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16 March 1849
Bklyn Daily Eagle
DEMOCRATIC WARD MEETINGS - In Democratic Republican General Committee of
the City of Brooklyn, March 15, 1849---
    Resolved, That the Democratic Republican Electors of the city of
Brooklyn be requested to meet in their respective wards on TUESDAY
evening, March 20, at 7 1/2 o'cl'k at the places designated below, for
the purpose of electing three delegates from each ward to represent them
in a Convention to be held at D. COLGAN's "Eagle House", on THURSDAY,
March 22d, at 4 o'clock P.M., for the purpose of nominating a candidate
for Mayor and five candidates for Supervisors, to be supported at the
ensuing Charter Election---and also to transact such other business as
they may deem proper.

WARDS........................PLACE OF MEETING
    1st    at            Carll's Waverly House, Atlantic cor Furman st.
    2d    "              Sweeney's, York cor Pearl st
    3d    "              Colgan's, 196 Fulton st
    4th    "            Leach's, Concord cor Jay st
    5th    "            Brooklyn Hotel, Jackson cor Prospect st
    6th    "            McNamara's, Carroll Hall
    7th    "            Sharp's, Central Hall
    8th    "            Hatfield's
    9th    "            Lumsden's, Clove Road
                By order of the General Committee,
                            I.VAN ANDEN, Chairman
                A. VAN ORDEN, Secretary

17 January 1878
Commissioner FLAHERTY, with his tried and trust henchman, led by Mr. Patrick 
HAYES, thinks he can win the Thirteenth Ward next Monday evening, At the 
last two primaries it is claimed that the 'regulars' won only through the 
exertions of the police on duty, the two 'frown brothers' having been 
conspicuous in their efforts with the 'boys' in line. HAYES says he can win 
sure, in spite of Wm. A. BROWN and P.J. GLEASON,  the police and firemen are 
barred out.

In the Fourteenth Ward the regulars under Coroner NOLAN and Alderman KENNA 
of Alderman will probably have no opposition, as the Reardonites have lost 
power since the defeat of Alderman REARDON at the last election.

In the Fifteenth Ward, Ald. ORMSBEE and his friends developed such strength 
at the last primary, that it is questionable whether the formerly so called 
'regulars', under Counsellor Michael SHIELDS and other would be leaders will 
place a ticket in the field. ORMSBEEā€™s faction now claims to be 'regular', 
although that ALDERMAN, when elected in the fall of 1876, beat Mr. John 
DAVIES, the Republican candidate by polling the Independent and many 
Republican votes, at that time there being dissension in the Republican 
ranks between the 'Senate' or 'regulars' and the 'National Republican' or 
Taft faction.

In the Sixteenth Ward the 'regulars,' led by Messrs. Louis BLENDERMANN, 
Justice GUCK and ex-Assessor Charles KIEHL, will win, of course, as they 
have possession of the association, but the friends of Henry HANSELMANN, the 
Independent Democratic candidate for ALDERMAN at the last election, who 
polled many hundreds more votes than the regular candidate, Louis 
BIENDERMANN, are yet very sore, and threatened at the next election to 
finish the 'regulars.'

Since the election of Assemblyman DOUGLASS, who is a resident of the 
Seventeenth Ward, and was put forward by Justice Chas. B. ELLIOTT, it is 
conceded that the Justice holds the Democratic party in Greenpoint, and as 
the Democratic Association very seldom, if ever, hold meetings, it is 
presumed that the ticket advocated by Messrs. ELLIOTT and DOUGLASS will win 
without a contest.

The 'better element' of the Eighteenth Ward Democracy won a triumph, on 
Tuesday evening, under the leadership of Registrar of Arrears Rufus L. 
SCOTT, by having a primary ticket nominated in open meeting, but the 'ring' 
from the lower end of the Ward are very sore over their defeat, and it looks 
probable that on next Monday evening 'a straightout ticket' under the leader 
of Excise Clarke James FLETCHER will be run against the 'better elements' 
ticket adopted on Tuesday evening.

The Democratic Association of the Nineteenth Ward is not a very strong body, 
but are now comparatively harmonious, ex-Justice VOORHIES being the chief 
executive officer, and the entire association being willing adherents of 
Supervisor-at-Large GUTHRIE, whose strength was shown in the Ward at the 
last election.

It may be said that in many of the Wards here set down as sure to go 
'regular,' so far as the primaries are concerned, there is bitter faction 
feeling between the Democratic party leaders, which has been growing for 
years past, and will probably at the next election, as to recent elections, 
develop to the detriment of the Democratic party in the Eastern District.

23 January 1878
    Temporary Chairman CRAING, of the Democratic General Committee, has
announced the appointment of the following Committees of Nice, as provided
in proceedings elsewhere reported:

    On contested Seats:

        First District - David C. AITKENS,
Second Ward
        Second District - Henry J. CULLEN, Jr., Old Third Ward
        Third District - James DUNNE, Sixth Ward
        Fourth District - Daniel GREENE, New Third Ward
        Fifth District - Thomas A. KERRIGAN, Seventh Ward
        Sixth District - Zachariah VOORHIES, Nineteenth Ward.
        Seventh District - Michael O'KEEFE, Fourtheenth Ward

        Eigth District - Bernard SILVERMAN, Seventh Ward.
        Ninth District - George G. HARMAN, Ninth Ward.

On Pernament Organization:
        First District - Hugh McLAUGHLIN Second Ward.
        Second District - Colonel Thomas CARROLL, Fourth Ward.
        Third District - Charles O'NEIL, Sixth Ward.
        Fourth District - John DELMAR, Twenty-second Ward.
        Fifth District - John HEATH, Twentieth Ward.
        Sixth District - Herman L GUCK, Sixteenth Ward.
        Seventh District - C. C. EGAN, Thirteenth Ward.
        Eigth District - John A. CONNOLLY, Seventeenth Ward.
        Ninth District - William S. SEARING, Twenty-first Ward.

11 August 1882
A Specimen of Democratic Enrollment.
The Democratic Association of the Sixteenth Ward, at their meeting last
night, received communications from :

Michael CURTIS, of Humboldt street;
Owen CUNNINGHAM, of Sigel street; 
Stephen ZEIMER, of Scholes street;
Martin KRAIMER, of Lorimer street; 
Fred. LEHRER, of Johnson avenue;
James DRISCOLL, of Sigel street; 
John THALL, of McKibben street; 
Theo.KIERNAN, of Cook street; 
George NEY, of Humboldt street; 
Peter YOST, of Humboldt street; 
John BRICKNER, of Leonard street; 
George and Peter DISTLER, of Bushwick avenue; 
John WEINGARTEN, of Boerum street; 
George KUNZ, of Johnson avenue; 
Joseph KREBS, of Johnson avenue; 
Henry KIRSCHNER, of Scholes street,
Philip KAISER, of Ten Eyck street,
disclaiming having given any authority for putting their names on the
new enrollment.  Three resignations were also received.

25 May 1907
A lively meeting of the Greenpoint Democratic Club was held last 
evening in SCHWARTZ's Hall, Manhattan avenue and India street.  It was 
an anti-McCARREN meeting, and there were many present from the 
Thirteenth and Fourteenth Assembly districts, beside the Fifteenth.  
Frank THOMASEN presided, and the principal speaker of the evening was 
Edward GLINNEN, who ran such a close race with John W. CARPENTER of 
leader  at the last primaries.  Senator McCARREN was rapped, and his 
representative, the present Fifteenth Assembly District leader.  Mr. 
GLINNEN's remarks called forth frequent applause.
Following this an address was made by John McMANUS, of the Fourteenth 
District, along much the same lines.

Transcriber: Maureen J. Patt
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