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8 January 1907
SMITH ­ William J., in his thirty-first year.  
Funeral will take place from his late home, 51 Academy street, 
Thursday a.m., 9:30 o'clock; thence to St.Patrick's Church.  
Interment in Calvary Cemetery.

The following burials were recorded in the First Ward:

MIMNO, Mildred L., 3 months, 12 Ely avenue
WEYDIG, Elizabeth, 45 years, St. John's hospital
LANE, William, 36 years, St. John's hospital
CORR, James, 44 years, 116 Vernon avenue
LOEFFLER, Anna M., 61 years, 155 Academy street
MICHELS, George, 2 years, 112 Seventh street
ELLINGSEN, Edna, 1 year, 112 Seventh street
MOELLER, George, 66 years, 433 Steinway avenue
BARTELS, Christian, 54 years, 348 Pearson street
MAAS, William, 12 years, St. John's hospital
MORRIS, Dr. Theodore F., 75 years, 111 Woolsey street
SEVERINO, America M., 50 years, 170 Camelia street
FINNEGAN, Patrick, 38 years, Fourth street
ROSTETTER, John, 33 years, 997 Van Alst avenue
CALVANKA, Mary, 71 years, 122 Beebee avenue
HARTGE, Anna, 78 years, 54 Eighth avenue
HIPPLE, Herbert J., 18 years, 3 Greenoak street

15 January 1907
The following burial permits were given in the First Ward:
CORLISS, Elizabeth, 39 years, St. John's hospital
VAIL, John M., 2 years, 144 Seventh street
GARMAN, Jacob E., 44 years, St. John's hospital
CAPEK, Mary, 38 years, 813 Second avenue
KISTNER, Henry, 8 months, 35 Bradley avenue
WAHL, Charles J., 41 years, 29 Fulton avenue
BLESSINGER, Martin, 64 years, 87 Hancock street
MILLER, Mary, infant, 1 hour, 704 Eighth avenue
WECKMANN, John, 67 years, 602 Seventh avenue
PIPENELLA, Henry, 9 years, St. John's hospital
HART, John, 71 years, 66 Fourth street
SNYDER, Martha W., 31 years, St. John's hospital
KELLEHER, Elizabeth, 53 years, 505 Broadway
SAUER, Edith May, 7 months, 400 Freeman avenue
MICHELS, Louise, 4 years, 112 Seventh street
DAVIS, Thomas, 9 months, 136 Hunter avenue
BLAHA, Frank, 32 years, St. John's hospital
LYNCH, Mary, 60 years, Remson street
CASNORI, Rosy Mary, 6 years, Shore road
TIMMONS, Patrick, 60 years, Remson street
VEKOSKI, Lutian, 28 years, Washington avenue
VALENTINA, Maria, 40 years, St. John's hospital
WALSH, Thomas, 5 years, 107 East avenue
BENSON, Helma, 19 years, 709 North avenue

19 January 1918
Greenpoint Deaths ­ 19 Jan 1907 ­ Daily Star

John H. TIENKEN died at the Brooklyn City Mission House, 114 Greenpoint
avenue of heart disease.  He was thirty-eight years of age and was quite
well known in Greenpoint.  The funeral service was held Thursday evening at
the residence of his sister, 909 Gates avenue Brooklyn.  The interment was
made yesterday in Mount Olivet Cemetery by Mr. Oscar A. BOCH.

On Wednesday Mrs. Mary. H. BARKER died at her home, 723 Humboldt street, of
cerebral apoplexy.  The deceased was fifty-nine years of age and had resided
in Greenpoint many years.  The deceased resided on Oakland street for
upwards of twenty years, and was not known to leave her home in years prior
to removal to the house where  she passed away.  Mrs. BARKER was the wife of
Mr. Edward F. BARKER, a well known letter carrier at Station G, who survives
the deceased, together with a married son and daughter.
The funeral service will take place this evening at 8 o'clock and the Rev.
Samuel Geiss TREXLER, pastor of the English Lutheran Church of the Messiah
will officiate.  The interment will be made to-morrow morning in the family
plot in Cypress Hills Cemetery under the direction of Mr. Oscar A. BOCH.

William PARMENTER, whose widow, Mrs. Elizabeth PARMENTER, resides at 1014
Manhattan avenue, died at Aiken S.C., on Saturday last, of consumption.  The
deceased went south tow months ago for his health.

On Tuesday Eugene A. PFLUG died at his home, 101 Russell street, shortly
before noon, of pneumonia.  He was born in the Nineteenth Ward twenty-seven
years ago, and was one of five brothrs, two of whom, Drs. Charles and Henry
PFLUG, are well known physicians.  He was a graduate of "Old 16" (Wilson
street school) and afterwards attended and was graduated from a commercial
college.  Later he took up the lumber business and held a responsible
position in the office of his uncle, Louis BOSSERT, of Bossert & Sons,
lumber and merchants.
While only a young man he became thoroughly acquainted with the lumber trade
and was considered expert in his line.  A short time ago he accepted a
position of trust with the Holcomb & Coskey Lumber Company, and had a bright
future before him.
About four years ago he married Miss Collette R. MC KILLOP, daughter of
former Patrolman MC KILLOP, of the Sixty-first Precinct.  He leaves behind a
widow, one daughter, Mildred, aged two years.  He also leaves a mother,
sister and two other brothers, Louis and George, who are connected with Mr.
BOSSERT in the lumber business.  The funeral services were held yesterday
morning at 9:30 o'clock in St. Cecilia's Church, when a solemn requiem mass
was celebrated by the pastor, Rev. Edward J. MC GOLDRICK, who spoke of the
loss sustained by the death of this promising young man.

John WALSH, forty-two years old, of 14(?) Richardson street, died on Tuesday
afternoon in St. Mary's Hospital, Hoboken, from pneumonia.  He had been ill
but a short time.  His wife, Ellen, and five children survive him.
The funeral was held from the Richardson street address yesterday afternoon,
and the interment was in Calvary Cemetery.  John MC ELROY, of 940 Manhattan
avenue, had charge of the arrangements.

On Tuesday Caroline MUSGNUG died of diphtheria at her residence, 1083
Manhattan avenue.  She was twenty-three yeas of age and had been sick only
five days.
The funeral took place the next day and was conducted by Rev. F. W. OSWALD.
The interment was made by Mr. C. TREBER at Saint Paul's Churchyard, Forest

Mrs. Mary STICKEROTH died on Wednesday evening at her residence 183 Freeman
street in the fifty-ninth year of her age.  Pneumonia was the cause.  One
son survives her.
The funeral was held yesterday afternoon and the Rev. F.W. OSWALD
officiated.  Mr. C. TREBER had chard of the interment in Lutheran Cemetery.

The Rev. Dr. TOLMER, pastor of Emmanuel Protestant Episcopal Church,
Manhattan, will conduct the funeral services on Sunday afternoon for Mrs.
Matilda FISHER at her late home, 69 Hausman street.
Mrs. FISHER died Thursday after a prolonged illness.  She was in her
forty-fifth year, and was the wife of John FISHER, who, with one son, John
W., survives her.  Interment at Lutheran Cemetery, under the direction of
Undertaker John T. WEIGAND, of 207 Nassau avenue.

John JANSON one of the oldest residents of Greenpoint passed away Tuesday
night.  He had lived in Greenpoint for nearly sixty-five years.  Born in
England eighty four years ago, he came to this country while a child, and
except for a yew years had been living in Brooklyn ever since.  His wife,
Melinda; a son, Charles, and one daughter, Alice, both married, survive him.
The late Mr. JANSON had been in excellent health until recent years, kidney
trouble being the direct cause of death.  The funeral was held this Saturday
morning from the late home, the service being conducted by the Rev. F.W.
OSWALD, of St. John's Lutheran Church.  The interment was in Cypress Hills
Cemetery by John MC ELROY.

22 January 1907
Burials in the First ward:
MC CANN, Joseph, 47 years, 117 Seventeenth street
MOFFATT, Bridget, 58 years, 56 Fourth street
PRUSZINSKI, Johanna, 9 months, 273 Park place
LUPNICK, Barbara, 68 years, 361 Moore street
WALLACE, Mary, 70 years, 830 Crescent
BAIRN, John, 21 years, St. John's Hospital
SCHNEIDER, Maria, 53 years, 73 Hunter avenue
ROONEY, Patrick, 60 years, 124 East avenue
CRAFT, William, 45 years, St. John's hospital
SIMS, Harry G.,Jr.,17 years, 288 Flushing avenue
ZEB, Margaret, 74 years, 481 Jamaica avenue
BISHOP, Catherine, 6 months, 202 Prospect street
VODICKA, Anna, 57 years, 90 Willow street
PIETIAFESA, Gerardo, 11 YEARS, 133 Eighth street
VANDERBRANDT, Andrew F., 34 years, 1218 Van Alst avenue
SMITH, Ann Frances, 33 years, 100 Trowbridge street.
SWEENEY, Elenor M., 3 months, 516 Eighth street
STERN, Kate, 24 years, 96 Temple street
JOHNSON, Henry A., 7 years, 46 North William street
SMITH, Mike, 63 years, Clifton and Railroad avenue

Alexander A. WOODBURN, of Elmhurst, died last Saturday morning at his home
on Clermont Terrace, in the thirty-fifth year of his age after a long
illness.  Mr. WOODBURN had resided in Elmhurst for the past twenty-eight
years and was a member of the Mizpah Lodge No. 7575, and also of the Phi
Gamma Delta.
He was highly respected and esteemed by all who knew him.  He leaves a wife,
two brothers and his mother.  The funeral services will be held at St.
James' Protestant Episcopal Church, Elmhurst, on Tuesday afternoon at 2
o'clock.  The interment will be made in Cypress Hills Cemetery.

Charles KRUPP, Jr, the four year and six months old son of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles KRUPP, of Elmhurst died at the home of his parents on Broadway near
Court street, Sunday afternoon after a brief illness from pleuro-pneumonia.
Funeral services will be held Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock, at the home of
the child's parents.  Rev. Jeremiah HEAFEY, pastor of the Elmhurst Catholic
Church, will officiate.  Interment will be made in St. John's Cemetery.

Edna, the eight year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William J. KEATING,
residents of 51 Tulip street, Corona, died on Sunday morning.  Funeral
services will be held in St. Leo's Church, Corona, this Tuesday afternoon.
Interment will be made in Calvary Cemetery.

Edward STACK, an old resident of College Point, died Saturday at the home of
his son, James STACK, on Eleventh street, that village, after a long
illness.  The deceased was a native of Ireland, and he came to College Point
about forty-five years ago, since which time he had been employed
continuously in the American Hard Rubber Works at that place.  The deceased
was about seventy- eight years of age.  The funeral took place for the St.
Fidelis Church on Monday morning, when a solemn high mass was said for the
repose of his soul by the Rev. Father SCHUMACK.  He interment was in St.
Mary's Cemetery at Flushing.

Mrs. Emma HOLMES, wife of Harry SHIRE, one of the most popular conductors on
the New York and Queens County Railway, died Satrday at her home on Eleventh
street, College Point, after a severe illness.  Mrs. SHIRE was thirty-six
years old and was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. TILLINGHAST.  She was a member
of Marvin Rebeckah Lodge of that village.  She leaves besides her husband
four small children.

On Sunday morning Anthony KRUMMENACHER, for many years a resident of Elmont,
died at his home on Central aveneu before medical aid could reach him.  He
was eighty-two years of age and single, and had for some time past suffered
from heart disease.  Dr. FLYNN, by order of Coroner AMBLER, made an
examination of the body and found that death was due to causes as stated.

Through a stroke of paralysis Mrs. Amelia HAGER, age seventy-three years,
died suddenly at her home on Grand street, Richmond Hill.  She had been
complaining for some time past and had suffered a previous stroke, but on
Sunday before a phyician could be summoned, she died from the effects of the
second stroke.  Coroner AMBLER has been notified and found the facts as
related by the family.

Thomas MC CORMICK, age thirty-two years, died at his home on Mill street,
Astoria, after a short illness on Sunday.  Coroner NUTT was notified and
upon examining into the facts of the case found that pneumonia was the cause
of death.

29 January 1907
Burials ­ 29 Jan 1907 ­ Daily Star
The following burials were issued for the First Ward.

SCHWEITZER, William, 62 years, 1093 Van Alst avenue
FINCKIO, Felicia, 3 years, 77 Fifth avenue
HAMANN, Dora Anna, 72 years, 430 Ninth avenue
RIEHL, Charles A., 14 days, 133 Fulton street
O'BRIEN, John, 19 years, 114 Trowbridge street
PETLINGER, Freedolin, 46 years, 376 Woolsey street
KAESTNER, Frederick, 20 years, 166 Sixteenth avenue
MC CORMACK, Thomas, 37 years, 52 Mill street
HAENLEIN, Philip, 43 years, 319 Flushing avenue
WATTS, Julia A., 51 years, St. John's hospital
CAENTLON, William, 61 years, St. John's hospital
HARVEY, Margaret, 63 years, St. John's hospital
COTTER, Robert P., 33 years, 59 Taylor street
STOLBA, Louis, 29 years, 66 Sherman street
MILNE, Alexander, 65 years, 69 Crescent
PANTIEL, Flora, 55 years, 991 Van Alst avenue
MC GINTY, John N., 4 years, 76 Third street
KREYLING, Rosie, 3 days, 508 1/2 Grand avenue
O'KEEFE, William, 68 years, 26 School street
WARD, Peter, 45 years, 181 Seventh street

1 February 1907
STATESIR, William H.
The residents of Jamaica were shocked Friday by the death of William H.
STATESIR, who died during the night after a short illness of cerebral spinal
meningitis.  Mr. STATESIR on Wednesday became suddenly ill at his office at
215 Montague street, Brooklyn and after being revived was taken to his home,
although complaining his illness was not thought to be of a serious nature,
but the end came within thirty-six hours from the time he was first taken
ill.  Mr. STATESIR was born in Monmouth County, N.J. and was in the
forty-eighth year of his age.  Several years ago he married Miss Georgia
PLACE, of Huntington, daughter of Mrs. Daniel H. CARPENTER, of Hollis, who
with two daughters survive him.  He was a descendant of the old STAATS
family, so well known throughout the state of New Jersey.  He was the son of
County Judge John STATESIR, on Monmouth County, and his grandfather was also
judge before him.  He was born on the old STATESIR homestead, which is now
over 200 years old, and is still reserved by the family.  This is located
near Freehold.  Six sisters, a brother and father also survive him.
The deceased was a graduate of the Columbia Law School and was a member of
the firm of WYCKOFF, STATESIR & FROST, of 215 Montague street, Brooklyn,
also with offices at Jamaica.  Mr. STATESIR was manager of the Brooklyn
office and has been connected with Mr. WYCKOFF for the past twenty-one
years.  He was a member of the Dutch Reformed Church of Jamaica, and for the
past fifteen years had been treasurer of this society.  He was for many
years superintendent of the Sabbath school until a fortnight ago when he
resigned from that position after being presiding officer for a dozen or
more years.  He was a member of the Jamaica Club and was always active in
public affairs in Jamaica.  He was also one of the organizers of the
Woodhaven Bank, and ever since its organization has been one of the
directors.  The funeral arrangements are pending.

6 February 1907
The burials for the First Ward were:
BUXTON, John, 55 years, Jamaica avenue
MC HUGH, Anna Isabella, 1 year, 111 Washington avenue
GRETZ, Wilhelmina, 71 years, 74 Hunter avenue
SPREUSENE, Madgeline, 72 years, 154 Prospect street
MULLANE, Stephen J., 36 years, 63 Fulton avenue
NAPLES, Annunziato, 41 years, 150 Vernon avenue
CLARKE, Mary R., 42 yeas, 130 Fifth street
CASEY, James A., 25 years, 808 Crescent
JACOBITZ, Anthony, 9 months, 215 William street
CARLIN, Bridget, 70 years, St. John's hospital
FISKET, Rose, 6 months, 71 Fourth street
MORA, Angelina, 2 years, 68 Fourth street
KREITSEK, Mary, 9 months, 141 Elm street
NOVOKOWSKY, Frank, 6 years, 42 Gale street
MARK, Charles H., 65 years, Rivercrest Sanitarium
MORGAN, Patrick, 40 years, St. John's hospital
WEPRELS, John, 33 years, Long Island Railroad tracks

12 February 1907
The following burial permits were granted in the First Ward
OLSEN, Johanne, 19 YEARS, 122 Seventh street
SULLIVAN, Mary, 4 days, 905 Boulevard
KOLLEK, Egnitz, 52 years, 913 Albert street
EARLY, Bridget, 44 years, 599 Ninth avenue
KELLY, Henry, 84 years, 467 Second avenue
HOWELL, Frank P., 47 years, River Crest Sanitarium
KREPP, Caroline, 56 years, Mill street
LEONHARD, Frederick, 81 years, 74 Jamaica avenue
MC AULEY, 65 years, foot of Tenth street
WALLACH, Moses K., 32 years, River Crest Sanitarium
JACKSON, Ann, 59 years, 176 Fourth street
DANIELS, Peter, 65 years, 77 Hunter avenue
DORSEY, Joseph J., 24 years, 138 Jackson avenue
ALBITELLI, Concella, 36 years, 54 Seventh street
ODROWALD, Rose, 32 years, 255 Crescent
COONEY, Patrick J., 30 years, 189 Eighth street
VOPLEK, Clementine, 35 years, 7 Woolsey avenue
HINITT, Helen, 72 years, 514 Eighth avenue
RIECHERS, Elizabeth, 68 years, 781 Albert street
RYAN, John, 61 years, St. John's hospital
MILLER, George F., 27 years, St. John's hospital
MAC KAY, Hugh, 33 years, 153 Elm street
YUNK, Sophia D., 66 years, 455 Ninth avenue
GENORA, Anellio, 37 years, Van Dam and Nott avenues
SCHLOTT, Sophie, 61 years, 447 Steinway avenue
MANNING, Patrick, 25 years, St. John's hospital
FEE, Annie, 6 months, 165 Vernon avenue
SWEENEY, Lauretta, 4 months, 516 Eighth avenue
DAINTY, Annie, 40 years, St. John's hospital
GLEASON, Margaret, 28 years, 28 Dutch Kills street
HEINS, Sophie, 61 years, 384 Steinway avenue

7 February 1907
TOBIN ­ Ettie, nee MURPHY, on Tuesday February 12th, at her residence, 35
Purvis street, Dutch Kills.  Funeral February 15th at 9 o'clock from St.
Patrick's Church.

WARD ­ At Astoria, L.I., on Monday, February 11th, Mary Alice WARD, wife of
police sergeant Patrick WARD.  Funeral from her late residence, No. 639
Sixth avenue, Long Island City, on Friday morning at half past 9 o'clock,
thence to the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, where a solemn requiem
mass will be celebrated.  Interment at Calvary Cemetery.

16 February 1907
Old Man Dies Suddenly in Street
George BROADHEAD, sixty years of age, who is said to have lived at Leonard's
saloon at the foot of Eagle street, Greenpoint, was taken suddenly sick in
the street in front of 245 Jackson avenue Friday afternoon and died before
Dr. SHWEIKART arrived from St. John's Hospital in the ambulance.  The body
was removed to Trudden's morgue and the Coroner notified.

19 February 1907
The following burials have been made in the First Ward during the past week:
SCHAUBLE, Mary, 45 years, 572 Eighth avenue
HUNTER, Fabean, 1 month, 67 Halsey street
MC NULTY, William T., 38 years, 46 Bradley avenue
MAY, Fanny, 67 years, River crest Sanitarium
DEANS, Edith C., 23 years, 154 Camelia street
ASCH, Elise, 40 years, 204 Second avenue
LANE, Antonio, 33 years, 90 Willow street
SANTONGELO, Gaetano, 1 year, 72 Fourth street
COLEMAN, Patrick, 64 years, 269 Ely avenue
JOHNSTON, Willis A., 37 years, 89 Third street
AMRINE, Rosa, 69 years, 148 Flushing avenue
HALLIDAY, Sarah Agnes, 40 years, Long Island Railroad, Meeker avenue
LAMBERTI, Thomas, 7 years, 73 Fourth street
UNGLERT, Susanna, 43 years, 227 Park place
HOMBERG, Bertha, 3 days, 297 Theodore street
TOBIN, Ettie, 38 years, 35 Purvis street
WARD, Mary Alice, 39 years, 639 Sixth avenue
RISER, Ida May, 8 months, 92 Jackson avenue
EGAN, Thomas, 43 years, St. John's hospital
GROSS, Rosa, 1 year, 71 Fourth street
SANTELLI, Camelia Victoria, 8 days, 533 Flushing avenue
CURLEY, Mary W., 27 years, 258 Locust street
TEWES, William, 17 years, 664 Steinway avenue
STRNAD, Barbara, 72 years, 156 Prospect street
DAY, Adolph William, 8 months, 153 Fifth avenue

25 February 1907
Alexander B. HENDRICKSON, age sixty-three years, died at his home on Bergen
avenue, Jamaica, on Tuesday from bronchial pneumonia.  He had been ill for
some days with a cold that developed into pneumonia, which carried him off
in a few days.  Funeral services were held at his late home and the
interment was made in Evergreen Cemetery on Saturday.  He is survived by a
widow and two daughters, who live in Jamaica.  For many years he was a
resident of Queens, having been raised in that section, as he was a son of
the late John C. HENDRICKSON of that place.

Miss Elizabeth BRENTON died at the home of her brother, Benjamin BRENTON, 40
Herriman avenue, Jamaica, on Thursday night.  She was the daughter of the
late James J. BRENTON and Elizabeth Eldred BRENTON and was in the
sixty-fourth year of her age.  By her death Jamaica loses one of its most
active women in charitable and literary circles.  Her death had been
expected for several days past, and she had not taken any nourishment for
some time.  Her ailment seemed to puzzle physicians in attendance and an
autopsy will be performed in order that the direct cause of her death may be
revealed.  Miss BRENTON was known for her public works and was the organizer
of the local society and prominent in Sunshine work and a personal friend of
Mrs. ALDEN, so well known in that work.

5 March 1907
ADAMS, Bozena, 34 years, 214 Camelia street
HOLLEY, Mary, 55 years, 14 Newtown avenue
GOSGROVE, George, 1 day, 80 Webster avenue
LAUER, Marguerita, 68 years, 40 High street
SCOTT, George Washington, 1 day, St. John's hospital
DELANEY, Elizabeth, 2 hours, 27 Stevens street
ROTH, Mary, 74 years, 993 Fourth avenue
KERLAND, Robert, 40 years, St. John's hospital
LIEBECK, George, 21 years, St. John's hospital
VILD, Anton, 52 years, 969 Second avenue
KIRIAN, Edward, 27 years, St. John's hospital
PREVETI, Viovanni, 2 months, 69 Ridge street
SMITH, William, 60 years, River Crest Sanitarium
MALONEY, Mary, 69 years, St. John's hospital
LAMIRANDE, Patrick, 5 months, 177 Vernon avenue
DUKER, Carlotta, 12 years, St. John's hospital
BRYNE, Sarah, 73 years, 110 Wilbur avenue
KNAPP, Herman, 51 years, 259 Franklin street
ROBINSON, John, 2 months, 175 Beebee avenue
HETHERINGTON, William A.G., 18 years, 701 Crescent
MC GRATH, John, 65 years, 117 Eighth street
THEIS, Frederick, 81 years, 131 Vernon avenue
JOHNSTON, Catherine (Sister St. Ludwina), 40 years, St. John's hospital

Henry J. EDEN, a native of Hanover, Germany, died on Sunday morning at the
residence of his daughter, Mrs. VOLK, 232 Eckford street, in the
eighty-third year of his age.  Bright's disease was the cause of death.  The
deceased was a widower and had resided in Greenpiont for many years.  The
funeral services were held Monday evening, and the Rev. Walter E. BENTLEY,
rector of the Ascension Episcopal Church officiated.  The interment was made
Tuesday in the family plot in Mt. Olivet Cemetery by Mr. BOCH.

Inez C. MURRAY died at her home, 140 Nassau avenue, Friday of last week, of
pneumonia, after a short illness.  She was born in the British West Indies
twenty-five years ago and lived for the past five years in the Eastern
District.  She is survived by her husband, John A. MURRAY. The funeral,
which was private, took place Sunday afternoon and after services the
interment was made in the family plot at Greenwood Cemetery.

On Monday, after a lingering illness, Edward ECKSTEIN, died at his
residence, 214 Calyer street.  Mr. ECKSTEIN was seventy-four years and
eleven months of age and a native of Germany.  He is survived by a widow and
several children, all grown up.
The funeral was attended on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock by the members
of Schiller Lodge, F., and A.M. and the German Mutual Sick Benefit
Association.  The Rev. F.W. OSWALD, pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church,
officiated, after which the Masonic burial ritual was rendered.  The
interment was made at Lutheran Cemetery by Mr. C. TREBER.

Mrs. Annie E. BLAZIER was buried in Cypress Hills Cemetery on Wednesday
morning by Mr. Oscar A. BOCH.  The deceased was born in Greenpoint forty-six
years ago and had resided here up to the time of her removal to Plainfield,
N.J. where she died on Saturday.  H e deceased was the daughter of the late
James FORD, and had many friends in this section of Brooklyn.  Her husband
and one son survive her.

Mrs. Mary E. GADDIS, widow of Harry GADDIS, died at her home 215 Greenpoint
avenue, Wednesday, of pneumonia.  She was born in Long Island City
thirty-one years ago, but had been living in Greenpoint for several years.
One son survives her. The funeral was held this afternoon, the Rev. Walter
E. BENTLEY, of the Church of the Ascension, officiating.  The interment was
in Mt. Olivet Cemetery under the direction of Oscar A. BOCH.

There was a large assemblage at the last sad rites over the remains of Mrs.
Jane E. WALKER at her late residence, 1248 Dean street, on Saturday evening
last.  Many of the older members of the Tabernacle Methodist Episcopal
Church of which the deceased was a faithful and devoted member for many
years, were present.
The advisory board of the Seventeenth Ward Branch of the Union Bank, of
which Mr. WALKER is chairman, was represented by many of the members as well
as the clerks of the banks, and beautiful pieces of flowers came from them.
It was expected that the Rev. T.S. MC CONNELL, pastor of the New York Avenue
M.E. Church would conduct the service, by he was prevented by illness.
The A.S. KAVANAGH D.D. formerly of Greenpoint, and an intimate friend of the
deceased, officiated, and made a fervent, eloquent address on the traits
that marked the earthly pilgrimage of Mrs. WALKER.
The Rev. Samuel Geiss TREXLER, pastor of the English Lutheran Church of the
Messiah assisted in the solemn services.
Mrs. Dora Mooney HENDERSON, formerly of the Tabernacle choir sang "No Night
There" and "Oh! House of Many Mansions" in a very effective manner.  The
remains were interred in Cedar Grove Cemetery on Sunday under the direction
of Mr. William NASON.

Catherine MC GINLEY died at her home, 18 Hausman street, Wednesday, of
pneumonia.  The daughter of John and Bridget MC GINLEY, she was born in
Brooklyn nineteen years ago.  Besides her father and mother she is survived
by two brothers and two sisters.
She was buried this Saturday morning from St. Cecelia's Church.  The
interment was made at Calvary Cemetery.

After a short illness of pneumonia Mrs. Lavina LEWIS, widow of the late
Theodore LEWIS, who was killed in the Civil War, died at the residence of
her daughter, Mrs. J.M. JOHNSON, 1078 Lorimer street, Thursday evening,
March 7th.   Funeral will be held from her late residence to-morrow
afternoon at 1 o'clock.  The Rev. R.W. MAC CULLOUGH will officiate.  The
interment will be made in Greenwood Cemetery under the direction of Mr.
Oscar BOCH.

12 March 1907
The following burial permits were issued for deaths in the First Ward during
the past week:
ROEMN, Adolph H., 47 years, 118 Ninth street
FISHEL, Louisa, 56 years, 135 Main street
LINDEMAN, Rebecca, 53 years, Rivercrest Sanitarium
BLAUVELT, Frederick, 1 day, 159 Hallett street
EIZZA, Michael, 8 months, 73 Fourth street
GEILOTTO, Vito, 35 years, 72 Ridge street
SMITH, Mary Ann, 27 years, 92 Third street
LE CLAIR, Peter, 52 years, St. John's hospital
GLAHN, Henry, 61 years, St. John's hospital
COREY, Arthur Payne, 29 years, 70 Mill street
LA PRELLE, Frank, 31 years, 725 Steinway avenue
WALSH, Mary, 44 years, 580 Jackson avenue
SAVAGE, Margaret, 67 years, 177 Radde street
DRISCOLL, Anna, 63 years, 24 Van Pelt street
ROCCO, Michael Jr., 2 years, 297 Jackson avenue
GERBER, Kate, 84 years, 135 Main street
SEBASTINAO, Algieri, 31 years, 57 Ridge street
CARALOME, Nicholas, 1 year, 627 Ely Avenue
MC CULLY, Elizabeth, 72 years, 704 Ninth street
SCHWARZ, Margaret, 13 years, 672 Second avenue
RYAN, William, 23 years, 60 Clifton avenue
MC KALLEN, John, 55 years, St. John's hospital
CAREW, John, 33 years, St. John's Hospital
DOPPEL, Lena, 14 years, 212 Fifth avenue

19 March 1907
The burial permits in the First Ward for the past week are as follows:
BRUMMER, Frederick, 63 years, 146 Elm street
CASSMAN, Peter, 46 years, St. John's hospital
FLANAGAN, Bridget, 62 years, 538 Lockwood street
SETTELE, Pauline, 30 years, 646 Second avenue
SCHRAGLE, Louis M., 56 years, St. John's hospital
TRAEGER, Dora, 6 months, 728 Ely avenue
ROSSANO, Michele, 30 years, 564 Vernon avenue
CASEY, James, 38 years, 106 West avenue
HANSEN, James, 76 years, St. John's hospital
BRADY, Richard M.A., 23 years, 84 Radde street
WOODRUFF, Aaron, 64 years, St. John's hospital
GEIGER, Frederick, 51 years, 237 Camelia street
GUNTHER, August, 41 years, St. John's hospital
GELORMO, Zito, 1 month, 668 Vernon avenue
ROONEY, Patrick Joseph, 10 months, 330 Eighth avenue
KOLINSKY, Annie, 25 years, St. John's hospital
HUNT, John Edward, 23 years, 109 Ninth street
HARTNETT, Alice Agnes, 1 month, 747 Fourth avenue
LYNCH, Catherine, 60 years, 121 Greenpoint avenue
SCHELLHORN, Max M., 37 years, 260 Skillman avenue
LANDERMAN, Peter, 70 years, Montgomery avenue

20 March 1907
Frank CREAMER died at his home, 374 Jackson avenue, in the twenty-fifth year
of his age.  Funeral will take place on Thursday morning from St. Patrick¹s
Church at 10 o¹clock.  Interment will be made in the family plot of his
uncle, John DEVINE, Calvary Cemetery.  Relatives and friends are
respectfully invited to attend.

Transcriber: Mimi Stevens