1883 honorably discharged soldiers.sailors & marines
Bklyn Eagle on the eve of Election Day, 5 November 1883.
The undersigned, honorably discharged soldiers, sailors and marines 
who served during the Rebellion, earnestly recommend and request all 
veterans of the late war, as well all patriotic citizens, to cast 
their ballots and vigorously support for the senator of the 
Fourth District Hon. John C. Jacobs......

Lewis E. MCLOUGHLIN     		Co. A, 82nd Reg., N.Y.V.
J.L. FOLLETT                    Battery G, First Missouri Light Art.,V.V.
J.F. KEENAN                     Co. G, 127th Reg.  N.Y.V.
James M. QUIGLEY                Co. F, 13th NY
Alex William DENSON             Co. E, 11th  N.Y.V.
H.C. PENSON                     Co. I, 17th Wis. V.
William L. EAGNEY               9 De Kalb Ave
James BARK  					Co. B, 4th NY H. Art.
Richard MCGEEHIN          		Co. B, 14th NY S.M.
Francis GALVIN  				Co. D, 5th NY H.A.
Thomas BRENNAN            		Co. G, 73rd NY S.V.
Thaddeus SKELTON   				Co. H, 14th NY V
Thomas KIERNAN              	Co. M, NY Cav.
Samuel M. HILTON            	Co. E, NY V.
Reuben T. KIPP                 	5th N.Y. Ind. Bat. NY V.
James PARMENTER           		4th Conn. S.V.
Henry LESHMAN                	2nd Marine V.V.
Martin MAHONEY          		Co. D, 131st NY V.
Daniel MCNAMARA             	Co. F, 84th NY S.V.
James CUNNINGHAM          		4th NY H. A.
Peter G. GRACE                 	Co. A, 20th Ny S.V.
Franklin A. MYERS              	Co. G, 16th Conn V.
Herman F. SCHLAEFER       		Co C, 89th NY S. V.
Dennis DAILEY                   3rd NY H.A., Co. D
Henry C. MILLER                 8th NY Cav.
Jonas L. SCOTT                  Co. A, 38th NY V.
Edward J. THOMAS              	Brooklyn
Charles METHEN                  4 DeKalb Ave
Chas. A. MUNA                   596 Fulton St.
Frank CREVELING               	25 Grove PL.
John R. PETTY                   100 Fleet Pl.
T.H. EVERETT                    413 Atlantic Ave
Joseph V. WHELAN              	196 Prince St.
Patrick RILLEY                  221 Myrtle Ave
George QUANTRELL             	Brooklyn
James SMITH                     172 Wyckoff St.
E.H. TYEN                       319 Gold St.
William S.M. HUGHES          	380 Hudson
Joseph W. HAYES               	23 DEveboise Pl.
William KANE                    4 DeKalb Ave
James CAMPBELL               	549 Fulton St.
L. CREIGHTON                    328 Livingston St.
George A. OWEN                	197 N. Fourth St.
P. MCCAFFEREY                	63 Fleet St.
Peter F. CASEY                  386  DeKAlb St.
John WHITON                     Brooklyn
S.H. POWELL                     671/2 Lawrence St.
John RICHARDSON             	13 DeKAlb Ave
Henry C. NELMER               	9 Bolivar St.
W.A. BETTS                      303 Raymond St.
Thos. F. MOORE                  10 Hanover Pl.
Charles CLEMENS              	4th , Co. H ,Artillery
E.R. JOHNSON                   	440 Lexington Ave
L. STURDY                       74th NY V., Excelsior Brigade
Wm. F. YOUNG                  	74th NY V., Excelsior Brigade
Jacob ACORN                    	12th Reg. NY Co. I
John J. HUMPHREY            	10th Reg. NY Vol. Infantry
George REYNOLDS             	74th NY V. Co. D
Frank Fenton                    Co I, 31st NY Vol.
Henry S. COOMBS              	Co. D, NY S. M. 
Edward T. REYNOLDS         		Co. B, 6th NY Calvary  

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