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1940.Sept.3.First edition Newsday - Tuesday, Sept. 3, 1940 --The first edition of the Newsday ever published--

Cover: Larrry BROWN, an East Hempstead engineer (includes picture) Kenneth BENSON, 8, of State St., Merrick (with picture) Page 2: Owen MURTAGH, 55 year old, of Jamaica (with photo) Stanley OLLEY, Estate Foreman - Guggenheim estate Lt. Col. Hardin C. SWEENEY Page 3: George SABINE, NYC policeman of Queens Village Lillian LORE, 20, Jersey City Moses HARRIS, 28 of 152 Beech Ave, Hempstead Frank IRATO, 20 of Brooklyn John Tonn, 30, Meadowbrook Club, Westbury Chester KRAJEWSKI, 20, 296 Horton Highway, Mineola Thomas K. COLLINS, 17, Jamaica Louis HORWITZ, 234 Third Avenue, Manhattan Mervyn ROBITZCK, 126 Buckingham Pl., Lynbrook (with picture) Lawrence A. BROWN, 318 Henry Str., East Hempstead (with picture) Arthur B. Sederquist, Jr., 11 Jefferson St., Glen Cove (with picture) Lew LEHR, (WITH PICTURE) Josephine KIEFER, 50 yr old nurse of 42 Greenridge Ave., Garden City Page 5 Larry BROWN, wife, Dixie-born HAZEL SHIELDS and daughter Bonnie of 318 Henry Str., East Hempstead (lots of info and pictures) Page 10 George E. VALENTINE, 65, of Hempstead, Nassau locomotive motorman (no child.) William H. PEARSALL, 66, 108 Berkley Str., Vallen Stream, " (widower) (there is a photo of one of the motormen above the article about their retirement, but it does not identify which man it is) Page 11 Tony ABBATTE Mike BONANZA Vincent GONSOWSKI Harry TROPF Johnny KERN John Birmingham (they are all in an article "Bellmore Bows in Title Games) Page 12 George LADD George CUTWILLIG George McCREE of Hempstead (with picture, though not very good) Kenneth SHELDON of Glen Head Francis M. GOODWIN Campbell D. GARRET Frank T. LAWRENCE, JR. Jerome SCHULANG Arthur KLEMMER, 7 year old John MATHERON Howard MARSHALL Harold ALEST Sam FLETCHER Page 14 (These are complete) PRISCILLA ASOUSA, of Port Washington, daughter of the late Bank King, John Philip Sousa, celebrated her birth Sunday with a part of guests at the Sands Point Bath Club. ALLISON READ, son of Mr. and Mrs. Willard D. Read, of Sands Point, has returned home after visiting in Hollywood with Basil Rathbone. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cary Rumsey of Sands Point have been visiting with relatives in Buffalo over the weekend. Mrs. George W. Kalfle of Port Washington is vacation for a while at Hotel Lookoff, Sugar Hill, New Hampshire. Page 15: Mailbox letters from: William D. GROTE, 421 Wellington Rd. Mrs. Philip J. HENRY, 27 Waverly Pl. Miss Pearl TOCHER, Care Title Guarantee Co. Mrs. E.A. CARLSON, 182 Park Ave. John L. CORBIN Jr. Ralph PEARSON Hank Berens Page 18 Bettye MUENZER, Rockville Centre, and Walter McENANEY, Freeport, (PHOTO) Mary POWERS and Ted PETTIT (photo) Mrs. Kenneth T. OUTWATER, Baldwin and ARTHUR J. HUNCKE, Merrick Wood (photo) Dorothy Hill Wed in Freeport (dau. of Harold H. Hill) to Kenneth WHITE WALKER (Mrs. George COMBES of East Rockaway, matron of Honor, bridesmaids: Mrs. Vincent HAGERTY of Gibson, Miss Joyce JENNINGS OF Freeport. Mr. James HILL, best man; ushers: George COMBES and Vincent HAGERTY. Lynbrook Families End Vacations (in its entirety) Mr. and Mrs. James W. McGuire of Carman Ave. are spending a few days with Mrs. McGuire's sister, Miss Lillian Piper of Plainfield Ave., for the winter. They have been with their daughter, Mrs. H.D. Halloran at Camp Halloran, Earlton, N.Y. since spring. Mrs. McGuire goes into office as president of Dorxas circle, Kings' Daughters. next month. Miss Jean MEAGHER, daughter of the W.H. Meaghers of Vincent Pl., Lynbbrook. leaves on Sept. 20th for Greensburg, Pa., to start her sophomore year at Seton Hill College. Six young men who attended Lynbrook High School together are home today after a ten-day stay at Bangor., Me., for the fishing and boating. On their way down they stopped off in Ct. to see Miss "Bunny" Landon of Lynbrook, who is visiting an uncle. In the party were Arthur KESTEN of Dogwood Ave., Malverne Park, who enters Cornell University this month; Robert COSIER of Focklyn Ave., Philip INGLE of Scranton Ave.; Arthur HUG of Staark Pl., Stanley BORGE of Peterson Pl., all Lynbrook; and Jack KUCKENS of Easat Rockaway. The Arthur J. Morrs of Grace Ave., Lynbrook, spent the long weekend in the Poconos. Their houseguest, Edward D. Handy, of Yonker, a nephew of Mrs. Morr's, accompanied them. Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Keahon and their sons, Robert and Douglas, returned home from their summer place at Youngville, NY over the weekend and are at their Vincent Ave. residence. Frank J. BEEKER, commander of Lynbrook Post, American Legion, returned to his home on Winter Str., Lynbrook; from the State convention at Schenectady. Dr. and Mrs. Augustus FINCKE, of 118 Wyatt Rd., Garden City, entertained young Bruce KENNEDY with a party on his fourth birthday at their home. Among the guests were Dale CLEMENT, Edwin FINCKE, Donald FRARY, Eleanor HEAD, john MEYER, Davidson NOBLE, Gerald and Geraldine O'CONNOR, Donald PARKER, Robert SCALIA, Terry Simmons, Janet TITUS, and Betty Ann Wittich. Page 19 (All relating to the Woodmere Garden Club) Mme. Arai MATSUNAGI Mrs. Robert S. Salomon, 80 Birch Lane, Woodmere Mrs. Herman S. MURRAY Page 21 Miss Chloe Tyler FRENCH, dau of Seth B. French, Ocean Ave., Woodmere Miss Alice LEFTWICH, dau. of Vivian C. Leftwich of East Rockaway Rd., Hewlett Joan MARTIN, dau. of Mrs. Deacon Martin of New York and of Thomas S. Martin of Lawrence Nancy MILLER, dau. of Mr. and Mrs. Danforth Miller of Hewlett Bay Park Audrey IVISON, dau of Mr. and Mrs. Maynard C. Ivison of Hewlett Page 22 Fred POOLE, 50-year old chicken farmer, Peapond Road, Bellmore. Roy DRAKE William LEWIS IRA BURR, 18 Bedell Str., Hempstead, novice gun toter, shows expert Patrolman RAY SMITH, Hempstead, how a two-gun man works at Nassau Police Pistol meet in Hempstead yesterday. (with photo) W. F. PEARSALL DEAD; Freeport Pioneer Funeral services for William F. Pearsall, 65, clerk in the Hempstead Town Hall and pioneer fire fighter of Freeport, will be held 2 p.m. tomorrow at the Fulton funeral home, Freeport, with burial following in Greenfield Cemetery, Hempstead. Pearsall, who 35 years ago organized the Russell Park Hose Company in what is now Freeport, died of a heart attack Sunday, while emptying a bird bath at his home, 88 Leonard Ave., Freeport. Born in Carnarsie in 1875, he moved to Russell Park, 40 years ago. He was a member of the American Mechanics, Elks and Odd Fellows, in which he had held every office. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Edith M. Pearsall, a dauaghter, Mrs. Alma Smith; a son, Sgt. Herbert Pearsall of the Freeport Police Department; two brothers, Alva Pearsall and Harry Pearsall, all of Freeport; and two sisters, Mrs. Clara Raynor, Freeport and Mrs. Mabel Hubbert, Patchogue. MARRIAGES: LEMP-TATEM - Hildegard Lemp, 19, 65 Rockmart Ave., Elmont and Julius R. Tatem, 24, 111 Pennsylvania Ave., Roosevelt. DAVIS-JOHNSON - Ruth Marie Davis, 17, 95 Railroad Ave., Hempstead Gardens and Eugene Johnson, 20, 40 Lafayette Str., Rockville Centre. GRIM-KIRCHNER - Edna M. Grim, 24, 11 Lenox Rd., Rockville Centre, and Thomas O. Kirchner, 32, Bronx. BROWN - MEYER- Catherine M. Brown, 24, 71 Ontario Road, Bellerose, and William V. Meyer, 30, New York City ETHERIDGE-JACKSON - Margie Etheridge, 22, 71 Marshall Ave., Floral Park, and John Hackson, 24, 74 Maple Avenue., Hempstead TUJAGNE-GRANA - Claudette Tujane, 28, 3l0 N. Merrick Ave., Merrick and Ermanno Grana, 37, Mitchell Field. EGAN - O'DONNELL - Doris Egan, 23, 319 Harvard Ave., Rockville Centre, and Charles O'Donnell, 21, Brooklyn. SCHMIDT - HOFFMAN - Dorothy May Schmidt, 25, 307 Lakeview Ave., Rockville Centre, and Joseph M. Hoffman, 29, 20 Walnut Ave., Rockville Centre CHARPENTIER - OBERST - Josephine A. Charpentier, 27, 124 Broadway, Lynbrook, and George W. Oberst, 35, 168 East Main Str., East Rockaway ESTERBROOK - PULLMAN - Janet Esterbrook, 27, 100 Stratford Ave., Garden City, and John Pullman, 27 Brooklyn KUNZ - WALLS - Doris Muriel Kunz, 21, 12 State Pl., Lynbrook, and Richard F. Walls, 29, Hempstead Ave., W. Hempstead SMITH - HUFE - Edna B. Smith, 21, 14 Cornwell Ave., Baldwin and Ralph Hufe, 25, Richmond H8ill MALONEY - RICHARDS - Laura D. Maloney, 24, 10 Bar Beach Rd., Port Washington and Robert A. Richards, 25, Hollis BIRTHS: RINGWALD - a daughter Krin Roberta, to John Frederick and Teresa Spilker Ringwalk, 232 Rockaway Pkwy., Valley Streat LAMB - a daughter Patricia Elizabeth, to Edmund F. and Grace Hollerin Lamb, 28 Lexington Str., Rockville Centre DEATHS: MESLER - on Thursday, Aug. 29, Harry LOCKWOOD, 69, Richmond Hills, at 318 Hempstead Ave. His wife, Emma, survives. MAYDAG - on Wednesday, Aug. 28, Paul, 130 James St., Franklin Sq., at Meadowbrook. His wife, Amelia Giegerich, survives. DEATH NOTICES; NOLAN, John, passed away at his home, 73 Raymond Str., Rockville Centre, Monday Sept. 2, 1940. Survived by Rose Nolan, beloved mother of John. Reposing at Macken Mortuary, 52 Clinton Ave., Rockville Centre. High mass of requiem at St. Agnes Church, Rockville Centre, Thursday, Sept. 5, at 10 a.m. Interment under direction of Joseph Macken. KEUTHEN - M. Francis, 84 passed away at Hempstead, L.I. Sept. l, l940. Survived by Joseph Kuethen, son, Westbury. Reposing at Donahue Funeral Home, Westbury. Solemn high mass of requiem at St. Brigid's Church, Wednesday, Sept. 4 10:00 a.m.. Interment in HOly Rood Cemetery under direction of Donahue Funeral Home. BUTLER, Ella Jane, 83 years, passed away at 136 Graham Ave., Hempstead, August 31, 1940. Survived by her dauaghter, Mrs. George Davis. Reposing at Cornell Funeral Home. Funeral services Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2 p.m., Dr. Frank M. Kerr officiating clergyman. Internment in GreenWood Cemetery, Brooklyn, under direction of Cornell Funeral Chapel, Hempstead. MACPHERSON - Hannah Elizabeth, 81 years, passed away at Jamesport., LI on Sunday, Sept. 1, 1940. Survived by her husband, John A. MacPherson. Funeral services Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2pm Rev. Karl P. Moore, officiating clergyman. Interment in Greenfield Cemetery, Hempstead under direction of Pettit Bros., Rockville Centre. FAY - James, 60 years, passed away at Manchester, England, on August 8, 1940, survived by James Lee of Great Neck, cousin, and Mary Smith of Long Island City, niece. Interment at Manchester, England. 1941.Nov. 27 Newsday, Thurs., Nov. 27, 1941 Vol. 2, No. 62 Page 18 Mildred EHLERS, d/o MM Edwin H. Ehlers, Beech St, Baldwin to marry William J. GOLDEN Central Ave, Baldwin, Jan 11, 1942.in St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Baldwin. [photo] Antoinette BONTHRON, d/o MM Robert C Bonthron, 44 Ingraham Blvd, Hempstead to marry Ensign Carlton A VAN EMON, s/o MM Walter C Van Emon, Klamath Falls, OR.. 25th Anniversary - MM John Wolf, W Maple St, Valley Stream Vol. 2, No 64 Page 3 Cyril BRESLIN, 42, 92 Carlyle Place, Roslyn Heights, killed yesterday in auto accident. Injured in auto accident John BRANNIGAN, 21, Brooklyn Ruth LINDBERGH, 20, Brooklyn John DALY, 21, Brooklyn Irene HOLLAND, 19, Richmond Hill Spanish-American War Veterans - Westbury [Photo] Past Commander, William T KIRKMAN; Mrs Charles WENTT, Mrs. Alice WESTON, Mr. John WESTON, newly elected Commander of Vets; Sherman MORELAND Jr., County Commander of the American Legion; VFW Senior Vice Commander Wesley SIMPSON, and Victor EICHORN. Page 6 Divorce Albert J LANDRY - Ida Landry 301 Front St, Hempstead Charles HUBSCHMITT - Alma Hubschmitt 50 Harding Place, Freeport George KNEIBERT, 185 Yale St, Hempstead - Helen Kneibert, 22 Atlantic Ave., Freeport Separation Simon MOSIER - Emily M Mosier, Central Ave, Garden City Park, married in 1920 Pages 14-15 [photo layout] Sewanhaka High School - Trudy MARSHALL, Bob FOX, Lee LINDSAY Sewanhaka High School - Eleanor JACKSON, Bill APPLETON Malverne High School - Thomas LIVORNESE, Audrey ADRIANCE, Dorothy GREGORY, Jerrold WALSEN Port Washington High School - Raymond FINLEY, Helen JOHNSON, Ellen CRAWLEY, Joseph BREAZNELL, Sidney NELSON, Jules KAELBER. Oceanside High School - Jean FEATHERSTON, Jill STAUF, Pierson MCCLEAN, Barbara TUCKER, Tom FETHERSON. Freeport Firemen - Harry CHUISANO, Dave PETERSON, Chief Edwin ANDREWS, William NOLAN, Fred BUSS, Reggie BEDELL, Henry SUTHERLAND, Frank SNEDECKER, John HARTMAN. Jimmy BOYD, Freeport; Peggy RASQUIN and Irene O'SULLIVAN, Rockville Centre. 50th Anniversary - MM John C HENDRICKSON, 59 North Central Ave, Valley Stream Maritime Brigade - Anthony GRACE Jr., Bishop William A NICHOLS, Harold L BUCKEN Page 16 Elizabeth Clark ROCHESTER, d/o MM William Lansing ROCHESTER, Hidden Spring, Oyster Bay, married Henry F ATHERTON Jr of Brookville, Nov 29. [photo] Adelaide GARNI, d/o Adolph GARNIs, Kensington, Great Neck, married Francis Joseph HENRY, s/o Frank Henry, Forest Hills, Nov 30 [photo] Catherine SANFORD, d/o MM Roy Sandford, Child's Ave, Floral Park, married Richard STILES, s/o Mrs Robert Stiles, Queens Village, Nov 28. Muriel Frances BURMESTER, d/o MM Harry Burmester, Wilson Blvd., Mineola, married Bernard John QUINN, s/o MM Charles Quinn, Harrison Ave, Mineola, Nov 29. Erminie DOUGHERTY, d/o Mrs Theodore Dougherty, Kew Gardens [formerly Great Neck], married Robert POOR, Boston, Nov 29. 1941 Dec. 18 Newsday, Thurs, Dec. 18, 1941 Vol. 2, No 77 Page 3 KIA - Dec 13 Corp Richard W HARTMAN, 23, s/o MM Ernest Hartman, South Ketchum St, Amityville. KIA Cleveland DODGE, 21, s/o MM Cleveland Dodge, West Marie St, Hicksville. Page 4 George BEAVERS died Nov 22, wife Suzette R Beavers of Mineola, daughter Mrs Ann B VAN VLECK, Rye, NY 1941 Dec. 29 Newsday, Mon., Dec. 29, 1941 Vol. 2, No 83 Pages 14-15 [photo layout] Charlotte and Herbert BENNETT Jr; Mrs Laura DEWLING; Mrs Edith ETHIER Muriel ABRAMS, Lynbrook and Bob ELNER, Rockville Centre Mrs Ethel FREEDMAN, Long Beach; Penny LIPNICK, West Hempstead; Babette FAY, Merrick; Miriam SPRINGER, Lynbrook David WILLIAMS, Carl HARTMAN, Marjorie JOHNSON, Florence NALEVAIKO, Sherman HAMILTON, Ralph VIK, Jimmy AVONDET Dick and Don DILLINGER, Malverne Farmingdale High Seniors; Bill WISCHE, Antoinette GOUGLIDES, Bud DEIN, Jean ZWICKERT, Arvial FRIBERG Page 16 Margaret Mary HACKETT, d/o MM Joseph P Hackett, Oak St, Floral Park, to wed Corporal Frank J LASAR, s/o MM Frank H Lasar, Foxhurst Rd, Oceanside [photo] Marjorie GRANDIN, d/o MM Hilding Grandin, Jerusalem Ave, Hempstead, to wed J Gordon BATHIE, s/o MM James Lundie Bathie, Austrad St, Glen Cove Jane STEWART, d/o MM L R Stewart, Cherry St, Floral Park to wed Frank L AIMS Jr, s/o MM Frank Aims, 97 Old Franklin St, Hempstead Marion Ruth HANSON, d/o MM S Wellmer Hanson, Bellerose, to wed William Austin SMITH, s/o MM George Richard Smith, Freeport. 1941.Dec. 30 Newsday, Tues., Dec. 30, 1941 Vol. 2, No 84 Page 16 Vera R FERGUSON, d/o MM Raymond D Ferguson, 51 Pearsall Ave, Lynbrook, to marry John H WILLIAMS, s/o MM H I WILLIAMS, 88 Thomas Ave, Baldwin Jean LEMAY, d/o MM Richard LEMAY, E New York Ave, Valley Stream, to marry William C KING, s/o MM William A King, Horton Ave, Lynbrook Mae ROSELL, d/o MM Steven Rosell, Tildean La, Bayville, to marry Walter WEBSTER Jr, Hamilton Ave, Oyster Bay Isabelle L DONELAN, d/o MM Edward D Donelan, Long Beach, to marry John N FLEURY, s/o MM Alfred N Fleury, Lincoln Blvd, Long Beach [photo] Rosemary LARKIN, d/o MM Peter F Larkin, 38 Garfield Pl, Hempstead, to marry Arthur BLUM, s/o MM Jay R TIFFANY, 414 Northern Pkwy, Hempstead Nancy Marie GRANDE, d/o MM Vincent Grande, Grand Ave, Rockville Centre, to marry Harry BRUNNHOELZEL, s/o MM Frederick Brunnhoelzel of Laurelton Virginia Marie MCWILLIAMS, d/o MM Francis P McWilliams, Malden Ave, Lynbrook, to marry Carlor A CALDES, s/o Mrs. Agnes Caldas, Richmond Hill Newsday, Tues., Dec. 30, 1941 Vol. 2, No 84 Page 3 Civil Defense Sector Warden Instructors Organization Zone 1 Floral Park - S W HANSON, 81 Superior Rd, Bellerose; J P MATTHEWS, 71 Iris Ave Zone 2 Freeport- Roone ARLEDGE, 368 Pennsylvania Ave; John BROWLIE, 343 Archer St; Samuel D GERBER, 130 Union St; George P MCGRATH, 199 Moore Ave; M H L SULLIVAN, 15 Morton Ave Long Beach - George W STILL, 436 E State St; Foster E VOGEL, 27 W Penn St; Mrs Marcel DREYFUS, 111 Cleveland Ave Oceanside - William G TORPEY, 25 Miller Ave Zone 3 Valley Stream - Miss Frances M MILLS, 175 Rockaway Pkwy; Miss A M MOSSO, 102 E Pairview Ave Zone 4 Rockville Centre - Miss Zeulah A CHENEY, 166 Hendrickson Ave, Lynbrook - Leonard S DAVENPORT, 133 Lyon Pl; Kathleen G MCCOHAN, 19 Huntington Ave; William K PEARSALL, 14 Spencer Ave Zone 5 Roslyn Heights - Vincent T MEANEY, 226 Warren Ave Syosset - Harry T PETERS Jr, Syosset Rd; Morrison UHLMAN, Split Rock Rd Sea Cliff - R T STEVENSON, Barberry Ln Zone 6 Merrick - Harold M JOHNSTON, 26 E Garfield St Zone 7 Hempstead - Lynn SHUFELT, 299 Jackson St Zone 8 Port Washington - Mrs William CONNOR, 43 Haven Ave; Mrs Cyrus DAVISSON, 112 Huntington Rd Great Neck - William HUCKEL, 3 Lincoln Rd Zone 9 Farmingdale - S A ALBRECHT, 307 Secatogue Ave; Howard M GALVIN, 86 Nelson ST Civil Defense Special Duties Zone 1 Floral Park - S W HANSON, 81 Superior Rd, Bellerose; J P MATTHEWS, 71 Iris Ave Zone 2 Long Beach - Mrs Marcel DREYFUS, 111 Cleveland Ave Freeport - L F RAHMER 365 Archer St; M H L SULLIVAN, 15 Morton Ave Oceanside - William G TORPEY, 25 Miller Ave Island Park - Leo G KRAFT, 24 Norfolk Rd Zone 3 Valley Stream - Miss A M MOSSO, 102 E Pairview Ave Zone 4 Lynbrook - Leonard S DAVENPORT, 133 Lyon Pl; J Ray JOHNSON, 7 Dalston Circle Rockville Centre - Miss Elizabeth O"BRIEN, 12 N Marion Pl; Miss Mary W WOODFORD, 43A North Forest Ave Zone 5 Sea Cliff - F R FURLONG, 8 Highland Pl Syosset - Harry T PETERS Jr, Syosset Rd; Frank MANASEL, Woodbury Way Glen Head - Maxwell E PIERCE, Hillcrest Dr; Duane H NASH, Smith St Zone 6 Merrick - Harold M JOHNSTON, 26 E Garfield St Zone 7 Roosevelt - Morris SCHWARTZ, 58 Lincoln Ave Hempstead - Lynn SHUFELT, 299 Jackson St Zone 8 Great Neck - Francis F BROOKS, 51 Steamboat Rd; William HUCKEL, 3 Lincoln Rd Port Washington - Mrs William CONNOR, 43 Haven Ave Plandome - Howard J DRESEN, Plandome Mills Zone 9 Farmingdale - Willis B CARMAN, Barberry Ct; Merle C SHOEFFLIN, 4 Columbia St; Clinton S SPAHR, 692 Fulton St Hicksville - Carl WELLON, 90 W Cherry St Westbury - Henry A SMITH, 278 Asbury Ave Civil Defense Sector Warden Instructors High Explosives Zone 1 Bellerose - Robert G LANCASTER, 73 Superior Rd Zone 2 Freeport - Arthur CANSDALE, 78 S Grove St Long Beach - Joseph A KUHN, 99 Buffalo Ave Zone 3 Valley Stream - Miss Velora B DAVIS and Miss Frances M MILLS, both of 175 Rockaway Pkwy Zone 4 Lynbrook - J Ray JOHNSON, 7 Dalston Circle Zone 5 Sea Cliff - Fred C HAWES, 98 Prospect Ave Glen Cove - Leon L JOSPE, 34 School St Glen Head - Duane H NASH, Smith St Glenwood Landing - Harold H SKIDMORE, Glenwood Rd Syosset - Morrison UHLMAN, Split Rock Rd Zone 6 Merrick - Edward T BOWKER, 39 E Webster St Zone 7 - none listed Zone 8 Great Neck - Francis T BROOKS, 51 Steamboat Rd; Mrs Merwin S JENKINS, 21 Barstow Rd; H N PHILLIPS, 215 Middle Neck Rd Manhasset - A V RUBEI, 54 South Dr; Henry G CURRAN, 228 Ryder Rd Zone 9 Westbury - Jack BROWN, 768 Union Ave; Edward RUTTER, 617 Clinton St Farmingdale - Howard M GALVIN, 86 Nelson St; Edward J J QUINN, 3 Heiser Lane Hicksville - Thomas H B HORNE, 173 2d St Civil Defense Sector Warden Instructors War Gases Zone 1 Mineola - H M BURRY, 28 Geranium Ave Garden City - William NACOVSKY, 112 New Hyde Park Rd; S L TYLER, 130 Brook St Bellerose - Norman L ROWE, 85 Huron Dr Zone 2 Baldwin - E R SAGAR, 16 Baldwin Gardens; Howard SHEAFF, 24 Lancaster Ave Freeport - M H L SULLIVAN, 15 Morton Ave Zone 3 - none listed Zone 4 Lynbrook - Phillip DeC. KRATZ, 99 Charles St Malverne - Theodore G ROEHNER, 363 Rolling St Oceanside - F K WILSON, 64 Stevens St Zone 5 Sea Cliff - W I FIEDLER, 17 Arlington Pl Zone 6 - none listed Zone 7 Hempstead - Leslie B POLAND, 35 Elk St; W G SWEENEY, 2 Clare Rd Zone 8 Port Washington - Saul SCHERER, 24 Park Ave Zone 9 - none listed Civil Defense Sector Warden Instructors Incendiary Bombs Zone 1 Bellerose - Norman L ROWE, 85 Huron Dr; Walter M MACNAUGHTON, 93-25 246th St Zone 2 Island Park - Miss Agnes M FITZGERALD, 12 Quebec Rd; Leo G KRAFT, 24 Norfolk Rd Long Beach - Joseph A KUHN, 99 Buffalo Ave Freeport - Stuart K WALLACE Sr, 204 Porterfield Pl Zone 3 Valley Stream - B W SCHALLER, 9 Ligget Rd, Gibson Zone 4 Lynbrook - E Evan CARR, 140 Broadway; J Ray JOHNSON, 7 Dalston Circle Malverne - Timothy M HAYES, 120 Norwood Ave Zone 5 Syosset - Frank MANAREL, Woodbury Way Roslyn Heights - Vincent T MEANEY, 226 Warren Ave Glen Head - Duane H NASH, Smith St; Maxwell E PIERCE, Hillcrest Dr Sea Cliff - J A SIEBER, 274 8th Ave Zone 6 Merrick - Edward t BOWKER, 39 E Webster St Wantagh - Harold FIELDING, Oakland Ave Zone 7 Hempstead - George H BURNHAM, 17 Flint Ave Zone 8 Port Washington - Mrs Leroy BARTON, 39 Crescent Rd; Mrs Cyrus DAVISSON, 112 Huntington Rd; Saul SCHERER, 24 Park Ave Manhasset - Henry G CURRAN, 228 Ryder Rd; William KERR, 380 Ryder Rd; John j KIRBY, 30 Mountain Cut Great Neck - Thomas NILES, 173 Hill Park Ave; Donald C GREEF, 50 Kings Point Rd Zone 9 Westbury - Jack BROWN, 768 Union Ave; Edward RUTTER, 617 Clinton St Hicksville - Thomas H B HORNE, 173 Second St; Joseph C LAUCKS, 99 East St Farmingdale - Edward J J QUINN, 3 Heiser Lane; Merle C SHOEFFLIN, 4 Columbia St; Clinton S SPAHR, 692 Fulton St; Willis B CARMAN, Barberry CT 1941.Dec. 31 Newsday, Wed., Dec. 31, 1941 Vol. 2, No 85 Page 14 Virginia Marie DAIGLE, d/o MM Richard KOLM, Franklin Square, married William ZUTT, s/o MM John Zutt, Cherry Lane, Floral Park, December 25. Virginia Rae MATCHETT, d/o MM J T Matchett, Milford Pl, Rockville Centre, married Frederick SPENCELEY Dec 27. [photo] Rachel Margaret NEAL, d/o Orion Dexter Neal, Berkshire Blvd, Rockville Centre, married Sergeant Ralph Francis CUNNINGHAM, s/o MM Ralph Francis Cunningham, Paul Ave, Baldwin Dec 29. RETURN to NEWSPAPER MAIN RETURN to BSU MAIN RETURN to BROOKLYN MAIN