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1931 500 Students from Brooklyn and L.I. Pass Bar Examinations
Brooklyn Standard Union
30 December 1931-Wednesday

Character Committees Will Soon Decide on Their Fitness
ALBANY, Dec. 30 - More than half of the 1,031 law students who successfully
passed the October examination for admission to the bar are residents of the
territory embraced within the Second Appellate Division, the State Board of
Law Examiners revealed to-day.  The board made public a list of 1,031 who
had passed out of a total of 2,409 applicants.

The names of those who passed will be certified to the Appellate Division
and will be admitted to practice after they have been certified by
committees on character and fitness and also as having complied with the
provisions of the rules regulating admission to the bar as to the service of

Within the next two weeks these certificates will be mailed to the
successful applicants.  The list of those in the Brooklyn-Long Island
district that passed the bar examination follows:

ABRAMSON, Abraham, 429 Snediker avenue.
AFFELD, Francie O., 3rd, 6804 Burns street, Forest Hills.
AGIN, Albert A., 317 Snediker avenue.
AITKIN, Harold R., 1196 Schenectady avenue.
ALPERT, Abraham, 1233 Eastern parkway.
ALTSCHUL, David, 152 Amherst street.
ANDERSON, Roland A., 418 Forty-sixth street.
ANDREOZZI, Louis, 487 Linden boulevard.
ANDRON, David S., 2291 Mott avenue, Far Rockaway.
APPEL, Henry,  2106 Avenue Y.
ARCANA, John S., 2805 Thirty-third avenue, Astoria.
ARONOW, Max, 1901 Coney Island avenue.
ARONSON, Samuel J., 3601 Kings highway.

BACOTTI, Joseph L., 185 Fourth avenue.
BAKER, Edward, 590 Bedford avenue.
BAKRAT, Abraham S., 1550 Sterling place.
BARNETT, George, 551 East Ninety-eighth street.
BARRACK, Milton, 132 Greene avenue.
BAUER, Charles P., 4107 South 159th street, Flushing.
BAULCH, Harry H., 143 Parkside avenue.
BAXTER, Charles L., 1505 Ocean avenue.
BOEBE, Clinton W., 2409 Ocean avenue.
BEGLEITER, Walter, 460 Nostrand avenue.
BELOUS, Charles,  3110 104th street, Corona.
BENJAMIN, Robert S., 42 Moore street.
BENNETT, Walter W. K., 208 Park place.
BERK, Isidore A., 21 Columbia street.
BERLOWITZ, Bernard, 2925 West Twenty-first street.
BERMAN, Julius, 8684 Twentieth avenue.
BERNSTEIN, Arthur, 1730 East Twenty-seventh street.
BLANKFEIN, Sol, 12-70 150th street, Whitestone.
BLAU, Herman E., 1580 Fifty-third street.
BLOOM, Isidore I., 141 Tapscott street.
BLUM, Max, 636 Alabama avenue.
BLUMBERG, Edward J., 985 Park place.
BOEKE, Thomas, 78 Columbia Heights.
BOGIN, Abraham, 1592 Carroll street.
BOROSHONSKY, Harry, 4021 Thirteenth avenue.
BOUCHER, Edward M., 245 Ninetieth street.
BRAUN, Arthur, 1584 East Fifteenth street.
BRAVMAN, Mayer P., 441 Sutter avenue
BRECHER, Max, 2972 West Twenty-fourth street.
BRICKFIELD, George N., Jr., 2812 Avenue Z.
BRIMBERG, Jacob S., 1167 Forty-fifth street.
BRODY, Meyer, 2922 West Twenty-first street.
BRODY, Morris B., 1016 Forty-ninth street.
BROKSTEIN, Jacob, 1769 Stillwell avenue.
BROOKS, David B., 1162 Pacific street.
BROTHER, Joseph, 1237 Fifty-fourth street.
BROWN, Jerome, 122 Jefferson street.
BURKE, John J., 48 Highland place.
BURKE, Thomas A., 17 Macon street.
BUTTERMAN, Jacob, 1626 Park place.
BYRNE, Myles J., 396 Sackett street.

CANATA, Joseph R., 215 Clermont avenue.
CANTOR, Sydney, 5106 Eleventh avenue.
CANTUS, Howard J., 100-33 199th street, Hollis.
CASTELLANO, Frank C. 7015 Eighteenth avenue.
CHAIFETZ, Harry, 1051 East Seventh street.
CHANSKY, Morris, 122 Miller avenue.
CHECK, David, 1732 Forth-eighth street.
CHECKVER, Samuel, 393 Rogers avenue.
CHERNOW, Louis, 348 East Ninth street.
CHESHIN, Seymour S., 1759 Seventy-fifth street.
CHODOSH, Morris, 260 Grafton street.
CHRISTMANN, Adams, Jr., 8707 Union turnpike, Glendale.
CLARITY, James F., Jr., 532 Fourth street.
CLEMONS, Charles M., 217 Cumberland street.
COHEN, George M., 618 Avenue O.
COHEN, Harry J., 4504 Fort Hamilton parkway.
COHEN, Isidore, 170 Avenue T.
COHEN, Ivan H., 845 Eastern parkway.
COHEN, Jacob M., 1417 Avenue K.
COHEN, Max G., 232 Penn street.
COLTMON, Phillip R., 241 Ocean parkway.
COMSTOCK, Richard H., 243 North Village avenue, Rockville Centre.
CONNOR, Michael A., 140-18 Cherry avenue.
COOPERMAN, H. Joseph, 1001 Belmont avenue.
CORSO, Dominick, 76 Wilson avenue.
CONSTANTINO, James, 349 DeKalb avenue.
CRISONA, James J., 536 Beach Seventy-second street, Arverne.
CUNNINGHAM, Edward J., 2062 Homecrest avenue.
CUTLER, Gertrude, 368 Buffalo avenue.
CYMROT, Louis T., 593 Barbey street.
CZECHLEWSKI, Joseph F., 21-39 Forty-first street, Astoria.

DACHOWITZ, Aaron, 162 Christopher avenue.
DACHUCK, Albert H., 322 Cornelia street.
DALLAS, Harvey B., 3916 Glenwood road.
DALTON, William J., 40 Main street, Port Washington.
DANIELS, David, 272 Stockton street.
DAVIDSON, Maxwell, 2313 Newkirk avenue.
DEITSCH, Herman, 254 Herzl street.
DELANEY, Raymond F., 114-39  211st street, Bellaire.
DENNIS, Edward J., 315 Eighth avenue
DEUTSCHER, Frank, 256 Ryerson street.
DIAMOND, Harry B., 2170 Ocean parkway.
DICKMAN, Esther S., 7113 Nineteenth avenue.
DICKSTEIN, Max, 485 Livonia avenue.
DIMOND, Solomon, 958 East Twenty-fourth street.
DINKES, Nathan, 1756 Fifty-third street.
DI PAOLA, Anthony J., 103-02 Liberty avenue, Ozone Park.
DOBSON, Harold R., 375 Carlton avenue.
DOLEN, Anatole, 559 Vermont street.
DORNFELD, Bernard S., 7306 Seventieth street, Glendale.
DRAZEN, Jerome, 2942 West Twenty-ninth street.
DUBIN, Elsie H., 221 Keap street.
DUBOW, Louis, 1554 Thirty-ninth street.
DUFFY, James G., 2224 Howland street, Astoria.
DYCKMAN, Warren J., 9034  201st street, Hollis.

EATON, William H., Jr., 505 Front street, Hempstead
EDELMAN, Benjamon, 27 Park street.
EDELMANN, Daniel, 2156 Seventy-second street.
EDENBAUM, Louis, 1835 Ocean parkway.
EHRLICH, Isadore, 1850 East Nineteenth street.
EINHORN, David I., 4820 Fourteenth avenue.
ELARDO, Harry J., 1266 Bergen street.
ELLISON, Roy H., 395 Ocean avenue
EMANUEL, Edward P., 7101 Colonial road.
ENDE, Nathan, 531 Miller avenue.
EPSTEIN, Harold, 2176 New York avenue.
EQUALE, Noonzie A., 54 Seventh street, Long Island City.

FALLENBERG, John, 350 Sixty-second street.
FARRELL, Edmond T., 911 Jefferson avenue.
FEIGENBAUM, Yetta J., 243 Herzl street.
FEINGOLD, Sander, 569 Chester street.
FELDER, Isidore, 84 Avenue O.
FERRI, Nicholas J., 4318 Sixty-ninth street, Winfeld.
FINALE, Stephen D., 9917 Sore road.
RISHER, Henry A., 200 Corona avenue, Corona
FISHMAN, Lester, 1102 Park place.
FITZPATRICK, Thomas, 153-24 Eighty-ninth avenue, Jamaica.
FLYNN, Leo E., 1653 Fifty-sixth street.
FOX, Milton H., 2134 Ocean parkway.
FRANK, George J., 2107 East Nineteenth street.
FRANK, Philip, 546 Eastern parkway.
FRANKEL, Sidney S., 65 Willoughby avenue.
FRIEDMAN, Marcus J., 2056 Seventy-ninth street.
FRIEDMAN, Milton, 152 Rodney street.
FRIEDWALD, Max E., 118 Vernon avenue.
FRISCIA, Salvatore, J., 455 Park place.
FULLAM, Francis A., Jr., 877 New York avenue.

GARRELL, Julius, 127 Penn street.
GARVER, Helen E., 1900 East Fifth street.
GELBER, Morris, 1514 Fortieth street.
GERBER, Herman, 1175 East Thirteenth street.
GERBER, Saul, 1423 President street.
GERSTMAN, Irving, 247 Brooklyn avenue.
GICHERMAN, Nathan, 2105 Avenue U.
GILMAN, Rose, 598 Howard avenue.
GILMARTIN, Harold J., 708 Ocean avenue.
GINSBURG, Meyer S., 341 Chester street.
GLASSMAN, Samuel S., 623 Howard avenue.
GOLDBERG, Mildred E., 1996 East Third street.
GOLDBERG, Nathaniel G., 1524 Forty-fourth street.
GOLDEN, Lorna B., 2925 East Third street.
GOLDING, Benjamin, 1746 Fiftieth street.
GOLDMAN, Abraham, 1255 Fifty-fifth street.
GOLDMAN, Hyman, 66 Sherman street.
GOLDSTEIN, Edward H., 33 Onyx court.
GOLDSTEIN, Jacob, 41-06 Fiftieth street, Sunnyside.
GOLDSTEIN, Martin M., 35 Amboy street.
GOLDSTEIN, Philip, 3322 Clarendon road.
GOLDSTICKER, Ruth, 718 Beverly road.
GORDON, George, 395 East Fourth street.
GRAFF, Charles, 2814 Ocean avenue.
GREENBAUM, Marion B., 125-05  116th avenue, South Ozone Park.
GREENBERG, Solomon, 1630 Forty-seventh street.
GREENSTEIN, Marshall S., 319 New York avenue.
GRINSBERG, Irwin, 2305 Avenue T.
GROSS, Herman, 1206 East Twenty-second street.
GROSSMAN, Leo D., 6413 Twenty-fourth avenue.
GRUBER, Jesse, 1581 East Twenty-fourth street.
GRUBERG, George, 440 Hart street.
GUTMAN, Arthur J., 8663  108th street, Richmond Hill.
GUTTMAN, Harold, 1925 Quentin Road.
GUY, Meyer, 116 Grove street.

HABER, Sylvia, 2923 Avenue J.
HADDAD, Sam M., 8220 Fort Hamilton parkway.
HALPERIN, Florence, 142 Beach Ninety-sixth street, Rockaway Beach.
HARMON, Edward A., 380 West Pine street, Long Beach.
HARNETT, Bernard, 429 Hegeman avenue.
HARRIGAN, Thomas F., 8923  204th street, Hollis.
HEELAN, Paul. A., 62 Elmhurst avenue, Elmhurst.
HEIBERG, Carl H., 624 Forty-fourth street.
HEINSOHN, Rudolph H.B., 1001 Ocean avenue.
HENDRIE, Jonathan A., West Maple street, Greenlawn.
HENNESSY, John F., 165 Prospect Park West.
HERSCHAFT, Martin, 982 Eastern parkway.
HETHERINGTON, John K. 93-15 Continental avenue, Forest Hills.
HILLS, Edgar, 393 East Ninety-sixth street.
HIRSCH, William, 347 Rodney street.
HODAS, Sidney J., 1678 Carroll street.
HOLTZMAN, Myron, 1733 Forty-seventh street.
ONIG, Harry, 920 St. Marks avenue.
ONIG, Stella H., 59 Pineapple street.
HOOPER, Elwood D., 4138 Sixty-seventh street, Woodside.
HOROWITZ, Robert S., 14 Herbert avenue, Port Washington.
HUTNER, Herbert L., 22 Balfour place.
HYMAN, Frank, 2874 Stillwell avenue.

INDELMAN, Bernard, 263 Atkins avenue.
INGRAM, Hyman, 1873 Prospect place.
ISAACS, Edward, 7521 Sixteenth avenue.
ISIKOFF, Morris, 459 Fifty-ninth street.

JACKSON, Abraham, 1242 East New York avenue.
JACOBS, Arhutr L., 1324 Carroll street.
JACOBS, George A., 255 Hicks street.
JAFFE, Abner I., 247 Penn street.
JAFFE, Solomon, 791 Linden boulevard.
JANES, Nathaniel, 528 East Second street.
JARE, Morris, 569 Bradford street.
JELLINEK, Theodore K., 169-06 Hillside avenue, Jamaica.
JOSEPH, Charles C., 762 East Third street.

KANE, Gerald H.B., 55 Pierrepont street.
KANON, David, 2226 Cropsey avenue.
KAPLAN, Morris S., 93 South Tenth street.
KASOFSKY, Hyman J., 1379 Forty-fifth street.
KAUFMAN, Irving R., 5214 Twelfth avenue.
KELBY, Adelaide, 923 President street.
KELLER, Louis, 2204 Ninety-sixth street.
KELLY, Albert C., 350 East Thirty-second street.
KERN, Samuel J., 1913 Douglass street.
KIMNMINS, Thomas P., 132-27  140th street, South Ozone Park.
KING, Joseph T., 8806 Eighty-ninth street, Woodhaven.
KIRBY, Henry, 637 Ovington avenue.
KIVOWITZ, Harold, 1067 Eastern parkway.
KLAUS, Ida, 1168 Lincoln place.
KLEIN, Eugent H., 30-51 Thirty-sixth street, Astoria.
KLEINHANDLER, Nathan, 596 Dumont avenue.
KORNREICH, Benjamin M., 5520 Twelfth avenue.
KRADITOR, Abraham, 3806 Clarendon road.
KRUG, James I., 144 Rodney street.
KURTZ, Jack, 2733 Myrtle avenue.
KWITTER, Irving, 550 Snediker avenue.

LANDER, Samuel, 247 Nostrand avenue.
LANE, John J., 2115 Bay avenue.
LANE, Isidore, 207 Wilson avenue.
LANG, Jacob, 942 Forty-sixth street.
LANGFORD, Malcolm S., 2246 Ocean avenue.
LASSAR, Jack, 359 Bushwick avenue.
LAWLESS, Christopher T., 1107 Carroll street
LAZAROWITZ, Benjamin, 901 Forty-eighth street.
LEHMAN, Evelyn, 189 Sumpter street.
LEIBOWITZ, Morris, 537A Greene avenue
LEITER, Michael, 178 East Fifty-first street.
LEMBERSKY, Samuel, 1639 Carroll street.
LENCH, David, 2-4 Nass Walk.
LENTCZNER, Morris, 695 Pennsylvania avenue.
LEONE, Edmund, 1650 West Sixth street.
LERNER, William, 772 Blake avenue.
LEVIN, Frances S., 117-08  114th avenue, 	Richmond Hill.
LEVINE, Murry, 184 East Ninety-first street.
LEVINGSTON, Abraham, 1320 President street.
LEVITT, Benjamin, 1514 East Seventeenth street.
LEVITTAN, Seymour M., 2148 Beverly road.
LEVY, Bernard, 516 Putnam avenue.
LEVY, Maxwell H., 191-01  109th avenue, Hollis.
LIPTON, Bernard, 7402 Seventeenth avenue.
LIROFF, Jacob, 71 Bay Thirty-seventh street.
LITKE, Abraham H., 287 East Forty-sixth street.
LITVIN, Samuel, 1432 Pitkin avenue.
LOBERFELD, Robert A., 1246 East Thirteenth street.
LORD, Paul E., 176 Columbia Heights. 
LUBATKIN, Michael, 175 Alabama avenue.
LUBROTH, Irving, 1958 Seventy-seventh street.
LUCEY, Stephen J., 231 Berkeley place.
LYONS, Denis P., 412 Classon avenue.

MAC MILLAN, Robert W., 120 Pierrepont street.
MAHON, John P., Jr., 232 Lincoln place.
MANDEL, Sidney, 26 Bay Twenty-fifth street.
MANDINA, Joseph A., 63 Sheridan avenue.
MANNING, Jasper I., 1966 West Thirteenth street.
MANNIX, Brian, 1202 Union street.
MANUEL, George T., 107-11 Eighty-sixth avenue, Richmond Hill.
MARGULIES, Irwin, 916 Carroll street.
MARSHALL, Ernest D., 80 Roxbury road, Garden City.
MARSI, Fred V., 865 Fifty-fourth street.
MATTHEWS, Joseph G., Jr., 195-03 Prospect place.
MAURAUCLRICK, Jacob, 1596 Prospect place.
MC BRIDE, Meredith, 1448  164h street, Beechhurst.
MC CAUGHLEY, Michael J., 260 Garfield place.
MC DEVITT, Herbert A., 723 East Twnety-seventh street.
MC FADDEN, Edward F., 228 Ninetieth street.
MC GINLEY, Francis W., 96-10 Thirty-seventh avenue, Jackson Heights.
MC GRATH, Charles E., 9 St. Charles place.
MC LAUGHLIN, Maurice E., 1612 Tenth avenue.
MC NAMARA, John I., 588 Fifth street.
MEISEL, Benjamin L., 84-18 Boulevard, Rockaway Beach.
METRICK, Harry, 521 Herzl street.
MILDER, Aaron H., 912 Sutter avenue.
MILLEA, Thomas C., 119-21 Metropolitan avenue,Kew Gardens.
MILLER, Milton, 1665 President street.
MOFTEY, Martin M., 2737 Holmes street.
MOLNAR, Paul J., 4266 Phlox place, Flushing.
MOLONEY, Mary B.N., 315 Seventy-third street.
MOTTEY, Francis J., 1156 Union street.

NATHANSON, Isidor, 457 Schenectady avenue.
NEILSON, Preston M., 109 South Elliott place.
NEIMARK, Isidor, 158-60 South Third place.

OLANOFF, Israel, 539 Sheffield avenue.
ORENSTEIN, Jacob, 100-07 Thirty-seventh avenue, 	Corona.
OTTO, Samuel C., 122-12 Hillside avenue, 	Richmond Hill.

PACKMAN, Bernard H., 624 Marcy avenue.
PAKULA, William, 219 Brightwater court.
PALMER, George H., 167 First street, Stewart Manor.
PATERNO, Victor E., 540 Fifty-sixth street.
PERCACCIA, Frank V., 2140 Ocean parkway.
PETERSON, Thomas F., Jr., 666 East Seventeenth street.
PHILIPS, Irving, 1333 Fifty-first street.
PHILLIPS, Bernard, 115 Beach Sixty-second street, Arverne.
PICKENS, William, Jr., 156 Macon street.
PILDESCU, Herman M., 737 Montgomery street.
PILZ, Emil V., 7143 Manse street, Forest Hills.
PLOTKIN, Samuel, 2161 Seventy-third street.
POKODNER, Louis, 1871 Fifty-third street.
POLLACK, Benjamin D., 1742 Sixty-eighth street.
PORCARO, Frank W., 106 Bleecker street.
PRESSMAN, Samuel, 7221 Seventeenth avenue.
PROCTOR, Joseph W., 34 Hampshire road, Rockville Center.
PURZNER, William H., 66-14 Fifty-eighth avenue, Maspeth.

RABINOWITZ, Herman, 1682 Park place.
RAFFISH, Meyer, 1722 West Fifth street.
RASHBA, Abraham, 1361 Fifty-second street.
REIFER, David, 25 Louisiana avenue.
RESNICOFF, Samuel, 691 Lafayette avenue.
REVSIN, Jack, 2134 Seventy-second street.
RIFKIN, Morris, 4219 Eighteenth avenue.
ROBBINS, Benjamin M., 1136 St. Marks avenue.
ROBBINS, Jacob, 41-42 Forty-fourth street, Sunnyside.
ROBIN, Benjamin B., 1984 East Eighth street.
ROBINSON, Bejamin, 921 Forty-third street.
ROBINSON, Harry W., 286 Asbury avenue, Westbury.
ROBINSON, Jesse B., 8346 Church avenue, Kew Gardens.
ROSEBOROUGH, William A., 71 Orange street.
ROSEMAN, Max, 818 Gates avenue.
ROSENBAUM, Maurice, 2149 Seventy-seventh street.
ROSENSTEIN, Gertrude, 101-31  114th street,	Richmond Hill.
ROSENTHAL, Irving, 299 Fouth Fifth street.
ROSENTHAL, Nathan, 3093 East Fourth street.
ROSENTHAL, Samuel J., 4515 Snyder avenue.
ROSIER, George, 916 Cornaga avenue, Far Rockaway.
ROTH, Arthur B., 550 Ocean avenue.
ROTH, Benjamin, 21 Malta street.
ROTHBART, Samuel, 25-41 Steinway street, Astoria.
ROTHENBERG, Irving, 197 Buffalo avenue.
ROTNEM, Victor W., 121 Windermere road, Grasmere.
RUBIN, Sidney, 3100 Lakeland place.
RUDES, Harry, 1824 Forth-eighth street.
RUSHKIN, Jacob, 1935 East Twent-ninth street.
RYAN, William H., 236 Lincoln street, Flushing.

SAIDEL, Ailleen I., 739 Fifty-sixth street.
SALWEN, Sidney, 1622 Forty-third street.
SALZMAN, Samuel, 167 Hewes street.
SAMPSON, David, 1193 East Twenty-fourth street.
SAMUELS, Benjamin J., 910 DeKalb avenue.
SANDMAN, Arnold, 2021 Sixty-second street.
SANDS, Benjamin S., 569 Dumont avenue.
SCARDINO, Joseph, 732 Liberty avenue.
SCHARF, Leon, 1 Howard place.
SCHEFF, Louis, 649 Empire boulevard
SCHIFF, Louis, 307 West Merrick road, Bellmore.
SCHIFRIN, Louis, 7920 Nineteenth avenue.
SCHIPPER, Sara, 1529 Forty-seventh street.
SCHLOSSBERG, Julius, 573 Powell street.
SCHMELZER, Jacob, 1964 Sixty-sixth street.
SCHNAPPER, Julius, 2340 Sixty-third street.
SCHNEID, Max, 897 Dumont avenue
SCHNEIDER, David, 411 Thatford avenue.
SCHNEIER, Jacob, 3222 Cortelyou road.
SCHULMAN, Emanuel M., 1227 East Eighth street.
SCHULMAN, Julius A., 545 Ocean parkway.
SCHULMAN, Milton, 1227 East Eighth street (same as Emanuel)
SCHULTZ, Manuel, 85-31  168th street, Jamaica.
SCHULTZ, Samuel, 233 Sutter avenue.
SCHURR, J. Meyer, 425 Pennsylvania avenue.
SCHUTZMAN, Samuel, 297 Saratoga avenue.
SCHWAMM, Saul, 728 Ocean parkway.
SCHWAN, Julius, 1140 President street.
SCHWARTZ, Abraham, 1484 St. Marks avenue.
SCHWARTZ, Fannie, 1446 Forty-first street.
SCHWARTZ, Isidore, 793 Vermont street.
SCHWARTZ, Oscar G., 491 Snediker avenue.
SEALOVE, Harvey J, 64 Brooklyn avenue, West Hempstead.
SEGAL, Bernard, 3508 Mermaid avenue.
SEGAL, Nathan B., 848 East Tenth street.
SEGAL, Sidney, 1457 Fifth-seventh street.
SEIDEMAN, Arthur, 318 Avenue V.
SEIDENBERG, Robert W., 249 Hooper street.
SELIKOWITZ, Anna, 248 Vernon avenue.
SELIKOWITZ, Paul, 2478 Kenmore place.
SELOWITZ, Harry, 95-11 Creskill place, Jamaica.
SEMEL, Joseph, 332 Beach Seventieth street, Arverne.
SEMMEL, Jacob, 92 Christopher avenue.
SHANLEY, Edward P., 330 West Walnut street, Long Beach.
SHEERIN, John B., 9320 Ridge boulevard.
SHERIDAN, John F.X., 41-42 Forty-second street, Sunnyside.
SHERIDAN, John J., 354 East Twenty-first street.
SHERMAN, Julia, 421 Herzl street.
SHIRK, Lester, 289 Empire boulevard
SHORENSTEIN, Morris, 753 Crown street.
SIEGEL, Martin, 77 East Fifty-fifth street.
SIEVEN, Samuel, 645 East Fourth street.
SILBER, George, 224 East Fifty-sixth street.
SILVERSTEIN, Samuel, 118-07 Liberty avenue, Richmond Hill.
SILVERSTEIN, Samuel S., 343 Bedford avenue.
SIMMONS, Thomas H., 27-43 Crescent street, Astoria.
SIMPSON, Ewing G., 56 Pierrepont street.
SINGER, Abraham L., 2126a Seventy-fourth street.
SINGER, Lewis, 1608 Kings highway.
SLEVIN, Joseph E., 295 New York avenue.
SMITH, Andrew E., 122 Hempstead avenue, Rockville Centre.
SMITH, George J., 1777 East Eighteenth street.
SOROKOFF, Hyman, 836 Montgomery street.
SPARER, Alexander, 2137 East Eighth street.
STANDER, Alfred A., 376 Crescent street.
STANDER, Alfred A., 376 Crescent street.
STANDER, Hyman, 175A Vernon street.
STARK, Morris, 1208 Pacific street.
STEIN, Herbert, 1035 Forty-fifth street.
STEIN, Joseph G., 1261 Ocean avenue.
STEINBRENNER, Julius F., St. George Hotel.
STEINBUGLER, Catherine M., 1222 Albemarie road.
STERNBERG, Edith, 25 Cornwell street, Rockville Centre.
STERN, Elizabeth, 7907 Shore road.
STERN, Isidor, 1406 Albemarle road.
STONE, Seymour, 975 East Twenty-second street.
SUFFRIN, Oscar J., 21 Oak street, Woodmere.
SULLIVAN, Thomas R., 368 Bainbridge street.

TANOUS, Evelyn A., 259 Union street, Lawrence.
TEAGLE, Joseph P., 8455 Eighty-fifth street, Woodhaven.
TELSEY, Leon G., 1100 Albemarle road.
TEMPLE, Ralph R., 1083 Fifty-seventh street.
TEPPER, Joel S., 1465 Forty-third street.
THOMPSON, Harold A., 55 Hanson place.
TILFORD, George, 827 Marcy avenue.
TILLIM, Louis B., 50 East Eighteenth street.
TOBIN, George, 1285 Fifth-fifth street.
TONKONOGY, Theodore, 1384 Union street.
TORN, Samuel I., 179 Beach Sixty-sixth street, Arverne.
TRACHTENBERG, Daniel W., 1607 President street.
TRAVIS, James A., 912 Newkirk avenue.
TUSHER, Morris G., 132 Manhattan avenue.
TYNION, James T., 4710 Sixth street.

UMANSKY, DAVID, 2401 Sixth-third street.
UNGER, Samuel, 1414 Jefferson avenue.
URIVETSKY, Edward I., 1525 Fofty-sixth street.

VERDON, John J., 7505 Thirty-fifth avenue, Jackson Heights.
VIDAVER, Arthur, 1007 Avenue P.
VOKETITES, Clement, 12 Garden place.

WALLMER, Jerome J., 1806 East Twenty-second street.
WALTZER, Joseph, 550 Barbey street.
WAPNICK, William, 362 East Ninety-eighth street.
WARNER, Emanuel, 2023 East First street.
WASSER, Henry, 211 Hooper street.
WASSERMAN, Morris, 8784 Twenty-first avenue.
WATMAN, Helen A., 446 Kingston avenue.
WATTENBERG, Sidney W., 1015 East Twenty-first street.
WEIL, Albert M., 136 Newport street.
WEIN, Abraham L., 1214 Forty-second street.
WEINER, Samuel, 404 Foster avenue.
WEINER, Samuel, 260 Hart street. (2 w/same name, diff. addresses)
WEIGNER, Alexander, 1646 Carroll street.
WEINTRAUB, Charles, 319 Glenmore avenue.
WEINTRAUB, Max W., 183 Hart street.
WEISBARTH, Sydney, 116-02  103rd avenue, Richmond Hill.
WEISBERG, Abraham, 1526 Forty-third street.
WEISMAN, Max, 120-06 Ninety-seventh avenue, Richmond Hill.
WEISMAN, Morris, 529 Monroe street.
WEISS, Aaron, 1163 St. Johns place.
WEISS, Alexander, 135 Prospect Park West.
WEISS, Alexander J., 674 Vanderbilt street.
WEISS, Joseph, 225 Hart street.
WEISSER, Emil E., 502 Elton street.
WELLING, Henry, 496 East Ninety-fifth street.
WHITE, Paul W., 858 Dean street.
WILK, Abraham, 414 Avenue N.
WOLF, Leon, 372 Macon street.
WOLOWICH, Joseph, 1675 Sterling place.
WOOD, Frederick W., II, 70 Columbia Heights.
WRIGHT, Allan B., 41 Vassar place, Rockville Centre.

YACHELSON, Samuel, 4619 Eleventh avenue.
YANKOWITZ, Israel, 2968 West Twenty-seventh street.
YANKOWITZ, Israel A., 40 Blake avenue
YELOWITZ, Flora, 1074 Rutland road.
YORIO, Vito, 133-01 Sanford avenue, Flushing.

ZASLOW, Henry D., 1674 Sterling place.
ZELNICK, Max, 81 Rodney street.
ZIFF, David S., 8735 Bay Parkway.
ZIMMERMAN, Eugene, 2055 Ocean avenue.
ZIPSER, Sidney N., 3817 Maple avenue.

END OF LIST of people who passed the bar exams.

Transcribed by Marsha Abelman