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(Prior to 1934)

   A)  MORGENTHAU, Henry, Jr.,.
(Member of the Presidential Cabinet. Secretary of the Treasury appointed by
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1934.) He was born New York, 1891. On
the formation of the Roosevelt cabinet (1933) he was first appointed
chairman of the Agricultural Advisory Commission. He then became Acting
Secretary of the Treasury and on the resignation of Mr. W.H. Woodin, he was
appointed Secretary, being the second Jew to hold office in a Presidential

   A)  BELMONT, August (1816-1890).
         Charge d'Affaires and Minister Resident to the Netherlands,
1853-54. American financier; Born. Alzey, Germany, 1816: Died. New York,
1890. Employed in the Rothschild house in Frankfort, Belmont settled as
their representative in New York From 1855 to 1858 he was American charge
d'affaires in The Hague, Holland.In 1860 he was chosen chairman of the
Democratic National Committee.

   B) ELKUS, Abram I.:
         U.S. Ambassador and Envoy Plenipotentiary to the Ottoman Empire;
Born. New York, 1867. Admitted to the bar in 1888, Elkus held a number of
legal offices until his appointment by President Wilson to represent the
U.S.A. in Turkey. His term of office covered three years of the World War.
At the same time he headed the American Red Cross and the American Jewish
Relief Work in Turkey. In 1919-1920 he was Judge of the Court of Appeals of
New York State. He has been president of the Free Synagog, New York.

         U.S. Ambassador to Turkey (1913-16); Born. Mannheim, Germany, 1856.
For 20 years he was a member of a New York law firm, and was later prominent
in the development of New York real estate. In 1912 he became chairman of
the finance committee of the Democratic National Committee, filling the same
office in 1916. In 1913 he was appointed ambassador to Turkey. In 1919 he
investigated conditions in Poland, and in 1923 was appointed chairman of the
Greek Refugee Settlement Commission created by the League of Nations. He is
a charter member of the American National Red Cross.

  D) PEIXOTTO, Benjamin Franklin:
      American Consul to Roumania; Born, New York, 1834. Died. New York
1890. He was the son of Daniel Levy Maduro Peixotto, a Spanish family which
settled in Holland, then went to Curacao, and spread throughout the West
Indies, and by marriage was linked with the majority of the Sephardic
families of New York. In 1866, on his return to New York he founded the
monthly "Menorah," organ of the B'nai B'rith.

      The following Jews have served in, or were elected in Nov., 1933, to
serve in the 73rd Congress. The Senators marked with an (*) also appear in
the list of Representatives:

A) Senators, State and Term in Office (none listed)

B) Representatives, State and Term of Office:
         1] Ansorge, Martin Charles (1882-)  N.Y.1921-22.
         2] Bloom, Solomon (1870-) N.Y. 1923-35
         3] Cantor, Jacob A. (1854-1921) N.Y. 1913-15.
         4] Celler, Emanuel (1888-) N.Y.,  1923-35.
         5] Cohen, William W. (1874-), N.Y. 1927-29.
         6] Dickstein, Samuel (1885-), N.Y.  1923-35
         7] Einstein, Edwin (1842-1905), N.Y.  1923-31
         8] Fischer, Israel Frederick (1858-), N.Y.,1895-99
         9] Goldfogle, Henry Mayer (1856-1928), N.Y., 1904-05,  1919-21.
       10] Hart, Emanuel Bernard (1809-97), N.Y.1851-53
       11] Jacobstein, Meyer (1880-), N.Y. 1923-29.
       12] Lessler, Montague (1869-), N.Y., 1902-03
       13] Levy, Jefferson Monroe (1852-1924)  N.Y., 1899-1901,  1911-15.
       14] Littauer,Lucius Nathan (1859-),N.Y.1897-1907
       15] London, Meyer (1871-1926), N.Y., 1915-19  1921-23.
       16] Marx, Samuel (1867-1922), N.Y. 1922. Died before taking his seat.
       17] May, Mitchell (1870-), N.Y., 1899-1907.
       18] Perlman, Nathan David (1881-), N.Y., 1920-27
       19] Peyser, Theodore A., N.Y.,  1933-35
       20] Pulitzer, Joseph (1847-1911), N.Y. 1885-86
       21] Rossdale, Albert Berger (1878-), N.Y., 1921-23
       22] Siegel, Isaac (1880-), N.Y., 1915--23.
       23] Sirovich, William I. (1882-), N.Y., 1927-35
       24] Straus, Isidor (1845-1912), N.Y.1894-95
       25] Volk, Lester David (1884-), N.Y., 1921-23

        A) LEHMAN, Herbert H (1878-), New York 1933
    He was born in New York, 1878. A partner of Lehman Brothers, investment
bankers, he has been a director in a considerable number of corporations.
For his services during the war he received the D.S.M. in 1919.  He has been
active in the Joint Distribution Committee, the Hebrew Sheltering Guardian
Orphan Asylum, in a number of New York charities. Affiliated with the
Democratic party he became politically conspicuous in the state when he was
elected Lieut. Gov. and during Governor Roosevelt's sojourn in the South was
Acting Governor. He was elected Governor in 1932 by a vote that was
remarkable even in the Democratic "landslide."

        A)  List of Judges:

1)  CARDOZO, Benjamin  N. (1870-)
Court of Appeals, having served on the Supreme Court, 1913-14, appointed
1914, became chief justice in 1926, and held office till his elevation to
the U.S. Supreme Court.

2)  ELKUS,  Abram  I.. (1867-), held office 1919-20.
3)  LEHMAN,  Irving  (1876-),having served in Supreme Court,1908-22, 
		elected 1924. Supreme Court.
4)  BIJUR,  Nathan  (1862-1930), elected in 1909 and served to his death.
5)  COHN,  Albert  (1885-), elected 1929
6)  ERLANGER,  Mitchell  L. .  (1857-), served 1906-27.
7)  FRANKENTHALER,  Alfred  (1881-), elected 1926.
8)  GIBBS,  Louis  D.   (1880-1929), elected 1924, and served to his death.
9)  GOLDSMID,  Irving  I.  (1881-), served 1927-30.
10)  GREENBAUM,  Samuel  (1854-1930), served 1920-23.
11)  HARRIS,  Samuel  J.  (1877-), elected 1924 in Buffalo.
12)  HIRSCHBERG, Michael  Henry  (1847-), served Newburgh,1896-1917, 	
		presiding justice 1904-17.
13)  LAZANSKY,  Edward  (1872-), elected 1917.
14)  LEVENTRITT, David  (1845-1926), served 1898-1908.
15)  LEVY,  Aaron  J.  (1881-), elected 1923
16)  LEWIS,  Harry E.  (1880-), elected 1922
17)  MAY,  Mitchell  (1870-), elected 1922
18)  MILLER,  Julius  (1880-), elected 1930
19)  NEWBERGER,  Joseph  E. (1853-1931), served 1905-23),
20)  PLATZEK,  M. Warley  (1854-1932), served  1907-24.
21)  PROSKAUER,  Joseph M.  (1877-), served 1923-30.
22)  ROSENMAN,  Samuel  L. (1896-), elected 1932.
23)  SHERMAN, Henry  L  (1870-), elected 1927.
24)  SHEINTAG,  Bernard  (1887-), elected 1929.
25)  UNTERMEYER,  Irwin  (1886-) elected 1929.
26)  WASSERVOGEL, Isidor  (1875-), elected 1920.

All, except where otherwise indicated, New York City.

Source:  The Encyclopedia of Jewish Knowledge
Edited by:  Jacob De Haas
Publisher:  Behrman's Jewish Book House-New York
Copyright:  1934

Researched and Transcribed by Miriam Medina

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