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1920 Census : Institutions As listed in the Census

Adams House, 13 10th Ave, ED#149, NY
Albermaker Hotel, Surf Avenue, ED# 563, Kings County
Alms House, Blackwell's Island, ED#668, sheet 51, NY
Alpine Hotel, 55 West 33rd St ED#679, sheet 8, NY
Ann. Institution for Orphan's 66-70 Havenmeyer, ED#196, Queens
Arlington Hotel, West 8th St, Kings, ED#563, sheet 8
Ashland House, 24th and 4th Avenue, ED#691, NY sheet 12
Assoc. for Befriending, 134 2nd Avenue, ED#327, NY sheet 18
Astor House, 225 Broadway, ED#5, sheet 1, NY
Asylum of Vincent de Paul, 215 West 39th , ED#1094, sheet 1-3, NY
Atlantic Hotel, Ocean Parkway, ED #663, sheet 11, Kings

Babies Hospital 135 East 55th, ED653, sheet 1, NY
Babies Nursery, 751 Herkimer, ED #446, sheet 2, Kings
Barner's Bathing Pavillion, Oceanfront, ED#363, sheet 15, Kings
Barnard College, West 119th Street, ED#602, NY
Bay State Hotel, 663 Broadway, ED#51, NY
Bedfrord Avenue Lodging House, ED#182, sheet 8, Kings
Bellevue Hospital, 1st Avenue, 26th, 27th, 28th, East River, ED#490,
sheet 1, NY
Bethesda Sanitarium, 952, ED#419, sheet 16, Brooklyn
Bethlehem Orphan, NR Third, ED#667, sheet 12, Queens
Blessed Sacrament Academy, 170 West 79th Street, ED#473, NY
Boy's Lodging House, E 44th Street, ED#581, sheet11, NY
Bray's Cottage, Merrimald Avenue, ED#562, sheet 17, Queens
Breezehurst Terr, Latham Place, ED#669, sheet 21, Queens
Brighton Beach Hotel, OF Island Avenue, ED#563, sheet 26, Kings
Bristol Hotel, West 42nd Street, ED#738, sheet 8, NY
Broadway Lodging, ED#294, sheet 32, Kings
Brooklyn City Hospital, ED#157, sheet 22, Kings
Brooklyn City Mission, 137 Van Brunt, ED#67, sheet 35, Kings
Brooklyn Maternity Hospital, 640 St. John's Place, ED#133, sheet 1A,
Brooklyn Nursery and Infant's Hospital, ED#414, sheet 4, Kings
Brooklyn Home For Girls, ED#418, sheet 2, 1483 Pacific, Kings
Bryson Day Nursery, 149 Avenue B, ED#340, sheet 23, NY
Bushwick Hospital, 1038 Greene Avenue, ED#430, sheet 17, Kings

Cadillac Hotel, 1492 Broadway, ED#732, sheet 7, NY
Carnegie Music Hall, West 57th Street, ED#774, line 11, sheet 25, NY
Caseno Hotel, West 5th St, ED#563, sheet 24, Kings
Central Hotel, 673 Broadway, ED#51, sheet 23, NY
Children's Fold, 454 West 155th Street, ED#637, sheet 15, NY
Children's Hospital, 283 Hicks, ED#10, sheet 3, Kings
Christian Charity Mission, 1918 Fulton, ED#467, sheet 3, Kings
Christian Helper's Home, 1304 Pacific, ED#417, sheet 2, Kings
Christianz School, 112 Washington Place, ED#99, sheet 25, NY
Church Charity Fund, Albany and Atlantic, ED#819, sheet 1-3, Kings
City Hospital, Blackwell's Island, ED#668, vol 161, sheet 1, NY (This is
also City Hospital B. on birth certificates)
City Mission, 114 Greenwhich Ave, ED#262, sheet 15, Kings
City Prision, Leonard and Elm, ED#1064, sheet 1,2,3, NY
Clara D. Hirsch Home for Working Class Girls, 225 East 63rd Street,
ED#665, sheet 17, NY
College for Nurses, 686 Livingston, Lexington Avenue, ED#778, sheet 7,
Columbus Hospital, 224 20th Street, ED#434, sheet 3, NY
Convalescent, 4333 E. 118th Street, ED#937, sheet 10, NY
Convent of Notre Dame, 218 E 4th Street, ED#230, sheet 13, NY
Convent of Mercy, 1075 Madison Avenue, ED#1092, sheet 6, NY
Convent Redemptist Order, 323 East 61st Street, ED#664, sheet 31, NY
Convent of Sacred Heart, 49 West 17th Street, ED#684, sheet 13, NY
Convent of St. Barbos, 144 Bleeker, ED#509, sheet 1, NY
Convent of St. Dominic, 137 East 2nd, ED#240, sheet 21, NY
Convent of St. Dominic, 526 East 18th Street, ED#432, sheet 23, NY
Convent of St. Thomas Aq., Kings, ED#486, sheet 27
Convent of Sisters Notre Dame, 404 87th Street, ED#818, sheet 20, NY
Convent of St. Joseph's, 165 Northfield, ED#199, sheet 10, Kings
County Penitentiary, Blackwell's Island, ED#668, sheet 1, NY

DeLaSalle Institute, 106 59th Street, ED#773, sheet 14, NY
Deaconess Home, 238 Clinton, ED#62, sheet 17, Kings
Dr Combes Sanitarium. Jackson Avenue, ED#656, sheet 26, Queens

In 1926:  St. Catharine's Hospital and Dispensary - Bushwick Avenue near Ten
Eyck.  Established 1875.  Under the charge of Sisters of St. Dominic.  260
inmates.  Rt. Rev. Thos. E. Molloy, D.D., President; S. J. Imelda O.S.D.,
Superintendent.  The hospital was around in the 1950s also. 

1926 re. Seaside Hospital:

Brooklyn Children's Aid Society - care and shelter of friendless youth.
Maintains the following branches:

Seaside Home & Hospital, Far Rockaway - 1876 - Mothers & sick children.
Resident physicians and corps of trained nurses.  Every modern hospital
equipment for the care of infants.  Miss Harriet L. Leete, Supt.