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Brooklyn Daily Eagle
24 August 1934

Forty one local men and women passed the bar examination held June 27 and 28 
by The State Board of Law Examiners. 
Of the 1,454 law students who took the examination, 
only 709 or nearly 49% passed. 
Certificates will be mailed to successful applicants within the next 
three weeks. 

Those who will receive the certificates include 
Edward ASKEL 1233 47th St
Jack E. BAGON, 310 Bay 10th St
Pauline L. BERMAN, 1430 48th St
Morton BERNSTEIN, 1933 68th St
Samuel L. BLOOM, 913 51sst St
Arthur B. BOBECK 1928 82nd St
Bernard J. CASSIDY 469 3rd St
Solomon CRENIAK 459 68th St
Thomas F. DELANEY 375 16th St
Wallace S. DEPUY 348 68th St
Abraham DUBENSKY 942 45th St
Solomon S. EISEN 907 56th St
Irving FEINBERG 1680 54th St
William G. FISCH 1552 55th St
Arthur E. FLOOD 452 81st St
Harold GOLDBERG 4912 15th Ave
Joseph J. GOTTLIEB 1053 51st St
Seymour HERRICK 1654 50th St
Edward F. KELLEHER 600 50th St
Joseph V. LABATE 1457 77th St
Alvin A LEVY 1739 49th St
Leo V. McLAUGHLIN 39 Plaza St.
Harry D. MEISLICH 6821 4th Ave
Herman MERKIN 1338 47th St
Simon MILLER 1717 52nd St
Mannia NEUMANN 1454 47th St
Sam S. POST 1930 81st St
Joseph ROSENBLATT, 1556 43rd St
Philip ROSENBLATT 1256 45th St
Max SCHLEDETSKY 2022 69th St
Samuel SCHNAPP 1208 55th St
Herbert S SHAPIRO 1329 51st St
David SCHLESINGER 1449 40th St
Philip I SILVERSTEIN 939 45th St
David SIMON 1611 49th St
William SISKIND 1857 53rd St
Geogre L WEISBARD 2310 ?3rd St
Walter W WEISS 1540 54th St
Joseph J WOLFF 7711 20th Ave
Harold ZINN 8701 Shore Road