In 1930, ninety-seven-year-old Abraham A. EMANS of Gravesend declared that he had lived in his house all his life and that he had no intention of leaving it. He was a farmer, whose aim in life had always been to have the earliest peas in the vicinity and no matter what the weather he planted his seeds in March with the result that his were always the first peas ready for market. His home still stands. on part of the original Plantation 18 in the southeast quarter of s'Gravensande which the town allotted to Thomas CORNWELL 12 November 1646. From CORNWELL it passed through various hands until Nicholas STILLWELL sold it to Andrew EMANS Sr. on 21 December 1700. EMANS left it to his son Andrew Jr. Andrew Jr. conveyed the property to his uncle Jacobus who granted it to his son Abraham on 24 April 1747. Abraham EMANS was baptized 5 October 1718, married Sarah SCHENCK on 5 November 1743 and died of apoplexy in the City of New York; 21 November 1810. He left his land to his son Abraham who was born 21 August 21 1763, married Seytie VOORHIES, 9 December 1789 and died 1 January1821. Abraham EMANS II gave his property to his son Abraham III, who built a small house upon it in which he and his wife Sarah VAN PELT (b. 6 August 1811 - d. 20 January 1894) lived after their marriage on 5 October 1831. He was born 24 April 1809 and died 3 October 1832, leaving a son Abraham IV who had been born 29 January 1833. The last named Abraham built an extension to the house after his marriage to Margaret AMMERMAN on 25 August 1863 and in it brought up their three children: Sarah Ella, John and William. As he said, he never moved away from the house and died in it 14 April 1931. Jacobus EMANS, who bought the property, married Geertje or Gristie ROMEYN, 10 May 1700 and died prior to 17 April 1749. Jacobus was the son of Jan EMANS, a master cooper, who declared on the Gravesend census roll of 1698 that he was of English extraction. He married Sara, daughter of Anthony J. VAN SALEE, and after her death Neeltje CRANEN on 17 November 1702. He was a magistrate of Gravesend in 1673, 1674 and 1676 and its clerk in 1691. He drew a map of the town on which he wrote: I would not have any to admire this plote nor to thinke it was laid down by one ho(who) undre stood it not. For he that due thinke so the plotar ded not know. Althoughe not founded by ye grounds of trie (3), yet being ingenus therein he ded it. but only by supusition for after memry. 1694 Septemb. 29. Andries EMMANS was Jan's father. He fled from England to Leyden, Holland, for the sake of religious freedom and arrived at New Amsterdam in the vessel St. Jean Baptist on 9 May 1661. For a time he made his home in Gravesend. Next Chapter..HUBBARD HOUSE DUTCH Houses..Index Main Return to TOWN Index Main Return to BROOKLYN Index Main