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Formerly known as I Street. The dry dock at the foot of the street was owned by BAGS & BOYD. The Abraham MESEROLE House, built about 1720 on the river bank facing West Street, between India & Java Streets. It was later enlarged, the western portion added about 1775 by John A., son of Abraham, who was the owner during the Revolution. Hessians were quartered here then. Abraham's grand daughter married Neziah BLISS, who came here from Conn. in 1832. BLISS occupied the house. S. D. CLARK kept a grocery in the house. It was demolished 1875. The A. K. MESEROLE house on India was one of the show places of Greenpoint. One LANE had a tea and coffee shop at Manhattan. The first building of St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church, #150, built about 1857 was later used for a factory. John HUGHES & Sons, picture frames, #148. The PROVOOST, family burial plot near India & Oakland was moved about 1875. John C. ORR & Co., lumber yard, at the foot of India. At one time the firm name of ORR & ROWLAND. it extended from Huron to Java Streets. ROONEY & MORGAN, ship builders, foot of India Street. John S. AVERILL, taxidermist, #89. Patrick ROORKE, livery stables, #146
E. FEHRENBACH, provision dealer, #208. P. S. No.86, corner of Harmon Street, opened December 6, 1893. The original Irving Square was on Irving Avenue opposite Union Cemetery at Palmetto Street. The Woodbine Club used to play here, a tract in this neighborhood was known as the Patch. During the Cholera epidemic of 1832 a tract of 10 acres was purchased of Mrs. Margaret DURYEA by the Grand Street Methodist Church on Grand & Attorney Streets, N.Y.C. The Grand Street Protestant Church of Williamsburgh became part owner of this cemetery was opened for burials in 1851. The boundaries, Knickerbocker, Irving & Putnam Avenues & Palmetto Street. One part of the grounds was known as Snake Hollow. The N.Y. congregation sold it's share in the tract in 1875 to the Brooklyn Church. They sold the plot in 1897, the grounds having been filled. The remains of the bodies were taken out and removed to Cedar Grove Cemetery. On part of the site on Irving Avenue, Bushwick High School was established and opened in 1914. The school was organized in September 1912. The classes were held in P.S. #75 and later also in P.S. #162, #69 & #129. Ground for the building on Irving was broken on June 29, 1911, informally opened January 23, 1914. Dr. Frank ROLLINS was the first principal, upon his death in 1920, Dr. Miles F. McDONALD became his successor. The Bushwick playground on Knickerbocker extending from Palmetto Street to Putnam Avenue was opened on September 5, 1912. A branch of the Public Library was in 1922 on Irving on the southwest corner of Woodbine Street. High Ground Schuetzen Park, was at Irving & Grove, the entrance was at the corner where Henry IHLE sold soft drinks in recent years. John DIXON, stone yard, corner of Irving & Putnam Avenues. Next..."J" of the EASTERN DISTRICT Streets Back to EASTERN DISTRICT Main Back to TOWN Main Page Back to STREETS Main Back to BROOKLYN Main