abrecht KNOCKE, John CREECH furnished Dan MCCANN, John FOWLER furnished Wm. AVERY, D.C. SARLES furnished Wm. Jackson, Ed. RIGGS furnished John H. BROWN, Wm. H. MCKEE furnished Otto GERVAS, Edwin M. TYLER furnished A. DEICHERDENG. Exempted by Disability David MCGEE, John LECKEY, Thos. LOCKITT, Samuel T. WATERHOUSE, David HOPES, John ABERCROMBIE, Geo. W. DEYOUNG, Thos A. BOND, Jacob SHAFFER, Jules L. MARGOT, C.W. WARREN, Wm. VOES, Jas. BOYLE, Wm. LANE, Charles CRANE, Abram PRINCE, Elisha B. MORRILL, Eugene SETTLE, Chas. S. ANDREWS, Chas. HAGAN, Wm. MCTAMNY, Geo. WEBB, Michael MULANY, Charles MANN, Chas. COLLINS Aliens Hugh FRASER, 15 Nassau st.; John HALLENGAN, 144 Concord st.; Ebenezer POULE, 79 Hicks St. Only Son Jas. KEARNEY, Jas. MINTOYNE, J.B. WILSON, Jer. CHADWICK, John HANNON, Thos. YORK, Geo. CUMBERSON, Baruloo H. HUBBARD. Non-resident Wm. H. WHITE In the service John MATTHEWS, Barnard WARREN, Timothy CRAWLEY Two members of family in service Wm. DUPREE Under Age Thos. QUILLIN Over Age Jos. MUCHMORE, Pat. CLARK, Wm. LAUGHLIN, Mich. KEARNS, Wm. J.JOHNSON, Hugh MCINTYRE Father of motherless children John A. MASON Paid $300 Theodore A.CRANE, F.R. MEYERS, Folkert RAPLYEA, Thos. GARNAR. PROCEEDINGS OF THE SECOND DISTRICT BOARD TENTH AY MORNING SESSION The business in this district today resulted as follows: Exempted for Physical Disability James W. SMITH, 325 State street; Jos. ROOWAY, Wm. YOUNGS, Nicholas BOGART, 13th street; John MCCURE, 290 Fourth street;, Andrew B. CAVANAGH, 253 Schermerhorn street; Aaron REIN; Alonzo E.BLUNCHAN, 384 Pacific; St. George HOFFNER, John FULTON. Aliens George ARMSTRONG, Frederick HOFFNER, 769 Myrtle avenue, Chas. DRYLER, Fourteenth street and Fifth avenue; David SPRONE, James E. ELELERWAY, Larmgston RICHARD, A. TURNER, Chas. G. RICHARDSON, Michael MALLORY, George MCKINSON, 334 West street; John DENNISON, 36 North street; August CREWS, John DALE, Albert ROSENTAL. Unsuitable Age. Jas. HILDERDERBAND, 63 Union St; Jeremiah HEFFERMAN, Union ave., Pat. DUNLEARY, Phillip SEABY, Aug. DIPPLE, 120 MESSEROLE st.; Geo. CAITHCARD, Henry OCH, 46 Lorimer st., John MAUDERRY, 69 Johnston st. Paid Commutation Francis WALTHER, 179 Sackett street. Only Son Geo. B. RALFE, 382 Dean street Non Residents Joseph LEINBERG, Thos. HARPER Substitutes Chas. P. LENDGERER furnished Michael SPOTZ Recapitulation: Number of drafted men held -13 Number of substitutes 11 Exempted 68 Paid Commutation 2 Total examined 94 Sent to rendezvous 11 THE DRAFT IN THE THIRD DISTRICT Decisions of the Board of Enrollment up to 2:30 p.m. Held for Duty Bartholomew RILEY Parties Furnishing Substitutes John F. TALMADGE furnishes Jas. REID, Aug. C. FRANSIOLI furnishes Jas. CRUISE. Exempted by Disability Jacob VOTZ, Benj. BUCKLEY, Chas. M. TURNER, Wm. REVERE, John GRADY, Charles SCHOCH, John GROGAN Only Son Edward ENRIGHT, John S. YOUNG In the Service Domingo CASTINO Under Age Michael KERRIGAN Over Age Wm. CURRAN Paid $300 Charles W. WALCOTT Proceedings of the Board of Enrollment of the Second District. The following business was done by the Board yesterday the Eighth Ward being finished, and the Ninth Ward begun: Held for Service James E. UNDERHILL, Bedford av.; Michael START, DeKalb av.; Thomas N. HICKOX, Park Place; Frederick KNABLE, DeKalb av.; James MCLAUGHLIN 81 Pacific st.; Jos. BRENNELL, 43 Ewen st.; A. SEIFERT, 129 Montrose av.; Charles NUMBY, DeKalb av.; Richard ROACH, Van Buren st.; Wm. WHITNACK, 231 Atlantic st.; Anthony GRAEF, 182 Clinton st.; Aquilla RICH, 18th ward, John MCGRATH, 3 President st. Furnished Substitutes George Al. COCHRANE, 121 Congress st.; John F. SCHROEDER, 24 Grand St.; Robert WHITTEMORE, Madison st.; Benjamin F. WILLIAMSON, 9 (?) Java st. Unsuitable Age Azel O. CRANE, 9 Bedford avenue; John F. ZIMMERSON, Myrtle avenue; Josiah B. GREMMAN, Quincy street; Louis J. VAN ANTWERP, 404 Dean street; Edmund STANCLIFF, Hancock street. John C. SCHWARTZ, Greene avenue and Broadway; John BIR?EL, 75 Degraw street; Balthasar RENCH, Hopkins avenue, Nicholas TOMPKINS, 9th ward; Michael FA?AN, 9th Ward; Patrick DEMPSEY, 55 Dean street, Samuel C. SWETZER, 82 Flushing avenue; Geo. STONE, ? ward; Adolphus FISHER, 8th ward, Joseph HILDEBRAND, 63 Union street; Jeremiah HEFFERMAN, Union avenue; Patrick DUNCLEAVY, 9th ward; Philip SEIB, ?ward; August DIPPLE, 120 Meserole street; Geo. CATHCART, 9th ward; Henry OCH, 46 Lorimer street; John MANDERRY, 69 Johnson street; Peter RILEY, 9th ward; Robert MILNES, 59 WYCKOFF street. Substitutes John COLE, substitute for Benjamin F. WILLIAMSON, Chas. E. HAYES, for Chas. D. KASSON; ?omeyn G. DUDLEY, for James E. UNDERHILL; Watt H. FERGUSON, for Frederick KNAPP; Wyland YOUNG, for Anthony GRAEF; John O'SULLIVAN, for A.K.P. ?ODPER; Daniel L. ROGERS, for John MCGRATH; John WILSON, for Geo. A. COCHRANE; Edward HORN, for John SCHROEDER, James LEWIS , for Robert WHITTEMORE. Physical Disability E.M. WHEELER, Bergen street; Patrick DUGAN, Nostrang Avenue; Theophilus LAWRENCE, Myrtle avenue; Peter SCHATLER, Sumpter street; Henry JUNCKER, Spencer street, John HERTZ, 261 South Fourth Street; Edward A. OLMSTEAD, Ninth Ward; Richard MOMAVE, Ninth Ward; Robert SMITH, Ninth Ward; James W. SMITH, 320 State street; James ROONEY, Eighth Ward; Wm. YOUNG, Ninth Ward; Nicholas BOGART, Thirteenth Ward; John MCGUIRE, 290 Fourth street; Andrew B. CAVANAGH, 263 Schemerhorn street. Total, 15 Aliens Patrick GRACE, Bergen street; Fredk. HEIDR ?, 281 Atlantic street; Louis NARIZO, Halsey street, Fredk. BINGLE 16th ward, Henry HOFFS, 426 Dean street; Hugh MCGINNIS, no. 6 Greenpoint avenue; Daniel HARVEY, 745 Pacific street; John KENRY, 64 Atlantic street; Geo. ARMSTRONG, 9th ward; Fredk. HOFFMAN, 69 Myrtle avenue, Charles DILGA, corner of Fourteenth street and Fifth avenue; David SPROUL, ?? ward; Jas. ELDRIDGE, Lewis avenue. Only sons of aged parents Erastus SOUTHARD, 8th ward, and Joseph REITZ, 90 Meserole street. Now in serivce Alpheus F. BALDWIN, 72 South Fourth street. Paid Commutation Francis WALTHER, 79 Sackett street. Only Brother of a Child under 12 years of age Isaac ARMITAGE, 21 Seventh street. Father of Motherless children Frank LAMBEIN, 62 McKibben street, and Smith STEINER, 9th ward. Two already in service John E. BOERUM, 8th ward. Recapitulation Held for service 13 Furnished substitutres 4 Substitutes 18 Exempt for Physical disabiliyt 15 Exempt for all other causes 49 Total examined 94 21 September 1862 The Draft Exemptions Exemptions in the Second Congressional District. Twelfth Day Ninth Ward This is the last day for hearing Ninth ward cases. Tomorrow the Tenth ward will be on. The following are the dispositions to-day Unsuitable Age Abram B. DAVIS, Peter NEIFLAT, Hy. W. BLANCHARD, Chas. RAPELYEA, Francis GREENLAND, John F. BARNYARD, Henry THRUSH, Christian FICKE, Christopher KIBNCLE, Wm. J. SPIER, 259 Atlantic Ave.; John ERRIS, Mich. HASIN, Edward JONES, Wm. FREESTONE, Robt. FORSYTH, John MAGHER. Aliens Charles BUCKMAN; Jacob RAMMER; Michel CORTORE; Loon has REONBACK; (??) Jas. KEENAN; Dedrick FINK; John ECKLAND; James MCFACKLER; Edward T. GOOLIFF; James BARTY; Louis GENLER; Charles O. GALL, 179 North Second street; Thos. HEALY; Soloman LANG, 114 Graham ave.; John BUTLER; Mich. MORTON, Mich. CARRIGAN, Fred. NOHRMANN. Substitutes Richard ROACH, Ninth Ward, furnished Charles HOLN; James Brown Eighteenth Ward, Furnished John MILLER, German, William COLEY, Eighth Ward, furnished George BEATY; Joseph H. OLIVER, Ninth Ward, Furnished PATRICK SHEEHAN Physical Disability W.H. GONG, John C. BRINKERHOFF; Edwin MURDOCK; Wm. H. NICOLAS, 268 Union street; George CHAMBERLAIN; John A. BEACH, 130 Seventh street; Champion C. SMITH, Jr., 140 Livingston street; James SHAKLEY, Coney Island; Peter HACK; James SHARRADAL, 24 North Ninth street; Jas. E. UNDERHILL, George SYRES. In Service March 3d Chas. FORBES. Held for Service Jos. H. OLIVER, Richmond G. PHELPS, 9th ward, lumber dealer; Fredk. WAGONER, general barber, 10th ward; Henry REYESLBACK, general shoemaker, 10th ward; Edw. SHIELDS, John GIBBS, Saml. MOTT, Farmingdale. Paid Commutation James WILLIAMSON, 132 Atlantic street. Non-resident William WORR. Father of motherless children Joseph MEAD, North Seventh street. Only sons of widows Edward FORD, Francis KELLER. Recapitulation Number of drafted men held 16 Substitutes accepted 11 Paid commutation 1 Exempted for physical disability 14 all other cases 40 Total examined 82 Sent to headquarters 11 Cases Acted on by the Board of Aldermen. The board of Aldermen met this morning at 9 o'clock a.m., Alderman O'KEEFE in the chair, when the following reports of local committees for relief were presented, and in each case the usual resolution being adopted: Fifth Ward John OSBORN, No. 7 Little street; Jas. FARRAL, No. 153 Nassau street; James HURLEY, No. 175 Concord street; James ENREY, No. 196 High street. Fourth Ward Thomas CRUMMEY, No. 88 Sands street; Cyrus H. VOSBURGH, No. 84 Laurence street; Edward LEARY, No. 173 Fulton street; Bernard JOHN, no. 18 Willoughby street; George W. JOHNS, no. 116 Johnson street. Ninth WARD Samuel WINSLOW, Wyckoff street, near Franklin avenue; Frederick POEBLE, McDougal street, near Saratoga avenue; Philip DUNN, MCDougal street, near Saratoga avenue; Thomas CAVANNA, Yates avenue, corner of McDougal street. Alderman WALLACE offered a resolution directing the Clerk to furnish the Provost Marshal with certified copies of the resolutions of relief from the hardships of the draft heretofore or hereafter adopted. Adopted. Alderman WALLACE offered another resolution directing the Clerk to furnish the Board each morning a list of the reliefs granted and the amount expended in this manner by the Board. Adopted. The Board then adjourned. The Draft in the Third District, up to One o'clock p.m. today The following decisions of the Board of Enrollment of the Third District were rendered up to 1 o'clock today: Held for Duty Thos. AMBLER, John OSBORN, Rich. MOTT, Mich. MORAN, Chas. S. BAYLIS, Wm. C.GIFFORD, Pat. GALLAGHER, Geo. L. SIMONSON, Hy. CASE, Jr., John LEONARD, Mich. LEE, Dennis CARROLL, Wm. V. BROWER, John MORRISON, Jos. ROSCOE, Hugh MCNEIL, John MCGLONE, Wm. RUTMEYER. Parties furnishing substitutes Thos. CARROGAN furnished M. PESLER; Jos. H. HARD furnished Ed. FOSTER; John FINN furnished John CLARK; Edwin H. BRUNET furnished Wm. WIND. Exempted by Disability Thos. POWERS, Inch. FITZGERALD, Jos. M. WILDER, Jas. WESSON, Rich. O'HEA, John CONEY, Mich. CURLY, Pat. HALVERTY, Henry FRY, Edward MERLIN, Geo. BRAHMA, Why. WOOD, Louis ULRICH, D.F. BRENENG, Philip AUTRY, Hy. COLLINS. Aliens Denis MORAN, Price and Tillary; Thomas SHEDD, 175 Tillary; David ROSS, 241 Water; Arch. DONEGHY, 212 Jay; Martin CARR, 178 Hudson ave.; Peter BERTRAM, 94 ?ands; Jas DONEGHY, 212 Jay; Edward BOYCE, 95 Fulton ave.; John ZUMFORD, 29 Hudson ave.; Hy. P. HINGELBERG, 44 Nassau; John FRANK, 29 Hudson; Phil. MCALANY, 1 Prince; S.C. MCDOWALL, Liberty; Geo. DEVERALL, 166 Jay; Martin SHAMPS, 270 Adams; T. MARKILLIE, 58 Sands; Jas. LARNEY, 6 Linden row; John KINKELL, 249 Adams; John ELLIS, 187 Fulton; John FARRELL, 108 Tillary Under Age Wm. LANE, Abram. GARDNER, Bernard YORK Over Age Joseph BRICK, Pat. YORKE, M.LANE, And. MORRISON, John BRITT, Owen FITZPATRICK, Thomas C. STEERS, Geo. H. PRICE, Charles GIVEN, Benj. MORISON, Pat. SIMMONS, Pat. FINNIN, P. HAYES. Only Son Hy. TRACY, Chas. VANTASSEL, Hy. H. DICKERSON, Wm. SWEENEY, Benj. F. DYER Father of Motherless Children Joseph YORK. Non-resident John F. HILL, Ed. L. BRADLEY. Only Support Thos. BATES, John SILK, Bernard MCGRATH. Paid $300 Dennis BIRCKLEY, Wm. OXFORD, Winslow TWITCHELL, Wm. C. SPELMAN 22 September 1863 The Board of Aldermen as a Relief Committee Reports for Relief This Morning The Board of Aldermen met as a Relief Committee this forenoon, Alderman TALMAGE in the chair. The following reports for relief from local committees were made, and in each case the usual resolution adopted: From the 9th Ward Saml. MOTT, Jamaica road near Hopkins ave., John GIBBS, Green ave., cor. Marcy ave.; John SMITH, 59 Flushing Ave.; Edward SHIELDS, Myrtle ave., near Walworth st.; Isaac WEEKS, cor. Pacific and Classon aves. From the Sixteenth Ward Michael FULL, 10 Graham avenue; Joseph FRUCK, 147 McKibben street; Andreas NESWALD, 109 Ewen street; Geo. H. LINSAG, Burckhardt avenue, btw Johnson & Montrose avenues; John COOPE, 192 Graham avenue; Nrederick MILLER (copied as printed), 43 Boerum street; Frederick JOBST, corner South Third and Tenth streets. From the 5th Ward Philip MANLEY, 239 Hvdson avenue (copied as printed), John S. RIDLEY, 50 Tallman street; Chas. MAXON, 149 Prospect street. From the 2d Ward James HINES, 45 york street, John FINN, 62 Front street. The Board then adjourned. 23 September 1863 The Draft Exemptions Proceedings of the Second District Enrollment Board The regular session commenced to day with the Tenth Ward. The following includes the business of the office since our last issue: Physical Disability.-- Hiram T. SELL, 24 Bond Street; Z.R. BENNETT, 210 South-Second Street; John GRAN, 114 Meserole street; J.H. DIERKS, Eighth street; W. MELDRUM, Douglas street; Louis VOGT, Seventeenth ward; Peter KREITERMACHER, 62 McKibein street; M.J. REYNOLDS, Ninth Ward; M. KLINGELL, 83 Stagg street; David E. CROWELL, 29 East Baltic street; Francis ZEIGELBAUER, 158 Graham avenue; Lewis M. HOLTON, 143 Schermerhorn street; Philip LAIR, 310 Atlantic street; Wm. H. CLAYTON, 234 Dean street; John L. ARCHARD, 20 Bergen street; Leonard DROUSMAN, 228 Atlantic street Aug. S. DOUGLAS, 116 Livingston street; James BIRDSELL, 385 Pacific street; Michael NESWALD, 100 Ewen street. Unsuitable Age.-- Peter YOST, 24 Montrose street; John NALEEN, Twelfth ward; R. HOGAN, Ninth ward; Chas. LUDEKE, Flatlands; Fred. OGDEN, Ninth ward; W. WOLLCKEN; John STERRELL, 52 North Sixth street; John GIEB, Ninth ward; John DONNELLY, Fourteenth ward; Thomas WATSON, 194 Pacific street; P. BRASCOM, 177 Livingston street; Herman FRENTZ, 3 Dean street; Abram SEELIG, Tenth ward; Wm. McELHENY, 11 Fulton avenue; Uzziah CARTER, 556 Atlantic street; Dennis DALY, 131 Smith street; John CORCORAN, 87 Douglas street; David CLARK, 57 Butler street; Michael WALL, 130 North Third street; John F. LYON, 80 Dean street; Geo. H. BAXTER, Fulton avenue. Aliens.-- John McMONAGAN, Geo. OSBORN, Louis DOEPLER, Wm. TRUEBLE, 9th ward; John SHAW, 17th ward; Pat. R. TULLY,273 North 7th st.; John McKEE, 9th ward; Wm. BRADLEY, 155 Smith st.; Leonard GRANDT, 281 Atlantic st.; Chris. FLANAGAN, 268 Atlantic st.; Hy. WICKLER, 10 Boerum st.; E. HART, 97 Wyckoff st.; John McQUADE, D. ROURKE, J. MAGNER. Only Sons-- Edward MAHONY, 9th Ward; John F. ALLEN, 9th Ward; Edward MORAN, 109 Smith st.; John JOHNSON, 12th Ward. Non-Residents-- Philip R. HENRY, 56 North Fourth st.; Joseph SANDERS, 267 Atlantic st. Father of Motherless Children-- Samuel WALGRAVE. Paid Commutation-- Wm. ENTRIKEN, 255 Schermerhorn st. In Service 3rd March-- Lemuel C. WHITEMAN, 59 Bergen st. Improper Enrollment-- Henry WEBBER, 239 Smith st. Furnished Substitutes-- Thomas McLEAN, Jr., 246 Degraw steet, furnished A.B. CLIFFORD; Floriel SCHNEIDER, New Lotts, furnished Stephen MADDEN; Frederick JOBST, 251 South Third street, furnished James BLAKENER; Fred. GOEBLE, Ninth Ward, furnished George F. VAN LEUTZE; Joseph FRECH, 147 McKibbin street, furnished John GUSMAN; George HEDGER, 71 Sackett st., furnished John FAGAN; Fred. MILLER, 43 Boerum st., furnished John LOVELESS; John COOPER, 182 Graham avenue, furnished Thomas CLARK, England; Held for Service-- John FINNEGAN, James CLARK, Jr. Ferdinand SCHLUDER, Gotlieb KELLER, James STROUSE, Thomas KERLAND, Chas. BURTON, G.F. BAILEY, Wm. BARKENMEYER, Jas. E. MALONEY, Wm. B. McDIARMID, Wm. A JOY, Jerome PHILLIPS, Wm. H. BENNETT, Beo. H. STAYNER, Wm. H. DAY, Edward McGREA Thomas DEAN Jas. AYERS, Chas. ROAB, Albert HOVET, Thomas CALLAHAN, Wm. McNISH, John RAUDOLPH, [sic., should this be RANDOLPH?] George DIETRICH. The Draft in the Third District.Up to one o'clock this p.m. The following decisions were rendered by the Board of Enrollment of the Third District, up to one o'clock to-day: Hold to Service-- R.D. TOMPKINS, Mich. O'CONNER, Chas. J. FARRELL, Thos. C. GRANNIS, Thomas McGIVNEY, Rich. McLAUGHLIN. Parties Furnishing Substitutes-- Wm. SMITH furnished Terence REEVES, Thos. F. POWERS furnished George BUNKER, J.S. BOWNEL furnished H.L. LAWTON, Chas. MAYHEN furnished John A HEREN, Dan. NASH furnished Pat.GOULD, Geo. L. SIMONSON furnished Bergord HANLON Abraham COOK furnished Geo. DAVIS. Exempted by Disability.-- A.A. WHEELER, J. GALLAGHER, Jas. H. ENGLISH, Wm. DE VOC, Pat. GORMAN, Dan. DOYLE, James FITZGERALD, Malcolm WHITE, John SMALL, Edward CRANE, James WILTON, John FOOTE, John MULLEN, M.W. SMITH, P. STELLWAGEN, Robert FLETCHER, J.H. KELLUM, H. WOOLHOUSE. Aliens-- Jas. McQUERNEY, 179Tillary; Wm. MARTIN, 192 Front; Mich. SESMON, 58 Stanton; John MURRAY, 57 Little; Pat. WHALING, 250 Marshall; John HENDERSON, 10 Nassau; James HOWARD, 133 Sands; Wm. S. REID,147 Plymouth; Pat. SHANNON, 20 Bridge; Thos. FOLEY, 38 Hudson avenue James MOORE, 288 Water; Mart. MALLORY, 125 Plymouth; Ed. RILEY, 1 Prince; James McCUE, 60 Bridge street; Gus. MATTHEWS, 158 Prospect; John DEEGAN, 79 Gold; Joseph HALL, 186(1/2) Adams; Wm. MARTIN, 53 Talman; M. McMAHON, 54 Talman; F. COLLETTI, 146 Hudson av.; Pat. DENAHUGH, 188 York; Ed. McDERMOTT, Van Brunt street; M. CASSIDY, Hudson av.; Jos. KESSHAM, 10 Carll; John EHLERS, 132 Hudson av.; M. O'NEIL, 178 Jay; John BRUEN, 280 Plymouth; John SCOTT, 127 Plymouth; Robt. SHEA, 27 Hudson av. Under Age-- Edward McCARTY, James CONLON, John PELHAM. Over Age-- Francis MORRELL, Geo. BLACK, Dan QUIGLEY, John GALLAGHER, Alex. THIRAULT, C.H. BROOKE, Chas. McCONNELL, Hugh BELL, Garrett WALL, Jacob CLYNE. Only Son-- Barney McMANUS, Walter P. HESS, Thos. HUGHES, Wm. BUTCHER. Father of Motherless Children-- Edward DAVIS. Non-Resident.-- Alf. D. BRICK, Ed. CRUMMEY, Benj. F. LAFARGE. In Service March 3d-- Chas. BUSH. Two Members of One Family Drafted.-- James W. FARRELL. Paid 300.-- H.A. HOFF, Tim. RHODES, T. McCONNELL, Wm. HOVETT. The Draft in the Third District. Up to 2:30 P.M. Held to Service.-- Hilon H. HENDERSHOT. Parties offering Substitutes.-- Wm. RESTMEYER furnished Eugene WALSH; Martin BIGGS furnished Geo. SMITH. Exempted by Disability.-- Geo. HARDING, Robt. WELWOOD Over Age.-- Jas. CANNON, Mich. KELLY. Only Son.-- John KEOLAN. Paid $300.00.-- John S. RIDLEY. The numbers to-morrow will take in 1811 and all be low. 24 September 1863 The Board of Aldermen. This Morning's Session as a Relief Committee. The Board of Aldermen met again this morning as a Relief Commitee. The local committees reported in favor of relief of relief of the following persons: First Ward -Bartholomew RILEY, 65 Atlantic street. Third Ward -Roswell D. TOMPKINS, 60 Schermerhorn street. Fourth Ward -Elijah GRISWOLD, 202 Pearl street. 5th Ward -- Joseph DREW, 242 Fulton avenue; Rich. McLAUGHLIN, 48 Hudson avenue; Sylvester HAWLEY, 65 John street; John LEONARD, 213 Front street; Thos. McGIVNEY,233 Water street 9th Ward -Gottlieb KELLER, corner Sumpter street and Saratoga avenue. 16th Ward -- Andrew BROWN, Bushwick avenue near Moore street; William GANS, 118 Scholes street; Peter WILLIAMS, 54 Union avenue; John EICHLER, 97 Johnson street; Charles RAAB, 14 Ewen street; John ESQUIROLE, 43 Tenth street; Henry ROESER, 67 Scholes street; Chas. H. GRIMSHAW, 273 South Fifth street. 17th Ward -- Chas. BURTON, cor. Washington and Green sts.; Wm. R. TAYLOR, Java near Oakland sts.; Thos KERLAND, Huron near Franklin sts. In each case the usual resolutins of relief was adopted. [The following gives some feeling for the setting.] Alderman WHITNEY offered a resolution requesting the Mayor and Comtroller to appoint some suitable person to attend, with the money voted by the city for substitutes, at the offices of the Provost Marshals during the office hours of the said Provost Marshals. On this a somewhat lively discussion sprang up, some of the members insisting that it was the duty of the Aldermen of the several Wards to attend in the cases from their own Wards. Alderman STRONG thought some reliable person should take this responsible charge; "as Alderman, or some other distinguished gentleman." (Laughter.) Ald. WHITNEY thought that "it would be very inconvenient for aldermen to attend the offices of the Provost-Marshals, and that Officer CORR, who had been proposed for this purpose was sufficiently trustworthy to take charge of a couple of thousand dollars." Ald. STRONG--"What! trust a policeman with $2,000! Well, I don't know but what he is as good as an alderman, any way." This seeming to be the general feeling of the Board, the resolution on being put to a vote as adopted. The Board then adjourned. The Draft in the Third District -Proceedings of the Enrollment Board up to 1 P.M. To-day. The following decisions additional to those published yesterday, have been rendered by the Board of Enrollment of the Third District, up to one o'clock to-day: Held for Duty -- Silvester HANLEY, Robert KANE, Jas. E. RODGERS, Jos. D. WILLIAMS, Chas. F. FRENALD, R.A. BLYDENBURGH, Nap. RAYNOR, Wm. BRADY. Parties offering Substitutes-- John F. LEE offered Jos. HINES, Alf. M. MOREHOUSE offered J MARKEY, Samuel WRIGHT offered Jas. CREEGAN, Geo. K. NICHOL offered E.B. EVANS, Dav. CAVAN offered Wm. KENNEDY, Chas. CANNON offered Rob. PIERCE, Wm SCHERMERHORN offered Wm. MORAN. Exempted by Disability -- John McENTEE, Pat. MALLOY, Thos. MARTIN, R. LUTRELL, James SHEOLIN, A. G. KIPP, C. A. McMURRAY, L. A. LOCKWOOD, John J. JOHNSON, P. VAN CLEEF, H. W. HADDOCK, Chas. RILEY, And. D. HEADLEY, Wm. MASON, Chas. VAN SICKLEN, C.H. BADGER, Nich. SLACK, Jacob E. COLYER, Wm. H. VAN TASSELL, Geo. DALAND, C. P. TODD, Dan. JACKSON, Wm. BLANEY, Wm. P. CHURCH, John. H. GRANT, Wm. F. BROWN, Samuel BARNETT, J. C. Smith, John CONNELL. Aliens-- Patrick O'NEIL, 287 Plymouth street; John BURKE, 188 York street; Jas. DARDEN, 178 Sands street; J. F. HEINBROKEL, 37 Bridge street; Chas. HUDSON, 178 Sands street; William STEVENSON, 207 Prospect street; John DIVAN, 215 Front street; William McCREADY, 47 Green lan e; Henry MITCHELL, 212 Gold street; Daniel DONOHUE, 156 Plymouth street; Thomas McCARL, 149 Plymouth street; Robert BLACK, 32 John street; John TULLY, 110 Navy street; Fred. WARD, 7 College Place; John C. CANTON, 196 Nassau street; Hen. STARKE, 265 John street, John SEIBERT, 149 Hudson avenue; James HISLA, Skillman n. Myrtle avenue; John WILSON, Kent n. Little Nassau street; Patrick McGUIRE, Flushing avenue; Fred. MAYER, Myrtle avenue; Mat. BIRMINGHAM, Skillman street. Under Age-- James FARLEY, Mich. McCORMICK, Wm. A. WATSON. Over Age- Jas. SIMPSON, Martin O'HARA, Jas. GAVIN, Robert FOSTER, Ralph NOBLE, C. F. THOMPSON, James LASELL, J. B. HOLIDAY, Geo. AMBROSE, Thos. SHEPARD, Chas. H. LEE, Steph. S. SIMPSON, John LYONS. Only Sons-- Sigismund AMANN, Jas. BEEBE. Father of Motherless Children-- Matt. McCARTHY, Hy. WILLIAMS, Thos. J. HUGHES. Non-Residents-- John BANGER, Geo. RYAN. In Service March 3d-- Jas HINES, Edward D. SMITH, Francis McDONOUGH, S. C. PHILIPS. Paid $300-- Isaac C. WINSLOW, Jas. FARRELL Proceedings in Second Congressional District. Tenth Ward Continued. The following comprises the usiness transacted in this District since our last: Unsuitable Age.-- Carl REMY, 4 Messerole st. John CROISANT, 10th ward; Wm. HAHN, 148 Leonard st. Ph. ROEKEL, 16th ward; Thos. S. SHORTLAND; Darley RANDALL, 154 Dean st.; Wm. W. WALSH, 282 State st.; Wm. J. MORRISON, 578 Pacific st.; F. KESCL, 354 Atlantic st.; Jas. STEWARD, 85 Baltic st.; E. BARRETT, 134 Baltic st.; Ch. J. NEHMEYER, 167 Court st.; C. W. REED, 91 Livingston st.; Wm HAGAN, 12th ward; John NIESON, 233 Smith st.; M. RAMNELL, 37 Bond st.; Wm WILTON, 86 Boerum st.; Jas. RYAN, 116 Baltic st.; Wm. HOGAN, 14th ward; Thos. RYAN, 78 Baltic st.; Jos. S. WEEKS, 276 Pacific st.; John AUINHEIMER, 71 Courts st.; J. TOWNSLEY, 204 Pacific st. Now in Service-- John H. WALKER, 214 Bergen street; Geo. WALKER 72 Dean street; Andw.WHITLOCK, 227 Pacific street; Chas. F. CHASE, 118 Livingston stret; Hugh QUINN, Fourteenth ward; John GAFFNEY, 70 Warren street; Jas. McWILLIAM, 63 Butler street; Rowland R. WEST, 3 Huntington place; Thos. B. COCKER, 114 Second place. Physical Disability.-- Nicholas LONG, 90 Wyckoff st.; Geo. H. TUTHILL, Seventeenth ward; Henry C. BOGART, 293 Pacific street; Pat. CAVANAGH, 128 Pacific street; Wm. H. NASH, 89 Dean street; James HALL, Fourteenth ward; Wm. W. WALSH, 98 Third place; Roger J. REED, Ninth ward Wm. PURCELLS, 380 Atlantic stret; Anton BERGE, 59 Ewen street; Wm. H. HECKER, 37 Stagg st.; Theo. T ARCHER, Seventeenth ward; Thos. MAXWELL, 821 Atlantic street; Chas. W. DAVIS, 63 Warren street; John LARCY, 209 Pacific street; Asa W. TAYLOR 341 Pacific street; Edwin M. HAYDOCK, 147 Livingston st.; Wm. CARR, 169 Degraw street; Edward HANLEY; John MARVIN, 81 Congress street. Aliens-- Henry MAY, 266 Grand street; James CLARK 66 Hoyt street; Philip STRAUB, 46 East Baltic street; Wm. MATHEWS, 9th ward; Henry R. THOMPSON, 34 Wyckoff street; James B. KENNEDY, 39 East Baltic street; Dennis GREEN, 3 Commercial street; Matthew KASHINER, 297 Scholes street; Charles VOLLMAN, 10th ward; James WATT, 44 Fourth place; Wm. BRYAN, 91 Douglas street; Andrew SCHEICK, 324 Atlantic street; John GOFF, 205 Court street; Christian MUNDERMAN, 152 Dean street; Henry CARUTHERS, 9th ward; Thomas KAVANAGH, 42 Dean street. Substitutes-- Wm. HERTZELL furnished Henry GRIESHAVER, John H. DOUGALL furnished Geo. WILLARD, Saral WINSLOW furnished James CROSBY, Richard PHELPS ... [the photocopy ends at that point, and further pages are missing] 25 September 1863 THE DRAFT EXEMPTIONSThe Board of Aldermen. The Board met this morning at the usual hour. Ald. TERNAN in the Chair. The reports of the Local Committees were in favor of the following persons: 3d Ward Wm. HUNTRESS, 27 Hicks. 4th Ward Richard KELLAND, 98 High. 5th Ward - Thos. AMBLER, 29 Green Land; Thos. DENNISON, 202 Water; John GRIFFIN, 162 Bridge. 6th Ward Chas. H. LEONHARDT, 81 Sackett. 9th Ward Geo. STUMPF, Nostrand and Willoughby avenue. 10th Ward - Geo. H. STAYNER, 162 Dean; Henry KUSELBACH, 102 Smith; Fred. H. WAGNER, 324 Atlantic; John D. RANDOLPH, 26 Douglas; Jas. E. MALONEY, Bergen near Powers; Wm. McNISH, 278 Smith; Thos. CALLAHAN, 324 Atlantic. 18th Ward James STROUSE, Flushing avenue near the Toll-gate. 2d Ward - Philip ANDERSON, 7 Prospect; Chas. CONNER, 12 Jay. In each case the usual resolution was adopted. Ald. NEWMAN presented the following: Whereas, The substitute furnished by Ald. NEWMAN for William SMITH of the 4th Ward proves to be a deserter from the service of the United States, and by an order of Gen. FRY is not a proper man to act as a substitute for a conscript; therefore, - Resolved, That the family of William SMITH be furnished with the sum of $219.50, to procure a substitute acceptable, or for a commutation certificate, if a substitute cannot be obtained. The resolution was adopted, and a motion by Ald. TAYLOR, instructing the Corporation Counsel to enquire into the case and see if the city could not recover from the Government the money paid for the deserter-substitute, was carried. The Clerk presented a report, stating that the number of conscripts relieved by the Board was 118, for which the amount expended was $35,400, less the partial contributions which in a few instance have been made by the conscripts themselves, thus reducing the expenditure to about $35,000. The Board then adjourned until to-morrow morning. Examinations in the Third District. Proceedings of the Enrollment Board up to 12:30 To-Day. The decisions of the Board of Enrollment of the Third District up to 12½ o’clock to-day were as follows: Held for Duty- Wm LAHEY, Dennis SLATERY, Steph. POST, C.B. ROBINSON, Geo. W. RUSSELL, D.B. COOPER, W.H. BENJAMIN, C. H. FRANKLIN, Francis DEVLIN, Garrett SULLIVAN, Mich. GILLAN, E.L. HENDERSON. Parties offering substitutes- J.H. CRUMMIE offered Aug. SALITZ; Chas. F. ROGERS, Ed. BRENNAN; M.F. HUNT, F.A. CUSHING; J.W. BEAM, Jos. TRUITT; Ed. FORDHAM, Thos O’DONNELL; J.B. TITUS, Richard HOCKING. Exempted by Disability- Xavier SAAM, Fred. GERAY, Michael Angelo DOUGHERTY, P.A. HERRON, Henry WILLIAMS, J.M. McINTIRE, Nat. SWITZER, Dan. SMITH, Ellsworth S. SHENCHEN, H. WALDION, Geo. W. KNOX, Dewitt BOGARDUS, Francis H. WHITE, Wm. ROWLAND, Wm. ASKEN, Rob. UNDERHILL. Aliens- Geo. T. CHAMBERS, 1 Phillips Row; Richd. HARTNETT, 107 Gold st.; Wm. HURST, DeKalb near Kent aves.; Wm. McOWAT, 41 Stanton; Fred. WHITE, 138 Prospect; Ch. SIEGHORDKER, 27 Hudson av.; D. JAMES, 157 Gold; Richd. MAIN, 35 Gold; D. LAWLER, 2 Bridge; Ed. COYLE, 207 Navy; Ed. MEEKING, 90 Orange; Thos. BYRNES, 2 Stanton; R. ALCORN, 35 Gold; Tim. HARRINGTON, 85 Gold; Wm. MORRISON, 158 Nassau; D. JOHNSON, 3 Prince A. STEPHENSON, Jr., 130 Prospect. Under Age- James WARD, Mich. HART, Thos. NASH, Sayre WOODRUFF, C.M. LOPER, Ed. F. DAVENPORT. Over Age- John CLARK, Wm. KANNAN, F.W. WEBB, Jacob WOLFORT, Peter SCHNEIDER, Jos. GRINDEN. Only Sons- Dan. LADD, Saml. WINSLOW, Stanley WILLIAMSON, Robt. P. COURTNEY, Mich. MURRAY, James McENTIRE. Non-resident- John F. MAXFIELD, Wm. A. BREAKEY. In the Service- Mat. R. LONGACRE, A.M. SEABURY. Paid Commutation- Jos. DREW, James HURLEY, John OSBORN, Luke DOYLE, Cornelius TOBEY. One of the substitutes offered to-day, on being ordered during the medical examination to -jump,complied by executing a lengthy and elaborate hornpipe, introducing an immense variety of -pigeon wingsand -double shuffles, satisfying completely the Board as to the ability of his legs. The spectacle presented by a naked man’s executing a -hornpipeis said to have been intensely amusing. The numbers to-morrow will take in 2,065 and all below. Proceedings of the Second District Enrollment Board. The Board met at 9 A.M., Tenth Ward cases still on. The following were disposed of since our last: Substitutes-- Henry JOHNSON (colored) furnished Wm. H BREWSTER (colored); Frederick KNEBEE furnished Henry PIKE; Samuel MOTT furnished Wm. SEAMAN; Henry KNEBEL furnished Hiram GRAY; Wm. TAYLOR furnished Wm. SMITH; Wm. SPARKS furnished Thomas DAILY; Michael START furnished Lyman B. BUNCE; John G MILLER furnished John MALONEY; Samuel SEGUR furnished Patrick GRADY; Wm. GOLDENFELS furnished John BACENCKY; Fred'k WAGNER furnished Chas. MILDERFORD; Thos. DOBSON, Jr., furnished Mich. BRAZIL; Jno. EICHLER furnished Geo. C. SMITH; Thos. N. HICKOX furnished Chas. THOMPSON; Thos. KAVANAGH furnished A. ADAMS; Gotlieb KELLER furnished John H CARTER; E. MURDOCH furnished Jas. SMITH; Chas. H. LEONHENDT furnished Aug. G. LUDWIG. Held for Service.-- Saml. SEGUS, Lew. E. RIGGS, Wm. J. THOMPSON, Geo. J. LEEK, R. WRIGHT, G. METZLER, H. LOBER, H. W. GORHAM, H. RURTON. Aliens-- James DOWNING, 7 Fulton avenue; John GRAY, 152 Smith street; Joseph RIPLEY, 178 Fulton av.; Augustus SCHMIDT, 374 Atlantic street; John O'BRIEN, Tenth ward; Patrick WADE, 24 Smith street; John QUICK, 142 Sackett street; Andrew O'CONNER, 150 Smith street; Andrew QUIRK, 171 Smith street; Rudolph BEHRENS, 19 Dean street; Casper SILKINS, Twelfth Ward; Chas. CREAMER, 30 Van Brunt street; Christian FISHER, 37 Warren street; John KLIPPERT, 122 McKibbin street; Jacob STEIGEL, 86 Stagg street; Joseph KRESLIN, 310 Atlantic street; Q. R. McKENDRICK, 166 Bergen street; Charles COLDEN, 267 Livingston street; Michael COLLAHAN, 106 Smith street; Edward O'DONNELL 76 Baltic street; Patk. CREW, 39 Dean street; Patk. KEARNEY 75 Butler street; Louis HEMMERA, 237 Pacific street; James CONNOLLY, Tenth ward; Martin KERWIN, 470 Atlantic street. Unsuitable Age-- James CASSIDY, Twelfth Ward; Peter NOSTRAND, 266 Court street; Thomas McMANAGLE, Fourteenth Ward; Adam HOFFMAN, 142 Boerum street; Simon GUNDER, 205 Court street; George VIGELIUS, 2 Graham avenue; Alonzo HASCEY, 167 Livingston street Peter LAMB, 57 Butler street; John KUHLBECK, 237 South Fourth street; Thos. BURKE, 88 Bond street; Edward RIPKE, 27 Butler street; Samuel WANDELL, Fourteenth Ward; Theodore LAEFFLER, 158 Johnson street; Charles LESURE, 98 Leonard street; Walter GRAHAM, Fourteenth Ward; John DYER, 266 Atlantic street; Michael RANAELE, 95 Wyckoff street; John H. PERRY, Fourteenth ward; Charles H. MILLS 313 Degraw street; James KELLY 145 Smith street; Peter SMITH, 293 Atlantic street; Francis WEISS, 153 Johnson street; James DILL, Tenth ward; John GROGAN 145 Smith street; Alex. D. Napier, 122 Pacific street; Wm. VAN WART, 93 Bond street; Edwin DUVAL, 201 Degraw street; Walstein FOX, 27 East Baltic street; Chares H. MULLIGAN, 41 Bond street; Patrick HALTON, 35 Dean street; John A. PADDOCK, 218 Dean street. Father of Motherless Children-- John FARRELL, Tenth Ward John SCHMITBER, 183 Montrose avenue, Casper SCHLESINGER, Sixteenth Ward; Peter WILSON, 337 Columbia. Non-Resident- Dennis SULLIVAN, 334 Third street. In Service 3d March - Karl LECHMAN, 96 Stagg street. Only Sons-- Frederick LUNGE, Flatlands; John HEMMING, 85 Johnson street; George L. AYRES, 25 Hoyt street. Paid Commutation-- Wm. H. RICH, Eighth Ward; Archibald KEARNEY, 266 Degraw street. Now in Service-- Wm. M. BLISS, 325 Sackett street. Physical Disability-- John MARVIN, 31 Bergen st.; Samuel R. BIRWOOD; Daniel TINNEY,81 Douglass street.; Brunswick HOLLOWAY, 40 Dey st.; Michael NUNAN, 4 Huntington place; Benj. DUDLEY, 6 Bond st.; Peter SCHERDT, 161 Johnson st.; Wm. FURGERDIE, 30 Scholes st. Thos. KEAN, 102 Union st.; Seth D. GODFREY,347 Pacific st.; Stephen SCHENCK, Flatlands; James O. HOVER, 16 Bergen st.; Edward HENRY, Tenth ward; Finley W. TAPP, do; Wm. STOHLMAN, 107 Smith st.; James TULLY, Twelfth ward; Timothy REYNOLDS, Tenth ward; F. S. BAINBRIDGE, 220 Livingston street; Jas. CASEY, 77 Butler st.; Francis H. HARPER, 137 Court st.; Richard HAMILTON, 85 Dean street; Geo. H. WILLIAMSON, 440 Atlantic street; Fredk. BUYER, 121 Court st.; Chas. C. TAYLOR, 120 Butler street; Ludwig NICHOLSON, 293 1/2 Sackett street; Richard O. FENIS 215 Dean street; Wm B. WALTERS 273 Livingston street; Francis A. WHITTAKER, 186 Dean street; Edwin LAMBERT 120 Seventh street; Samuel RUSSELL, 124 Smith street; Adam STIPPEY, 160 McKibben street. RECAPITULATION Number of drafted men held ....................11 Substitutes accepted .......................... ...15 Paid commutation ............................. .... .2 Exempted for physical disability ..............23 The Draft in the Third District Proceedings of the Enrollment Board up to 3 P.M. Held for Duty.- Henry BROWN. Parties offering Substitutes.- John ROSCOE offered Dan. TINNEY; Mich. MURPHY offered John KING. Exempted by Disability.- Geo. P. BUTLER, Hy. C. SIMMS, Wm. F. OAKLEY, Ed. WEBBER, J. WOOD, J.H. NEWHOFF, Benj. RUSSELL, Fred. REICHERT, William E. DAVIS. Aliens.- J. G. C. DAVISON, Kent av. Over Age.- John ROMEY Under Age- Jas. McENTIRE and J. H. WESTOVER. Only Son- Francis McATEER Father of Motherless Children- Henry C. MARK. A MISTAKE.- Wm. CREWEN, an ex-policeman, and at present Deputy Sheriff in the District Attorney’s office, was this morning arrested as a deserter from the United States service. The charge proved an error and he was at once discharged. 26 September 1863 THE DRAFT EXEMPTIONS Proceedings of the Second District Enrollment Board. This being Saturday, the conscripts come in slowly. Tenth ward still on: Substitutes- Geo. W. BARRETT furnished John DAVIS; Henry KEYSELBACK, Francis DUFFY; G. Edwin BROWN, Ecksardt Vitz NUMVON; James CANNON, Patrick BURNS; Augustus K. LANE, Hope R. HENDRICKSON. Held for Service- Horatio COLES, Thos. L. STEMP, Wm. MASON, Wm. CORNELL, Alex. McDONALD, Angelo BALMAN, Benj. H. CARY, Abraham LEECH, James B. WALKER, J. P. WALKER, Richard E. NICKERSON, Thos. E. GAYNOR, Edgar DEWELL. Aliens- Louis SUSMAN, 174 Flatbush avenue; Wm. RUTHERFORD, 81 Dean street; Anthony DILLMAN; Louis FICKERT, 91 Stagg street; Conrad NABE, 49 Tenth street; Peter SATLER, 142 Leonard street; Lawrence NIEBE, 14th ward; E. W. LOWDEN, 172 Atlantic street; David HAWTHORNE, Henry FRASCHUTZ, Henry FEEN, Francis BERRY, John WOLF, Joseph MILLER, Franz FRIEDRICH, 16th ward; John LYNCH. In Service March 3d- Frederick HERMANN, Thomas MOSELY, 18th Ward. Two Members of Family Now in Service- Adam PLATT, 16th Ward. Paid Commutation- Francis M. SECOR. RECAPITULATION, SEPT. 25. Held for service 10 Substitutes 10 Paid commutation 1 Exempted for physical disability 26 Exempted for other causes 46 -- Total examined 95 Sent to general rendezvous 11 THE DRAFT EXEMPTIONS The Draft in the Third District Enrollment Board. DECISIONS OF THE BOARD TO-DAY The Board of Enrollment of the Third District rendered the following decisions from the time of our last publication of their proceedings yesterday, until half 1 o’clock to-day: Held for Duty- Jas. CONWAY, Dav. WINSLOW, F. W. MAYBEER, W. R. BONUM, Mich. DEIGNAN, R. L. COOK, Ebenezer KIMBALL, Wm. A. LITTELL, Ralph ROBB, R. A. EVANS. Parties offerning Substitutes- Nap. RAYNOR offered John WILLIAMS, Jas. CANNON offered Jas. CORNELL, Wm. L. FISH offered John JOHNSON. Exempted by disability- C. DIXON, J. W. CANDLESS, S. J. SPARKMAN, Wm. SUTTON, And. BOWEN, Jas. McGUIRE, James DORKIN, M. HAMBLIN, John HEVEY, O. HORTOUGH, Jos. MARTIN, Geo. K. BARNARD, Graves ADDISON, H. CARPENTER, Wm. C. WILLIAMS, W. E. HUSTAL, A. H. TEEPLE, J. W. HOLMES, Wm. H. HUBBELL, J. F. TAYLOR, Geo. HOLLISTER, J. ARCHEBACH, Richard P. CORNWELL, M. DEMPSEY, Phil. MATTERN, S. C. MACK, Charles RICHARDS, Ray. PORTER, Jos. McNIEF, R. A. DAVENPORT. Aliens.- Diedrich AHRENS, Myrtle avenue; Henry EVANS, Kent avenue; Chris. ST. GEORGE, Hall street; Henry NOLL, Fulton avenue; W. HIGGENBOTTAM, Hickory street; John FINK, Classon avenue; Thomas MALONE, 190 Second street; Joseph MARKS, Mrtle [sic] avenue; W. W. McHUGH, 31 Fleet street; John SAHLIN, Kent avenue; John DARCY, 208 Water street. Under Age.- James BLY, C. E. DAVIS, Dd. HOLDER, Pat. SORDAN, Thos. FINLAY, M. GILFOYLE. Over Age- Jas. BUCHANAN, J. S. STACKHOUSE, Thos. H. EATON, Geo. W. TAYLOR, O. LARKEN, M. McCAFFEY, Thos. DEARING, Mich. DOLAN, Pat. RODGERS, Jas. FORD, Jas. LYMAN, M. McCAFFRAY, Ira M. HANLON, D. C. FULLER, Albert W. SHAW, Benj. SMITH, T. J. BERRY, R. TILT, M. PHELAN, Wm. DARTER, George WALKER, James QUINN, Francis GILLEN. Only Sons- Thomas COLLUM. In the Service- James VAN BENSCHOTTEN, And. CABONA, Salvatori RINALITI, John ARMSTRONG. Non-Resident- Edward CLEARY, C. F. SMITH, Geo. E. CONTANT. Two of Same Family in Service- Egbert H. OSBORN. Paid Commutation- Wm. H. TAYLOR. The numbers on Monday next will include 2, 196 and all below. 28 September 1863 The Draft in the Third District. DECISIONS OF THE BOARD OF ENROLLMENT UP TO 1 P.M. TO-DAY. Third District rendered the following decisions since those reported in the UNION of Saturday last: Held for Duty- Thomas O’BRIEN, J. E. HARDENBURGH, James MULLER, Michael FARLEY, Arch. MOORE, J. W. WATKINS, J. HAMILTON, Wm. T. CUTTER, Jr., John H. MILLER, Wm. H. JOHNSON, John H. HUNTER. Parties furnishing substitutes- J. F. HICKS furnished C. P. FISHER; M. W. DOMINICK, Ed. BENNING; C. H. SWAIN, N. A. GRANT; R. D. TOMPKINS, And. JOHNSON; S. C. CARIL, J. SHELDON; Cyrus SPAULDING, John CONNORS; Bart. RILEY, Hiram DEIKER; J. L. MILLER, Jas. TITUS; David HALL, F. McQUARD; Samuel HALL, John McQUARD; John MILLER, Tim. SULLIVAN. Paid Commutation- Lindon EMORY, Wm. T. DOUGLASS, Geo. W. JOHNS, Jas. E. SMITH, R. KILLAND, Elijah GRISWOLD, C.C. TANNER, H.T. ALLEN, John WOOD, Ed. O’NEIL, Ed. LEARY, C.A. VOSBURGH, P.C. CUTTING, C. MESSENGER, John BRADY, P. W. KUMBEL, John TORRISON Exempted by Disability- O. D. LEWIS, John CONNELL, R. ABERCROMBIE, C. KIRCHNER, Jas. WIGGINS, H. WHITING, C.M. JOHNSON, J.W. CARTER, J. McPHILIPS, C. A. TITUS Jeremiah GOODALE, L. P. WILDMAN, F.A. GREEN, F.C. BROWNELL, [NOTE: the photocopy is illegible and I cannot make out several names, including a PURDY, Hy DO??, ?. ?. PHILLIPS, which I can barely make out.] Grandon CONINE, John F. HENNESSY, Dawson McGRAYNE, B. McHUGH, Abram SIMPSON, Chas. BALDWIN, Ed. ANNAN, John GILLECK, F.W. TABER, J. W. LOCKWOOD, Jacob KLEESS, W. H. CARMAN, jr., Wm. LOWE, jr. Aliens- Thos. COX, 221 Front; Pat. MOONY, Classon avenue; Thos. CORKER, 71 Ryerson; Mart. SCHNACKENBERG, Kent avenue; Thos. BURKE, 33 Stanton; J. G. SMITH, 142 Jay; Jas. FLYNN, 202 Pearl; John FULTON, 191 Adams; Hillary ROWE, 58 Clinton avenue; John DUNN, - Flushing avenue; Alf. J. STYGALL, 537 Myrtle avenue; John BOYCE, - Franklin avenue; Wm. JOHNSON, 524 Myrtle avenue. Under Age- Geo WELLING, Thos. EAGAN. Over Age- Wm. H. EVANS, Pat. NEWMAN, John SMITH, Stephen BOSTICK, J. W. BRUSH, Ab. QUEREAN, Thos. HOPKINS, John CONLIN, T. A. WRIGHT, Eden SPROUT, Wm. P. RICHARDS, F. OLIVER, Geo. A. MASON, J. D. HANN, Jas. MACKAY. Only Sons.- P. LYNCH, Hy. HAWKS, Rich. EGAN, Ed. C. SEYMOUR, H. McCROSSIN, And. SWEENEY, W. A. CASTERLINE, Ed. J. VAN WAGNER. Non-Resident.- Jas. T. MOWRY. In Service.- Charles H. GREENLEAF, Boaz E. PIKE. Furnished Substitutes- Jas. DARLING furnished Wm BALL, Robert GREER furnished John MULLER, Charles STREET furnished Ed. GARR, John H. HUNTER furnished Theodore REISS, John D. BROWN furnished Patrick DOWLING. Non-Residents- Ed. BOGART, Elijah D. PEPPER, John H. KORF, Henry M. CLEVELAND. Over Age- Solomon H. HANFORD. Only Son- Jas. E. Rodgers. Aliens- Thomas LOCKETT, Thomas BRITTAIN, Chas. A. GESBORNE. Disability- John DEXTER. PROCEEDINGS OF THE ENROLLMENT BOARD UPTO 2:30 P.M Held for Duty- Chas. FORCE, Wm. WEBSTER. Parties furnishing Substitutes- Wm. B. HUNTRESS furnished Jacob CARTER. Exempted by Disability- E. K. YOUNG, William J. WARD, P. McLEER, James FURY, Charles LANGDON, H. JACOBUS, Thomas MURTAGH, Wm. SMITH, John E. SWANTON. Over Age- And. NICHOLSON, J. R. YOUNG. Under Age- John KINGSLAND. Only Son- Rich C. LAMB. Aliens- F. MEEHAN, Vanderbilt avenue; Thomas JONES, Hall street. The number to which the cases will extend to-morrow is 2,326, inclusive. THE DRAFT EXEMPTIONS Board of Aldermen. THIS MORNING’S SESSION AS A RELIEF COMMITTEE. The Board of Aldermen met this morning as a Relief Committee. Alderman TERNAN presided. The local Committees presented reports in favor of relief of the following persons: First ward—Henry LINESBURGH, 26 Hicks street. Fifth ward—Charles J. FARRELL, 19 Carll street. 7th Ward— Michael EILLEN, corner Classon and Green avenues; John H. MILLER, Franklin, near De Calc avenue; Patrick MULLIGAN, Franklin avenue, near Van Buren street; Michael FARRELL, corner Myrtle avenue and Houston street; John HAMILTON, Steuben street, near Myrtle avenue; Thos. O’BRIEN, 35 Classon avenue. 8th Ward- James DREW, Eighth street, near Second avenue. 10th Ward.- John W. SWIFT, 113 Schemerhorn st. C. M. RUDLAND, 96 Third place; Geo. METZLER, 327 Dean st.; Wm. A. JOY, 126 Bergen st.; Edw. McCREA, 67 East Baltic st. Henry C. BONNER, 383 Atlantic st.; Wm. H. BURNETT, 291 State st. 11th Ward.- Philip STOIZ, 383 Hudson ave. 17th Ward.- Sidney McLEOD, Meserole ave., near Orchard st.; James CASHMAN, Oakland, near Freeman st.’ Robt. H. LOMAS, Green, near Washington st. 18th Ward.-Abraham LEECH [or poss. LEACH], Washington, near Remsen st. (In one of these cases- that of Sidney McLEOD of the 17th Ward -the amount of relief granted was but $250.) The usual resolution was adopted in each case. The Board the adjourned. 2 November 1863 The Draft in the Third District Held for Service- Henry B.TITUS. Furnished Substitutes- Michael BUTLER furnished Wm.MOONEY; Henry TITUS furnished Dagobert GALFELD; Chas. A. FERGUSON furnished Jas.FIELDING, Thos.FLANNAGAN furnished Chas. W. JOHNSON, Alfred VALENTIN furnished Charles GRANT; John C.DAVIDSON furnished Richard LYONS; Phil WHITMORE furnished Wm.SPRITZ; Robt. HAFF furnished J.A.SWARTZWALDER, Wm.B.FRENCH furnished Martin RHETZ; Andrew STILWELL furnished Stephen MORCELLA; Dan E.DOWNING furnished Robt.HARVEY; Wm T. MORGAN furnished Valentine WALY. Paid Commutatuon- Abram COOK. Disability- Chas.F.BALDWIN, Robt.W.McCANN, Geo.H.TAYLOR. In Service- Hobart M. WALKER, John SHIER. Non-resident- David E. GREEN, 318 Adelphi. 4 November 1863 The Draft in the Third District Held to Sevice-- Wm.VAUGHAN. Furnished Substitutes Hugh GOODWIN furnished Robt. HUNTER, Joseph COULTHARD furnished Fredweick GIBNAR, Caleb F. BUCKLEY furnished M. COCHERIL; Ed.W. HALPIN furnished N.B.ROACH, John F.BLANEY furnished Elias PERKINS; Aaron BROWN furnished Frederick KUHL, James H. TRACEY furnished John PARKER; Andrew H.MILLA furnished PatrickMcMAHON; William H. ALDRIDGE furnished James CAMPBELL; Wm.NEEFUS furnished John DEVINE; Thos.NICHOLSON furnished Carl HAUPT, Adam MUNSING furnished Lud.C.F.GLOCH, JohnMcCOLE furnished Alex W.E LLIOT; Andrew W. DOUGLAS furnished Johann HANSSHILD; Geo.N.CLAYTON furnished Ch.E.HALL, John COCKSAN furnished Edward KEHOE, Thos.NORTON furnished John F.ANDERS. Paid Commutation-- Benjamin A. RADLEY In Service- Charles H.BRAALE, Edgar M.CULLEN, Stewart ALEXANDER, MichaelMcCarty. NonResidents Jrs.B.KELLY,18 Clermont avenue: Wm. KRACK,1 Kent avenue. Dead- Sidney CROCKER. 5 November 1863 The Draft in the Third District Furnished Substitutes T.DOWNEY furnished Hy.POWERS. C.COYLE furnished Jas.E.FRANKS, P.LEAVOY furnished G.BROWN; F.P. SHOLLEY furnished J.MILES; J.HUGHES furnished Geo.ADAMS; P.O'DONNELL furnished John SPRUIT; T.H.GOOLEY furnished W.ROUSE, O.BURNS furnished M.CLANCY; R.JONES furnished W.MOREY. Paid Commutation- James DEMPSEY, Sidney MAGILL, Theo.A.LAYTON, Ed.ABERCROMBLE, Jas.McDERMOTT, Wm. J. BRADELY. Exempted by Disability David BISSETT. Alien- John CRAGG,Flushing av Non-resident John DRAPER. 6 November 1863 The Draft in the Third District the following additional cases are reported: Only Son Pedro M.FILLS. Over Age- Wm.KANNA, John MULLEN Non-resident- Edward MOUNT Discharged by War Depart. Henry L.PELOUZE 7 November 1863 The Draft in the Third District Furnished Substitutes- A.A.HUNT furnished Benj.B. MAYLOR, Wm.H.JOHNSON furnsihed Francis SCOTIL. In Service James MONUT. Non-resident- Wm.RAYMOND. Over Age Wm.B. Hawkins. BOARD of ALDERMAN The Board of Aldermen met this morning as a Relief Committee and granted the following Exemptions: 4th Ward-Wm.VAUGHN,212 Pearl st 7th WardWm.S.HERBERT, 51 Rysrosn st (Co.F.23rd Regt) 10th WardJas.WELDON,corner, Powers & Dean st. 13th WardJohn H. SIMONS,27 Clymer st (Fireman): Hy.M.STRONG,102 South 8th st.(Co. A.47th Regt); D.H. MARSTON,97 South 8th st. John H.SHULTS,47 South 4th st; Wm.D. CORNELL,181 south 3d st.(Co E 47th Regt); Wm.A.HIGGINS,35 Grand st, Geo.KIRKLEY, 55 South 6th st. The Board then adjourned. 9 November 1863 The Draft in the Third District Held to Service-- Wm.LEACRAFT Furnished Substitude- Wm.VAUGHN furnished Jas.P.LANDELS. Exempted by Disability Wm. ATKINSON, Judah BERRY. Aliens Henry BURNS, Franklin av bet Park and Flushing av. Over Age- Robt. W. ANDERSON, Pat DAUGHERTY. Non-Resident Fred HOSFORD In Service Francis MULLEN. Improrper Enrollment Herman WHITMAN. 11 November 1863 The Draft in the Third District The following additional are reported. Held for Service Hy.C.BURR, John M.L.STUEINGER. Furnished Substitutes- Wm.A.HUGGINS furnished John J. RILEY. Exempted by Disability Thos. BRAMBICK Over Age-- J.HOOD, Ed.HACKETT Paid $300.--. E.R.THOMAS Non-Resident G.F.COOK 13 November 1863 The Draft in the Third District The following additional cases. Aliens- Paulus METZER, 399 Adelphi st, Thomas E. TYNES, 147 Hicks. Non-Resident Richd. MAUTRY Disability Wm. MENTER, Francis JOHNSON, Thos, DELANEY. 16 November 1863 The Draft in the Third District The following cases were decided upon by the Board up to noon today; Furnished Substitutes- John ll.DIMONS furnsihed Bdrn DURHEIM, Hy.C.BURR furnished John HSOILTON Over Age Dan MULLEN In Naval Service Henry ll,FOSTER, Phil KETTEN In Service- Hugh HODSON 17 November 1863 The Draft in the Third District The following additional cases are reported: Furnished Substitutes- Johm M.S,STENRINZER furnished John Fritz, Hy M.STRONG furnished Thos SMITH Thos.WHITE furnished Martin MURPHY. Aliens David BARRY,83 Gold, William BARRY 34, John: Thos.ll.R. BAGOT, 163 North 2nd, GarretMcOTE, 91 Gold . Exempted by disability Henry BURNETT. Over Age- John CONNELL, Dan MULLEN, Jas.M. JENKINS. In Naval Service- Phil KELTEN, Hy.H. FOSTER, John SEACLE Transcribers : Lorraine Conroy Janet Rice Robert Franson The following information about the Civil War draft registration is found at http://www.genealogyforum.rootsweb.com/gfaol/resource/Military/Conscription.htm Conscription is the compulsory enlistment of persons to serve in the armed forces. Also known as the draft, conscription began in the United States as a result of the Conscription Act of March 3, 1863, during the War Between the States, or Civil War. If you know the state and county where your ancestor lived in 1863, you can look up the congressional district in the "Congressional Directory for the Second Session of the Thirty-Eighth Congress of the United States of America" published by the U.S. House of Representatives. Once you know the congressional district, you can request that the National Archives staff search for the registration file for your ancestor. There were two types of records produced as a result of the Conscription Act of March 3, 1863: consolidated lists and descriptive rolls. The consolidated lists provide the person's name, birth date, state or country of birth, place of residence, occupation, and marital status as of July 1, 1863. The descriptive rolls add a physical description and a place or birth to the information found on the consolidated list. These records are all maintained in the Provost Marshall General's Bureau. The conscription and service records for the Civil War are in the process of being transcribed in a project sponsored by the National Parks Service. ===================================== Back To MILITARY Main Back To BROOKLYN Main