Brooklyn Standard
12 JANUARY 1871

The regular German Democratic Committee held its regular meeting last
evening at SCHWERIN'S, Fulton avenue.  
In the absence of NICHTERU, the President, 
JOSEPH H. STRAUSS was called to the chair, protem.

The new delegates from the various wards were admitted.  Dr. NICHTERU's
resignation was read, and accepted.  On motion of General KOZLAY, a
committee on nominations for officers was appointed which after some
delay, reported the following:

President, JOSEPH H. STRAUSS; 
First Vice President, CHARLES ADAMS,
Fifteenth Ward; Second Vice President, E.A. KOZLAY, 
Eleventh Ward; Third Vice President, HERMAN EGGERS, 
Nineteenth Ward; Treasurer, JOHN KERN,
Third Ward; Secretary, H. VAN NOSTIS; 
Recording Secretary, JOHN SCHMIDT,
Eleventh Ward; Sargeant-at-Arms, DAVID ZUNNER.

The report was adopted and the committee then adjourned.

Transcribed by Joan Hartman
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