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Offical List compiled from the New York Honor Roll
published by the Adjutant General Kineaid, 1919

NOTE: Make sure you check thru the entire listing
for each letter.They are not always alphabetized..

WW1 Dead ...Suffolk County, Long Island, New York

NOTE: According to the list in the Book there are NO 'A' names listed.. Baer, Paul K, Sag Harbor. Pvt., 25th Ret. Co., Gen. Serv. lnf. Died of pneumonia, March 19, 1918. Baker, Francis Oscar, Maple St.,Islip, L.I. Pvt., 41gt Co., 152nd Dept. Brig. Died of broncho pneumonia, October 17, 1918. Balek, William, Wall St., East Islip,L.I. Pvt., Co. L, 310th Inf. Killed in action, October 29, 1918. Barkenbush, John, Atlantic St., West Sayville. Pvt.. Ret. Co., N. Y. Died of influenza, October 13, 1918. Bartunek, John. Fort H. G. Wright,Engra. Cas. Div, C. A. C. School,F. Monroe. Died of cerebro spinal syphilis, September 28, 1919. Batttle, George F., Sag Harbor. Pvt,Co. D, 308th Inf. Killed in action,October 2, 1918. Becker, Martin, 7th St., Huntington. Corp. Co. D, 306th Int. M. G., Bn. Killed in action, October 8, 1918. Beebe, William H., Jr., Orient. Mech,Co. H, 305th Inf. Died of wounds,December 14, 1918. Benjamin, Everett R., Riverhead. 2nd Lt, A. A. S. C. Died of disease,October 1, 1918. Bess, Clifford Leroy, Flanders Road,Riverhead. Pvt., 27th Co., 7th Bn.,152nd Dep. Brig. Died of pneumonia,October 8, 1918. Blydenburgh, Charles H Jr East Patchogue. Pvt., 1st cl., 42nd Co.,153rd Dep. Brig. Died of influenza,September 26, 1918. Bohm, Emil, Railroad Ave., Islip. Pvt.,1st Cl., Co. G, 305th Inf. Killed in action; September 27, 1918. Bokinz, Frank, 27 Front St., Greenpoint. Pvt., 1st Cl., Co. B, 55th Inf. Died of wounds, November 16, 1918. Brooks, Stacy T., East Marion. Pvt.,M. G. Co., 326th Inf. Died of wounds, November 15, 1918. Brown, Stephen, Main St., Center Monches. Pvt,Co. K, Dev. Bn. 3 Camp Upton. Died of broncho pneumonia, October 8, 1918. C Cameron, Douglas T Fisher's Island. 1st Lt., Btry. D, 7th F. Arty. Killed in action, November 3, 1918. Case, Leslie B., Main St., Peconic. Pvt., Hq. Co.. 152d Dep. Brig. Died of broncno pneumonia, October, 1918. Chelberg, James F., Division St., Sag Harbor. Pvt., Co. A, 306th Inf. Killed in action.September 6, 1918. Chituk, Charles E., South Jamesport. Mec. Co. I,106th Inf. Died of influenza and broncho pneumonia, October 27, 1918. Clampitt, Robert J., Fort H. G. Wright. Sgt., 1st Cl., 321st Co., 1st Brig.TanK Corp. Died of pneumonia,October 20, 1918. Clancy, Leland S., South Hampton. Pvt., 1st Cl., 303rd F. Sig., Co. B. Died of drowning, August 19, 1918. Clark, Bryant, East Marion. Wagoner, Co. A., 302d Engrs. Died of pneumonia, May 10, 1918. Clark, Theodore P., Ft. H. G. Wright. Pvt., C. A. C. Mine Planter Mills. Died of paralysis of the intestines,April 11, 1917. Cleaves, Raymond L., Amagansett Rd .,East Hampton. Pvt., Hq. Co., 107th Inf. Died of fracture of spine, involving cord, paraplegia. May 7, 1918. Cockerill, Edward J., Babylon. Pvt.,2d Tng. Bn., 26th Inf. Died of lobar pneumonia, December 9, 1917. Conway, John B., Northport. Pvt., 1st Cl., Co. G, 106th Inf. Killed in action. September 27, 1918. Cook, Rowland, 117 South St., Greenport. Pvt., Motor Repay Shop Unit 311. Died of lobar pneumonia,October 6, 1918. D Daskewick, Peter, 1 Main St, Bayshore. Pvt., Co. I, 108th Inf. Died of endocarditis, June 17, 1918. Dorries, George, Commack, LI. Pvt.,Co. C, 307th Engrs. Died of wounds,October 7, 1918. Dressler, Fritz L., Islip. Cont., Office of Q. M. Died ot disease, October 16, 1918. Dresser, Hans, Patchogue. Pvt., 5th Co., 152d Dept. Brig. Died of pneumonia, September 28,1918. F Ferguson, Danforth B., Huntington,L.I. Pvt., Btry. A., 42d Arty., C.A. C. Died of pneumonia, October 20, 1918. Feustel, William, Travis Ave., Lindenhurst. Pvt., Co: F, 114th Inf. Killed in action, October 12, 1918. Floyd, Eugene, Babylon. Pvt., Co. E,15th Inf. Died of accidental drowning, August, 1917. Ford, Eugene M., Udall Ave., West Islip. Pvt. lst Cl., 452d Truck Co.Engrs. M. T. Sec. Died of purulent general peritonitis, November 13, 1918. Fortunato, Umberto, Bridgehampton. Pvt. 1st Cl., Co. E, 307th Inf. Died of hemorrhage of bowels, typhoid pneumonia, November 24, 1918. Frazier, George H Wall St., Huntington. Pvt., Co. G, 369th Inf. Killed in action, September 26, 1918 French, Walter W., Ocean Ave., Patchogue, L.I. Pvt., Co. B, 106th Inf. Died of wounds, November 30,1918. G Goodell, Lawrence. Fisher's Island. 2d Lt Q. M. C. Death of drowning at sea, October 4, 1918. Graham, William, Ft. J.. G. Wright Pvt., 1st Co., L. I. Sd. C. A. C. Died of pneumonia, March 28, 1918. H Hallock, W. Merritt, Ronkonkoma. Corp., Co. M, 308th Inf. Killed in action, October 14, 1918. Halsey, Edwin C., East Hampton Rd. Pvt., 1st Cl., 2d Co., 4th Mac. Reg.A. S. Died of lobar pneumonia,October 31, 1918. Hamm, Arthur E., West Hampton Beach. Capt., Co. M, 326th Inf. Killed in action, September 14, 1918. Hand, Eugene M., Goodground, L. I. Pvt., 1st Cl., Btry. C, 80th F. A. Died of pneumonia, May 13, 1918. Hargreaves, Paul L., Warwick Ave.,Jamaica. Pvt., 1st Cl., Sn. Service Unit 523. Killed in action, June 4,1918. Harrigan, Thomas P., Halesite. Pvt.,27th Prov. Ord. Dept. Co., 2d Regt.,Ord. Tng. Corps. Died cerebrospinal meningitis, October 31, 1918. Haupt, John C, St.Jamesport. Pvt.,Btry. D, 26th F. A. Died of broncho pneumonia, October 19, 1918. Hemmer, Valentine Andrew, Smithtown. Pvt., 42d Co., 152d Dept.Brig. Died of lobar pneumonia, October 5, 1918. Herold, John J. Jr., State Hosp.,Central Islip. Sgt, Mch. Co. C, 308th Inf. Died of wounds, June 26, 1918. Herter, Everit Albert, East Hampton, Sgt., 1st Cl., Co. A, 40th Engrs. Died of wounda in action, June 13,1918. Horn, Henry, Northport. Pvt., 1st Cl.,Co. G, 106th Inf. Killed in action,September 27, 1918. Hurd, John R., Huntington Pvt., Tr.A, 6th Cav. Died of lobar pneumonia, February 13, 1918. I Ingersoll, Henry I., Halesite. Corp.,Co. K, 107th Inf. Died of cerebrospinal meningitia, September 15, 1918. J Jacobs, Walter H., Port Jefferson. Pvt.,280th Air Sq., Hazelhurst Field. Died of pneumonia, December 5, 1918. Jennings, Mark Wells, 120 Centre St.,Greenport. Pvt, S. A. T. C., St.Stephen College, Annandale. Died of pneumonia and edema of brain,October 21, 1918. Jobe, William Edward, Sag Harbor. Pvt., Det. Md., Base Mosp., Cp. Merritt, N. J. Died of broncho pneumonia and influenza, October 4, 1918. Jones, Henry J., East Hampton. Pvt.,1st Cl., Co. B, 305th M. G. Bn. Killed in action, November 1, 1918. Jones, John W Orient. Pvt., 307th Inf. Killed in action, September 14,1918. K Keenan, Cornelius J., 2d St., Riverhead. Pvt., Base Hosp. 61. Died of broncho pneumonia, October 18, 1918. King, William Thomas, care of Le Mart, Kings Park. Cook, 29th Co.,8th Bn., 152d Dept. Brig. Died of broncho pneumonia, December 8, 1918. Kloppenburg, Walter H., West Hampton. Pvt., .Co. L, 9th Inf. Killed in action, November 4, 1918. L Landwehr, Percy, Carl Ave., Babylon. Pvt., Btry. D, 35th F. A. Died of lobar pneumonia, October 22, 1918. Laske, Felix, Watermill. Pvt., Co. F,9th Inf. Killed in action, Novermber 10, 1918. Loeffler, Joseph J., Brentwood, L.I. Pvt., 1st Cl., Co. K, 310th Inf. Killed in action, September 22, 1918. McHugh, John J M. D., Kings Park Hosp., Kings Park, L. 1. Accidental drowning, May 24, 1919. McHugh, William, Kings Park. Sgt.,Base Hosp. 106, Died of tuberculosis, February 13, 1920. M Maler, Charie Ralph, North Bellport. Corp. Co. B, 308th Inf. Died of wounds, June 24, 1918. Mandak Matias, Bay Shore. Cook,Co. K, 106th Inf. Killed in action,September 2, 1918. Martel, William, Huntington. Pvt. Btry. F, 42d Arty. C. A. C. Died as a result of accidentally being struck by truck, November 24, 1918. Montgomery, William, Montauk. Pvt. Co. K, 6th Inf. Died of pneumonia,November 26, 1919. Moore, Howard R 73 R. R. Ave.,Patchogue. Pvt., 3rd Co. Cot, Camp Humphreys, Va. Died of pneumonia,October 6, 1918. Morris, Jesse B, Blue Point, 2d Lt.,Co. K, 103rd Inf. Died January 12,1919. Murphy, Joseph F Cedar St., Babylon. Pvt., Co. K, 305th Inf. Killed in action, August 14, 1918. Munro, Donald C., Kings Park. Pvt.,Co. F, 165th Inf. Died from explosion of oil (lubricant)i June 16, 1918. Murray, Roland, West Islip. Pvt., Co.H, 369th Inf. Killed in action, October 1, 1918. N Newton, Edward A., Medford, Corp.,M. G. Co., 106th Inf. Died of wounds, October 8, 1918. Nichols, James M., Hauppauge, L. I. Corp., Co. C, 7th F. Sg. Bn. Died of broncho pneumonia, February 20,1919. O O'Rourke, Michael F., Brunswick Home, Amityville. Pvt., Co. M,307th Inf, Killed in action, September 16, 1918. Overton, William C., Main St, Bellport. Pvt., M. Trk Co. 485. Died of broncho pneumonia, October 3, 1918. P Pattison, Cyrus E., 69 N. Ocean Ave.,Patchogue. Corp., Co. H, 306th Inf. Killed in action, October 2, 1918. Penny, Laurence H Mattituck. Pvt.,Co. A, 1st Rep. Regt. Engres. Wash.Bks. Died of pneumonia, January 5, 1918. Perenko, Andro, 512 5th St., Greenport. Pvt Co. G, 316th Inf. Died of lobar pneumonia, October 14, 1918. Phillips, Joseph A., Hansen PI., Sayville. Pvt. Co. E, 316th Inf. Killed in action, September 29, 1918. Powell, Simon, Box 158, Bridgehampton. Pvt.,. 2d Prov. Co., Vet. Tug.Sch., C. Lee, Va, Died of pneumonia, October 17, 1918. R Raven, Richard M., Bay Shore, 1st Lt. Killed in action, October 18,1918. Raven, Robert S., Bay Shore. Corp.,Co. K, 107th Inf. Killed in action,September 29, 1918. Radnor, Egbert Eugene, P. 0. Box 84,Hauppauge. Pvt Co. G, M. D, Det.Base Hosp. Died of broncho pneumonia, December 30, 1918, Rifflard, Lincoln Ave., Sayville. Corp.,Co. M, 307th Inf. Died of wounds,October 23,1918. Rinck, Joseph, 399 W. Main St., Patchogue. Sgt., Co. H, 9th Inf. Died of wounds, September 1,6, 1918. Ritch, Wilson, Jr, Smithtown. Corp.,Co. D, 306th Inf. Killed in action,September 6, 1918. Rizzuto, Philip, Copiague. Pvt Co. I,306th Inf. Died of wounds, August 17, I918. Romano, Lawrence F., Main St., Huntington. Corp., Co. M, 305th Inf. Killed in action, October 5, 1918. Ruback, Edward, opp. Martha Voldenauer, Lindenhurst. Pvt Co. Co. C,M. D. formerly Cooks' and Bakers School, Camp Greenleaf, Ga. Died of lobar pneumonia, October 6, 1918. Ruser, Wm. Ferdinand, 7th at. & N. Y.Ave., Huntington Station. Co. E,306th Inf. Killed in action, October 28, 1918. Rusy, Joseph, Locust Ave,, Islip. Corp.,Co. K, 310th Inf. Killed in action,September 22, 1918. Ryan, Ernest A., Southampton. Pvt., Btry. E, 305th F. A. Died of pneumonia, February 8, 1919. S Sandomenico, Carl, 56 Academy St.,Patchogue, Pvt., Co. H., 71st Inf. Died of pneumonia and influenza, October 3, 1918. Schmelter, Otto, Eastport. Pvt., M. G.Co., 305th Inf. Killed in action,September 8, 1918. Scudder, Philip J., Haleister. 1st Lt. Killed in action, August 26, 1918. Shear, Harold E Mattituck. 1st Lt.,M. C. Died October 3, 1918. Shields, Arthur F Patchogue. Sgt., date not known. Co. G, 23d Inf. Killed in action, July 19, 1918. Sherwood, George P. Jefferson Ave.,St. James. Pvt., 1st Cl., Co. V, 313th Inf, Died of wounds, November 6,1918 Sherwood, William J., Jefferson Ave.St. James. Pvt., Co. H, 316th Inf. Died of lobar pneumonia and pleurisy,October 16, 1918. Sickenburger, Frank, Melville. Pvt.,1st Cl., Co. L, 310th Inf. Died November 4, 1918. Sidorovich, Nicholas P., Commack. Pvt., 1st Cl., Co. I, 305th Inf. Killed in action, October 20, 1918. Sirnrell (Sinnell), Arthur L R. F. D.No. 1, Babylon. Pvt., Co. M, 23d lnf. Died of wounds, June 16, 1918. Smith, Harry, Huntington. Pvt., Co.A, 308th Inf, Killed in action, August 27, 1918. Solomonoff, Isaac, Huntington. Pvt.,1st Cl., Co. D, 106th Inf. Killed in action, September 27, 1918. Soueek, Joseph C. Kensington Ave.,Bayport. Corp., Cas. Sick, B. H. Co.,Upton. Died of general septicaemia,April 21, 1919. Spicer, Percy T., Bridgehampton. Pvt.,1st Cl Vet. Hosp. 8, Died of lobar pneumonia, September 13, 1918. Squires, Le Roy H., Ponguoque Ave.,Goodground. Corp., Btry. F, 26th F. A. Died of influenia, October 21, 1918 Swezey, Lewis H. 363 Grove Ave., Patchogue Pvt. 1st Cl., Co. G., 305th Inf. Killed in action, October, 5, 1918 T Turner, William B Garden City, L. I. 1st Lt., Co. M, 105th Inf. Killed in action, September 27, 1918. Tilley, Wiltiam E.. Jr., Roslyn, L. I. Pvt., Co. C, l06th M. G. Bn. Killed in action, July 31, 1918. Thompson, Herman Albert, Smithtown. Pvt., 43d Co., 152d Dep. Brig. Died of broncho pneumonia, October 15,1918. Tiivola, August Frederick John, 9th Ave., East Northport. Pvt. 5th Co.,152d Dep. Brig. Died of broncho pneumonia, October 28,1918. Tisnower, Isaac, Southampton, L. I. Corp., Co. K, 307th lnf. Killed in action, September 14, 1918. Topping, Nathaniel H., Sagaponack. 2d Lt., A. S. Died of accident at Memphis, Tenn., August 23, 1918. V Vitello, Fortunate, Smithtown. Pvt.,Co. A, 26th Inf. Died of wounds received in action, October 7, 1918. Van Buskirk, Harold, Valley Stream, L. I. Pvt. Co. I, I06th Inf. Killed in action, July 28, 1918. W Wagner, Jacob Charles, Box 757, Bayshore. Mesa Sgt., Hq, Tr., 27th Division. Died of influenza and pneumonia, October 7, 1918. Watson, Robert E., No. B'way, Amityville. Sgt., Co. M, 307th Inf. Killed in action, October 12, 1918. Weber, George L., 31 Conklin Ave.,Patchogue. Pvt.L Co, F, 127th Inf, Killed in action, September 1, 1918, Wesch, Wm. P. J., Locust Ave Babylon. Pvt., 5th Co, 152d Dep. Brig, Died of pneumonia, September 23,1918. Wever, Joseph F Sayville. Sgt.. Co. D, 302nd Engrs. Killed in action, August 23, 1918. White, Theodore C Farmingdale Rd.,Babylon. Mech., Co. D. ,306th Inf. Died of pleurisy, chronic, September 29, 1918. William, Graham, Ft. H. G. Wright. Corp., 1st Co., C. A. C. Ft. Wright. Died of pneumonia, March 29, 1918. Wishart, Raymond, Setauket. Pvt Hq,Co., 305th Inf. Died of pneumonia and gas poisoning, August 24, 1918. Y Yale, Charles Elmer, Patchogue. Sup. Co 148th Inf. Died of pneumionia, November 25, 1918. Yeandle, Ernest H, Awixa Ave., BayShore. Pvt., Cac Co., 2d Bn.,Warfare Ser. Died of broncho pneumonia, October 4, 1918. Yeswoit, John, Great Neck Rd.Copiague. Pvt. 13th Regt. Feb.Auto. Repl. Draft. Died of broncho pneumonia and influenza, October 11,1918 Z Zolijer, Zuliju, Southampton. Pvt. Co. C, 313th Inf. Killed in action,September 30, 1918. Back To WORLD WAR 1 Main Back To MILITARY Main Back To BROOKLYN Main