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Brooklyn Union 
6 November 1876

To the voters of the seventh ward.
In the seventh ward you have presented to you as your candidate 
for Alderman A. STEWART ROWLEY.
This appeal to the electors of the seventh ward to vote for 
Mr. ROWLEY is made by citizens of the Ward without regard to party, 
who are determined in local matters to cast aside party politics, 
and work for the good of the city.

H.M. SCUDDER         	29  Ormond Place
John M. PRATT        	472 Franklin Avenue
H.T. McCONN            	275 Washington Avenue
Henry STRYBING    		495 Washington Avenue
A.B. ENGLAND          	453 Washington Avenue
G.A. POWERS           	389 Washington Avenue
D.F. FERNALD            67 	Lefferts Place
James H. PRATT       	251 Gates Avenue
E.R. KENNEDY           	100 Monroe Street
Richard B. LEECH    	51  Putnam Avenue
Charles PARKER     		59 	Irving Place
B.F. UNDERWOOD M.D.    	484 Classen Avenue
BRAINERD SHALER    		109 Gates Avenue
C.K. BEEBE              151 Madison Street
Peter MILNE J.R.     	22 	St. James Place
Joseph KELLY        	490 Classen Avenue
George B. ELMORE        108 Madison Street
George W. NICHOLS       377 Grand Avenue
R.D. ANDERSON       	26 	Van Buren Street
JOB JohnSON        		?82 Myrtle Avenue
Billings WHEELER		223 Washington Avenue
Benjamin WHEELER        223 Washington Avenue
John LAPSLEY       		225 Washington Avenue
Thomas S. THRORP        379 Washington Avenue
James L. BRUMBLEY       445 Washington Avenue
R.D. POWERS         	380 Washington Avenue
Edward J. O'FLYNN       389 Washington Avenue
Andrew CLARK    		389 Washington Avenue
S.S. JONES            	197 Gates Avenue
D. NOEFUS             	36 	Madison Street
Robert ROGARDUS         425 Franklin Avenue
A. SEABURY          	414 Grand Avenue
A.M. WATERMAN   		402 Grand Avenue
Henry BUTLER     		135 Gates Avenue
J.M. GODDARD       		52 	Monroe Street
George M. EDDY   		926 Classon Avenue
Charles HOLT      		93 	Cambridge place
J.W. WATSON        		42? Grand Avenue
P.W. OSTRANDER   		417 Washington Avenue
W.M. CUMMINGS   		10? Gates Avenue
Wm. ROY               	39? Grand Avenue
B. BALDWIN           	544 Myrtle avenue
James S. HALL     		349 Franklin Avenue
Albin MAU           	118 Putnam Avenue
Wm. R. GULICK    		113 Madison Street
J.I. GASCOIGNE   		93 	Madison Street
H.G. FAY              	93 	Madison Street
A.H. TIFFE           	57 	Madison Street
Wm. POLLEY       		82 	Madison Street
W.E. REEVES     		86 	Madison Street
J.D. SAFFORD     		90 	Madison Street
John W. GRIFFITHS   	98 	Madison Street
W.E. MEAD         		102 Madison Street
George B. ELMONY        103 Madison Street
W.E JohnSON    			114 Madison Street
J.A. PINNEY        		95 	Madison Street  President Y.M.R.

association and members unanimously

Rev.. A FINNEY           95 	Madison Street
O.R. INGERSOLE          87 	Jefferson Street
John P. YOUNG           103 Putnam Avenue
Thomas H. STAINES      	103 Putnam Avenue
Benjamin F. CONNOR    	539 Classon Avenue
A.H. NICOLAY JR.        452 Classon Avenue
F. MULLIGAN             181 Gates Avenue
Richard ARESON          468 Classon Avenue
W.H. TU?SON             270 Franklin Avenue
H. MERNECKE             537 Classon Avenue
James Russell           526 Classon Avenue
David ANU?RSON          535 Classon Avenue
John R. FAIR            1 	Putnam Avenue
William T. MORFORD    	516 Classon Avenue
?. ?. K. MILLS          67 	Putnam Avenue
S.R. WIGGINS            522 Classon Avenue
J. RANKIN JR.           440 Classon Avenue
Charles W.PARKER       	53 	Irving Place
Russell PARKER          59 	Irving Place
Charles M. SIMMONSON 	89 	Monroe Street
Edgar J. HUTCHINS       90 	Monroe Street
H.W. BRINKERHOFF        91 	Monroe Street
Thomas J. SODEN         1? 	Monroe Street
Benjamin J. OTIS        367 Grand Avenue
Wm. RAY                 398 Grand Avenue
G. BEARDMAN             134 Gates Avenue
George W. SHIRLEY       185 Putnam Avenue
M.P. BESLIN             7TH.Ward
John R. KANE            276 Classon Avenue
Joseph KETCHNER JR.     276 Classon Avenue
J.H. BURTIS             121 Qunicy Street
James S. STEARNS        100 Gates Avenue
H.W. BRINCKERHOFF       91 	Monroe Street
Jesse C. ROWAN          193 Franklin Avenue
Thomas FITCHER          267 Skilliman Street
W.L.D.O'GRADY           95 	Madison Street
J.F. ANDERSON JR.       385 Grand Avenue
Dr. SILIAS D. SEUDDER   415 Grand Avenue
James H. WATSON         421 Grand Avenue
L.D. GRISWALD           21 	Jefferson Street
F. NAGLE                35 	Madison Street
Frederick STREIB       	47 	Irving Place
John K. OAKLEY          306 Gates Avenue
C.T. FULLER             41 	Cambridge Place
Edward THORNTON         1045 Fulton Street

Transcribed by Anna Heller-Campbell
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