17 September  1923
Brooklyn Daily Standard Union

Twelve Survivors of Fighting Fourteenth
Honor Memory of Comrades of   '61

Twelve survivors of Brooklyn's old "Fighting
Fourteenth,"the "Red-legged Devils" of the early '60's,
came into their own yesterday afternoon when 3000
persons gathered in Fort Greene Park to pay tribute to
them and to the memory of their deceased comrades.
The annual Sabbath service was held at the foot of the
Memorial to Col. and Brevet-Brig. Gen. Edward B.
FOWLER, the valiant commander who led the "Red-legs"
in many a bloody battle.
	A company of the present 14th Regiment led by
Col. Frederick W. BALDWIN, and preceded by the
regimental band, marched to the Fowler statue, and after
"assembly" had been sounded, stood at attention while
Capt. Edward RIKER, one of the famous veterans, laid
a laurel wreath on the memorial to his former chief.
	Col. BALDWIN delivered the address of welcome.
Rear Admiral PLUNKETT, commander of the Brooklyn
Navy Yard, roundly scored a certain section of the press
for the  pacifistic tendencies.
	"I am convinced," he said, "that the direct progeny
of those individuals who seek to weaken the arm of
Uncle Sam will, in the next conflict,be shot going to the
rear." Col Adolph KLINE was present, but because of a
sore throat, asked to be excused from making his scheduled
address. Col. Edward A. SIMMONS, County Commander of
the American Legion, referring to the public and party
neglect in failing to suitably reward the services of a
distinguished soldier and citizen like Gen. FOWLER. He
declared it was the avowed intention of the American
Legion to prevent, as far as possible, a repetition of
such conduct toward deserving veterans of the World War.
	Charles J. DODD, district Attorney of King's
County; Edward T. O'LOUGHLIN, deputy commissioner of
markets, and William TAPLEY, State departmental
commander, V.F.W., outlined the 75 years of useful
service which the 14th has given to the nation, and
emphasized the necessity of passing on the "flaming
torch" to future generations.
	The 14th Regiment Band played several patriotic
and reminiscent airs in honor of the veterans of three
wars who were present. Mrs. Gertrude Gunston  WERNER
sang "Only An Honor Bearer". After the Rev. Harold S.
MILLER, chaplain of the 14th, had said benediction, "taps"
was sounded. 	
	A wordy altercation which ensued between Col.
BALDWIN and two or three of the spectators as to
whether or not hats should be removed while "America"
is being sung threatened to mar the exercises. Although
the affair was quickly smoothed over, the individuals, one
of whom was a Civil War veteran, who disputed the
colonel's insisting that headgear be removed, remained
unconvinced. They maintained that one should uncover
only during the rendition of the national anthem.
	The survivors of the historic regiment whose
courageous leader was eulogized yesterday are:
Edward RIKER,chairman of the Civil War Veterans'
Association of the 14th Regiment; Raymond CARDONA,
treasurer; John JELLY, George RICE, Edward ANTHONY,
George Washington SMITH, William Z. SMITH, John
WHITE, Michael McCARTHY, George SMITH, John

Transcribed by Joy E. Bold