19 July 1879
Brooklyn Union Argus

Where National Guard Officers Will Recuperate
Saratoga Gets a Few, but "Old Coney" Receives a Large Share of 
Patronage-Where the Lovers of Quietude and Rest Will Go-Those Who Have Gone 
to the Old World.

The officers of the National Guard are just now actively engaged packing up 
their valises, and in other ways preparing for their annual "lay 
off."  Some indeed have already gone to the mountains and rivers with gun 
and rod, intending, no doubt, to bring home trophies of their "war on 
birds, beasts and fishes," and not a few have crossed the ocean to see the 
wonders of the Old World.  Quite a number intend going no further than "Old 
Coney," believing that there is pleasure and enjoyment enough to be found 
there for any reasonable man.  To those at home who like to know where the 
wearers of the sword and gold epaulettes spend their vacations the 
following list will prove interesting:

-Major-Gen. John B. WOODWARD, Adjutant-General is at Tarrytown, on the Hudson.

-Col. Philip H.BRIGGS, Assistant Inspector-General, will resume inspections 
	September 1, after returning from the Catskills.

-Brig.-Gen. James JOURDAN will take no extended vacation but drop down to 
	Brighton Beach occasionally.

-Col. W. R. THOMPSON will ruralize at Spring Valley, Rockland County, N. Y.

-Col. David E. AUSTEN will make Manhattan Beach his summer headquarters, 
	going down on Saturdays by the 3:25 boat.

-Colonel Rodney C. WARD, 23d Regiment will enjoy his cigar at Brighton Beach.

-Lieut.-Col. Samuel RICHARDS, A. A. G., Fifth Brigade, will spend two weeks 
	in the White Mountains.

-Col John RUEGER, 32d Regiment, having received three months' 
	leave of absence, is recuperating at his cottage, Sheepshead Bay.

-Lieut.-Col. Benjamin E. VALENTINE is doing Europe.

-Captain Robert HERBERT will take occasional short trips out of town.

-Adjutant Henry D. STANWOOD, 13th Regiment, will visit his family at 
	George Hotel, Black Rock, on the Sound.

-Lieut.-Col. John B. MEYENBERG, 15th Battalion, will go to Lake George, 
	for one week after August 1.

-Colonel W. H. BROWNELL, 47th Regiment, thinks he will stay hereabouts.

-Major Peter H. REPPENHAGEN, 15th Battalion, is in Europe.

-Major James E. HAYES, Inspector Eleventh Brigade, is going to stay at Shelter Island.

-Adjutant Geo. R. DIETRICK, 15th Battalion, goes to Philadelphia.

-Major J. Lester KEEP, Surgeon 5th Brigade, will do Saratoga.

-Captain Peter ALSGOOD, Company A, 15th Battalion, is traveling in Germany.

-Major Horatio C. KING, Judge Advocate 11th Brigade, will spend a short 
	time at Washington, Conn.

-Lieut.-Colonel George C. BRADLEY, 47th Regiment, will stay up on 
	the Sound at Black Rock.

-Captain John A. EDWARDS, Gatling Battery N, thinks he can enjoy himself at 
	Brighton Beach well enough.

-Lieut.-Colonel Louis BOSSERT, Major Louis FINKELMEIER, and Quartermaster 

-Henry NAHE, Jr., Thirty-second Regiment, has located themselves at 
	Sheepshead Bay for the summer, where they go a fishin'.

-Major Truman V. TUTTLE, 47th Regiment, will oscillate between the 
	Eastern District and Coney Island.

-Lieutenant-Colonel Charles SCHURIG, 14th Regiment, will enjoy the 
	salubrious air of his garden on Clermont avenue.

-Most of the 23d Regiment officers took their vacation at Newport.

-Adjutant Fred A. KARCHER , 32d Regiment, is going to Texas to catch a mustang.

-Major Harry W. MICHELL, 14th Regiment, will stay near Hudson, N. Y.

-Major J. Henry STOREY, 5th Brigade, will go to Copper Hill, Conn.

-Rev. Newland MAYNARD, Chaplain of the 47th, sailed on the 16th 
	instant for Egypt and the Holy Land.  He will return through Italy, 
	Switzerland and down the Rhine to Amsterdam.

-Major William J. POWELL is going to Lake Mahonk, in the Catskills.

-Lieut.-Col. Henry A. MEYENBORG will go to Spring Valley, Rockland County.

-Lieut.-Col. H. H. BEADLW, 13th Regiment, is at Meriden, Conn.

-Captain H. A. MOHRMAN, Separate Troop D, will spend his leisure at Brighton Beach.

-Captain Peter BERTACH, Separate Troop G, will make trips to Rockaway & Coney Island.

-Commissary Gustav A. JOHN, 13th Regiment, goes no further than 
	Brighton or Manhattan Beach this summer.

-Major Morris B. FARR, I. R. P., 11th Brigade, will visit Buffalo & Niagara Falls.

First Lieutenant J. H. VAN THUN will go to Saratoga.

-Captain Charles P. VORGAUG, I. R. P. , 32d Regiment, is one of 
	the stay-at homes.

-Captain Courtlandt ST. JOHN, Ordnance officer Eleventh Brigade, will 
	rusticate at Fire Island and Hauppauge, L. I.

-Quartermaster John C. BUDD, 23d Regiment, is going to the Thousand Islands.

-Capt. Harry O. JONES, Aid-de-Camp 11th Brigade staff, will stay at the 
	White Mountains and Saratoga.

-Second Lieut. John GATENS, Separate Troop D, will locate himself for a few 
	days somewhere on Long Island.

-Captain Joseph G. STORY, Company A, 23d Regiment, goes to 
	Kiskatom, in the Catskills.

-Captain Philip A. STUBER, Company F, 15th Battalion, will make trips 
	to Coney Island two or three times a week.

-Captain J. Fred ACKERMAN, I. R. P. 13th Regiment, will vibrate 
	between this city and Coney Island.

-Surgeon James L. FARLEY, 14th Regiment, will stay near New Haven, Ct.

-First Lieutenant Walter K. ROSSITER, Aid-de-Camp, 5th Brigade staff, 
	hopes to get off to Ellenville, Ulster County.

-Captain J. Frank DILLENT, company F, 13th Regiment will stay at Centreport, L. I.

-David David T. LYNCH, Company D, 15th Battalion, will go to Saratoga as usual.

-Adjutant Selden C. CLOBRIDGE, 14th Regiment, intends staying at 
	Turin, Lewis County, N. Y.

-Captain Joseph I. Dowling, of Company D, 13th Regiment, will 
	rusticate at Mountclair, N. J.

-First Lieutenant Gevert PAPE, Company E, 15th Battalion, is in Germany.

-Major Fred A. BALDWIN, Company B, 13th Regiment, will recreate at Nyack.

-Captain John MC NEILL, Company H, of the 14th Regiment, will do the 
	Catskill Mountains.

-Captain Frank M. PIERCE , of Company C, 13th Regiment will recuperate 
	among the Berkshire Hills, Mass.

-Captain Ramon CARDONA, Company I, 14th Regiment, hopes to get off to 
	Porter's Corner, Saratoga County.

-Captain Wm. L. WATSON, Company G, 13th Regiment, is going to Martha's Vineyard.

-Lieut. Emil SCHIELLEIN, Company C, 15th Battalion, is going to 
	Florida, Orange County.

-Captain Henry BOIVIE, of Company G, 14th Regiment, is in Europe.

-Captain Henry T. BRAGG, Jr., Company A, of the 13th, will stay around 
	Narragansett Bay.

-Captain John W. HUTT, Company F, of the 14th, will travel in the West.

-Captain Frank HARRISSON, of Company E, 13th Regiment, will stay at 
	his place in New Rochelle, Westchester County.

-Captain Charles H. JOY, Company F, 23d Regiment will stay at 
	Armonk, Westchester County.

-Captain R. B. S. GRIM, Company I, 13th Regiment, does not expect to 
	get away this summer but will run down to Brighton Beach occasionally.

-First Lieutenant George H. PETTIT, Company F, of the 23d, will 
	visit the homestead at Hempstead.

-First Lieutenant Wm J. COLLINS, Company A, of the 13th, will make 
	trips to Coney Island.

-Second Lieutenant Joseph ROTINO, Company A, 13th Regiments, will 
	spend his vacation at Mechanicsville, Saratoga County.

-Second Lieutenant Howard M. GROSS, of Company F, 23d Regiment, 
will enjoy himself at Coney Island.

-First Lieutenant E. M. SMITH, Company B, 13th Regiment, is going to Roslyn, L. I.

-Second Lieutenant Wm. A. BROWN, of Company B, 13th Regiment, will 
	take in Coney Island.

-Captain Alexander HUNTER, 14th Regiment, is at Corinth, Saratoga County.

-Second Lieutenant Wm. L. FRANZ, of Company C, 13th Regiment, will 
	enjoy his vacation at Brown, near Lake George.

-Lieutenant George WERNER, Company F, 15th Battalion, will go to Saratoga.

-First Lieutenant George B. DAVIS, Company E, of the 13th, 
	is going to the Catskills.

-Second Lieutenant Howard L. ACKERMAN, of Company E, 13th Regiment, 
	will rusticate at Montclair, N. J.

-First Lieutenant John CUTTS, Company H, 14th Regiment, has arranged 
	to go to Goshen, Orange County.

-First Lieutenant T. G. THORNE, of Company F, 13th Regiment, will 
	visit Southold, Greenport, and places thereabouts.

-Second Lieutenant S. T. SKINNER, of Chaplain Beecher's company, 13th 

-Regiment, is going to the St. Lawrence, Montreal, and Quebec.

-Captain Charles L. FINCKE, Company E, of the 23d, ha gone to Vermont.

-First Lieutenant E. L. MERRIAM, Company H, of the 13th, is going to 
	the Thousand Islands.

-First Lieutenant Henry L. JEWETT, Company I, 13th will go up the 
	Island and down to "Old Coney."

-First Lieutenant Wm. J. MC KELVEY, Company K, 13th, goes to 
	Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island.

-Chaplain Henry Ward BEECHER, 13th Regiment, 
	takes his vacation at the White Mountains.

-Captain A. H. WILLIAMS, of Company G, 23d Regiment, will do the 
	rest of his summering at Hartford, his native city.

-Quartermaster Alexander BARNIE, 14th Regiment, 
	intends going to Port Jefferson, L. I.

-Lieutenant A. GRAUS, Company D, 15th Battalion, will go to Coney Island.

-Assistant Surgeon Edwin A. LEWIS, 23d Regiment, will make trips to New Haven.

-Captain Edwin S. BROWE, I. R. P., 14th Regiment, will do the Catskills.

-First Lieutenant Hassell NUTT, Company I, 14th Regiment is going to 
	East Machias, Maine.

-Lieutenant Auton BEHLEN, Separate Troop G, will stay on the Island.

Transcribed for the Bklyn Info Pages by Kathy Jost-Shouse