1876 ELECTION Districts & Ward Boundaries
1882 ELECTION Districts & Ward Boundaries
1889 ELECTION Districts & Ward Boundaries
1906 ELECTION Districts & Ward Boundaries

1860 Democratic General Committee of Kings county
1863 Election Inspectors
1871 German Democratic General Committee of Kings county
1876 The Germans Republican Committee Nominees
1876 7th Ward Voters
1876 Hayes & Wheelers..Boys in Blue
1892 Republican Committee..List of Members
Republican News..Brooklyn
1904 Republicans 12th Assembly District..Brooklyn
1892 Democratic Committee..List of Members
Democratic News..Brooklyn
1905 Jefferson Democratic Club Program..Brooklyn
1905 Century Democratic Club..Greenpoint, Brooklyn
1905 Juanita Democratic Club..Officers
1926 Kelly Democratic ClubQueens..Officers Installed
1926 Canarsie Democratic Club..Officers Installed
Jewish Politicians Pre 1934

Board of Elections.Info/address..where to write for records
New York City Draft Riots

Electoral College, Commission, Reform and Votes..Prior to 1900
Women's Suffrage Movement..Prior to 1900
Women's Suffrage Prominent Advocates..Prior to 1900

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