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1920 Kings Co. Brooklyn Eds/Assembly Districts
12th Assembly District
No. of E.D.
No. of E.D. 1645Garfield Place, Prospect Park West, 2nd St., 8th Ave.
No. of E.D. 6672nd, Prospect Park West, 4th, 8th Ave.
No. of E.D. 16464th St., Prospect Park West, 5th St., 8th Ave.
No. of E.D. 16565th St., Prospect Park West, 6th, 8th Ave.
No. of E.D. 6683rd, 8th Ave., 5th, 7th Ave.
No. of E.D. 669First, 8th Ave., 3rd, 7th Ave.
No. of E.D. 670First, 7th Ave., 3rd, 6th Ave.
No. of E.D. 6713rd, 7th Ave., 5th, 6th Ave.
No. of E.D. 6725th, 6th Ave., 7th, 5th Ave.
No. of E.D. 6736th, 5th Ave., 7th, 4th Ave.
No. of E.D. 6747th, 5th Ave., 9th, 4th Ave.
No. of E.D. 6757th, 6th Ave., 9th, 5th Ave.
No. of E.D. 6765th, 8th Ave., 6th, 7th Ave., 7th, 6th Ave.
No. of E.D. 677Inc. Methodist Episcopal Hospital, 7th, 7th Ave., 6th, 8th Ave., 8th, 6th Ave.
No. of E.D. 6788th, 8th Ave., 9th, 6th Ave.
No. of E.D. 679Inc. St. Savior Convent, 6th, Prospect Park West, 8th, 8th Ave.
No. of E.D. 16478th, Prospect Park West, 10th, 8th Ave.
No. of E.D. 68010th, Prospect Park West, 12th, 8th Ave.
No. of E.D. 68112th, Prospect Park West, 14th St., 8th Ave.
No. of E.D. 164814th, Prospect Park West, 15th St., 8th Ave.
No. of E.D. 68211th, 8th Ave., 13th, 7th Ave.
No. of E.D. 6839th, 8th Ave., 11th, 7th Ave.
No. of E.D. 6849th, 7th Ave., 11th, 6th Ave.
No. of E.D. 685111th, 7th Ave., 13th, 6th Ave.
No. of E.D. 68611th, 6th Ave., 13th, 5th Ave.
No. of E.D. 6879th, 6th Ave., 11th, 5th
No. of E.D. 6889th, 5th Ave., 11th, 4th Ave.
No. of E.D. 68911th, 5th Ave., 12th, 4th Ave.
No. of E.D. 1695Inc. Holy Family ???, 12th, 5th Ave., 13th, 4th Ave.
No. of E.D. 69013th, 6th Ave., 14th, 5th Ave., 15th, 4th Ave.
No. of E.D. 69115th, 5th Ave., 14th, 6th Ave., 16th, 4th Ave.
No. of E.D. 69216th, 6th Ave., Prospect Ave., 4th Ave.
No. of E.D. 69313th, 8th Ave., 14th, 6th Ave.
No. of E.D. 69414th, 8th Ave., 15th, 6th Ave.
No. of E.D. 695Exc. Second Home for the Aged, 15th, 8th Ave., 16th, 6th Ave.
No. of E.D. 696Second Home for the Aged
No. of E.D. 69716th, 7th Ave., Prospect Ave., 6th Ave.
No. of E.D. 69816th, 8th Ave., Prospect Ave., 7th Ave.
No. of E.D. 69915th, Prospect Park West, Windsor, 8th Ave.
No. of E.D. 1696Windsor Place, Prospect Park West, Prospect Ave., 8th Ave.
No. of E.D. 700Prospect Park SouthWest, 10th Ave., Windsor Place, Prospect Park West,
No. of E.D. 1637Both sides of 16th St. between Prospect Park West & 10th Ave.
No. of E.D. 701Inc. Holy Name Convent, Windsor Place, 10th Ave., Prospect Ave., Prospect Park West,
No. of E.D. 702Windsor Place, Prospect Park SouthWest, Seeley, Prospect Ave., 10th Ave.
No. of E.D. 703Prospect Park West, Flatbush Ave., Ocean Ave., Parkside Ave., Parade Place, Caton Ave. & Coney Island Ave., Prospect Park SouthWest, Windsor Place, 10th Ave., Prospect Park SouthWest,
No. of E.D. 704Seeley, Prospect Park SouthWest, Greenwood Ave., Prospect Ave.
No. of E.D. 705Terrace Place, Prospect Ave., Greenwood Ave., E.Fourth, Vanderbilt, 18th
No. of E.D. 706Terrace Place, 11th Ave., 17th, Terrace Place, Vanderbilt, Gravesend Ave.
No. of E.D. 707Vanderbilt, E.4th, Greenwood Ave., Gravesend Ave.
No. of E.D. 708Ocean Pwky, Coney Island Ave., Church Ave., Ocean Pwky
No. of E.D. 709Fort Hamilton Pwky, Ocean Pwky, Albemarle Rd., E.3rd, Caton Ave., Gravesend Ave.
No. of E.D. 710Greenwood Ave., Coney Island Ave., Ocean Pwky, Ft. Hamilton Pwky, Gravesend Ave.
No. of E.D. 711Ft. Hamilton Pwky, Caton Ave., E.Third, Albemarle Rd, West, Minna & Chester Ave.
No. of E.D. 712Ft. Hamilton Pwky, Chester Ave., Minna, West, Tehama, Thirty-sixth
No. of E.D. 713Tehama, Albemarle Rd, Gravesend Ave., Church Ave., Thirty-sixth
No. of E.D. 714Albemarle Rd, Ocean Pwky, Church Ave., Gravesend Ave.
No. of E.D. 71536th, Church Ave., West, Fifteenth Ave., 37th, Fourteenth Ave., 38th, Thirteeth Ave.
No. of E.D. 716Ft. Hamilton Pwky, 36th, Thirteenth Ave., Thirty-ninth
No. of E.D. 71738th, Fourteenth Ave., 41st, Thirteenth Ave.
No. of E.D. 171539th, 13th Ave., 40th, 12th Ave.
No. of E.D. 718Church Ave., E.4th, Ave.C, West
No. of E.D. 719Church Ave., Ocean Pwky, Beverley Rd, E.7th, Ave.C, E.4th
No. of E.D. 720Church Ave., Coney Island Ave., Beverley Rd, E.Ninth, Ave.C, E.7th, Beverley Rd, Ocean Pwky
13th Assembly District
No. of E.D. 721Driggs Ave., Humboldt, Engert Ave., Graham Ave.
No. of E.D. 722Engert Ave., Humboldt, Bayard, Graham Ave.
No. of E.D. 723Bayard, Humboldt, Meeker Ave., Manhattan Ave.
No. of E.D. 724Meeker Ave., Humboldt, Richardson
No. of E.D. 725Richardson, Graham Ave., Jackson, Manhattan Ave.
No. of E.D. 726Richardson, Humboldt, Jackson, Graham Ave.
No. of E.D. 727Skillman Ave., Graham Ave., Jackson, Humboldt, Conselyea, Manhattan Ave.
No. of E.D. 728Conselyea, Humbodlt, Metropolitan Ave., Bushwick Ave., Devoe, Manhattan Ave.
No. of E.D. 729Jackson, Leonard, Metropolitan Ave., Lorimer
No. of E.D. 730Skillman, Manhattan, Metropolitan Ave., Leonard
No. of E.D. 731Metropolitan Ave., Leonard, Powers, Lorimer
No. of E.D. 732Metropolitan Ave., Manhattan, Powers, Leonard
No. of E.D. 733Inc. Pariah Home Convent, Powers, Leonard, Ten Eyck, Lorimer
No. of E.D. 734Powers, Manhattan Ave., Ten Eyck, Leonard
No. of E.D. 735Devoe, Bushwick, Ainsley, Manhattan Ave.
No. of E.D. 736Ainsley, Bushwick, Powers, Manhattan
No. of E.D. 737Powers, Bushwick, Grand, Manhattan Ave.
No. of E.D. 738Grand, Humboldt, Maujer, Manhattan Ave.
No. of E.D. 1687Grand, Bushwick, Maujer, Humboldt St.
No. of E.D. 739Maujer, Bushwick, Ten Eyck, Manhattan Ave.
No. of E.D. 740Ten Eyck, Leonard, Scholes, Lorimer
No. of E.D. 741Scholes, Leonard, Montrose, Lorimer
No. of E.D. 742Montrose, Leonard, McKibben, Lorimer
No. of E.D. 743McKibben, Leonard, Broadway, Lorimer
No. of E.D. 744McKibben, Graham, Seigel, Leonard
No. of E.D. 745McKibben, Bushwick, Moore, Humboldt
No. of E.D. 746Inc. Holy Cross Convent & Orphan's Home, but, excluding Orphan Home of the Dominican Nuns., Montrose, Graham, McKibben, Manhattan
No. of E.D. 747Orphan Home of the Dominican Nuns
No. of E.D. 748Montrose, Manhattan, McKibben, Leonard
No. of E.D. 749Scholes, Graham, Montrose, Manhattan
No. of E.D. 750Scholes, Manhattan, Montrose, Leonard
No. of E.D. 751Ten Eyck, Manhattan, Scholes, Leonard
No. of E.D. 752Ten Eyck, Graham, Scholes, Manhattan
No. of E.D. 753Ten Eyck, Humboldt, Scholes, Graham
No. of E.D. 754Scholes, Humboldt, Montrose, Graham
No. of E.D. 755Montrose, Humboldt, Johnson Ave., Graham Ave.
No. of E.D. 756Johnson, Humboldt, Boerum, Graham
No. of E.D. 757Boerum, Humboldt, McKibben, Graham
No. of E.D. 758Boerun, Bushwick Ave., McKibben, Humboldt
No. of E.D. 759Johnson, Boerum, Bushwick Ave., Humboldt
No. of E.D. 760Montrose, Bushwick Ave., Johnson, Humboldt
No. of E.D. 761Meserole, Bushwick Place, Johnson, Bushwick Ave.
No. of E.D. 762Meserole, Bushwick Ave., Montrose, Humboldt
No. of E.D. 763Scholes, Bushwick Ave., Meserole, Humboldt
No. of E.D. 764Ten Eyck, Bushwick Ave., Scholes, Humboldt
No. of E.D. 765Scholes, Bogart, Johnson, White & Boerum, Bushwick Place, Meserole & Bushwick Ave.
No. of E.D. 766Grattan, Knickerbocker Ave., & Harrison Place, Porter Ave., Flushing Ave., Knickerbocker Ave., Thames, Vandervoort, Flushing Ave., Morgan Ave.
No. of E.D. 1708Thames, Knickerbocker Ave., Flushing, Vandervoort Place
No. of E.D. 767Johnson, Porter, Harrison Place, Knickerbocker Ave. & Grattan, Morgan Ave.
No. of E.D. 768Johnson, Flushing Ave., Flushing Ave., Porter
No. of E.D. 769Maspeth Ave., Newton Creek, A.D.Line, Flushing Ave., Johnson Ave., Bogart, Stagg, Morgan Ave., Grand, & Vandervoort Ave.
No. of E.D. 770Grand, Morgan, Stagg, Bogart & Meadow, Waterbury
No. of E.D. 771Stagg, Waterbury & Meadow, Bogart, Scholes, Bushwick Ave.
No. of E.D. 772Excluding St. Catherine's Hospital, Grand, Waterbury, Stagg, Bushwick Ave.
No. of E.D. 773St. Catherine's Hospital
No. of E.D. 774Devoe, Olive, Grand, Bushwick Ave.
No. of E.D. 775Devoe, Morgan, Grand, Olive
No. of E.D. 776Metropolitan Ave. & Orient, Olive, Devoe, Bushwick Ave.
No. of E.D. 777Sharon, Morgan, Devoe, Olive
No. of E.D. 778Jackson, Kingsland Ave. & Skillman Ave., Debevoise Ave., Maspeth Ave. & Olive, rient & Metropolitan Ave, Humboldt
No. of E.D. 779Inc. Greenpoint Hospital, Frost, Debevoise Ave., Skillman, Kingsland Ave. & Jackson, Humboldt
No. of E.D. 780Inc. Smith (JW) Memeorial, Richardson, Kingsland & Beadel, Debevoise, Frost, Humboldt
No. of E.D. 781Beadel, Gardner Ave. & Lombardy, Newton Creek, Maspeth Ave., Vandervoort Ave. & Grand, Morgan Ave., Sharon, Olive, Maspeth Ave. & Debevoise Ave.
No. of E.D. 782Meeker Ave., Newtown Creek, Newton Creek, Newtown Creek, Lombardy, Gradner Ave. Beadel, Kingsland Ave.
No. of E.D. 783Lorimer, Throop, Walton, Harrison Ave.
No. of E.D. 784Walton, Throop, Wallabout, Harrison Ave.
No. of E.D. 785Walton, Broadway, Bartlett, Throop
No. of E.D. 786Wallabout, Throop, Gerry, Harrison
No. of E.D. 787Gerry, Throop, Bartlett, Harrison Ave.
No. of E.D. 788Bartlett, Throop, Flushing, Harrison
No. of E.D. 789No.11th., Berry, No.9th, East River
No. of E.D. 790No.9th, Berry, No.8th, East River
No. of E.D. 791No.8th,Berry, No.7th, East River
No. of E.D. 792No.7th, Wyth Ave., No.6th, East River
No. of E.D.
14th Assembly District
No. of E.D. 793No.6th, Wythe Ave., No.4th, East River
No. of E.D. 794No.4th, Wythe Ave., Metropolitan Ave., East River
No. of E.D. 795Metropolitan Ave., Wythe Ave. & No.1st, Berry, Grand, East River
No. of E.D. 796No.4st, Berry, No.1st, Wythe
No. of E.D. 797No.7th, Berry, No.4th, Wythe Ave.
No. of E.D. 798No.11th, Bedford, No.8th, Berry
No. of E.D. 799No.12th, Driggs Ave., No.8th, Bedford Ave., No.11th & Berry
No. of E.D. 800Grand, Driggs Ave., So.2nd, Bedford Ave.
No. of E.D. 801Grand, Bedford, So.2nd, Berry
No. of E.D. 802Grand, Bery, So.1st, East River
No. of E.D. 803So.1st, Berry, So.2nd, East River
No. of E.D. 804So.2nd, Berry, So.3rd, East Rive
No. of E.D. 805So.3rd, Berry, So.4th, East River
No. of E.D. 806So.2nd, Bedford, So.4th, Berry
No. of E.D. 807Inc. Industrial School Assoc. of Brooklyn, Eastern District, So.2nd, Driggs, So.4th, Bedford Ave.
No. of E.D. 808So.4th, Berry, Broadway, East River
No. of E.D. 809Excluding St. Leonard's Academy, So.4th, Driggs, Broadway & So.6th, Berry
No. of E.D. 1732St. Leonard's Academy
No. of E.D. 810So.4th, Havemeyer, Broadway, Driggs
No. of E.D. 811So.3rd, Roebling, So.4th, Driggs
No. of E.D. 812So.3rd, Havemeyer, So.4th, Roebling
No. of E.D. 813So.2nd, Marcy Ave., So.4th, Havemeyer
No. of E.D. 814So.2nd, Rodney, So.4th, Marcy Ave.
No. of E.D. 815Grand, Rodney, So.2nd, Marcy Ave.
No. of E.D. 816Grand, So.1st St., Marcy Ave., So.2nd, Havemeyer
No. of E.D. 1665???, Maecy Ave., S0.1st, Havemeyer
No. of E.D. 817Grand, Havemeyer, So.1st, Roebling
No. of E.D. 818So.1st, Havemeyer, So.2nd, Roebling
No. of E.D. 819So.2nd, Havemeyer, So.3rd, Roebling
No. of E.D. 820So.2nd, Roebling, So.3rd, Driggs Ave.
No. of E.D. 821So.1st, Roebling, So.2nd, Driggs
No. of E.D. 822Grand, Roebling, So.1st, Driggs Ave.
No. of E.D. 823Metropolitan Ave., Bedford, Grand, Berry
No. of E.D. 1657Metropolitan Ave., Driggs, Grand, Bedford
No. of E.D. 824No.4th, Driggs, Metropolitan Ave., Berry
No. of E.D. 825No.5th, Driggs, No.4th, Berry
No. of E.D. 826No.6th, Driggs, No.5th, Berry
No. of E.D. 827No.7th, Driggs, No.6th, Berry
No. of E.D. 828No.8th, Driggs, No.7th, Berry
No. of E.D. 829No.5th, Roebling, Grand, Driggs
No. of E.D. 830Inc. Annunciation Convent, No.6th, Metropolitan Ave., No.5th, Griggs
No. of E.D. 831Inc. Annunciation Home & School, No.5th, Metropolitan Ave., Roebling
No. of E.D. 1722Metropolitan Ave., Havemeyer, Hope, Roebling
No. of E.D. 832Hope, Rodney, Grand, Roebling
No. of E.D. 833Metropolitan Ave., Rodney, Hope, Havemeyer
No. of E.D. 834No.7th, Metropolitan Ave., No.6th, Driggs
No. of E.D. 835No. 8th, Union, No.7th, Driggs
No. of E.D. 836No.12th, Union Ave & Roebling, No.8th, Driggs
No. of E.D. 837Union, No.8th, Roebling
No. of E.D. 838Frost, Lorimer, Withers, Union
No. of E.D. 839Withers, Lorimer, Skillman, Union
No. of E.D. 840Conselyea Ave., Lorimer, Metropolitan Ave., Union Ave.
No. of E.D. 1697Conselyea, Lorimer, Conselyea, Union
No. of E.D. 841Metropolitan Ave., Union, Hope, Rodney
No. of E.D. 842Metropolitan Ave., Lorimer, Ainsley, Union
No. of E.D. 843Hope, Union, Grand St. extended, Rodney
No. of E.D. 844Ainsley, Lorimer, Grand, Union
No. of E.D. 845Grand, Lorimer, TenEyck, Union
No. of E.D. 846Grand St. extendsion, Union, So.2nd
No. of E.D. 847So.2nd, Hooper, So.3rd, Rodney
No. of E.D. 848So.2nd, Union, So.3rd, Hooper
No. of E.D. 849So.3rd, Hooper, So.4th, Rodney
No. of E.D. 850So.3rd, Union, So.4th, Hooper
No. of E.D. 851So.4th, Hooper, So.5th, Rodney
No. of E.D. 852So.4th, Union, So.5th, Hooper
No. of E.D. 853So.5th, Hooper,Broadway, Rodney
No. of E.D. 854So.5th, Union, Broadway, Hooper
No. of E.D. 855Ten Eyck, Lorimer, Scholes, Union
No. of E.D. 856Scholes, Lorimer, Montrose, Union
No. of E.D. 857Montrose, Lorimer, McKiben & Broadway, Union
No. of E.D. 858Hooper, Broadway, Rutledge, Harrison Ave.
No. of E.D. 859Rutledge, Broadway, Heyward, Marcy
No. of E.D. 860Heyward, Broadway, Lynch, Marcy
No. of E.D. 861Lynch, Broadway, Middleton, Marcy
No. of E.D. 862Middleton, Harrison, Lorimer, Marcy
No. of E.D. 863Lorimer, Harrison, Walton, Marcy
No. of E.D. 864Walton, Harrison, Wallabout, Wallabout
No. of E.D. 865Middleton & McKibben, Lorimer & Broadway, Walton, Throop Ave. & Lorimer, Harriason Ave.
15th Assembly District
No. of E.D. 866Newton Creek, Manhattan Ave., Dupont, West & Eagle, East River
No. of E.D. 867Newtown Creek, Oakland, Dupont, Manhattan Ave.
No. of E.D. 868Meeker, ridgewater, Norman Ave., Kingsland, Calyer, N.Henry, Meserole, Humboldt & Calyer, Diamond, Greenpoint Ave., Provost, Dupont, Oaklan
No. of E.D. 869Follow E.D.34
No. of E.D. 870Norman Ave. & Bridgewater, Varick, Nassau Ave., Sutton
No. of E.D. 871Nassau, Varick & Bridgewater, Meeker, Meerker, Morgan Ave.
No. of E.D. 872Nassau, Morgan, Meeker, Sutton
No. of E.D. 873Nassau, Sutton, Driggs, Kingsland
No. of E.D. 874Nassau, Kingsland, Driggs, Monitor
No. of E.D. 875Engert Ave., Monitor & Driggs Ave., Sutton, Meeker, Meeker, Russell
No. of E.D. 876Inc. St. Cecila Convent, Meeker, Kingsland, Richardson, No.Henry
No. of E.D. 877Meeker Ave., No.Henry, Richardson, Humboldt
No. of E.D. 878Engert, Meeker, Russell, Humboldt
No. of E.D. 879Nassau, Monitor, Engert, Humboldt, Driggs & Russell
No. of E.D. 880Nassau, Russell, Driggs, Humboldt
No. of E.D. 881Norman, Sutton, Nassau, No.Henry
No. of E.D. 882Calyer, Kingsland, Norman, No.Henry
No. of E.D. 883Meserole, No.Henry, Nassau, Humboldt
No. of E.D. 884Calyer, Humboldt, Norman, Diamond
No. of E.D. 885Calyer, Diamond, Norman, Eckford, Meserole & Oakland
No. of E.D. 886Calyer, Oakland, Meserole Ave. & Eckford, Norman, Leonard
No. of E.D. 887Norman, Eckford, Driggs, Leonard
No. of E.D. 888Norman, Oakland, Driggs, Eckford
No. of E.D. 889Norman, Jewel, Nassau, Oakland
No. of E.D. 890Norman, Humboldt, Driggs, Diamond, Nassau Ave. & Jewel
No. of E.D. 891Nasau, Diamond, Driggs, Newell
No. of E.D. 892Nassau, Newell, Driggs, Oakland
No. of E.D. 893Drigs, Graham, Bayard, Manhattan Ave. & Eckford
No. of E.D. 894Driggs, Eckford & Manhattan, Richardson, Leonard
No. of E.D. 895Jackson, Graham, Skillman, Manhatan
No. of E.D. 896All of Withers, All of Manhattan Ave., up to 392 Leonard
No. of E.D. 1731Both sides Jackson, one side of Sullivan, and from 392 Leonard
No. of E.D. 897Richardson, Manhattan, Withers, leonard
No. of E.D. 898Richardson, Leonard, Jackson, Lorimer
No. of E.D. 899Driggs, Leonard, Richardson, Lorimer
No. of E.D. 900Berry & No.14th Extended, Lorimer, Frost, Union & No.12th
No. of E.D. 901Nassau, Leonard, Driggs, Lorimer
No. of E.D. 902Norman, Leonard, Nassau, Lorimer
No. of E.D. 903Wythe Ave. & Norman Ave., Lorimer, No.14th extended & No.14th
No. of E.D. 904East River & No.14th, Berry, No.11th, East River
No. of E.D. 905Eagle, West, Noble, Franklin & Banker, Wythe, No.14th, & East River
No. of E.D. 906Calyer, Guernsey, Norman, Banker
No. of E.D. 907Calyer, Leonard, Norman Ave., Manhattan Ave.
No. of E.D. 1710Meserole, Manhattan Ave., Norman Ave., Guernsey
No. of E.D. 908Calyer, Manhattan, Meserole, Guernsey
No. of E.D. 909Noble, Manhattan, Calyer, Banker, Franklin
No. of E.D. 910Greenpoint Ave., Manhattan Ave., Noble, Franklin
No. of E.D. 911Kent, Manhattan, Greenpoint, Franklin
No. of E.D. 912Java, Manhattan, Kent, Franklin & Noble, West
No. of E.D. 913Follow 1673
No. of E.D. 914Huron, Manhattan, Java, West
No. of E.D. 915Freeman, Franklin & Greene, Manhattan, Huron, West
No. of E.D. 916Eagle, Manhattan, Greene, Franklin
No. of E.D. 917Dupont, Manhattan, Eagle, Franklin, & Freeman, West
No. of E.D. 918Dupont, Eagle, Oakland, Manhattan
No. of E.D. 919Eagle, Oakland, Freeman, Manhattan
No. of E.D. 920Freeman, Oakland, Greene, Manhatan
No. of E.D. 921Greene, Oakland, Huron, Manhattan
No. of E.D. 922Huron, Oakland, India, Manhattan
No. of E.D. 923India, Oakland, Kent, Manhattan
No. of E.D. 924Kent, Oakland, Calyer, Eckford, Greenpoint & Manhattan
No. of E.D. 925Greenpoint, Eckford, Calyer, Manhattan
No. of E.D. 926India, Provost,Greenpoint Ave. & Diamond, Calyer, Oakland
No. of E.D. 927Dupont, Provost, India, Oakland
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