St. Anthony's Hospital

St. Anthony's Hospital 
89-15 Woodhaven Blvd.
Woodhaven, NY. 

For all inqueries, write a letter with as much information as possible to:

Patrick McNamara (Assistant Archivist)
7200 Douglaston Parkway
Douglaston, New York 11362

(Due to the volume of letters and they are short of help, 
it may be some time before you receive an answer.)

Mr. McNamara told me that:
St. Anthony's opened in 1914. Closed in 1966
Was originally a Mansion.

UPDATE : 2/21/2001
Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn
310 Prospect Park West
PO Box 159013
Brooklyn NY 11215-7300
718 965 7300


St. Anthony's was founded by the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor at the turn 
of the century to treat patients suffering from tuberculosis. 
In the early 1900's, European immigrants flooded to the region. At that time 
the city's municipal government had not yet organized a social welfare 
Therefore, the Board of Health and Department of Hospitals could handle only 
a fraction of tuberculosis patents.
As soon as the nuns opened St. Anthony's, the hospital was filled with 400 
patients, including 50 children.
The hospital's first medical director was also one of the first physicians in 
New York City to use better alternatives to tuberculosis.
Toward the end of World War 1, United States Army facilities requested St. 
Anthony's hospital to accommodate them with this treatment.
St. Anthony's continued to improve the care of tuberculosis patients and 
extended use of the facility to patients suffering from chest diseases. It 
was shut down over 50 years ago.