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St. Catherine's Hospital School of Nursing
85 Bushwick avenue
Brooklyn Standard Union 
16 April 1931

First Class is Graduated at New Building of St. Catherine's
    District Attorney William F.X. GEOGHAN may be fearless where
criminals are concerned but he has a "holy horror of the trained
nurse," according to his own admission.
    The District Attorney made this confession during the
commencement exercises--the first to be held in the new building--of
St. Catherine's Hospital School of Nursing, 85 Bushwick avenue, last
night.  He addressed thirty nurses who were given diplomas by Dr.
Andrew H. HANGARTER, affiliated with the institution.  An audience
of 500 persons crowded the auditorium to witness the event.
    The speaker explained that his "horror" of trained nurses
originated with an illness in his own household.  It is the illness
and not the nurse, however, that causes his depression, Mr. GEOGHAN
    The District Attorney held that the knack of administering to
the sick is genius and not talent.  "Good nurses are born not made,"
he asserted.  He cautioned the graduates to avoid professional
hardness and urged them to show sympathy towards the patient.
    "Don't say I have a case but rather a human being to deal with,"
he advised.
    Mr. GEOGHAN was introduced by Dr. Frank D. JENNINGS, chief
surgeon of the institution, who presided at the ceremonies.  Dr.
William C. MEAGHER administered the Hippocratic oath.  The address
was made by Dr. Denis E. McMAHON.

    The graduates are:

Kathleen Regina O'NEILL, Washington, D.C.
Winifred Ann HORSINGTON, Marcellus, N.Y.
Vera Rose WOJNAR, New Market, N.H.
Mary Imelda SULLIVAN, Sparkill, N.Y.
Jane Mary OLSEWSKI, Sparkill, N.Y.
Leona Esther L'ANGE, Rutland, Vt.
Therese PINZEL, Nurnberg, Germany.
Wathryn Regina SCHLUPF, Brooklyn.
Catherine ALLEN, Ardmore, Okla.
Carolyn ST. CROIX, Bay Bulls, N???
Mary Anne CAMPBELL, Red Islands, N.S.
Mary Catherine REGAN, Leominster, Mass.
Margaret Louise HALEY, Leominster, Mass.
Mary Agnes QUIRK, Pittsfield, Mass.
Katherine Marie KELLY, Whitestone, L.I.
Elsie Cecelia ACKLEY, Bedford Hills, N.Y.
Joanne Veronica SHAFFER, Herkimer, N.Y.
Mildred Mae L'ANGE, Rutland, Vt.
Ellen Josephine FLANAGAN, New Haven, Conn.
Mary Demetria LA VEGLIA, Brooklyn.
Anna Frieda FRAAS, College Point.
Madeline KING, St. Joseph, N.Y.
Mary Veronica SHANAHAN, New York City.
Sylvia Agnes PRICE, Bangor, Me.
Gertrude Ealine YOELL, Brooklyn.
Muriel Catherine BALDWIN, Bathhurst, N.B.
Patricia Therese MURPHY, South Bar, N.S.
Lillian Rose WHELAN, Halifax, N.S.
Katherine Cecilia FORRESTALL, Middleton, N.S.
Marjorie Elizabeth LYNCH, Halifax, N.S.