The Daily Standard Union
31 December 1889


Presentation of Badges at the Thirteenth Regiment

They have a Review and Reception Also-Mayor CHAPIN
Will Review the Twenty-third on Jan 25-Gen. McLEER out.

The Thirteenth Regiment gave a concert review, dress parade and
reception last night in honor of their members of the different
companies who have qualified as marksmen during the past year.

Names:   Rank, Name, SURNAME, company

Fifteen bars-

Capt. William J. COLLINS,  A.
Capt. W. Attwood FRENCH, staff

Fourteen bars-

Private T. M. HARVEY, G.

Thirteen bars-
Sergeant James McNEVIN, N.C.S.
Major R.P. MORLE, field

Eleven bars-

Sergeant J.T. BAXTER, G
Private J.F. JENNINGS, B
Capt. William L. WATSON, G.

Ten bars-

Private Thomas G. AUSTIN, G.
Private T. SIMMONS, Jr., E.

Nine bars-

Sergeant  G. E. CONSTABLE, F.
Col. David E. AUSTEN, field.

Eight bars-

Sergeant George A. LANE, A.
Sergeant  J.F. COOPER, D.
First Lieut. C.P. FISH, C.
Private J.J. TEEVAN, F.
Corporal Alexander PARKER, F.
Corporal A. A. HAYWOOD, G.

Seven bars-

Capt. C.H. LUSCOMB, K.
Q.M. Sergeant H.G. MORRIS, G.
First Lieut. W.W. HANOLD, G.
Second Lieut. W.P. RAE, G.
Capt. J. Frank DILLONT, F.
Private J. MARALIOUS, D.
Capt. Charles O. DAVIS, D.

Six bars-

Capt. William H. COCHRAN, H.
Private James WOEHR, F.
Private W.H. WILSON, Jr., F.
Sergeant T.W. BUDLEMAN, F.
Private L.S. COLE, H.
Sergeant Hayward SMITH, N.C.S.
First Sergeant A.H. LINN, F.
Sergeant J.H. YAUCH, H.
Private A.A. HOLSKIE, H.
First Lieut. C. WERNER, staff
Sergeant J.E. RAMSBOTHAM, A.
Private Louis DUKLON, F.
First Sergeant W.S. GENDAR, B.
Capt. William KERBY, E.

Five bars-

Private F. P. DeVIGNE, D.
Private George W. LOTZ, G.
Sergeant S.F. FAHNSTOCK, I.
Private W.E. PINE, E.
Private George PETTIT, Jr., F.
Private W. FLATTEN, K.
Second Lieut. A.L. WESCOTT, H.
First Lieut. William C. ROE, B.
Sergeant E.H. NARWOOD, N.C.S.

Four bars-

Corporal Valentine WERNER, H.
Corporal Harry MEEKS, D.
Private G.A. WILSON, H.
Private P.M. COLLIGAN, C.
Corporal J.E. PARSONS, G.
Private Louis GAU, Jr., I.
Corporal H.W. STYLES, A.
Private F.F. MARQUAND, C.
Private M.A. DOLTEN, G.
Private F.W. BODEN, I.
Capt. George G. COCHRAN, I.
Private W. COTRELL, D.
Private Thomas FLETCHER, Jr., A.
Private Wilbur YERKS, Jr., E.
Private E.J. McINERNEY, G.
Private A.H. DURBUR, C.
First Lieut. W.H. COUGHLIN, Staff.
Sergeant George SANDHUSEN, N.C.S.
Private B.N. McQUEEN, G.
Sergeant W.T. HUDSON, B.
Corporal C.A. HORNBY, H.
Private J.E. EMMERSON, G.
Quartermaster’s Sergeant G.W. CLACKNER, D.
Corporal E.C. COWLISHAW, F.
Private F.C. WICKES, B.
Private J.H. CASHMAN, I.
Private J.F. ABRAMS, E.
Corporal E.E. THOMAS, F.
Corporal J.M. McQUEEN, G.

Three bars,

Sergeant H.A.WILLIAMS, N.C.S.
Private W.L. EASSON, G.
Private G.E. HOLMES, A.
Private E.W. BRYAN, I.
Corporal Thomas CHADWICK, E.
Private E.H. KIRBY, E.
Second Lieut. G.W. RODGERS, K.
First Lieut. G.C. BROOME, I.
Private R.E. COPELAND, K.
Private G.W.K. EASSON, G.
Sergeant Delisle S. GREEN, C.
Second Lieut. F.R. WISWLL, A.
Private C.T. WILLANS, G.
Corporal J.F. GORDON, E.
Private George C. BUTCHER, C.
Corporal C.A. WILLIAMS, B.
Private A.O. WATERS, C.
Private J.H. DOYLE, F.
Private W. DONAGHY, H.
Sergeant M. REMINGTON, N.C.S.
Capt. A.R. JARRET, staff.
Corporal M.A. DOHERTY, H.
Private C.W. SMITH, G.
Private William DEISEL, D.
Sergeant E.H. COFFIN, N.C.S.
Private W.P. CLICKNER, G.
First Lieut. Lionel E. BROWN, E.
Private J.J. McKENNA, C.
Corporal A.J. EASSON, G.
Private Alfred SNELLGROVE, F.
Private C.H. WISWELL, ?.
Sergeant M.M. KELLY, I.
Sergeant W.C. MARSHALL, B.
Corporal S.A. JOHNSON, A.
Sergeant T.J. HOOLEY, K.
Corporal F.T. PRANKARD, Jr., A.
Private T.F. SWEENEY, E.
Private W.E. BLAUVELT, F.
Corporal W.D. STEWART, B.
Private Gerald KELLAR, D.

Two bars,

Private C.J. MOORE, B.
Private G.M. FIELD, K.
Private W.F. KEMBLE, G.
Sergeant W.H. HOLDEN, N.C.S.
Private H.T. ALLEN, K.
Corporal C.A. EVANS, F.
Private Frank O. MURPHY, C.
Private J.A. KANE, A.
Private B.H. HALL, G.
Private C.I. THOMPSON, D.
Private C.E. BENNET, G.
Sergeant G.W. COWAN, F.
Private J.C. LASS, E.
Private J.B. BATEMAN, G.
Private K.O.B. OSTERBERG, F.
Capt. W. POWELL, B.
Private John HILLYARD, K.
Private W.J. WALTON, E
Private O.K.W. ROBINSON, K.
Private W.L. HEMPTEAD, E.
Private W.H. BEADE, G.
Private R.J. GRAHAM, H.
Private Marcie DUNN, G.
First Lieut. J.A. ANDERSON, C.
Private R.E. MILLER, G.
Private W.H. NASH, G.
Private J.F. CRANE, E.
Private J.A. JOHNSON, H.
Private D.L. VAN HOUTEN, G.
Private L.H. ENGLEHARD, K.
Private W.L. SIANDORF, H.
Private J.A. EDEN, Jr., G.
Private John McKENNEY, K.
Private J.F. BAKER, G.
Private J.W. WILLIAMS, B.
Major J.A. COCHRAN, staff
Private F.W. BRIGGS, G.
Private J.S. STOCKTON, G.
Private W.G. DAVIS, G.
Private A.J. MURRAY, G.
Sergeant F.D. CONDIT, K.
Private R.P. SAUL, A.
Private R.F. BYRNES, F.
Private Townsend SMITH, K.
Private E.J. ANDERSON, F.
Private J.W. STEWART, A.
Private A.L. PETIT, K.
Private B.R. LAING, K.
Corporal G.B. ALLEN, K.
Private W.J. KNOWLES, I.
Private H.W. GRIFFITH, K
Private W.M. McELROY, F.
Private Thomas ROWLANDS, K.

One bar..

Private J.M. PETTIT, F.
Private G.H. FRASER, A.
Private S.A. TRIMBLE, F.
Private F.B. GEORGE, A.
Private T. P?ATT, H.
Quartermaster-sergeant H.W. KRAFT, H.
Private W.H. BAKER, F.
Private C.F. JOLI, Jr., I.
Private T.R. EDEN, G.
Private J.J. DEMPSEY, I.
Corporal E.R. WRIGHT, K.
Private J.M. McKENZIE, K.
Second Lieut. C.G. TINKER, I.
Private T. O’SHEA, A.
Private T.S. DRAPER, F.
Private Clessen FIELD, K.
Private F.W. ROWLEY, H.
Private J.D. WAITE, K.
Private J.E. APPLEGATE, E.
Private W.J. ANDERSON, G.
Private H. KAMMERER, B.
Private P.A. BRYAN, F.
Private B.N. ENNIS, I.
Private K.R. FOSBERG, E.
Private J.M. DAY, G.
Private A.S. VINTON, D.
Private H.J. PERRIN, K.
Corporal  R.M. G??SS, K.
Private F.D. VAN WINKLE, F.
Private P.J. CLARK, F.
Private J.H. BISHOP, H.
Private T.H. FORD, H.
Private A. SPACKMAN, H.
Private W.A. HUBBARD, I.
Private K.S. MAJOR, G.
Private B.A. CANAVALO, K.
Private W.H. SKELTON, B.
Private E.J. CHAPMAN, G.
Private J.H. KITCHING, G.
Private G.L. TURTON, K.
Private A.D. SHULTZ, C.
Private G. DeW. DOWLING, E.
Private C.A. WINSLOW, E.
Private W.H. WHITFORD, K.
Private E.E. DeELOM, D.
Private W.J. ROGERS, K.
Private F. KOPF, F.
Private J. W. THOMAS, D.
Private J.H. SCHULTZ, G.
Private H.C. ANGELL, A.
Private Charles G. CASEY, E.
Private E.J. KERSEY, D.
Private C.W. DeCASTILLA, B.
Second Lieut. W.C. CROLLUS, F.
Private F.L. HAYES, I.
Private H.M. MULREADY, G.
Private P. KETL, K.
Private C.H. TANDY, B.
Private M.T. DRUDY, K.
Corporal J.M. SCHULZ, A.
Private T.G. HEWINS, E.
Private F.R. POST, E.
Private H.W. EDEN, G.
Corporal J.J. SERINGEOUR, A.
Private T.S. WOODCOCK, B.
Private Adolph VEIL, E.
Private A.P. COOCK, F.
Private C.0. FINNBLADE, I.
Private W.A. SMITH, E.
Private F.W. ADAMS, K.
Private H.R. ROBY, G.
Private H.T. DOTY, G.
Private H.P. SIMMONS, K.
Private H.E. PENNOYER, G.
Private J.T. CROWLEY, F.
Private J.J. RIGBIV, B.
Private J.L. ALLEN, G.
Private G.L. KARCO, G.
Private J.W. POUND, C.
Private H. NEWMAN, D.
Private N.R. WOODS, B.
Private H.K. McDOWALL, F.
Private C.J. GRILL, H.
Private C.K. BUCKLEY, B.
Private W.B. PATERSON, F.
Private F. DURBUR, A.
Private F.R. BARNARD, I.
Private M.J. McELLIGOT, F.
Private J.J. DOUGHERTY, I.
Private W.W. WEMYS, H
Private T.E. HOWARD, B
Private H.S. O’KEEFE, F
Private J.S. COWAN, F
Private Charles O’HARA, K
Private George GEHRING, K
Private H.S. PURDY, K
Private C.E. WALLACE, B
Private D.P. STEWART, D


Sergeant George E. CONSTABLE, F., 9 bars
Private George W. LOTZ, G., 5 bars
Capt. Charles H. LUSCOMB, K., 7 bars
Private Thomas G. AUSTIN, G., 10 bars
Sergeant James McNEVIN, N.C.S., 13 bars
Sergeant George A. LANE, A., 8 bars
Major Richard P. MORLE, staff, 13 bars
Quartermaster Sergeant H.G. MORRIS, G. 7 bars
Corporal Valentine WERNER, H., 4 bars

Medal Winners..

"Dolau" Private J.M. PETTIT, Company F.
"Aller" Private F.L. HAYES, Company I.
"Inspector’s" second, Major R.P. MORLE, field.
"Inspector’s" first, Private KAPP, Company F.
"Inspector’s" first, Private McDOWELL, Company F.

At the conclusion of the presentation of marksmen’s badges 
the floor was given up to dancing.

Private Frederick W. KUENECKE, Company C., 
has been dishonorably discharged.

For the first time in many weeks Gen. James McLEER was 
able to be at his desk at Brigade Headquarters, 
although only for a short time.  He is still suffering 
severe pains from his wounds.

Transcribed by Margaret Ransom