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Forgotten TermsUses in Old Wills
Brooklyn Daily Eagle..1892Index to Wills
1877 LawyersAdmitted to the General Term of the Supreme Court
1982 Lawyers44 New Lawyers pass the bar
1883 Lawyers1883 Listed in the Bklyn Eagle
Brooklyn Law SchoolGraduates..June
1923 Lawyers167 New Lawyers pass the bar
1928 New York Law SchoolGraduates
1931 Lawyers..January500 New Lawyers pass the bar
1931 Lawyers..August832 New Lawyers pass the bar
1931 Lawyers..December500 New Lawyers pass the bar
1934 State Board of Law ExaminersGraduates..June
1934 LawyersBrooklyn Law of St. Lawrence University Graduates
Court CasesVarious Years..Newspaper transcripts
Paper Trails..WillsSent in by subscribers to Bklyn List

Brooklyn DENTISTRYHistory with names and places
1879 Dental SocietyOfficers Elected

GRADUATE SectionTeachers-Schools-Graduates
Teachers SectionTeachers-Schools-Graduates
School SectionNames/Address/Locations
School PhotosWhere to get a picture of school & cost
Teacher ResearchWhere to write
Teachers College LibraryWhere to write for records of Teachers NYC


1893 VeterinaryGraduates

MEDICAL The Druggist
1906 Brooklyn College of PharmacyGraduates..May
1907 Brooklyn College of PharmacyOfficers..May
1910 Brooklyn College of PharmacyGraduates..May
1934 St. John's College of PharmacyGraduates..June

Institutions List1859 (includes Hospitals, Asylums, etc.)
Ward Island Insane Asylum..1870List of 'Inmates'
Patients in the Bklyn Daily Standard UnionCommittments, stories
1914-15 New York SanitariumsPolk's Directory
1916 PhysiciansRegistered as Qualified examiners in Lunacy New York State
1916 State Hospital CommissionState Hospitals for the Insane
Bensonhurst Sanitarium..1920The Old CROPSEY Mansion
1924 Homes & Asylums ListBrooklyn
Review of Early Long Island Insane HospitalsCentral Islip..Kings Park..Pilgrim State
King's Park State HospitalPatient case files,1890-1931
Sailor's Snug HarborStaten Island
Pilgrim State HospitalContact info
Pilgrim State HospitalHistory..Maps

Brooklyn MedicalHistory with names and places
1849 Brooklyn Medical SocietyOfficers & Members
Brooklyn Medical MenAs listed in the 1854 Directory
Kings County Medical Society1860 Members
Long Island Medical CollegeGraduates..June 1871
1887 Eastern District HospitalAppointments
1893 Brooklyn City Dispensary43rd Annual Meeting..Officers elected
Ambulance Surgeon's Life1906 1st Person Account
1909 Long Island College HospitalGraduates
1916 Alumni Associations of New York Hospitals(Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Richmond)
1916 Medical Memoriam of NEW YORK StateOctober 18 1915 thru October 10 1916
1929 L.I. College HospitalGraduates..June
1931 Army ReservesPhysicians, Surgeons & Dentists...Called up
1931 Long Island Medical SchoolGraduates..June
1931 George Washington UniversityGraduates..June
1933 List of Fellows DeceasedAm.College Surgeons
1934 List of Fellows DeceasedAm.College Surgeons
1936 List of Fellows DeceasedAm.College Surgeons
1934 L.I. Medical CollegeHonors
1935 Unity HospitalGraduates..June
MEDICAL DIRECTORY OF NEW YORKNew York City-Kings County, Borough of Brooklyn
1935-6 MEDICAL DIRECTORY OF NEW YORK..Physicians (Richmond County)
1935 New York City Worth St.Dept. of Health..Directory
1935 University of New York StateMedical Directory
1936 American Medical SocietyState of New York..Officers
1935-6 New York State..Dept. of Health
Hospitals of New York State1935-1936 MEDICAL DIRECTORY
1935-6 Manhattan & Bronx Hospitals/Physicians List
Paper Trails..MedicalSent in by subscribers..Lists of Medical personal..Places
Deceased American Physcian RecordsHow..Where..Cost

1895..Ward 24Institutions list
1910 (Various) InstitutionsWard & E.D. Manhattan, Bronx, Bklyn & Queens
1914 Medical Colleges of New YorkPolk's Directory
1914-15 New York State Board of Medical ExaminatorsPolk's Register and Directory
1914-15 Medical Libraries & Deparments NYSPolk's Directory
1914-15 Medical Journals of New YorkPolk's Directory
1914-15 New York State Medical LawsPractice of Medicine
1914-15 Societies Rlating to Medicine & SurgeryPolk's Directory
1914-15 Hospitals, HomesPolk's Directory New York State
1914-15 Penal Institutions/Charitable InstitutionsPolk's Directory New York State
1916 NYS Dept.of HealthDirectory
Institutions..1920 CensusIncludes E.Ds Hospitals, Asylums, etc.
1924 Hospitals ListBrooklyn
City Hospital..Welfare IslandAs described in 1926..and now
1929 Medical Society of New YorkConstitution & Bylaws
1930 Baby Heath StationsKings County, Borough of Brooklyn
1935 Hospitals(Brooklyn-Queens-Richmond)
1935 Directory Reference & Purchasing GuideIndex of Advertisers from the Medical Directory
Norwegian Lutheran Deaconesses Home & Hopital4th & 46th..Photo

Archaic Medical TermsAlso Poisons, abbreviations, epidemics etc
Old Disease names and their modern definitions
Old Names for OccupationsWondering what a Fuller was? This list has the answer and more
St. Anthony's Hospital..QueensWhere to write for records
Kings County HospitalWhere to write
Post Graduate HospitalInfo with link
American Medical AssociationWhere to write
Coroner FormDown Loadable Form for requesting Inqiry Report
SENEY HospitalPicture Postcard
The Salvation Army ArchivesFor Records
Historical Records Repositories in New York State Collections located in a preliminary search of the Research Libraries Information Network (RLIN) and the Online Cataloging Library Center (OCLC)

Brooklyn Nurses List1860 thru 1865
1882 Bklyn Training School for NursesGrads &mnp description of home
1882 Bklyn Training School for NursesGrads..June
1904 Kings County Hospital Training School for NursesGraduates
1905 Cumberland Street HospitalNurse Graduates
1905 Nurses (Kings County Hospital)Graduates
1906 St. Mary's Hospital School for NursesGraduates
1906 Training School for Nurses of the German HospitalGraduates
1906 Jewett Training School for Nurses (Bushwick Hospital)Graduates
1907 Nurses (Kings County Hospital)Graduates
1907 Nurses (Long Island College Hospital)Graduates
1907 St Mary's Training School NursesGraduates..May
1909 Nurses (Kings County Hospital)Graduates
1909 Williamsburg Hospital-Training School for NursesGraduates..June
1910 Kings Co. Hospital-Training School for NursesGraduates..June
1918 Brooklyn Hospital-Training School for NursesGraduates..June
1918 Nazerene NursesGraduates..June
1922 Bklyn Nursey & Infants Hospital Training School for NursesGraduates
1928 Jewish Hospital NursesGraduating Class
Methodist Episcopal Hospital Training School for NursesGraduating Class ..May
1928 Nazarene NursesGraduating Class
1928 ST. Peter's Hospital School..NursesGraduating Class
1928 Swedish Hospital Nurses GraduateGraduating Class
1928 WYCOFF HEIGHTS Hospital..Nurses Training SchoolGraduating Class
1929 L.I. College Hospital NursesGraduates..June
1931 Brooklyn State Hospital Training School for NursesGraduates
1931 Caledonian Hospital Training School for NursesGraduates
1931 "Gray Ladies" Bklyn Naval Hospitalvolunteer Red Cross
1931 St. Catherine's Hospital Training School for NursesGraduates..1st Class April
Nazarene Nurses SchoolGraduates..June
1931 Wyckoff Heights Hospital Training School for NursesGraduates..May
1932 St. Mary's Nursing HospitalGraduates
1933 St. Mary's Nursing HospitalGraduates
1934 Nazarene NursesGraduates..June
Nursing Info..Kings CountyWhere to Write

Early Rapid Transit in Brooklyn1878 to 1913
Rail Road HelpWhere to look & write
U.S. R.R. Retirement BoardGenealogical Information After 1936
PullmanCompany Archives
N.A.R.A.Railroad Accidents
Abbreviations, Trade Names, & Nicknames of RailroadsPast and Present
LingoDictionary of Railroad Slang

Social Security Code NumbersSearch Box
Musicians UnionWebsite
OccupationsNames & Meanings