Board of Elections in Brooklyn

Arlene Parnes  

Another source for info on ancestors

I just received information from the Board of Elections in Brooklyn as to
when and where my mgf registered to vote.   I did find out something new -
the party in which he registered

For those of you looking to find out where a person was naturalized, it also
gives in which court he received his papers.

The cost of a search is $3  per person, per year.  If it is before 1957,
they need an address.  They require a bank draft, or money order - no
personal checks unless it is certified.  They will also search other
boroughs for an additional fee of $3. for each borough.

Their address is: 
Board of Elections,
The City of New York
345 Adams Street
Brooklyn, New York  11201

Manhattan is:
Board of Elections
200 Varick Street
New York, NY 10014
(212) 886-3800

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