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Please keep in mind that Brooklyn and Queens are considered part of Long Island!

The abbreviations: 'ult.' ="last date last month. 'inst.' stands for instant, or within the same month. Abbreviations found in Genealogy and Old nrespapers NOTE: Be sure to check other directories Newspapers Index Deaths Marriage

1776 Fire in NYC
Yellow Fever of 1798

1835 Great Fire in New York Story
1835 Great Fire in New York Eyewitness description

Barnum's Museum in Manhattan Fire 13 July 1865

1876 Fire Monument Photos in Green-Wood

1877 Great Fire New York
1877 December Candy Factory Fire..N.Y.

1882 Potter Building Fire
1885 State Street Machine Shop Fire ("Glass House" Catastrophe)
1892 Metropolitan Opera House fire

1657 Long Islands 1st shipwreck
1780 H.M.S. HUSSAR sank in the East River at Hell Gate
1836 Wreck of the Bristol
1836 Wreck of the Mexico
1840 Wreck of Steamboat Lexington
1886 Wreck of S.S. Oregon off Fire Island
1886 Murder On The High Sea
1892 Cholera Panic
Islip officials & townspeople try to stop a 
quarentine of Ship passengers on Fire Island
1918 Wreck of SS San Diego-Navy Cruiser off Fire Island
1944 Wreck of the U.S. Destroyer Turner
Famous Shipwrecks of Eastern Long Island
Shipwrecks Amityville, L.I., N.Y. (misc. )1800s-1900s

Typhoid Mary - Long Island (interesting) spread of typhoid fever

1805  Malignant Fever
New York Evening Post 

List of the Names of the persons who have died in New-York,
from the 29th of July, to the beginning of November, 1795.
1888 Great Blizzard In Manhattan

1896 Heat-wave In Manhatan
1910 Devastating Thunderstorm hits N.Y.C

SLOCUM DISASTER Newspaper Account & Dead

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory 1911 in New York, 146 women died
Triangle Fire..List of those who died
Triangle fire photos
Triangle fire witnesses
Preliminary report investigating commission 1912

1908 Explosion on Gold St. Bklyn
1912 Eqitable Building Fire

1918 B.R.T. Accident 2 November
Long Island's Rail Road's worst train crash 1950
1950 Long Island Railroad Crash

1918 The Malbone Street Wreck
1918 The Malbone Street Wreck Death Beneath the Streets

1920 Big Bang on Wall Street

1928 August Subway Crash

1938 The Great Hurricane of Long Island
1938 Great Hurricane

1944 Luna Park, Coney Island Fire

1945 B-25 Bomber crash-Empire State Building
1950 Long Island Railroad Crash

Tragedies none the less..New York Times

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